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Frequent Print Error Messages

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Frequent Print Error Messages


This document describes some of the more common printing error messages, and outlines some solutions to resolve these problems. This document applies to AIX Version 4.3 and later.

Error messages


  • 0781-003 field value too long; limit is 20 chars.
  • With: digest: 0781-017 error in config file /etc/qadm.config, line 169.
  • mkque: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-277 Error from digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest, status = -1024, rv = 15636.
  • In this case, the administrator had specified a remote queue name longer than 20 characters. You must limit queue names and remote queue names to 20 characters.


  • 0781-004 failed receiving acknowledgment
    Printing to Techtronics printer using LPD protocol.
    Fixed by adding -T 20 in /etc/qconfig to increase backend timeout.
New code:


  • digest: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-005 illegal value `'.
  • Other errors included with this are:
    • digest: 0781-017 error in config file /etc/qadm.config,
    • mkquedev: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-277 Error from digester
  • First check for dummy entries in /etc/qconfig and fix
  • Sometimes fixed by upgrading printers.rte level


  • 0781-008 cannot open /etc/qconfig.bin for writing.
    System was busy and had a temporary lock on the file
    reran command to add or remove queue and it worked.
    Other option is to manually remove the /etc/qconfig.bin file as root.


  • Remove /etc/security/failedlogin
  • Increase size of / directory (90% full)
New code:


  • digest: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-010 cannot open /etc/qadm.config for reading.
  • digest: errno = 13: The file access permissions do not allow the specified action.
  • Error occured when member of printq group was trying to manager queues.
  • /usr/lib/lpd/digest does not have setuid set in AIX 5.1.
  • Problem is occurring with /etc/qadm.config getting created with 600 permissions, root:printq.
  • Problem occurs when printq user has umask=077.
  • Change umask=22.


  • errno=11 means resource temporarily unavailable.
  • This may occur after 0781-124.
  • File may disappear from the queue, but nothing prints.
  • This message comes from the digest command that is used to convert the /etc/qconfig file to binary form.
  • The AIX 3.2.5 message associated with 0781-012 is normally "No device line in queue stanza". This normally happens when there is a syntax error in the /etc/qconfig file.
New code:


  • digest: (Fatal error): 0781-013 can not have rq line without hostid line.
  • Other errors seen together
    • enq: (Fatal error): 078-119 error from digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest, status=-1024, rv=14882
    • digest: 0781-017 error in config file /etc/qconfig
  • Indicates corruption of the /etc/qconfig file
  • In this case, the administrator had specified a remote queue name longer than 20 characters. You must limit queue names and remote queue names to 20 characters.


  • Error in /etc/qconfig file
  • Cannot have hostid line without rq line for remote queue
  • Add rq line to point to remote host

More: 0781-014

  • "enq -d" error from digestor
  • Along with 0781-017 and 0781-119
  • /etc/qconfig had been hand edited
  • Added a colon in /etc/qconfig and fixed problem


  • 0781-015, "line 125 in /etc/qconfig file"
  • With 0781-017 error from digestor "0781-119"
  • Was missing a colon in /etc/qconfig file. (manual edit corruption)


  • Error with a missing blank in /etc/qconfig when adding HP4000 queue
  • Only happened with failed install of printers.hplj-4000.rte
  • Removed fileset and readded queue.


  • Error in config file /etc/qadm.config
  • Occurs when trying to add queues when /etc/qconfig is corrupted
  • Often caused when queues are removed while job's still queued
  • Look for dummy queues in /etc/qconfig and remove if they are present.
  • If lpstat doesn't show any dummies or errors, you may have to rebuild /etc/qconfig.
  • This can cause qdaemon to go down.
New code:


  • fatal error 0781-018 cannot get gid
  • Found that someone had removed the user lpd from the system.
  • bos.rte.printers was not installed.
  • Installed bos.rte.printers which added user lpd
  • Separate problem: Missing group printq with gid of 9.
New code:


  • Digest fatal error 0781-019 cannot change ownership /etc/qconfig.bin
  • Digest error no. 2 a file or directory in the pathname does not exist
  • With enq error no 0781-119 error from digestor usr/lib/lpd/digest
  • Only seen adding queue with psf, queue created anyway.
  • Also: 0423-314 Error was detected when reading file /afpfonts/readme
  • Problem caused by bad codepage in pagedef.
  • Also: igest: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-019 Cannot chown /etc/qconfig.bin.
  • enq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-157 Cannot open /etc/qconfig.bin for reading.
    status = -1024, rv = 40232
  • digest: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-008 cannot open /etc/qconfig.bin for writing
    digest: errno = 17: Do not specify an existing file.
  • nq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-119 Error from digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest,
    status = -1024, rv = 112958
  • Unresolved, but not dealing with psf.


  • enq: (Warning): 0781-021 Cannot print directory: /FIX060/
  • IX Version 4.3 Base Documentation says errors 0781 021-034 all are associated with enq.
  • Unable to find problems with directory permissions.
    lslpp -l shows the latest patches for involved filesets is:      U461330
     bos.rte.printers  U464019
     printers.rte      U464190
  • Updated filesets seemed to solve the problem


  • Happened only with a remote queue.
  • With: 0781-228 : message from queuing system. remback error #67
  • Socket number is in use.
  • 0781-228 could not send data file to /var/tmp
  • Removed queue, and changed name of queue solved this one.
  • Fatal error: 0781-022: cannot execute /usr/lib/lpd/qstatus
  • Customer had a crash a while ago and the permissions on the files in /usr/bin do not have the execute bit set for everyone.


  • enq(fatal error) 0781-023
  • 0781-023 unable to close file tH1vkMa
    engine error number=28 there is not enough space in the file system.
  • /var was full
  • Increased size of /var, removed /var/adm/wtmp.


  • 'Cannot write anymore to /var/spool/qdaemon/spool_name, file has become too large',
  • 'errno 28 not enough space in filesystem'.
  • An effort to print a report produced this error on the screen and locked up the terminal.
    Filesystem    512-blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
    /dev/hd9var         8190      1456   12%      148     8% /var
  • Increase /var to solve the problem.
New code:


  • enq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-025 Unable to open d903rc.afp.
  • enq: errno = 127: The user ID or group ID is to large to fit in the provided structure.
  • Occurs when printing files larger than 2 GB
  • AIX backend commands are not able to handle greater than 2 GB files.
  • Error likely when using lpr command because it creates a spool copy by default.
  • In some cases may be able to print with qprt -J flag set.
  • Best answer is to split file before printing or use a custom backend.


  • A virtual printer has not been configured for print queue.
  • Someone created a queue, but not a virtual printer.


  • 0781-028 unknown printer port.
  • Happened when adding a printer with a queue that didn't exist on remote server


  • 0781-029 errno=13 when printing from info explorer
  • Fixed by removing the -r option from enq print command.


  • 0781-032 indicates permission problems of some type.
  • Fixed permissions in directories and /etc/filesystems and error stopped.


  • 0781-033 no virtual printer queue is created
  • Occurred when adding Jet Direct printer
  • This happened because /tmp was 100% full.
  • Another occurrence when a user was starting non-ibm programs from /etc/rc.


  • 0781-034 qdaemon appears to be dead
  • A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
  • Cleared out /var/spool/lpd/qdir and /var/spool/lpd/stat and restarted qdaemon and printing worked.


  • 0781-035 No such request in queue Name -- perhaps it's done?
  • Possible Causes:
    Possible Causes
    Using the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT), you specified an
    invalid job number to cancel a print job.
    From the command line, you specified an invalid job number with the
    qcan -x command or the enq -x  command.
    You are not the owner of the job specified by the job number.
    The root user is an exception to this cause.
    The job specified by the job number is already processed ; therefore,
    it is not in the specified queue.


  • 0781-037: fatal error when trying to remove print queue
  • Caused by dummy: entry in /etc/qconfig. Remove dummy entry.


