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FLEXlm error: -97 The desired vendor daemon is down on license server



Attempts to perform a server status inquiry on the IBM® Rational® License Key Server result in the error "FLEXlm -97".


The full error message is as follows:

rational: The desired vendor daemon is down.
Output from the lmgrd.log (also known as the debug log):
16:19:17 (rational) License server system started on hostname
16:19:17 (rational) No features to serve, exiting
16:19:17 (rational) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 27
16:19:17 (lmgrd) rational exited with status 27 (No features to serve)
16:19:17 (lmgrd) rational daemon found no features.  Please correct
16:19:17 (lmgrd) license file and re-start daemons.
16:19:17 (lmgrd)
16:19:17 (lmgrd) This may be due to the fact that you are using
16:19:17 (lmgrd) a different license file from the one you expect.
16:19:17 (lmgrd) Check to make sure that:
16:19:17 (lmgrd) C:\Program Files\Rational\common\rational_server_perm.dat C:\Program Files\Rational\common\rational_server_temp.dat
16:19:17 (lmgrd) is the license file you want to use.
16:19:17 (lmgrd)
16:19:17 (lmgrd) ibmratl using TCP-port 2818
16:19:32 (ibmratl) TCP_NODELAY NOT enabled

You can also see the following error message display within your license server inquiry.

rational: No such feature exists (-5,412)
The same error messages can be displayed for the telelogic vendor daemon.


This error refers to the rational vendor daemon, and the telelogic vendor daemon, not having any license keys to serve for the installed IBM® Rational® products. 
As of the IBM®  Rational®  License Server v8.1.1 the ibmratl vendor daemon is the sole vendor daemon that is required. It is able to serve all license features that were served by the telelogic and rational vendor daemons in the previous license server versions. This means that you will need to edit the license file, removing the VENDOR telelogic and VENDOR rational lines. You only keep the VENDOR ibmratl line in the license file(s).
Verify that the path to the license file is correct. In this example: C:\Program Files\Rational\common\rational_server_perm.dat C:\Program Files\Rational\common\rational_server_temp.dat .

Resolving The Problem

Create the relevant Floating User product license keys for the license server in the IBM® Rational® License Key Center.
Import the license file on the license server.
Edit the license file as needed, so it only contains the VENDOR line of the ibmratl vendor daemon.
Verify the path to the license file is correct.
Verify that the client machines point to the license server hosting the license keys for the installed software.

[{"Line of Business":{"code":"LOB45","label":"Automation"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Product":{"code":"SSTMW6","label":"Rational License Key Server"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m0z0000001hpAAAQ","label":"Rational licensing->FLEXlm FLEXnet error messages"}],"ARM Case Number":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"8.1.1;8.1.2;8.1.3;8.1.4;8.1.5;8.1.6"}]

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04 January 2021