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Getting Table/Crossover domains work in a Multi Language environment.

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Getting Table/Crossover domains work in a Multi Language environment.


The domain application in Maximo is used for creating different domains in Maximo and two of these domain types enable you to validate and bring over data from other tables. This blog entry does not teach you how to use the Table and Crossover domains, rather it tells you how to get these two domains to work when looking up data from a table with Multi Language in use.

Due to the way Maximo handles Multi language functionality, you run into problems if you try to list and bring back data from a column that is Multi Language enabled. To illustrate this problem, consider the following table domain,image
















The AssetAttribute table have the Description column enabled for Multi Language and therefor need the column name prefixed with the table name. It is a good practice to prefix all column names for a table that has Multi Language enabled.

This is due to the way Maximo handles Multi Language, it joins the main table (AssetAttribute) with the language table (L_AssetAttribute) in the search and if you do not prefix the main table name the SQL query does not work and nothing is displayed when logging in as a secondary language.

So if you create a new Table/Crossover domain in Maximo and have installed secondary languages, keep this in mind.

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