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Fix list for WebSphere MQ Version 6.0 on HP OpenVMS

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WebSphere MQ provides periodic fixes for release 6.0 on HP OpenVMS. The following is a listing of available fixes for Version 6.0 with the most recent fix at the top.


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Note: To download WebSphere MQ Fix and Refresh Packs follow this link.

Fix Pack (V6.0.2.13) FP05
Fix release date:24th March 2016
Last modified: 23 March 2016
Status: Available
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IT05182 CVE-2014-3566
IT07850 CVE-2014-0204
IT08302 CVE-2015-2808
Fix Pack (V6.0.2.12) FP05
Fix release date:6th September 2013
Last modified: 28 August 2013
Status: Available

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IC77562 WMQ Java client static methods mqexception.logexclude and mqexception.loginclude are not multi-threading suitable
IC77900 Upgrading from WMQ & to V6.0.2.7 on ovms may generate FDC with probe ZX054006 from zxcrestoreobject.
IC81377 WebSphere MQ V6 for openvms mqsc command display channel status (dis chs) sslcerti field is blank for SSL channels.
IC81525 WebSphere MQ ping channel command fails with error AMQ9640 if sslpeer is specified on channel
IC81583 WebSphere MQ cluster queues become invisible to other queue managers where multiple clusters are in use
IC83386 Dmpmqlog command fails due to missing logs
IC86846 WebSphere MQ V6 openvms experienced loss of persistent messages after system crash.
IC87986 Fix issue of huge FDC file generation after tcp recycle.
IC89315 WebSphere MQ V6.0 ovms on hp openvms Itanium commands are missing from the $help MQ
IV00816 WebSphere MQ V6 memory leak from process AMQZMUR0
IV01112 Queue manager attribute defxmitq incorrectly allows the value "system.cluster.transmit.queue" to be set
IV02098 Recursive lock probe XY086002 FDC whilst extending a shared memory extent.
IV03135 Unresolved symbol 'cliasanchor' reported by txseries when using WebSphere MQ as resource manager
IV03428 Loop writing ffst's following synchronous signal within WebSphere MQ application.
IV03956 AMQ9511 error message appeared, but this did not accurately describe the problem.
IV05727 Activating a backup queue manager using "strmqm -a" may fail with error AMQ7017: log not available
IV08585 WebSphere MQ jms: a nullpointerexception is thrown when attempting to create durable subscription with a selector
IV08865 Nullpointerexception thrown while creating a JMS session using the WebSphere MQ classes for JMS
IV09144 Busy WebSphere MQ V6 classes for JMS applications experience poor performance when messages are greater than 4KB
IV09149 A corrupt channel synchronization file may cause channel code to enter an infinite loop without an obvious error report
IV09400 In a cluster with more than two full repositories the system.cluster.command.queue can fill up.
IV09923 WebSphere MQ channel not restarted after remote queue manager restarted. FDC created with probe ID RM409000.
IV11358 Queue manager is unresponsive. FDC probe AO218001 written, and possibly AO175001,XC307033; maybe also ZX005022,XC308034.
IV11671 Java.lang.nullpointerexception thrown in WebSphere MQ V6 classesfor JMS when calling the method settargetclient
IV11979 WebSphere MQ segmented messages ignored intermittently during MQGet call
IV12713 High cpu in the WebSphere MQ amqrrmfa process when adding a queue manager to a cluster while tracing is active
IV14091 WMQ V6 classes for JMS application attempt to send a message to a WMQ queue and receives a Java java.lang.classcastexception
IV14110 Status and monitoring "time" attributes, such as xqtime, may show incorrect or even negative values
IV15374 WebSphere MQ cluster queues become invisible to other queue managers where multiple clusters are in use
IV16138 Activation specifications lose their connection to WebSphere MQ and stop consuming messages. no error messages are reported
IV16931 When performing a backout requeue operation for a poison messagea 2085 mqrc_unknown_object_name might occur.
