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Historyflag in standard Maximo query

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Historyflag in standard Maximo query


When you are in Maximo applications and perform a simple query for data, you will notice that the standard query where clause for the applications use the historyflag variable set to 0 by default.


Why?   - because the default query that includes the 'historyflag = 0' is hardcoded into the Maximo applications


There is not a system setting or system property that can be configured for this.


The old and history records are not selected in a fetch records action, to avoid performance issues.


As a workaround, you can select Advanced Search Fields / More Search Fields, or Where Clause and remove the historyflag=0 part of the where clause.


Once you remove the historyflag setting, save the query. You can specify if the query can be used by everybody (public) and also if this should be the default query for the user.


Default query setting is done by each user.  A default query cannot be set to all users by one click.   You need to set query as default for each login user.


Enjoy ;-)

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