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Hanging (slow / crashing) when using Controller, triggered by message appearing inside Window located offscreen, triggered by "Save Window Size" being enabled



User performs a task in Controller. This seems to hang/crash.
Specifically, the user clicks on a button, and expects to see a new Window appear (for example a message box). The window/message never appears.
User may now find that their session of Controller appears to hang - it is impossible for them to perform any task in Controller (click on any button/menu item).


There are many different potential scenarios/symptoms.
  • See separate IBM Technotes #1672412, 1347666, 1619537, 1650480,  884838 for more examples.
Problem may appear intermittent under some circumstances.
  • For example, it may work OK when user's client PC is connected to an external monitor (to give 2 displays). However, it fails if the user does not plug in their laptop into an external monitor.
  • Alternatively, it may work OK when connected to one 'good' Citrix server


By default, the Controller client stores the position of the window screens inside the file 'ccr.config' (in their user profile).
  • See separate Technote #1347666 for more details.
If the user moves the relevant window (or message box) to a different screen (for example monitor #2) or a far corner of a large monitor, then (when later using only 1 screen, or a smaller monitor) the saved position may be on an invalid position on the screen. Therefore the end user cannot see the message/window, and so cannot acknowledge/action it
=> Therefore Controller appears to have hung.


For example, imagine a scenario (for example Controller-on-Cloud) where:
  • Controller client being delivered via Citrix
  • There are 2 Citrix servers
  • Each Citrix server has a separate Windows profile (no roaming profiles).
In the above scenario, the Windows positions are saved on separate Citrix servers (therefore separate Windows profiles)
=> Therefore the windows position may be visible (good) on Citrix server #1, bit invisible (bad) on Citrix server #2.

Resolving The Problem

Long-term Fix:
Modify the 'bad' end user's settings, so that it stops Controller from remembering screen positions
  • In other words, for this 'bad' user only (per user setting) Controller will no longer remember/save the location/size of Windows positions.

Each individual user should do the following:
1. Click "Maintain / User / Personal Defaults > tab Layout (2)"
2. Untick the box 'Save Window Size':

3. Click Save
4. Logoff from Controller, and re-launch the Controller client.

NOTE: The above 'Save Windows Size' change is stored inside the database, inside the 'xconfig' table. It is recorded separately for each individual user:

  • Each end user must make this change separately
  • They must repeat the change for each separate database that they use (for example 'production', 'test' and so on).

There are several possible workarounds:
  • In some situations, the solution is to plug in the external (second) monitor (the same one that was used when this function was last run successfully).
  • Reset the values inside "CCR.config".

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