IV17960 Message buildup on resulting in slow performance for WebSphere MQ version 6.
IV18138 Cluster queue can fail with 2085 mqrc_unknown_object_name
IV20526 New message for error log when a valid clusrcvr channel update has not been received
IV22043 Following restart of a crashed queue manager, a queue may be reported as damaged.
IV22349 The dltmqm command runs out of file descriptors, e.g. a probe XC076010 FDC from dltmqm.
IV23042 High cpu use by AMQZLAA0 process when using WMQ 7.0 classes for JMS and WMQ V6.0 style queued pub/sub.
IV23149 Queue manager unresponsive FDCs with probe A0218001 produced. also may be probe AO175001
IV24197 Queue manager just started ends with errors AMQ9508 and AMQ8004
IV25030 WebSphere MQ cluster fails, possibly generating FDC files with probe ids RM296000 or other rrce_repository_error
IV25645 Probe AT120030 FDC when transaction expiry is configured and WebSphere MQ is acting as a transaction manager
IV25693 Failure to deliver cod/coa report to an aliased queue manager RC=2189 mqrc_cluster_resolution_error
IV25768 Refresh security type(ssl) produces probe CO258001 and RM499200 FDCs both with major error code rrce_channel_in_use
IV25859 Probe ZC045010 and XC332063 FDCs for application using shared hconns with Linux threads at MQ or later.
IV27148 Erroneous AMQ7469, "transaction rolled back message" written to WebSphere MQ V6 queue manager error logs.
IV27926 Correction to WebSphere MQ documentation: queue stats are only recorded for mqi object handles opened while stats are enabled
IV28699 WebSphere MQ messages delivered out of sequence
IZ89701 Repository manager process (amqrrmfa) terminates unexpectedly or generates FDCs with mqrc_offset_error
IZ94730 When shutting down a jvm, the WebSphere MQ V6 queue manager crashes intermittently.
IZ95182 The API exit's userid field in the mqaxc context is blank or incorrect when the WebSphere MQ client sends an empty username
IZ95735 The queue manager stops processing transactions. applications appear to hang. an FDC record with probe ID AT071015 is written.
IZ95879 Was V6.1 mdb is posted with mqrc 2206 after z/OS MQ upgrade to V701
IZ96372 Jmsreplyto can be set wrong by the MQ V6.0 JMS client when is set to MQMD.
IZ96635 WMQ V6. a topic name with spaces in the name can be published. asubscription with the same topic name returns no messages.
IZ97372 The WebSphere MQ queue manager parameter clwlmruc does not restrict the number of outbound channels correctly.
IZ99486 Intermittent 2059 errors when using ccdts and pubsub in was
SE38195 WMQ V6 & V7 using triggered temporary dynamic queues results in an incorrect queue name being returned to the triggered appl.

Change history

Last modified: 28 August 2013
  • 28 August 2013: Created fix list page.

Fix Pack (V6.0.2.11) (FP 04)
Fix release date: 20 April 2012
Last modified: 20 April 2012
Status: Available

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IC74583WEBSPHERE MQ V6 Queue manager on OPENVMS does not start listener or other services at startup due to KN246001 fdc in AMQZXMA0.EXE
IC78034 WEBSPHERE MQ OVMS V6 non-mqm users are able to successfully issue Websphere MQ control commands.
IC80503WMQ-V6.0 ON OPENVMS, channels fail to load the exits after the queue managers are migrated from WMQ-V5.3.
IC81992WMQ-V6.0 OPENVMS applications fail to handle certain exceptions when additional compilation flags are included at compile time.
IC68991At shutdown, the command server ignores a reason code of q_mgr_stopping resulting in many FDCs and an unresponsive command svr.
IC69370MQJMS1006 (invalid value for char set) returned from was when sent by WMQ JMS application using V7 client to V6 queue manager.
IC69841Amqsmon sample program supplied in WMQ V6/V7 does not compute the starttime/endtime interval boundaries correctly.
