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FLEXlm service stops after entering server daemon ports in License Key Administrator



Attempt to update the daemon ports from within the License Key Administrator (LKAD) results in the FLEXlm service stopping with error messages in the logs about missing host ID.


The change of port information in 'Server Ports' in the License Key Administrator settings, results in the host ID information getting erased / wrongly truncated in the license file, because no ports were specified in the license file initially.

Diagnosing The Problem

If you open the following license files in a text editor and check the SERVER line to find out the truncation that happened as a result of specifying the custom ports.
  • rational_server_perm.dat
  • rational_server_temp.dat

The default location of these files is:

  • C:\Program Files(x86)\IBM\RationalRLKS\common (RLKS version 8.1.1 onwards)
  • C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\common (RLS version 7.1.X)
  • C:\Program Files\Rational\common (RLS version 7.0.X)

Resolving The Problem

Apply the following steps to resolve the problem:
  1. Stop FLEXlm
    • Click Start > Run, type services.msc and Stop the License Manager service
    • Launch lmtools.exe (located in the same folder as shown above) and go to 'Start/Stop/Reread' tab, click on Stop Server
  2. Edit the license files (rational_server_perm.dat and rational_server_temp.dat) in a text editor and manually add the relevant port number in the license file at the end of the SERVER line and, if using a firewall also at the end of the VENDOR line, as follows:

    SERVER <server_name> <host_id> 27000
    VENDOR ibmratl port=<nnnnn > 
    (<nnnnn> stands for the open port number you assigned to be used by this vendor daemon, preferably in the range 27001 - 27010)

  3. Save the files
  4. Start FLEXlm
    • Click Start > Run, type services.msc and Start the License Manager service
    • Launch lmtools.exe and click on Start Server under the 'Start/Stop/Reread' tab

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Modified date:
19 June 2020