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Flash BIOS Update For Linux - IBM eServer xSeries 232 and xSeries 342




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2 September 2004

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IBM eServer xSeries 232 and xSeries 342 Flash BIOS Update For Linux

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Version 1.08 - February 16, 2004

  • Fixed the incorrect system event log time stamp display for the Integrated
    System Management Processor when viewed in the POST/BIOS Setup Utility.
  • Adding in Setup option to disable the hourly Integrated System Managment Interrupt
    Real Time Clock Synchronization.

Version 1.07 - September 1, 2002

  • Adding in remote floppy support for the Remote Supervisory Adapter.
  • Fixed PXE-E01 error message when installing a PXE supported ethernet adapter when
    the planar ethernet controller has been disabled in POST setup.
  • Adding in support for IDE tape backup devices.
  • Adding in 38400 baud support remote console serial redirection.

Version 1.06 - August 1, 2002

  • Added support in for Tualatin B1 stepping processors and removing support for Coppermine
    C0 stepping processors.
  • Cleaning up setup screen corruption when using remote console serial redirection in VT100

Version 1.05 - May 20, 2002

  • Changes to allow USB devices to recover from over current conditions.
  • Adding in POST remote console serial redirection support.
  • Adding in SMI event logging support for the Integrated System Management Processor.
  • Fixed extra characters seen in the Remote Supervisory Adapter Event Log when viewed
    through POST/BIOS setup.
  • Added in support to send the Integrated System Management Processor the cpu information
    when a RSA is present to prevent the Fan LED from turning on when the fanless heatsinks
    are used.

Version 1.04 - March 29. 2002

  • Adding support for 1.4 Ghz processors.

Version 1.03 - February 18, 2002

  • Change to onboard Adaptec subvendor ID and subsystem ID.
  • Change to fix a problem with DMA transfers.
  • Added in support to turn on the POST complete LED when POST has completed successfully.
  • Added in support to inform the Integrated System Management Processor of the current
    CPU configuration (CPUID and CPU speed).

Version 1.02 - November 5, 2001

  • Added in support for the enhanced Integrated System Management Processor update.
  • Added in support for PCI video devices which are behind PCI-PCI bridges and other
    normal PCI video adapters.

Version 1.01 - October 2, 2001

  • Change to fix an intermittent memory error during memory
  • Bugfixes to remove hang during POST using Remote Video. This
    update is required for systems with an Advanced Systems
    Management Processor upgrade.
  • Processor cache sizes are now shown in setup.
  • Integrated Systems Management Processor (ISMP) firmware version
    is now shown in setup.
  • Support added for IBM RapidAccess III USB keyboard.
  • 1801 errors caused by excessive PCI option ROM requests will
    not force user into setup.
  • Added System Error Log for use with Integrated Systems Management Processor.
  • Added checking for mixed processor speeds and technologies.

Version 1.00 - June 08, 2001

  • Initial release


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