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Fun with Linear Assets Part 3

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Fun with Linear Assets Part 3


Hi again!

  Now that we've looked at what linear assets are and a case study for their use.........

We know that linear assets.....

  • Are defined by length
  • Can accurately depict assets that are defined  by their length
  • Length of assets impact maintenance and work against the assets
  • They have start and end points that are defined by units of measure
  • Can be broken down into defined segments and reference points

Because of these unique characteristics, linear assets can have useful applications across many businesses.  As we looked at previously, linear assets obviously are tailored perfectly for things like roads, streets and highways but with a little imagination their usefulness can be expanded exponentially.   Here's a list of a few of the the industries that I've talked to clients from and how they currently use or intend to use Linear Assets:

  • Public Works - highways, roads, bridges, sewage systems, waterways, sidewalks, roadsigns, streetlights
  • Rail Industry - railways, trestles
  • Airports - runways, hangers
  • Manufacturing - factory assembly lines
  • Utilities - power lines, gas pipes, telephone / communication lines
  • Mining / Drilling - mine shafts, mines, tunnels
  • Shopping/Malls - walkways, parking lots, stock shelves
  • Entertainment - sporting fields, rinks, athletic tracks, arena seating, race tracks, parks

These are only a few of the possibilities for using Linear Assets.  As you can see by even thinking slightly outside the box, there might be other possibilities you haven't even considered yet.  If you have the chance, take Linear Assets for a test spin and I think you'll find that they'll help to overcome many of the shortcomings of standard assets.


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Until next time, thanks for reading and stay safe out there!



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