  • enq -D fails with 0781-038 No device specified
  • This normally takes the default queue down.
  • User had multiple queue devices for the default queue.
  • Removed one queue device and command worked.
  • or use disable queue_name:device_name -> disable lp126:lp5


  • 0781-039 qdaemon appears to be dead
  • errno=2: a file or directory in the path name does not exist
  • warning cannot awaken qdaemon
  • 0514-022 the specified connection is not valid
  • User had entered an invalid port number on 64-port adapter when adding queue.
  • This was also seen with a JetDirect card where printer neede port 9101 but was set to 9000.
  • Removed and readded queues with correct parameters.


  • errno 25
  • Changes up = FALSE to up = TRUE in /etc/qconfig
  • Printed after this change


  • 0781-041 unable to locate queue on device
  • 0781-041 cannot specify device with remote queue
  • User using qprt -P frtoff1:frtoff1 $* for remote formatted queue
  • "Cannot specify device for remote queues" tells you that you must have a single device for the queue. Use qprt -P frtoff1 instead of qprt -P frtoff1:frtoff1.


  • 0781-042: When trying to run enq -D
  • 0781-042: you must be an administrator for that operation.
  • Made the user a member of printq group and he could run the command.


  • 0781-045: stty is not a typewriter error code
  • customer setup is aix-->ntprinter
  • Remote queue was going down.
  • Increased timeout
  • ordering u468677 and u468680 and cleaned up spooling system
New code:


  • enq: [fatal error]: 0781-046 illeagal burst page option.
  • Occured when using qprt -Bn flag.
  • The -B flag requires two characters. So use -Bnn.


  • 0781-047 bad job number: 1005
  • 0781-310 no such request perhaps is done.
      Possible workaround: if you have job 5 and 5/1005 in same queue, move
      5 (when specifying 5 he will take 5 and not 5/1005) to another queue
      and then do what you want to do with 5/1005: cancel, change priority.
      Called customer: not possible to do what he wants ... in none of the actual
      AIX releases. Workaround is okay when you have sent all the jobs 1,2,3 ...
      BUT in 'real life' the jobids of the jobs that are terminated are reused
      ... not more possible to know that / and 5/1005 will be together.
      Okay, told customer that he may ask for a DCR but he will then have to pay
      (customer has no SL .. but as FE promised a response, worked on it a little)
      and, I cannot say if it will be accepted or when it would be ready.


  • Bad print queue or device name: test on the console
  • Could happen if file test in /var/spool/qdir
  • If this comes when doing status, it indicates an erroneous file in the /var/spool/lpd/qdir directory.
New code:


  • enq: 0781-049 Not privileged to use -Z
  • enq: (WARNING): 0781-032 You must have permission to execute
  • enq: (WARNING): 0781-029 /var/spool/lpd/dfA436cib10 has no permission.
  • 0781-142 LAB record must contain 2 elements in the jdf file
  • daemon warning 0781-154 entry /var/spool/lpd/qdir/00:txtpt2: bad format name changed to to:txtpt2
  • LPD had crashed to to excess load in moving jobs to a new server and corrupted the jdf file


  • 0781-050 bad PRINTER or LPDEST
  • What is the name of your default queue? ls3p5si_pcl
  • echo $LPDEST -> nothing
  • echo $PRINTER -> lspp50_pcl
  • lspp50_pcl use to be the default queue.
  • export PRINTER=ls35si-pcl
  • Now you can print to the default queue.


  • enq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-053 Cannot chown tGhkXya. Errno = 1.
  • enq: errno = 1: Operation not permitted.
  • Administrator had exported all the /var/spool/lpd directory.
  • Problems with NFS export and mount as root unless you allow root access from other system or set permissions.
New code:


  • error 0781-054 printing large files
  • Caused when /var more than 90% full when spooling files.


  • Unable to close file
  • errno=28 not enough space in /var
  • 0781-304 Unable to open /dev/lp8 as standard out for backend errno=6 request to device...not exist
    0781-305 retrying errno=6
  • Removed files from /var/adm/wtmp, and /var/spool/mqueue


  • 0781-061 argument -q(queuename) is not accessible
  • Customer using: lp file -dqueuename
  • Fixed command: lp -dqueuename file


  • qdaemon: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-062 Error opening ../stat/p.dae1.@daeps1
  • qdaemon: errno = 2: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
  • qdaemon dies
  • Problem after restoring defective mksysb tape
  • Checked qdir and there were approximately 38,000 files
  • Cleared the queueing system and it worked.
  • Another customer loaded AIX 4 drivers on AIX 3 system.


  • 0781-063 Error reading FileName. Errno = 2
  • Extra files in /var/spool/qdir. Removed and restarted qdaemon.
  • stopsrc -cg spooler; startsrc -g spooler
  • Could also get this with full /var filesystem


  • 0781-017:err in qconfig file line ....
  • 0781-119:err from digestor
  • Cleaned up /etc/qconfig (Could also remove all queues and devices)


  • startsrc -g spooler => all started, and got error 0781-067 can't write to device lp0.
  • Problem with /dev/lp0 permissions or wiring (CTS)


  • qdaemon: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-072 Unable to fork a new process.
  • qdaemon: errno = 12: There is not enough memory available now.
  • Could not print. System was overloaded and running out of paging space.
  • Buy more memory or reduce load on system.
  • Customer upgraded to AIX 4.2.1 from 4.1.4 and fixed his problem


  • qdaemon: warning 0781-074, backend returned warning status
  • Only root can print
  • Bad permissions on piojetd and piohpnpf applications.
  • Permission on /dev at d--------. Changed to 775 and printing worked.


  • qdaemon couldn't exec /tmp/plotmode
  • Does /tmp/plotmode exist?
  • Does it have the right permissions to execute?
  • Could not exec /usr/lib/lpd/pio/etc/piojetd
    File was missing after an upgrade to AIX 4.


  • 0781-076 unable to remove file from /var/spool/qdaemon
  • Occurred after printer went down
  • rm /var/spool/lpd/qdir/* gave too many files
    find . -name "*" -print | xargs rm
  • After reducing files in /var/spool/lpd/qdir, /var/spool/lpd/qdaemon, and /var/spool/lpd/stat and recycling qdaemon, printing resumed.
  • Other case when network went down and users printing to network printer and files built up.


  • No device line in queue stanza
  • digest: 0781-012 No device line in queue stanza
  • digest: 0781-017 error in config file /etc/qadm.config line 169
  • 0781-077 error from digestor
  • vi /etc/qconfig --removed the stanza for the dummy queue.
  • stopsrc -gc spooler; startsrc -g spooler
  • Readded devices


  • 0781-081 quecsq--->queue down
  • Problems were with the permissions of a custom backend script.


  • 0781-083 Failure to read queue directory.
    I checked /var/spool/lpd and seems to be no errors.
  • df command I can see /dev/hd2 full
  • errors: HDISK2 physical volume missing or removed.
  • Hardware error on hdisk2


  • Remote printing aix to aix
  • Started lpd on server
  • Using alias for client.
  • Fixed by adding client ip address in server /etc/hosts.lpd
  • Another customer added -T 60 to rembak in /etc/qconfig
  • Another: qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-084 Core image in qdir directory
    Remove this core file or move it first.
  • qdaemon: errno = 2: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
  • 0781-304 <unable> to <open> /dev/lp0 as standard out for backend
    <errno> = 16 the requested resource is busy
  • Problem was with physical printer.


  • qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-085 No queue dae9 in /etc/qconfig
    (name = /var/spool/lpd/qdir/n0root:dae9$#@!qeac).
    daemon: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-062 Error opening ../stat/p.dae1.dummy.
  • Fixed /etc/qconfig and removed jdf from /var/spool/lpd/qdir.
  • Another got corruption of /etc/qconfig when adding remote queue.


  • Backend /usr/lib/lpd/rembak failed with termination status 015
  • Problem occurred when printing to remote system
  • Remote system /var filled up to 100%.


