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Forcing the value change hook to run immediately when the field value is changed from the web client

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How can I make the ClearQuest web client use the same workflow as the desktop client?


When using a ClearQuest desktop client, if a user changes a field value, the value change hook that is associated with that field is executed immediately. The hook may change the value of other fields, or change the behavior of other fields based on the workflow or business process that is enforced by the schema.

This workflow is not fully available on the web client, because only some field types and form control types support this behavior. More details are available in the knowledge center:


In this release, a new approach is introduced to support this workflow on the web client. To enable the workflow,

  1. Run packageutil setwebdependentfields to enable the fields (refer to
  2. To effect the change, check in the schema and upgrade the user database.

The older method of listing web-dependent fields in the form control properties dialog in the ClearQuest designer is still supported. Specifying a web-dependent field using either method is recognized and does not introduce conflicts.

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17 June 2018