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Gathering WebSphere DataPower CPU and memory information

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Is there a very simple method to collect basic information on DataPower CPU utilization and memory usage?


You can capture CPU and memory information that is recorded every 5-10 seconds using a logging target and the existing logtemp:///usage-log in the default domain.

In the Web GUI, in the default domain

  1. Choose Administration from the navigation list on the left, and then look under heading Device
  2. Choose Statistics Settings and make sure statistics are enabled.
  3. Choose Throttle Settings and turn the Status Log option on by clicking on the On radio button
  4. Create a logging target in the default domain with event subscription: system debug. A File type log target with a file name in the logtemp folder or on the RAID drive is recommended to allow log entries to be written locally to the appliance with very low overhead.

The logging target will contain message 0x80400051 showing CPU information. The CPU message is logged every ten seconds.

Thu Jan 10 2013 13:59:47 [system][debug] : tid(127): cpu usage: 1%(10 sec) 0%(1 min) 0%(10 min) 1%(1 hour) 1%(1 day)

logtemp:///usage-log will contain message 0x804000a1 showing memory information. This message is logged every 5 to 10 seconds:

1,20130110T185950Z,default,usage,info,throttle,Throttler,0,,0x0,,,"Memory(3772621/4194304kB 89.9% free) Pool(236901) Ports(31815/31850) Temporary-FS(215/242MB 88.8% free) File(OK)"

1,20130110T185950Z,default,usage,info,throttle,Throttler,0,,0x0,,,"XML-Names Prefix(118/65535 99.8% free) URI(138/65535 99.8% free) Local(13635/65535 79.2% free)"

See the Related Information section for other options for collecting DataPower statistics.

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