  • Error msg: from qdaemon 0781-087 could not run your request
  • Permission problem on custom backend


  • Died running request on jetdirect or local
  • Usually this means the printer needs attention.
  • Usually the queue goes to DEV_WAIT, or DOWN.
  • Missing colon files after an upgrade could be the problem's cause.
  • Also seen with 0782-054 when file system was full


  • Indicates an error with printer smit files
  • Ran printer smit rebuild script and this fixed for some.
  • Another: Found error in the link to /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local
    fixed it to show the fully qualified name of host.
  • # ln -s /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local ""
  • Another: 0781-090 Request /u01/app/delfour/del4/work/faxlp/07211739m36aee has finished on device lzr55:hp@slzr55
  • The alias database /etc/aliases.pag is out of date. This was really a problem with sendmail and mixed case userids


  • qdaemon: (ACHTUNG): 0781-093 Falsche getjdf bei Name 00cad24:wdv_er.
  • 0781-093 bad getjdf on name. Check permissions on /var/spool/lpd/qdir files.
  • Problem with username and /etc/passwd file lpd entry.
    changed to lpd:!:9:4294967294::/: fixed problem
  • Another: qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-093 Bad getjdf on name n0rec:label1$#@!uU7b.
  • daemon: (WARNING): 0781-304 Unable to open /dev/lp0 as standard out for backend
  • qdaemon: errno = 6: There is a request to a device or address that does not exist.
  • This was a cabling problem on lp0 printer.


  • qdaemon: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-094 Could not set process credential (pcred
  • errno = 14:A memory address is not in the address space for the process.
  • The only problem is that the format of the jdf file is incorrect after a migration to AIX 4.3.3 with jobs still queued.


  • qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-097 Cannot get real uid.
  • qdaemon: errno = 2: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
  • Errno = 2: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
  • qdaemon is in the hung state when running user script to move files.
  • APAR IY17646 was created for AIX 4.3 problem
  • Another time fixed by checking userid and groupid of lpd in /etc/passwd.


  • 0781-101 Job number must be numeric between ? and ?
  • No hits in database


  • 0781-102 Fatal error invalid printer name test
  • Removed extra files in /var/spool/lpd/qdir to solve problem


  • 0781-103 Invalid option:
  • No hits in database


  • 0781-104 No queue devices detected.
  • No hits in database


  • Queue status (fatal error: 0781-105 process failure)
  • Seen while doing lpstat at AIX 5 when extra files in /var/spool/lpd/qdir.
  • At AIX 3.2.5 with bsd stat filter this error occurs for some print servers. Make this change:
      #cd /usr/lib/lpd
      #vi bsdshort
      #----Set the state machine to read in messages and header lines
                      STATE = 0
      insert this --  RS = "[\0\n]"


  • 0781-106 RAW REMOTE STATUS (FILTER, /usr/lib/lpd/axishort NOT FOUND)
  • Reinstall the fileset printers.rte.


  • 0781-106 RAW REMOTE STATUS (FILTER, /usr/lib/lpd/axishort NOT FOUND)
  • Reinstall the fileset printers.rte.
  • IY01608 is now fixed in U466280 FRONT END PRINTER SUPPORT


  • Filename format is bad errno 2
  • errno 2 indicates no file or directory.
  • This problem occurs most from third party applications that may delete a file before printing finishes. Example application: progress.
  • Using lpr so that job gets spooled will solve this.


  • No login name found
  • This problem often occurs during the process of trying to cancel jobs to remote system, especially with Windows/NT servers when using AIXSHORT for stat filter. Be sure to use bsdshort and bsdlong.
  • Clear unwanted files out of /var/spool/lpd/qdir. These frequently give this problem.
  • Remove /etc/qconfig.bin, and rerun lpstat.


  • Problem with changing virtual printer attributes l=0.
  • Set l to a very large number to avoid sending as pages.
  • May be related to limits fields.


  • 0781-113 /etc/qadm.conf error line 113
  • Remove dummy queue from /etc/qconfig.


  • 0781-114-->> Cannot cd to /var/spool/lpd/qdir, Directory does not exist.


  • enq: fatal error: 0781-161 argument confirm is not an accessible file
  • enq: fatal error: 0781-117 cannot exec digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest
  • enq: errno=13 file access permissions do not allow specified action
  • enq: fatal error:0781-119 error from digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest,status=16384,rv=19472
  • The ownership of /usr/bin/enq had accidently been changed.


  • 0781-118 error from digester /usr/lib/lpd/digester, states 1024
  • 0781-008 cannot open /etc/qconfig.bin for writing.
  • Caused by 3rd party application Pdaemon.


  • enq: fatal error: 0781-161 argument confirm is not an accessible file
  • enq: fatal error: 0781-117 cannot exec digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest
  • enq: errno=13 file access permissions do not allow specified action
  • enq: fatal error:0781-119 error from digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest,status=16384,rv=19472
  • The ownership of /usr/bin/enq had accidently been changed.


  • enq: errno=2 a file or directory in the pathname does not exist
  • errno 28 writing dir /var/spool/lpd/qdir - or hardware problem
  • Bad permissions on the /var/spool/lpd/qdir directory or on /var/spool/qdaemon can be the cause.


  • Can't create temporary file
  • enq: errno=2 a file or directory in the pathname does not exist
  • Permission problems
  • Directory was full



  • Failure to fork process
  • Occurs when lp tries to fork a process to execute the enq command to print a job
  • The lp command (as well as qprt, lpr, and lpd) are frontend commands that just execute enq. There are two reasons that the fork process would fail.
    1. The total number of processes has been exceeded on the system.
      Increase number of processes from smit.
    2. There is not enough memory.
      Buy more memory, or reduce load.


  • 0781-126 read failure in /var/spool/lpd/stat/numfile
  • 0781-469 when sending print jobs.
  • Customer cleared spooler (over zealous)
  • Probably could have just removed the numfile which sets job numbers.


  • 0781-132 when printing
  • 0781-312 Request hosts removed from queue hp5a:hp@a_hp5a.
    Could not open or stat file /etc
  • Problem with one problem was bad /dev/null
      rm /dev/null
      mknod /dev/null c 2 2
      chmod 666 /dev/null


  • 0782-133 opening the odm class sm_cmd_hdr failed (odm errno:5908) the print queue and test:@jx03
  • Frequent problem after upgrades from 3.2.5 to early AIX 4
      ls -l file lengths are 0
      cp /usr/lib/objrepos/sm* /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/smit
      ls -l file lengths are normal


  • 0781-137 error in adding an object to the odm class "sm_cmd_opt"
  • errno=0 the print queue name p13-anc: @192 use local problem procedures
  • Rebuild odm script failed
  • /dev/hd9 was full and /var/spool/lpd/qdir/@local was corrupted. (/var)
  • chfs -a size=+24576 /var
  • Another problem was that emulator was giving problem with @local symbol.
  • Applied the latest maintance level

0781-140: 1 instance

  • qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-140 Size record must contain 4 elements in Job Descr. File
  • qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-154 Entry /var/spool/lpd/qdir/n0rec:label1$#@!uU7b: bad fo rmat.
  • qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-093 Bad getjdf on name n0rec:label1$#@!uU7b.
  • qdaemon: (WARNING): Queue lsrddoc:lp5 went down, job is still queued:
  • Backend Exit Value: EXITFATAL (0100)
  • qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-304 Unable to open /dev/lp0 as standard out for backend.
  • qdaemon: errno = 6: There is a request to a device or address that does exist
  • qdaemon: 0781-305 Retrying..
  • errpt pointed to cabling, but corrupted jdf must have been created by bad process.
  • Cleared jdf, fixed cabling.


  • qdaemon: (warning): 0781-142 log record must contain 2 elements in job description file.
  • qdaemon: (warning): 0781-154 entry /var/spool/lpd/qdir/n0:lp10$#@!qXjae: bad format name changed to t0:lp10.
  • daemon(warning): 0781-093 bad jdf on nmae n0:lp10
  • /etc/passwd had wrong permissions - chmod 644 /etc/passwd; chmod 644 /etc/group
  • After change, went to DEV_WAIT: Enabled alt-RJ45 on RAN port and job printed.
  • Another: lpd crashed and corrupted jdf file.

