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How to add constraints between child Work Orders in Scheduler Gantt View?

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How to add constraints between child Work Orders in Scheduler Gantt View?




When you want to add a constraint between work orders the constraint icon from the toolbar is selected. The cross is visible in the Gantt view.   Typically this is where work orders have constraints associated. However the constraint cannot be added between the parent-child work orders.  Why would this be the case?  The data retrieved by Scheduler needs to include all the components it requires.  The parents also need to be displayed.  Otherwise, it is not able to work with them as the underlying data is not available.



Lets follow a working example:

Amending the WO to have field: “parent WO” in Work Order Tracking.  WORKORDER.PARENT

So that 1170 below is the Parent WO for 1185 and 1186, then I cam able to create the constraints.










However when using the “Related Records” tab to associate the relationship, as reproduction steps below, then I am not able to create the constraint.



The parent NEEDS to be a part of the schedule.  The test provided is just bringing in the children.


My work query is

wonum='PAR1' OR parent='PAR1'














Scheduler only works with data you bring in, so, Scheduler will need the parent in the visual hierarchy in order to create dependencies.


The Work Query is required to have  wonum='PAR1' OR parent='PAR1'.

This will bring in the parent child hierarchy and enable it to work with it.


Reproduction step by step

Go to -> Work Order -> Work Order Tracking

Search for a WOs of status APPR. Like for example 1170

Move to the "Related Records" tab

In the Related Work Orders section -> New Row

For example use Work Order 1184 -> Save

Then Work Order 1185 -> Save

Then Work Order 1186 -> Save

You should now have a Workorder 1170 with 3 Related Work Orders


GoTo-> Planning and Scheduling -> Scheduler

Create new Schedule -> name for example Parent

Create a "Work Query" with "Where Condition" as "(status='APPR')

Note:  This is only to simplify the amount of WOs shown on screen.

Then select tab "Gantt View" to display all the WOs with status APPR



Scroll to the WO 1184, 1185, 1186 selected earlier

Select the "Insert Constraints" symbol or press CTRL+C

Point to the Graphical WO 1184 and try and link it to 1185

Then nothing happens

The expectation is that the red line that joins both objects


Tested Versions

Maximo TPAE with Scheduler

Maximo TPAE & Scheduler

Maximo TPAE and Scheduler


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