IC69892WebSphere MQ V6 queue manager fails to start with AMQ7880 error code 71 starting queue manager WMQ service.
IC70957A occurs when receiving message with WebSphere MQ.
IC72239Restarting queue manager causes the MQ resource adapter to stop processing messages until the jboss server is restarted.
IC73380Dead letter queue handler fails when specifying some of the mqrc reason codes.
IC73981Convert message with dlq fails with AMQ6175 errors if the message contains an mde header using WMQ V6 or V7.
IZ68315WebSphere MQ V6 queue manager will not start. FDC created with comment containing sigsegv.
IZ70611Mqrc_unknown_object_name returned from MQOPEN/MQPUT1.
IZ72115FDC with probe ID ZC045010 created for WebSphere MQ V6 Linux X86- 64 bit queue manager.
IZ74801WAS process with native bindings connections to WebSphere MQ cancrash on Linux with a sigsegv under the libc malloc function.
IZ75121Rrmupdatebaseflags sigsegv in WMQ repository manager.
IZ75682MQ running out of shared memory due to ipcc subpool leak.
IZ76359MQPut of report message fails with mqrc_not_authorized. AMQ7310 is reported.
IZ76739WebSphere MQ client application issuing MQGet receives 2080(mqrc_truncated_msg_failed) when using trusted listener.
IZ77044A memory exception can be generated in an application when it writes an error message.
IZ77970WMQ V6 JMS pub/sub (producer/consumer) applications stop workingand become unresponsive.
IZ78069Inconsistency in AMQ6174 error message when the queue manager fails to load an API exit.
IZ78250Queue manager ends unexpectedly. an FDC file containing probe ID ZC038020 from component zcpsetinitiator is generated.
IZ79183Object damaged errors after running MQ trace.
IZ79802JMS application runs out of connections when using MQ JMS V7 client connecting to MQ V6 server using JMS xasession.
IZ79964Completion time of refresh security type(ssl) is directly proportional to the number of secure channels.
IZ80100Exitpropertieslocal stanza added to queue manager configuration.
IZ80101Repeated xaer_rmerr errors received by WebSphere application server V7.0.0.X when connection to WebSphere MQ is broken.
IZ80127Long pauses in service times on a queue that is deep and has expired messages.
IZ80310In queue statistics messages, the nonqueuedmsgcount value is always 0 (zero).
IZ80394The queue manager suffered a severe error, so should have ended immediately but it tried to continue, leading to more errors.
IZ80912Javax.jms.illegalstateexception with MQJMS3033: queuereceiver isclosed when closing asynchronous messageconsumer.
IZ81266WMQ 6/7: endmqm hangs after starting and stopping more than 30 listeners, and then starting at least one listener.
IZ81294Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IZ82952WMQ command server process (amqpcsea) terminates after FDC with probe ID AO170001 is generated.
IZ83231WMQ6.0/701: WMQ channel attributes mcastat and status not in sync after repetitive start and stop channel.
IZ83390WebSphere MQ Java application using mqsimpleconnectionmanager gets RC=2025.
IZ83419WMQ JMS V6: mdbs lose messages when an exception of type java.lang.outofmemoryerror is thrown.
IZ85718Allow client apps that don't grant user with any auth on targetqto receive msg from aliasq & opt not to have 2035 errors logged.
IZ85895In WebSphere MQ if there are multiple threads trying to locate a non-existent message on a large queue delays can occur.
IZ86061Small shared memory leak for each run of the channel initiator (runmqchi) process.
IZ86169Queue manager can become unresponsive, using high cpu and writing an FDC record with probe ID ZF226020 for MQ version 6.0.
IZ86324Running rcdmqimg whilst an object is being updated can result in FDCs and/or failure to correctly record the object.
IZ86571WebSphere MQ V6 classes for Java or JMS. hang occurs when requesting a connection from the MQ pool.
IZ86658Improved handling of errors in iconv() call: avoid sigsegv (XC130003) in amqrmppa processes.
