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How to add values that only differ in letter case to the same reference list in a case-sensitive ClearQuest database



By default, when you work with a ClearQuest database that is configured as case sensitive, you cannot add more than one value to the same reference list where the only difference is the letter case. No error message is reported if you try to do this.


When you add a new value to a reference list, ClearQuest checks to determine whether the value is already in the list. By default, ClearQuest performs a case-insensitive comparison, even if the database is configured as case sensitive. If the new value is evaluated as a duplicate, it is not added to the reference list and no error message is reported.

Resolving The Problem

You can override the default ClearQuest behavior by setting the CHECK_CASE_IN_REFLIST schema property. Set this property value to 1 to have ClearQuest perform a case-sensitive check for duplicate reference list values and allow values that only differ in letter case to be added to the same reference list.

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16 November 2018