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The HMC Access password is a managed system password used to authenticate the HMC. If the HMC loses the cached password, it must be re-entered. If the password is lost, it can be reset using the Advanced System Manager Interface (ASMI).

Resolving The Problem

The Flexible Service Processor (FSP) on all POWER servers comes with built in user ids that include users admin, general, HMC (also referred to as the HMC Access id), and celogin. The first two, admin and general, are for customer use. The HMC id is the id the HMC logs in with to manage a server. ceglogin is a hidden id for use by authorized service personnel only.

When a system is first installed, the user is prompted to set the password for user ids admin, general, and HMC. There is no default password for the HMC ID. The HMC access password is initially clear and the user is prompted to set a password the first time a HMC connects. After setting or entering the HMC access password once, the HMC caches the password locally. It is important to record the password for future use because the password will need to be re-entered if a new or scratch-installed HMC is used.

If the HMC password has not been set, the HMC connection will go to the state Pending Authentication - Password Update Required. The user is prompted to set an initial password for each of the three accounts in the Update Password Pending Authentication window.

If the window does not appear, ensure the user is logged into the HMC as hscroot: Pre-version 7 HMC, right click on the server entry on the console. The window for setting passwords opens. Set the passwords as directed. On Version 7 or later, select the server. Under tasks, select the Update password task then enter the passwords.

If the HMC Access password has already been set and an incorrect password is entered, the state is Failed Authentication - Incorrect password. The HMC will prompt the user to enter the HMC access password. After several invalid password attempts, the connection will go into the Failed Authentication - Firmware Password Locked state (0803-0001-00000203). The user must wait five minutes or reset the password in ASMI before any further attempts can be made.

Resetting Passwords
To reset a lost HMC Access password, use one of the following methods:
o If the admin password is known, use ASMI to reset the HMC password. Refer to Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document N1015942, Changing an ASM Password. To link to document N1015942 immediately, click here Database 'DCF Technotes (IBM i)', View 'Products', Document 'Changing an ASM Password'.
Note: The default password for user admin is admin.
o If the admin password is also lost, contact an authorized service provider for information on how to reset both passwords. There are two methods available for the service provider:

- Obtain a temporary login for user celogin from the service provider.
- Reset passwords and network settings using the FSP dip switches.

For further information, you should refer to Set Passwords for the Managed System , Reset the Advanced System Management (ASM) administrator password section in the eServer Information Center at the following URL:
We also have a video which documents the celogin and HMC password reset process.

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