IZ86661Using the MQ V6 ra mdb stops receiving messages from MQ queue. Attempting to stop the mdb hangs.
IZ86883Deadlock if multiple threads access WebSphere MQ Java class object.
IZ87128High cpu is reported for runmqsc with WebSphere MQ.
IZ87222WebSphere MQ V6/7 amqrrmfa repository process using high memory which increases over time.
IZ87534The WMQ Java client throws a mqrc 2010 when the specified bufferlength is larger than maxmsgl on the channel.
IZ88084Probe ZS137002 FDC misleadingly reports no license installed forthe case where more than one license is installed.
IZ88267WebSphere MQ JMS nullpointerexception occurs when publishing messages to WMQ topic.
IZ89031WebSphere MQ extended transaction client (etc) V6 the dynamic module has an incorrect dependency on
IZ89145WebSphere MQ 6 & 7. FDC with xcserrorlogdaemon and xcsfreemem in function stack, sigsegv, and probe ID XC130003.
IZ89608WebSphere MQ V7 xms .NET client gets CWSMQ0006E and argumentoutofrange exception while reading from WMQ V6 qmgr.
IZ89701Repository manager process (amqrrmfa) terminates unexpectedly or generates FDCs with mqrc_offset_error.
IZ89705In WebSphere MQ when a repository manager tries to generate an FDC with a corrupt buffer it causes the amqrrmfa to terminate.
IZ90257If triggering is set for, the oam may hang when performing authorization checks.
IZ92715Conversion errors - client or channel fails with AMQ6048.
IZ92813Description is not available (security/integrity exposure).
IZ94267The endmqm command does not end the queue manager and no agent processes are seen running for this queue manager.
IZ94577Security vulnerability with Double.parseDouble causing a tight loop in JRE's shipped with WebSphere MQ.
IZ94587Using WebSphere application server V7 and WebSphere MQ ra, client channel does not automatically reconnect when restarted.
IZ95846Java core dump due to sigsegv when enabling WMQ trace after IZ62508 ( is applied.

Fix Pack (V6.0.2.10) (FP 03)
Fix release date: 25 May 2011
Last modified: 25 May 2011
Status: Available

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IC60535 Incorrect interpretation of values returned by OS calls in trace
IC61061 Runmqchi attempts to start a clussdr channel twice causing an AMQ9514 "channel in use" error
IC61167 Queue service interval timer is not being set during queue manager startup
IC61509 Channels with SHORTTMR=1 will not retry until 2 seconds.
IC62539 Runmqchi process crashes when maxinitiators is set to more than 1022.
IC62815 XC130031 cut by channel initiator process (runmqchi) while queue manager is ending
IC62956 Messages are being lost when JMS application with multiple JMS consumers (mutlithreaded application) compete for same message.
IC63653 WebSphere MQ JMS client hangs using message-driven beans or asynchronous consumers
IC63701 Nullpointerexception occurs when using a publish/subscribe mdb with WebSphere application server V6.1 and WebSphere MQ V6
IC64115 WMQ command dspmqtrn erroneously returns error code 71 (unexpected error) when there are no prepared transactions.
IC65822 Messages are workload balanced incorrectly in a clustering setup using pipelined channels.
IC67334 An FDC with probe ID MQ000001 and comment 'invalid bqual_length' is generated during an xa_recover callback.
IC68636 The user of a WMQ JMS V6 mdb receiving messages from an alias queue requires browse authority on the target queue
IC68640 AMQ7315 displays the completion code instead of the reason code
IC69630 FDC with probe ID MQ000002 and component unknown received issuing dspmqver after upgrading to WebSphere MQ V6.
IC69797 WMQ hp openvms V6: execution of amqoamd command with parameters fails with an access violation
IC73235 Fixpack installation for WebSphere MQ V6 fails on hp ovms platform if mqs_root logical is not present on the system.
IC73595 Monmq command in WebSphere MQ V6 hp open vms exits with an improper status of $severity == "4"
IC73886 MQV6027-MONMQ show process is throwing vms error code system- f-accvio while fetching the MQ processes list.
