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FSUM7351 not found returned when running DFHBuildSNS



You receive message " java: ./DFHBuildSNS 26: FSUM7351 not found " when running the DFHBuildSNS script. You are attempting to configure the LDAP server.


FSUM7351 not found


The command "java" was not found.

Resolving The Problem

Add the directory for the Java™ Development Kit (JDK) that contains the file "java" to your PATH environment variable in OMVS prior to running DFHBuildSNS.

"java" is the executable command that is used to run DFHBuildSNS.

You can set the PATH from within OMVS with an "export PATH=" statement (replace the path with the correct path and version of Java that you are running):

export PATH=/usr/lpp/java/J6.0/bin/:/bin/:/usr/sbin/:.

This example contains the JDK directory /usr/lpp/java/J6.0/bin/ and directories /bin/ and /usr/sbin/. You can also add the export command to your profile.

You can enter ENV from within OMVS to display the current values of your environment variables, including the value of PATH.

Internal Use Only

Original path before 16 Nov 2010 - spw
export PATH=/usr/lpp/java/IBM/J1.3/bin/:/bin/:/usr/sbin/:.

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15 June 2018