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GLPINS005E Error - Cannot run program idsLicense installing SDS 6.3.1 or 6.4



This technote discusses an obscure error that can happen if ksh isn't installed on Linux before installing SDS 6.3.1 or 6.4.


When installing SDS 6.3.1 or 6.4 on Linux platform the installer fails with the following error:

GLPINS005E The IBM Security Directory Server licenses cannot be installed.

The install log from /var/ibm/InstallationManager/logs/ folder such as 20140221_1122.xml reports:

<message>Cannot run program "/opt/ibm/ldap/V6.3.1/tmp/license/idsLicense": error=2, No such file or directory</message>


The shebang line of the idsLicense script requires ksh



Diagnosing The Problem

Run the idsLicense script manually from <image_path>/sdsV6.3.1/licenses/ folder, and it returns an error saying no such interpreter found.

The shebang line looks like:


Resolving The Problem

Install the ksh rpm provided by operating system. ksh is a standard rpm package from RHEL / SLES install repositories or install media.

[{"Product":{"code":"SSVJJU","label":"IBM Security Directory Server"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Component":"General","Platform":[{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"}],"Version":"6.3.1;6.4","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB24","label":"Security Software"}}]

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16 June 2018