IZ34170 Probeid ZT162010 in function zusqueryancillaryprocess after MQ received unexpected zero return code from read().
IZ44963 Error when JMS message reply to queue set to empty string or string with only spaces.
IZ47841 2030(MQRC_MSG_TOO_BIG_FOR_Q) issued when putting a message to a remote cluster queue capable of accomodating the message
IZ47849 WebSphere MQ V6 JMS clients appear to hang when the queue manager they are connecting to is unavailable
IZ48306 Messages still appear in the QM error log when using suppressmessage in the qmerrorlog stanza in the qm.ini file
IZ49302 The WebSphere MQ Java message service client must treat "" for a userid the same as null when creating connections
IZ49504 WebSphere MQ program, amqoamd reports 0X00000000(NONE) authorityas invalid.
IZ49572 Add AMQ6254 to messages that can be excluded from error log
IZ49676 MQ JMS connections remain open when using connection pooling
IZ49717 Even when statq is set to none WebSphere MQ continues to record statistics related to queues.
IZ49783 WebSphere MQ applications using the classes for Java or the classes for JMS truncate passwords longer than 12 characters
IZ49925 An AMQ9456 message is produced in the error logs on an hourly basis.
IZ50135 Sigsegv in AMQZMUC0 queue manager process when using CLWL exits.fdc probe XC130003.
IZ50357 The component dumps within an FDC with probe ID KN172049 do not dump the correct information.
IZ50800 WebSphere MQ version 6 JMS client queuebrowser reports get inhibited exceptions to JMS exception listener
IZ50928 WebSphere MQ JMS applications can hang when topicconnection objects are created and closed concurrently on different threads
IZ51029 Improve robustness of amqrrmfa when log space shortage leads to mqrc_backed_out or mqrc_resource_problem conditions.
IZ51174 Sigsegv in rritermexit after abrupt channel termination of channel due to non existence of cluster name list usage.
IZ51225 Information on WebSphere MQ message headers in the version 6 "using java" manual is not relevant to this version of WMQ.
IZ51588 Incorrect timesincereset value in PCF reset queue statistics (mqcmd_reset_q_stats) response
IZ51686 Incorrect cache object linkage causes unexpected failures (AMQ9456) based on coincidental event sequences.
IZ51728 WebSphere MQ V6 JMS resource adapter does not release connections to pool when stopping messaging endpoint.
IZ51783 Destination sequence factor (destseqfactor) is not getting reset when a new destination is made available.
IZ52214 Queue manager processes that access channel status table fail when maxchannels value is very high
IZ52710 Defining a clientid property on an activation specification usedby the WebSphere MQ resource adapter results in an error
IZ52806 XA resource manager connections not closed on mqdisc
IZ52974 Possible exception in kpidebug when amqldmpa run with -c k option when clustering is in use.
IZ52992 Endmqm -i taking over 5 minutes to complete
IZ53024 WebSphere MQ JMS performance problems when browsing a queue using selectors
IZ53228 WebSphere MQ V6 Java and JMS clients wait for longer than expected when connecting to an unresponsive queue manager
IZ53494 Sigsegv in AMQZLAA0 when it receives a message with bad construct
IZ54314 Serialization problem when stopping a channel resulting in an exception with probe ID XC130003
IZ54354 Sigsegv from mqconn in a child process forked from a thread of a threaded (reentrant) process connected to the queue manager.
IZ54623 MQ Java and JMS client message buffer not reduced if messages are not received
IZ55012 Probe KN172049 when jms/xms configured to use clustered broker control queue.
IZ55839 The WebSphere MQ V6 using Java manual does not indicate that messageconsumer objects perform poison messaging handling
IZ56123 Repeated KN010001 fdc's generated after queue manager process ends abruptly.