0781-148: 1 instance

  • 0781-300 write failed exit =255
  • Problem using 'enq -m' command to give operator message
  • Message from root on scavenger (UNKNOWN) Thu Apr 30 16:18:57 CDT 1998!
  • To reply, enter: write -h 4,ok|cancel|query
  • 0781-148 Message from host scavenger user novais
  • Type: "write -h 4,ok" as member of printq and job printed
  • Problem had been user permissions and group.

0781-152: 1 instance

  • 0781-152 which corresponds to job # record is missing from path
  • Found that there were 6000 jobs queued and performance was very slow.
  • Ship the IY00411 to fix PSF performance problems.


  • See: 0781-140
  • See: 0781-142
  • Problem with jdf file
  • One problem was with corruption from ADSM backup of qconfig


  • 0781-156 /etc/qconfig does not exist
  • Bad permissions on /etc/qconfig 'chmod 644 /etc/qconfig'
  • Replace /etc/qconfig from mksysb
  • Usually point to sloppy admin policies


  • Customer: /usr/lib/lpd and all files in have root for owner and group sys should be group printq. Changed and fixed.
  • Another: Permission problems with /etc/host caused JetDirect printing not to work.
  • Another: Permission problems with /etc/qconfig.bin and /var/spool/lpd/stat files.
  • Another: Bad nfs mount caused problem


  • 0781-159, read error 0 on /etc/qconfig.bin
  • Corruption in /etc/qconfig
  • Another: Out of space in / file system
  • Another:Bad permissions on /etc/qconfig.bin caused by bad enq module.
    -rw-rw-r--   1 root     printq      3816 Aug 05 14:57 /etc/qconfig
    -rw-rw----   1 root     printq     13027 Aug 06 16:00 /etc/qconfig.bin
  • Another: Reinstalled (a little harsh)
  • Another: Updated these filesets printers.rte (better)
  • Another: Both / and /usr were 100 percent full.


  • Upgraded from 4.2.0: 0781-160
  • Corrupted/etc/qcnfig.bin,blength =1694507008
  • Had not rebooted since upgrade; rebooted and printing worked fine


  • enq: fatal error: 0781-161 argument confirm is not an accessible file
  • enq: fatal error: 0781-117 cannot exec digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest
  • enq: errno=13 file access permissions do not allow specified action
  • enq: fatal error:0781-119 error from digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest,status=16384,rv=19472
  • The ownership of /usr/bin/enq had accidentally been changed.


  • Cannot awaken qdaemon
  • One cause is full /var file system
  • Another cause is bad /etc/qconfig file
  • A bad file being printed was one scenario. Cancel, stop and restart the qdaemon.
  • In other scenarios there were bad files in /var/spool/lpd/qdir.
  • One fix: simply recycle qdaemon (stopsrc -s qdaemon, startsrc -s qdaemon).
  • Another fix: clear queues and recycle qdaemon.
  • Another possible cause: permission problems on /var/spool/lpd/stat
  • In one case the writesrv was not active.


  • 0781-163: cannot awaken qdaemon Errno 2.
  • ls /var/spool/lpd/qdir/* showed over 13500 files
  • Removed files and was able to start qdaemon.
    rm /var/spool/lpd/qdir/* -> ksh errors out with parameter too long.
    cd /var/spool/lpd/qdir
    find . -name "n0*" -exec rm {} \; and other files later


  • 0781-166 could not get hostname
  • Using DNS, but nslookup showed reverse name not working right
  • Should have fixed DNS, but instead added /etc/netsvc.conf with line hosts=local,bind
  • Updated: bos.rte.printers and printers.rte and fixed problem
  • Another just restarted the qdaemon.


  • lpstat: enq 0781-167: could not get process credentials
  • Permissions on enq were wrong: chmod 6555 /bin/enq
  • Permissions had inadvertently been set to the wrong value for all files in /usr/bin.


  • qdaemon can't signal, qdaemon can't awaken
  • Dummy stanza in /etc/qconfig: remove to fix the problem
  • Error occurred with: 0781-162


  • 0781-176 Assignment statement found before queue name
  • 0781-182 Problem with line 69 in /etc/qconfig:
  • Restored backup of old /etc/qconfig and it worked.
  • Removed these four lines from existing /etc/qconfig


  • Device stanza does not match
  • Remove dummy entries from /etc/qconfig


  • 0781-179 failure writing to file
  • Not enough space in filesystem.
  • df -k, showed root 100% full.
  • chfs -a size=+8192 /
  • Able to print with larger / filesystem


  • 0781-180 the queue, queue_name, already exists in qconfig file.
  • Removed dummy entry from /etc/qconfig
  • Another: vi /etc/group
      nobody: :guest,nobody,lpd
      - removed guest from this line and problem fixed.


  • mkquedev: (FATAL ERROR): <0781-181> The queue, lp$2, does not exist in qconfig
  • Problem was using the dollar symbol in queue name
  • Also created dummy entry in /etc/qconfig
  • Another had problems created by using different editor on /etc/qconfig


  • See 0781-176


  • rmque: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-183 Cannot delete script: Queue contains devices
  • Must remove queue device first
  • Manually remove queue and dummy stanzas
  • Problem in Lexmark script for creating queues if a device name already exists.
  • Find the the line in /usr/lpp/lap/_mklanprt that begins with
  • change the "-f2" parameter to "-f1"
      QDEVICE_COUNT=`lsallq -c | cut -d':' -f1 ........


  • Device stanza does not match
  • Remove dummy entries from /etc/qconfig
New code:


  • rmquedev: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-189 Queue:device,
  • 0782-318 EP8000-CPRM-1 is not a valid queue name.
    EP8000-CPRM-1:/hp@P-EP8000-CPRM-1: not found in qconfig file. Not deleted.
  • rmque: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-192 Queue EP8000-CPRM-1: not found in qconfig file.
  • Queue was missing from /etc/qconfig, but the colon files still remained. Manually removed these.
  • One time / filesystem was 100% and /etc/qconfig was 0 length


  • 0781-190 (queue) not found in the /etc/qconfig
  • 0782-597 Value sa .. not in ring list
  • Tried to set Z=! with lsvirprt
  • Queue was created wrong by Intel Netport script.
  • Removed and added remote queue to fix
New code:


  • chquedev: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-191 The queue:device, bn60:@HP4P_COMPTA, d does not exist in qconfig file.
  • Other errors
    • enq: (WARNING): 0781-039 Qdaemon appears to be dead.
    • enq: errno = 2: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
    • enq: (WARNING): 0781-162 Cannot awaken qdaemon (request accepted anyway)
    • enq: errno = 2: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
    • enq: errno = 3: The process does not exist.
    • enq: (WARNING): 0781-174 Cannot signal qdaemon. Errno = 3.
    • enq: errno = 3: The process does not exist.
    • enq: (WARNING): 0781-162 Cannot awaken qdaemon (request accepted anyway)
    • Define printer : bn65 Server : Queue : PASSTH
    • enq: (WARNING): 0781-174 Cannot signal qdaemon. Errno = 3.
    • enq: errno = 3: The process does not exist
  • qdeamon get's errors if too many files sent with one print command.
  • Could be corrupt /etc/qconfig


  • rmque: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-192 Queue lp$2: not found in qconfig file
  • See 0781-181 for similar problem (don't use $ in queue name)
  • Also the Lexmark error listed in that item.


  • lsque: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-193 Queue prt01: not found in qconfig file.
  • Goes with 0781-192 except this is list queue error.


  • lsallq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-194 Syntax error in qconfig file.
  • Indicates corruption in /etc/qconfig file


  • lpd fatal error 0781-196 lock file or duplicate daemon"
  • User had manually started a second lpd; stopped and ran startsrc -s lpd.


  • lpd fatal error 0781-198 unable to name socket
  • lpd: errno=67 socket name is already is use
  • Found line in rc files: /usr/spool/lps/adm/lps.rc start. This was added by the easy spooler. You can't run both at the same time. Start the lps.rc.start file later manually. The order of start matters.


