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Hiding a field in Maximo 7

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Is it possible to hide a field in Maximo 7?


A Security Option can be associated to objects like sections or fields in Application Designer.
The rights to that Signature Option can then be given conditionally.
With no rights to the object, the object will not appear, so you can effectively hide objects based on the rights to the associated signature option being granted conditionally.

In the following example we can "hide" a field based on a condition for worktype.

Start by creating the condition.

From the Administration module select the Conditional Expression Manager application.

Select New Row, the Condition value will autonumber, enter a memorable unique value and enter a description.

Leave type as Expression.

Enter a condition. Since we want to hide a section for a certain worktype value, then we want to grant rights to that section when the worktype does not equal that value.


This expression will validate against values in the database.

Adding a colon in front of the WORKTYPE in the expression tells Maximo to get the value from the field in real time instead of the database.


The Always Evaluate checkbox when checked will validate the condition after each tab or event.

Unchecked will evaluate on save.

Save the condition.

The next step is to create a Sig Option in Application Designer to associate to the textbox or whatever object it is you want to control.

Launch the Application Designer application from the System Configuration/Platform Configuration module.

Select the WOTRACK application.

From the Select Action menu select the Add/Modify Signature Options option.

Select New Row and name your Signature Option, be sure to add a description as this is how you will see it in the Security Groups application.

Save the Signature option by selecting OK.

Now to associate the new Signature Option to the section or other object you want to control with it.

Select the Section and select the properties for the section.

In the Signature Option: field enter your new Signature Option name.

Save the record.

Select the Security Groups application from the Security module.

Select the Security Group that has rights to the application.

Select the Work Order Tracking application.

In the Option section find your new option and check the checkbox giving rights to it.

In the Condition field, select the condition and save.

Use the Sign Out option to clear the sessions for your user, log back in and test.

For WORKTYPE PM the textbox will not appear for any other worktype or a null worktype value the textbox will appear.

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17 June 2018