IZ56211 Put statistics not generated for system.cluster.transmit.queue
IZ56549 Messages are incorrectly put to system.cluster.transmit.queue where they remain forever
IZ58882 Bytes read prior to an interruptedioexception can be overwrittenon the next read
IZ59533 Deleting a queue when rcdmqimg is running causes an FDC with probe KN026005 and minor errorcode arce_object_not_found
IZ59641 MQ channel in a running state loops forever trying to send a message when channel compression is enabled
IZ60606 Partial repository queue managers report AMQ9511, AMQ9488 AMQ9409.REFRESH cluster fails with mqrc_object_changed (2041)
IZ61995 Channel appears hung in stopping state and FDCs with probe RM409001 may be generated
IZ62155 Setting the mqexception.log field to a null value can cause nullpointerexceptions to be thrown on different threads
IZ62508 WMQ V6 wrapping trace can grow beyond the specified file size
IZ62777 Calling session.recover() during onmessage using JMS persistent messages could result in a duplicate delivery.
IZ63358 Queue manager restart fails with probeid XC130004 after a long term in-doubt channel is deleted.
IZ63692 A hang occurs during start when multiple mdbs are configured to use the same MQ JMS activation specification.
IZ64138 After restart following a queue manager crash an FDC is raised with probe ID AQ123001 component aqqloadmsghdr.
IZ64432 After SSL refresh client connections intermittently fail with error 2397 mqrc_jsse_error or 2393 mqrc_ssl_initialization_error
IZ64679 WMQ application fails to connect to queue manager and receives a FDC with XY030011 and '9 - bad file descriptor' from select
IZ65182 WMQ qmgr becomes unresponsive and a FDC reporting probe id: AO218001 in component apiffstforunreleasedlock is generated.
IZ65198 Using the display conn command can be slow
IZ65415 WMQ command server process terminates with sigsegv when using monitoring tools to issue inquire channel command
IZ66287 WMQ V7.X JMS client is unable to access message contents sent by a WMQ V6.X client application
IZ66745 Data conversion errors in a message channel can cause corruptionof one or more of the text fields of the MQMD
IZ66777 Failure to process messages following a restart of the WMQ V6 pub/sub message broker
IZ67672 WebSphere MQ osgi bundling can lead to classcastexceptions
IZ68066 The dspmqrte command in WebSphere MQ V6 fails with AMQ8660 errorwhen a message exit is in use.
IZ69131 WMQ6 refresh cluster(*) command takes a very long time to finish
IZ69490 WMQ V6 reports probe id: RM193001,COMPONENT: rrmmaintenance, major errorcode: rrce_not_found.
IZ69642 Display chstatus does not show the proper value in the conname attribute if a user exit changes the attribute
IZ69971 High cpu usage in the amqrrmfa process on an hourly basis.
IZ70015 Mqjms application hangs when communicating with WebSphere MQ V6.0 queue manager
IZ70135 Unacknowledged cluster subscriptions could lead to a return codeof 2085 mqrc_unknown_object_name
IZ70204 A message channel fails to end. attempts to restart the channel can result in a build up of uncommitted messages.
IZ70961 WebSphere MQ V6.0 infocenter does not clearly state which fields of mqenvironment class are considered
IZ71466 Sender channel fails when using pipelining, channel compression and a message exit. AMQ9187, AMQ9190, AMQ9999 error messages.
IZ72101 WMQ V7 java/jms client upon resending a message to WMQ V6 qmgr reports an invalid value 'jms_ibm_character_set': 'UTF-8'.
IZ73505 The command 'display qstatus(*) type(handle)' cannot be filteredby channel, appltag or conname.
IZ73969 Applications fail - error mqrccf_subscription_in_use. also, MQ V6 broker might fail to start. FDC probes PU294005/PU294010.
IZ74076 Error AMQ6174 'the library... not found' produced when runmqdlq issues MQGet with convert against message on dead-letter queue.
IZ74729 Issue warning FDC when duplicate queue manager enters cluster
IZ75566 A WebSphere MQ listener port is slow to deliver messages to mdb's when mixed priority messages arrive on a queue.