  • 0781-199 unable to create socket
  • tcp/ip daemons were not started in /etc/initab
  • Another: Cloned machine TCP and kernel were mismatched.


  • 0781-200 failure to accept a socket connection
  • 0781-204 lost connection.
  • 0781-198 unable to name socket. The socket name is already in use.
  • Applied TCP/IP server code update.
  • Another: /var/spool/qdaemon was filled with old files, removed and printing worked again.


  • 0781-201 ill formed from address
  • Usually indicates source port numbers not in the range 721-1024.
    RFC design for LPR/LPD printing.
  • Server was using port 7210. Fixed server code.
  • Interim Fix is available, also AIX 5 has a flag for this.
  • This usually means that some application other than rembak or other valid lpr program is trying to contact the lpd.
  • Duplicate with tn prt_host 515
  • Must follow RFC 1179


  • Failure to accept a socket connection 0781-200
  • Socket name already in use 0781-198
  • Couldn't start lpd
  • Clean up all spooler files to fix
  • Your host does not have line printer access.
  • This means that the client name is not in the server's /etc/hosts.lpd or /etc/hosts.equiv file.
  • This problem also occurs with nameserver and routing problems.


  • (FATAL ERROR) 0781-204 lost connection.
  • lpd: errno = 73: A connection with a remote socket was reset by that socket.
  • Problem with TCP/IP connection between client and server during printing.

0781-205: Warning error only

  • 0781-205 Request recvjob queuename from lpd
  • Warning message in debug lpd log file. Not a problem, just remove the -l flag from rembak.


  • 0781-208 Unknown printer on a remote host
  • Add queue with same name on remote server, or change remote queue name on client to one that exists on the remote server.

0781-210: Log warning

  • 0781-210 ill-form formed message
  • Indicates that remote server sending RST.
  • Turn off logging by removing -l from /etc/qconfig


  • lpd: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-211 could not exec /bin/enq.
  • Customer had changed lpd UID from 9 to 104. (Change back and fix)


  • 0781-212 lpd protocol is received when the source host sends a FIN|ACK and no data is received.
  • Problem printing from AS/400 when it sends Control file first
  • Change AS/400 to not send CFF, or upgrade to AIX 4.3.1 or later.


  • 0781-213 ,erro write to lpd not enough space
  • Usually indicates the /var is full. You might must need to increase the /var filesystem. Check for the /var/adm (like wtmp) files associated with accounting that get to big and clean them up, or add a separate /var/spool/lpd filesystem.


  • lpd: 0781-214 terminating
  • this errlog usually indicate that the system resource controller, srcmstr, detected that a subsystem under its control, in this case lpd, terminated.
  • Generic error. Can be TCP/IP, System, or printing problem
  • Look for other errors in system resources. Could be paging or running out of memory or CPU.


  • lpd (FATAL ERROR): 0781-219 No file name: request from not printed.
  • lpd: errno = 112 : Cannot find the requested security attribute
  • points to the client not sending in the name of the file that is to be printed.
  • Use iptrace or lpd logging to find problem.


  • lpd: 0781-221 Could not set process credentials
  • lpd: errno = 112: cannot find the requested security attribute
  • lpd: {fatal error} 0781-221 could not set process credential
  • After upgrade from 415 to 431 server


  • 0781-222 getsockname (): src not found, continuing without src support. errno=57"
  • User had manually started a second lpd; stopped and ran startsrc -s lpd


  • 0781-224 failed receiving acknowlegment.
  • Usually fixed by increasing timeout of rembak.


  • (FATAL ERROR) 0781-225 Error: libqb's log_init returned -1.
  • rembak: errno = 9: A file descriptor does not refer to an open file.
  • Increased timeout, and fixed remote queue name.
  • Seen on AXIS print server. Set remote queue name to LPT1.


  • 0781-227 errors with /etc/qconfig
  • 0781-012
  • Deleted dummy entries in /etc/qconfig


  • errno=8: A system call received an interrupt.
    • Could not Ping HP JetDirect Card. Fixed network problem and printed.
  • errno=25: Specified file does not support the ioctl file
    • Could not send data file /var/spool/qdaemon/
    • Changed some tcp/ip software on the mainframe side. (interlink TCP/IP)
    • rembak : errno = 25: Inappropriate I/O control operation.
    • The job gave an error with lpr, but worked with qprt. This is probably a problem with the header flag sent to the MVS interlink LPD.
  • Error #67 socket already in use
    • Printing to HP JetDirect EX3 as remote printer
    • Increased timeout on rembak with -T seemed to help


  • 0781-230 Could not send control file.
  • Occurred printing to LexMark printer with rembak
  • Increasing timeout to rembak fixed the problem.


  • 0781-232 unknown host pr1
  • Hostname was wrong in /etc/qconfig queue definition.


  • Unknown host & ipaddress
  • Added address in /etc/hosts and printed fine


  • rembak : fatal error: 0781-234 unknown service for printer/tcp
  • rembak : errno=2 : a file or directory in the pathname does not exist
  • /etc/services file was missing this line
    printer         515/tcp         spooler         # line printer spooler


  • rembak: Fatal error: 0781-236 lost connection reading socket.
  • IX44693 at AIX 3.2 for remote printing sometimes fixes
  • Also can be problem with remote lpd


  • Status on .... failed errnum=2, rembak=2 a file or path does not exist
  • This looks like a missing file, probably from the application. The application may be overwriting the file before it prints.
  • Check file size for 0.
  • Check permission on /usr/lib/lpd/rembak, /dev/null
  • Add -c flag to lp command so the file is not overwritten.


  • 0781-241 - socket already in use.
  • Customer rebooted to reset all sockets.
  • Probably could have checked sockets with 'netstat -a' and kill process.


  • Fatal error 0781-0244 file acknowledgement sent but not received; Printer spooler dies
  • rembak: errno = 4: A system call received an interrupt.
  • xyplex terminal server and others:
  • Set backend = /usr/lib/lpd/rembak -T50, which increases the timeout on rembak by adding the -T50 flag in /etc/qconfig.
  • For remote with local formatting, set in rembak flags in /usr/lib/lpd/pio/etc/piorlfb.
      typeset         piorlfb_rbflags=""              # rembak flags
      Change to:
      typeset         piorlfb_rbflags="-T30"          # rembak flags
      typeset         piorlfb_rbflags="-T60"          # rembak flags
  • You may need to adjust this number (The timeout) upwards.
  • Use swcons to trap the error messages.


  • 0781-249 filesystem /tmp full
  • Checked with df and found /tmp full
  • chfs -a size=+24576 /tmp


  • rembak: 0781-253 : Bad job number: 0.
  • Trying to remove print job that was on remote system


  • backend error 0781-254.
  • Customer had added -t=50 for piorlfb. Should be capitol T
  • rembak: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-254 No print server specified.
    Conflict with system hostname and DNS entry.
  • Another cucstomer had reset print server in middle of job.
  • With some printer servers you will get this error if the remote queue is specified wrong.


  • rmque failed 0781-265 queue not empty.
  • Removed jobs from queue and could then remove the printer
  • Another: ls -al /var/spool/lpd/qdir there is one zero length file.
    Removed file, manually removed queue from /etc/qconfig, removed
    associated stat files from /var/spool/lpd/stat, removed virtual
    printer files from /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/custom and ../ddi.
  • Others: Removed dummy stanza from /etc/qconfig as queue name was already gone.


  • remq: 0781-267 invalid parameter 'host= '
  • Missing 'host' command on system.


