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"Generate Request Page" button is missing from Report tab in Maximo v7.6

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"Generate Request Page" button is missing from Report tab in Maximo v7.6


Generating request pages is a common task among Maximo administrators and users alike.  Users can create BIRT reports and publish them to Maximo application, and  an important part of this process is generating request pages.  Request Pages are also known as XMLs.

When a user needs to generate xmls in Maximo, they go to Report Administration application and click the "Generate Request Page" button. This button exists in two places:

1)on the main, List, Tab

2)on the Report tab (after user selects the individual report by clicking on it


Starting in Maximo v7.6, the "Generate Request Page" button is hidden on the Report tab for the multi-language environments. This was done to ensure that the user builds all Request Pages at once to avoid "mixed up" languages to appear in Request Pages.

For example, if a user logs into a multi-language(ML) Maximo environment v7.6 and goes to Report Administration > clicks on any report to display the Report tab > the "Generate Request Page" button does not appear in the Settings section:

When a user logs into a non-ML Maximo environment and navigates to the same spot, the button appears, as it isn't a ML environment:


If your Maximo is ML, you will only be able to generate XMLs from the Report tab. Again, this was designed so that the user builds -all- Request Pages at once avoiding any mix of languages in Request Pages.

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