IZ75589 Crtmqm fails with error AMQ7214 when using apiexitcommon
IZ76946 FDC probe ID CO258001 created after endmqm is issued in a SSL WebSphere MQ environment

Fix Pack (V6.0.2.7) (FP 02)
Fix release date: 09 July 2010
Last modified: 09 July 2010
Status: Available

Download information

IC48241 Messages received using messagelistener with durable subscribers are getting backed out once the application ends
IC48478 MQJMS3023 in pub sub application after quiescing and restarting the queue manager.
IC48555 JMS pub/sub cleanup utility fails with 2009 in SSL environment
IC48576 Program exceptions in Visual BASIC (vb) applications using the administration API.
IC48662 Convert chained header to UCS-2 returns wrong reason code
IC48678 Listener status inquire fails if the listener name length is 48
IC48680 Stopping the first instance of a receiver channel which is connected to multiple sender channel throws AMQ9533 error.
IC48696 Java .lang . nullpointerexception is received when the path specified for explorer Java trace is incorrect
IC48705 WebSphere MQ creates FDC with probe ZF165008 from wasreceivedata
IC48711 Registry key wrong for explorer excludemessages
IC48721 WebSphere MQ explorer message browser tool does not display some Japanese character sets
IC48727 WebSphere MQ message AMQ7227 does not clearly define possible causes.
IC48775 MQ Java classes when run as a client fail to negotiate to an MQ server running pre-fap 4 level, and incorrectly use hbint value.
IC48795 Message browser included in WebSphere MQ explorer (V6) limits browsing to first 500 messages on queue
IC48803 AMQ9207 invalid data received on a channel following a timeout on the Windows platform. FDC with probe ID CO052000 is created.
IC48880 Custom services fail to migrate during migration to MQ 6.0.
IC48908 Channel name changed by exit is not picked up when using the MQ explorer.
IC48913 Performance problem getting message from a large queue
IC48914 Conversion from ccsid 819 to 912 fails on get/convert
IC48919 Locking errors when attempting to delete an in-doubt channel
IC48920 Repeated resrcmon.exe fdc's following MSCS related errors
IC49003 Multi threaded c++ application hangs
IC49005 Mqtcpsdrport environment variable not working with WebSphere MQ version 6.0
IC49093 WMQ Java client change in the response expected from a negotiation call which occurred around fap 4
IC49167 Data conversion error causes segmented messages to be dead letter queued (or return mqrc_format_error from mqget)
IC49197 Performance problem on machines where MQ fails to calculate a required accuracy from the performance counters.
IC49409 Clusrcvr disappearing at queue manager startup time.
IC49431 Z or z in the mqmd.useridentifier field is incorrectly transcoded to j, causing authentication failures.
IC49533 Mqrc_not_authorized received on mqconnx for a user ID passed in a mqcsp structure.
IC49569 The extended transactional client receives FDCs with probe ID ZSL33001 and subsequently with probe ID ZS129001.
IC49616 FDCs with AT040010 and AT003001 while reusing the agent connection
IC49717 MQ external (native) exits called by the Java client incorrectly
IC49767 Sigsegv in amqrrmfa when processing rrmreallocmsgs, causing the amqrrmfa (repository manager) to terminate.
IC49857 MQ rc = 2354 mqrc_uow_enlistment_error when using msdtc in MSCS environment
IC49914 Ip address not shown properly in the error logs when 'localhost' is used in conname of the channel definition.
IC50327 FDC with probe KN101001 from kqicloseit during mqdisc
IC50448 Unable to deserialize object (JMS1061)
IC50453 AMQSTRG0 comments say it is using MQTMC2 but the sample says memcpy(&trig.version, " 1", 4): AMQSTRG0.C
IC50588 FDC AQ109001 from aqhlogicalmsglock during browse,lock of a segmented message
IC51005 Mqrc_security_error returned on a PCF inquire authority records command submitted with invalid parameters.