  • lsallq -> 0781-271 cannot lock /etc/qconfig
    system lock table is full (error 49)
  • Related to mounting directory and nfs locks


  • 0781-272 error from digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest
  • 0781-017 error in /etc/qadm.config
  • 0781-012 no device line in queue stanza
  • Removed dummy stanza from /etc/qconfig


  • Occurred when adding a queue with mkque
  • /etc/qconfig file corrupted
  • Fixed /etc/qconfig problems and could add a queue
  • Look for dummy queue stanzas in /etc/qconfig


  • 0781-279 cannot open /var/spool/lpd/stat/s.min4247.b.dummy for writing. file or directory in the path name does not exist.
  • Looks like queue min4247 had a dummy device stanza


  • Device server name was not specified on device line for queue.
  • Incorrect spelling was in the hostname.


  • rembak fatal error 0781-288 could not send data file.
  • lslpp -l bos.rte.printers => needs U464019
  • lslpp -l printers.rte => needs U464190


  • qdaemon dies with error 0781-289 (Cannot lock /etc/qconfig.bin for reading)
  • Apply IX82789


  • 0781-290 qdaemon terminating because of signal
  • cat /etc/hosts > /dev/lp0-->0403-005 cannot create specified file
  • rmdev -l lp0-->defined; so ran mkdev -l lp0
  • Removed and readded printer.


  • qdaemon 0781-291 terminated normally.
  • OSLEVEL:4.3.2; applied update


  • fatal error 0781-296: invalid number of copies 0
  • Error in script that uses lp -o option
  • ANother had error in script setting lpr -#0 flag


  • qdaemon: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-297 Cannot open /var/spool/lpd/stat/s.dae1.dummy for writing.
  • Cleared the queue

0781-300: 1 instance

  • 0781-300 write failed exit =255
  • Problem using 'enq -m' command to give operator message
  • Message from root on scavenger (UNKNOWN) Thu Apr 30 16:18:57 CDT 1998!
  • To reply, enter: write -h 4,ok|cancel|query
  • 0781-148 Message from host scavenger user novais
  • Type: "write -h 4,ok" as member of printq and job printed
  • Problem had been user permissions and group.

0781-304: frequent

  • Can't open or create file
  • This is usually a CTS problem. There is no signal from the printer to AIX CTS. Probably there are cabling problems, or the printer doesn't support RTS.
  • 0781-304 Unable to open /dev/lp8 as standard out for backend errno=6 request to device...not exist
  • 0781-304 Unable to open /dev/lp0 as standard out for backend, occurred after migration upgrade when device lp0 didn't exist. Add device.
  • Also occurred when database printed directly to file. fuser -k /dev/lp0 fixed this.
  • Also seen when lock file was busy
  • Cheat method around is to add the printer as a tty, but this can have flow control implications if printer goes offline.
  • Another: 128-port cfgmgr says devices.mca.8ee4 needs to be installed.: rebooted


  • Retrying message, comes with 304.
  • 0781-305 Unable to open /dev/lp0 as standard out for backend. Resource is busy
  • Removed and readded device and it started working.


  • qdaemon warning: 0781-304 Unable to open /dev/lp0 as standard out for backend
  • errorno=16 device busy
  • qdaemon warning: 0781-305 retrying
  • daemon: 0781-306 successfully opened /dev/lp0
  • Customer was printing from UNIVERSE print spooler
  • Printer cable exceeded RS/232 specifications.


  • "Error writing to /var/spool/lpd/stat/pid" Error=28
  • "There is not enough space in /var filesystem"


  • enq: (WARNING): 0781-310 No such request in any local queue
  • Trying to delete file which is already on remote server.


  • Cannot open or start files.
  • Often only root can print.
  • Permissions problem, sometimes on /dev/null, or printer programs such as piobe, qdaemon, enq, lp, lpr, and so on
  • Can be on /dev/null if File = /dev/null.
  • Check permissions of any log files or temporary files as well as all backends and printing programs.
  • Bad permissions on /var/spool


  • enq: (WARNING): 0781-313 Cancel all not supported on remote queues.
  • Customer trying to use: qcan -X -Pxxx which will not work with remote queues which must be canceled by job number. qcan -x jobnumber, all works fine
  • enq -isA <==only shows the queue status on the AIX side.


  • Error message from third party install queue script:
      mkquedev -q(queue) -d(qdev) -a backend=/dp/app2/sys/spool/emulax/bin/(queue) -a header=never -a trailer=never
  • Contact emulax for assistance with their script.


  • 0781-317 queue not empty cannot rename when trying to remove.
  • Removed dummy entry and queue stanze by hand with vi.
  • Removed JDF file from /var/spool/lpd/qdir.


  • 0781-318 Received a data file of unspecified or wrong size, or data file before control file. (From Windows NT). This situation is described by microsoft with the document Q150154 at the URL: This situation is solved by the following APAR: IX77946 and IX78857.
  • When trying to create a virtual printer on the command line user gets error: 0781-318 not a valid queue name.
  • ACTION TAKEN: What command using:
     mkvirprt -d lp0 -n /dev/lp0 -q asc -s asc -t 4019
    Does the queue and device exist? He created them with: mkque and mkquedev Now it works.


  • 0781-321 the mkqueue command has failed
  • Seen when dummy stanza in /etc/qconfig in 1998


  • 0781-330 enq warning, this command not supported for remote queues.
  • Found when trying to move jobs from local queues to remote queues.
  • /usr/bin/enq -Q '5si' -P '3130' from command line worked
  • qmove -m -u
    received error 0781-330 enq warning request not supported by remote side of queue. Must move them on server.
  • Found a command to bring a job out of held status didn't work on remote queue
       enq -p -#jobnumberk


  • 0781-334 remote host refused a connect operation
  • LPD wasn't running on the server.


  • qdaemon: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-341 Unable to create message queue.
  • Errno = 28.
  • qdaemon: errno = 28: There is not enough space in the file system.
  • "Unable to create message queue" portion of the error qdaemon was reporting, did an ipcs command and found >144,000 ipcs message queues allocated for a uid that had no processes running. I used rmipcs and cleaned them up, and the qdaemon started


  • qdaemon: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-342 Error in message receive. Errno = 36.
  • qdaemon: errno = 36: An identifier does not exist.
  • Fixing name resolution fixed this problem with one customer.
    Use local problem reporting procedures, or press Enter to continue.
  • This was a 3.2.5 problem and an upgrade fixed the problem.


  • 0781-345 could not find job#615
  • 0781-162 Cannot awaken qdaemon request accepted anyway.
  • Cleared queue


  • error 0781-346 job is already running unable to move job.
  • Got message when queue in DEV_WAIT state and wanted to move job.
  • Disabled queue, canceled job, queue went DOWN but job still queued, moved job.


  • 0781-350 Job %d not found -- perhaps it's done?
  • The jobs from warning message come up with every printjob. His system is completely new installed with 4.3.3.
  • 0782-026 A virtual printer has not been configured for print queue and queue device imp1:lp3. Refer to the mkvirprt command, or Use local problem reporting procedures.
  • qdaemon: Job number 660 (84660) has been deleted from the queue.
  • qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-304 Unable to open /dev/lp0 as standard out for
  • qdaemon: errno = 6: There is a request to a device or address that does not exist.
  • Removed jobs from /var/spool/lpd/qdir, and then removed and readded the queue properly.
  • 0781-035 No such request in queue Name -- perhaps it's done?
  • Possible Causes:
    Possible Causes
    Using the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT), you specified an
    invalid job number to cancel a print job.
    From the command line, you specified an invalid job number with the
    qcan -x command or the enq -x  command.
    You are not the owner of the job specified by the job number.
    The root user is an exception to this cause.
    The job specified by the job number is already processed ; therefore,
    it is not in the specified queue.
  • Another: Caused by using a numberic queue name.


  • Unable to list another spooler's queues
  • 5010-452 -> Cannot communicate with the communication daemon on port.
  • Seen only with infoprint manager
  • The namespace contained a printer, "printer2", that was corrupt.
  • shut down both servers and removed the printer2 entry from /var/pddir/default_cell/printers and restarted the servers after 25mins both servers were working correctly.
  • The "most up to date backup" that was installed yesterday was of IPM v3.1.0.10. The other server was running IPM v., I had George install this ptf and verify that the servers were running at the same code level. after doing this the GUI's reported all printers correctly.


