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Hierarchical Data stage: Flash player end of support in Dec 2020

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What happens to Hierarchical Data stage UI after December 2020 as Flash Player announced the end of support?


When you edit the Hierarchical data stage with the DataStage Flow Designer (DFD) thin client, the flash player is no longer required. Support for editing the Hierarchical Data Stage with the DFD was updated in IBM® InfoSphere Information Server (11.7.1 fix pack 1).  This approach is ideal for simple use cases. For more complex use cases, our advice is to continue to use the DataStage Designer Client with the Harman plug-in.
We continue to support and fix the DFD and the DataStage Designer Client.  However, neither of these interfaces receive enhancements.  Through our Cloud Pak for Data Offering, we will provide a complete, web-based design experience that is not reliant on Flash.
IBM certified the Hierarchical Data Stage on the Harman supplied plug-in, which is the replacement and supported version of the Flash Player past 31 December 2020. For more information about this replacement, see
Contact HARMAN for the Flash plug-in with URL filtering. Provide the following line in filtering criteria field:
“XMLPackController.swf” with AllowListRootMovieOnly = 1”
If you expect to use the player for other applications, then the respective vendors must provide similar filtering options.
If you do not install the Microsoft Windows Update that removes Adobe Flash Player and want to continue with the flash player, our team reviewed this documentation from Adobe:
We tested implementation of the workaround that Flash details.  Here are the steps to follow for latest version,
If not available, create a file with name “mms.cfg” in %WINDIR%\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\
Append the following lines to the file. Update the second line with service tier hostname and port of the server you are connecting to (WhiteListUrlPattern=‘’).
[Note, if you have multiple Services tiers, then you can enter multiple ​WhiteListUrlPattern entries]
If you are using using the older flash version, , then use this syntax:

Note: Microsoft released an update titled “Update for the removal of Adobe Flash Player”. After this update is installed, Hierarchical Data Stage cannot be opened in the Designer Client. If you want to continue the usage Adobe Flash Player until its end of life, do not install this update. More information can be found at

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