  • 0781-357 connection to server failed
  • remback errno=4 a system call recieved an interrupt
  • Problem seen once with lpr - possible permission problem.


  • enq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-360 Cannot alter, hold, release, or move another spooler's job.
  • Seen with PSF and aix mixture. Required to infoprint manager queue


  • 0781-362 cancel all not supported on another spooler's queues.
  • qcan -x job# -P qname works
  • enq -x job# -P queue also works
  • enq -x job# didn't work for job.
  • No solution was found - only seen once


  • enq: (fatal error): 0781-364 Job Submission Failed
    Using infoprint manager, no local queues
    0781-208 Unknown printer on a remote host
    pdmsg 5010-527 UWASP1
    5010-527 Cannot find printer.
  • PSM printer name was wrong.
  • Problem also seen trying to use cancel command on infoprint queue.
  • All problems logged appear to be with infoprint manager.


  • enq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-372 There are no queues defined in the /etc/qconfig file.
  • Empty or corrupted /etc/qconfig


  • Timed out" REMBAK: 0781-374 Remote Host Refused Connection
  • Check to see if print server lpd is running.
  • Does AIX have permission to print to host?
  • Is there space on remote server?
  • If remote server is AIX, run "lssrc -s lpd" to see if lpd is running.


  • 0781-375 Connection to server failed
  • This occurs with Intel NetPort when at AIX 4.3.1. Upgrade AIX bos.printers and bos.rte.printers.


  • 0781-376 cannot specify more than 72 jobs.
  • Looked over this error and found out that on 4.3.3 as queue setup as remote can only queue up 72 jobs per print request because of the lpd deamon that is the number of permutations we can get on datafile names. This is set by rfc1179. If we setup the queue is local we are able to queue up to 100 jobs per print request. So essentially Level 3 (Development) is saying that at 4.2.x and below we were wrong and sent 100 jobs to a remote queue, and that they had to fix it to comply with the RFC for Remote Printing. So now it is correct and before we were wrong. These limits are hardcoded.


  • enq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-377 Cannot specify more than 200 command line arguments
  • 0781-376 Cannot specify more than 100 files per print request.
  • Work around is to write a script to print files in batchs.


  • 0781-379: Could not send control file first
  • Reset rembak to not send control file first.


  • 0781-380 Failed to retrieve a socket with a privileged address;
  • rembak: errno = 13, the file access permissions do not allow the specified action
  • Make the change to permissions: chmod 4550 /usr/lib/lpd/rembak.


  • sendjob: (FATAL ERROR) 0781-390 Job 533 (tmp-print.prosuper00:00:10) failed.
  • Problem was only occuring on one Microplex box. Compared all of the settings in the Microplex box with another Microplex (also model M202Plus) with another Laserprinter: Found 6 options for logpathtype (job, user, pagecount, checksum, printer, I/O port) which ar enabled at the failing box which are disabled at the box without problems. After disabling those options, the problem disappeared. Enabling them again brought back the problem.
  • Another: applied latest fixes to 4.3.3 and appear to no longer have printer probs.
  • Another: 0781-390 (FATAL ERROR) 0781-390 Job /etc/hosts failed.
    0781-244 file acknowledgement sent but not received;
    781-088 queue went down job is still queued.
    AXIS server had been added as JetDirect. Removed and added as remote printer. local filtering, rqname=pr1 RAW data handling
  • Another: Increased -T nn value for piorlfb and rembak.
  • See also 0781-391
  • Another: LPD not running on SCO, and then /etc/hosts.lpd not setup right.


  • WARNING) 0781-391 Perhaps the file is too large for the server to handle.
  • (WARNING) 0781-244 Failed receiving acknowledgement.
  • (WARNING) 0781-228 Could not send datafile /etc/hosts to server support.
  • (FATAL ERROR) 0781-390 Job /etc/hosts failed.
  • SCO UNIX V3.2.4.2 - send PUSH|ACK with 02 instead of 00.
  • Updated to and



  • See 0781-126


  • Cannot create temporary file"
  • Error no=28: not enough space in file system
  • /var File system was full


  • Permission denied for printing to lpd
  • Caused by back name lookup
  • Added client name to /etc/hosts.lpd
  • Added client name to /etc/hosts or to name server
  • Added line to /etc/netsvc.conf saying: hosts=local,bind if not added to name server.
  • After name resolution cleared up, printing was possible.

Messages in


  • 0782-002 There is not enough memory available now.
  • Seen only with 7318 P10 printers with 4.1.5 code.


  • 0782-004: Cannot load print formatter with errno=2
  • Check permissions in /var/spool/lpd/pio/fmtrs
  • Problem was custom formatter with more than 15 characters in the name.


    • 0782-006 K not supported for the printer file type
    • Answer here is to use -p17 or -p16.7 if it is a PCL printer to get condensed print. Usually use in conjuction with -v8.
    • 0782-006 -T flag is not supported for the print file type
    • Answer here was customer had added -T flag to piobe in the /etc/qconfig file.


    • 0782-018: Cannon open digested database file for printer
    • 0403-005: There is a request to a device that does not exist.
      device lp2 0403-005 cannot create the specified file
    • Added the device and set baud and printing worked.
    • Copied queue definitions from another system without properly creating devices in another case.


    • 0782-024: The piobe command must be invoked only by the spooler's qdaemon.
    • Problem trying to cancel job.
    • Found a dead.letter file that was create in qdir directory when trying to mail to mainframe that had no mail server.
    • One solution is to replace /usr/bin/write with a shell script to avoid sending mail.
        mv /usr/bin/write /usr/bin/write.bin
        create shell script /usr/bin/write
        --- start script
        PID=`echo $$`
        PPID=$(ps -fp $PID | grep -v PPID | /usr/bin/awk ' { print $d }'`
        ps -fp $PPID | grep qdaemon
        if [ S? == 0 ]
       exit 0
       /usr/bin/write.bin $*
        --- end script ---
        chmod +x /usr/bin/write
        -- Save a copy of /usr/bin/write as it will be overwritten 
        -- in future upgrades.
    • You can also redirect users mail by redirecting mail messages by changing rewrite rules in /etc/


    • 0782-025 Unable to open d903rc.afp.
      enq: errno = 127: The user ID or group ID is to large to fit in the provided structure.
    • Problem occured printing larger than 2 Gig file and spooling.
    • Customer was using lpr which does spooling by default.
    • Use lpr -s to suppress copying file to /var/spool/qdaemon.
    • Also saw an error like this after upgrade to 4.3.3 with a host named "dev'.


    • 0782-026 virtual printer has not been configured for print queue.
    • Someone created a queue, but not a virtual printer.
    • Another: 0782-626 opening the odm class "sm_cmd_hdr"
    • Ran the rebuild printer odm script


    • 0782-029 Cannot open a temporary file
    • Permissions on /tmp were 755, bin:bin
    • Another: permissions on /tmp were 700.
    • chmod 1777 /tmp


    • 0782-031: Value for input datastream not recognized.
    • Check the value of the -d flag for qprt or the setting in the virtual printer.
    • Make sure value set has an i attribute in the vitual printer. For -da there should be ia, for -dp a ip, etc.


    • 0782-033 trying to create JetDirect queue.
    • The /tmp filesystem was 100% full


    • 0782-035 cannot devide by zero with %/operator in database attribute
    • ttribute name is wH, attribute value string is 8
    • Customer was using qprt -p instead of -P in one case.
    • 0782-035 when printing after power outage.
    • Cleaned out /var/spool/lpd/qstat and qdir and restarted qdaemon.
    • Another had file system corruption after a crash.


    - frequent
    • 0782-040 Cannot open print file.
    • User had custom shell backend with bad permissions
    • lp -dhpzone1 -o nobanner smit.log in AIX 5.2
      Not proper command for AIX print subsystem, could use with system V printing, or change to use qprt -Bnn, or lpr -h.
    • 782-040 Cannot open print file. The file name is lan
      lp -o lan -c -dcrud -s /etc/motd
      Same problem -o commands not defined for AIX virtual printer.
      Use sysV if you want to use.
    • Can change /usr/bin/lp to a shell script and have it call enq.


    • 0782-041 Cannot access print file
    • Same as 0782-040. When printing from Unidata, acn change NHEAD setting from 'o nobatter' to 'U_IGNORE' in the $UDTHOME/sys/UDTSPOOL.CONFIG file.


    • 0782-042 DEAD.LETTER in qdir
    • Can't cancel jobs.
    • Other errors with this 0782-024, 0781-111.
    • Can use the 'custom' /usr/bin/write script to stop sending messages to users without a local ID.
        mv /usr/bin/write /usr/bin/write.bin
        save this script as /usr/bin/write 
        PID=`echo $$`
        PPID=`ps -f $PID | grep -v PPID | /usr/bin/awk ' { print $d }'`
        if [ $? = 0 ]
          exit 0
          /usr/bin/write.bin $*


    • 0782-045: stty is not a typewriter error code
      Filesets were missing.
    • ordering u468677 and u468680
    • 0782-045 tcgetattr does not support ioctl.
    • All fixed by upgrade or reboot or to stty commands in users .kshrc or .profile.
    • 0782-045 DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION: /usr/local/bin/rtel: not found
      Missing program from custom backend.
      /dev/null: 0403-005 Cannot create the specified file.
      Fixed permissions on /dev/null.
    • Often problems in .profile or permissions


    • 0782-051 Cannot specify -<num>
    • Customer tried to use -Z1 for landscape. Should be -z1 or z+.


    • 0782-054 Error detected during output to printer.
    • The device name is lp1 (hplj-4+)
    • Te errno from the writs system call is 6
    • Customer made cable flow control problems
    • /tmp or /var full is a frequent cause
    • With 0781-088 full filesystem caused problem


    • 0782-056 Printer lp0 (lexOptraT) @ needs paper.


    - frequent
    • 0782-057: qdaemon: printer lp0 needs attention
    • Application problems
    • Cable problems - usually serial
    • Once case of a bad or improper parallel cable


    • 0782-059 Attribute name passed to subroutine piogetstr by program piodigest is not valid. The attribute name is mD
    • Caused when customer moved files from one system to another.
    • Remake queues.
    • Sometimes happens when /var full when adding new queues.


    • 0782-075 Cannot open input colon file.
      The file name is ls
      The errno (error number) from the open system call is 2
      Check the file name specified with the piodigest command.
    • See with 0782-626
    • cd /usr/lpp/printers.rte/inst_root/var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/smit
      copy the 8 sm_ files (size 4096)
      cp * /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/smit
      check file in /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/smit --> OK
      Cust can now create printer
    • Got the 0782-075 error when running piodigest from the command line in testing this problem


    • 0782-082 can't write file when trying to add a queue
    • /var is full
    • Freed up space and added new queue.


    • 0782-087 @local/ddio not created . Cannot open directory /var/spool/lpd/@local/ddi
    • From customer all directories under /var/spool/lpd were missing and he has only recreated some ones .
    • . After copy /var/spool/lpd from an other server customer can create queue without pb


    • 0782-089 output to standard error detected
    • Problems were cause by application setting stderr.
    • Another: Wrong permissions on /, /var, and /etc.
    • Another updated and rebooted (probably fixed permission problems)
    • Another: Bad si attribute in queue


    • 0782-137: openning the ODM class ""sm_cmd_hdr"" failed (odmerrno is 5908)
        ls -l file lengths are 0
        cp /usr/lib/objrepos/sm* /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/smit
        ls -l file lengths are normal
        Next: you must run chvirprt for each queue to rebuild smit data.


    • 0782-320: queue all ready exists
    • Removed queue, removed dummy entry, rebuild queue


    • 0782-321 the mkqueue command has failed
    • Seen when dummy stanza in /etc/qconfig in 1998


    • qmove -m -u
      received error 0781-330 enq warning request not supported by remote side of queue. Must move them on server.
    • Found a command to bring a job out of held status didn't work on remote queue
         enq -p -#jobnumberk


    • 0782-332 Invalid print queue name 'a3245412341234124312341234123412341'.
      Name must not exceed 20 characters and may only
      contain the characters [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9], @, -, or _.
    • With: 0782-628 Unable to create print queue.


    • 0782-333 there are no virtual printers defined
    • Often caused by /tmp being full
    • In one instance, a security application was removing virtual printers


    • 0782-529 No font is available for gothic 15 pitch.
    • May require customization of virtual printer by changing the mU attribute.
    • Check available fonts from smitty chpq.


    • 0782-530 cannot determine terminal type
    • Terminal attached printer
    • Happens from remote
    • Make sure terminal has TERM type set to one in terminfo.
    • Set PIOTERM=ibm3151 resolved problem


    • 0782-531 Error occured reading terminfo
    • on PC's doing passthrough printing.
    • Likely termtype did not have mc4, mc5 attributes or was missing entirely from terminfo. Use vt220 TERM type.


    • 0782-532 Cannot find terminfo attribute mc5 for ansi.
    • chdev -l ttyx -a terminfo=vt220
    • Also make sure terminal terminfo has mc4 and mc5 attributes set.
    • Only seen on terminal attached printing.


    • 0782-597 Value sa .. not in ring list
    • This indicates that a value for an attribute is not in the list of allowed values for the virtual printer. This can be changed, but you need to be an expert in virtual printers or read the documentation.


    • 0782-598 The value 1 specified in the validate op V in the limits field for _f attribute indicates failure .
    • Added f1 attribute to virtual printer.



    • 0782-626 At attempt to add queue.
    • With 0781-017
    • Had dummy entries in /etc/qconfig


    • 0782-628 Unable to create print queue
    • Could be that the queue name is invalid see 0782-332


    • 0782-652: virtual printer all ready exists with that name
    • Remove old virtual printer file from /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/custom
    • Then readd the queue/virtual printer

    Status error problems to remote lpd on LexMark Printer

    • Best solution is to set up with MarkNet software from LexMark
    • Install IX52289 to fix the AWK problem in AIX 4.1.

    Problems printing to parallel printer

    • It loses or drops characters.
    • Set Time to delay before checking BUSY line [200]

    Clearing the queue.

      To clear the jobs:
      stopsrc -s qdaemon
      ps -e | fgrep qd  
      kill -9 PIDNumbers 
      ps -e | fgrep pio   
      kill -9 PIDNumbers
      1)look in the /var/spool/lpd/stat directory for files that begin with a
      This indicate active jobs that need to finish or be cleared. The file
      cntains the pid (process id) for the qd fork or other associated backend
      printer program. Often these programs can be cleared out manually
      as shown below:
      #stopsrc -cg qdaemon
      #rm /var/spool/lpd/qdir/*
      #rm /var/spool/lpd/stat/*
      #rm /var/spool/qdaemon/*
      #rm /etc/qconfig.bin
      #startsrc -s qdaemon

    Printer smit rebuild script

      echo "\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n"
      echo "This operation will refresh the printing system smit screens"
      echo "and relink the system queues to the new screens.  To complete"
      echo "the operation I will stop qdaemon and restart it after I am done.\n"
      echo "\n"
      echo "Stopping qdaemon."
      echo "\n"
      stopsrc -cs qdaemon
      sleep 10
      echo "\n"
      echo "I will now copy backup smit screen files to the directory of:"
      echo "/var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/smit."
      echo "one moment please...\n"
      sleep 5
      cp /usr/lpp/printers.rte/inst_root/var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/smit/* \
      echo "Done with smit screen refresh.\n"
      sleep 2
      cd /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/custom
      echo "I will now link the currently existing queues on the system, "
      echo "with the refreshed smit screens.\n"
      sleep 3
      for file in `ls`
              /usr/lib/lpd/pio/etc/piodiegest $FILE
      echo "\n"
      echo "Starting qdaemon"
      startsrc -s qdaemon
      echo "\n"
      echo "The print queue refresh/relink operation is complete.

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