IC51054 "mqrc_storage_not_available error due to the invalid datalength returned from the MQGet of the message.
IC51315 WebSphere MQ rolls back prepared transactions if msdtc goes down
IC51322 Code changes for optimization of default conversion
IC51324 WMQ invokes enlistwithdtc to enlist with the transaction leadingto a number of calls in msdtcprx.dll causing a deadlock.
IC51350 Warning AMQ8075 logged when a user with an ID of more than 12 characters issues the change channel command
IC51451 Access violation occurs when printing out the object descriptor and associated object records in trace of MQOpen
IC51472 XC090001 and xecf_e_invalid_parameter
IC51497 Get complete msg fails with mqrc_match_options_error
IC51589 Runmqdlq suffers XC130031 access violation when it encounters a null message on the dead letter queue.
IC51598 Damaged object following log errors caused by a sharing violation on the log itself
IC51721 Unable to rebuild a syncfile using rcrmqobj if using circular logging
IC51904 An FDC with probeid XC130031 is generated in amqrmppa process
IC51952 Mqrc_truncated_msg_failed error from MQGet call even though enough buffer is supplied.
IC52019 Optimize code where MQ reads the sync file to get the saved channel status
IC52177 Channel process reports incomplete error messages if it encounters a tcp error during connect, send and receive
IC52193 AMQ9519 when starting auto-defined clussdr channel
IC52223 Access violation FDC XC130031 in the amqfcxba process.
IC52257 Access violation FDC XC130031 in the command server (amqpcsea.exe)
IC52320 FDC with probe XY470022 is incorrectly cut if connectnamedpipe returns zero and the getlasterror returns error_pipe_connected.
IC52322 Queuemanager service does not start a program with extension .cmd or .bat if the stdout parameter is not set
IC52523 Resolve channel action(commit) fails to resolve a manually defined clussdr channel.
IC52603 Amqrmppa thread calls mqback instead of xa_rollback in an XA environment
IC52619 Executing stop connection leads to an access violation in the execution controller and the queue manager crashes.
IC52632 Inquire queue status PCF command incomplete response
IC52674 Error AMQ7017 occurs when trying to start a queue manager and anfdc is generated with probe ID ZX000001
IC52684 Channel compression from z/OS to Windows results in message data with 4 extra bytes
IC52709 Qmgr is reporting the following probes: HL008001 hlgsetlogrestartlsn and AL020000 almsetoldesttranlsn
IC52954 SSL channels defined with sslpeername do not start after migration from MQV5.3
IC52989 Clussdr channel can be deleted even though channel is in-doubt
IC53065 WebSphere MQ queue manager fails with probe XC037003 when started
IC53204 WebSphere MQ V6: repeated queue damaged instances
IC53266 Listener process does not end on queue manager termination despite using a listener object configured with control(qmgr)
IC53286 Unable to compute putdate and puttime when any one of the fields is set to blank
IC53318 Queue manager fails to start on MSCS with FDC MC033007
IC53379 Memory access violation errors seen in mqconn
IC53403 Performance slow on mqput/mqgets and AMQZLAA0 cpu usage is high when running 100'S of application threads/processes.
IC53540 Queue manager fails to start up and FDC with probe ID XY338011 is generated after amqzmgr.exe is terminated.
IC53545 The recommended method for removing oam entries
IC53651 Handle leak when exclude or suppress messages is set
IC53676 Error messages AMQ7315 or AMQ7316 are logged when any accountingor statistics message is put to the accounting/statistics queue.
IC53716 Amqoamd command displays inconsistent results for '+none' authority.
IC53764 Nullpointerexception error received when tracing level set to 5 and messageid is null
IC53782 Amqrrmfa terminates when the queue manager object configuration contains an invalid value
IC53817 Setmqprd silently fails to convert a trial version of MQ into a production version.
IC53819 "mq java/jms application gives a peer name mismatch error when the exit-list length is greater than 8"
IC53842 Queue manager terminates unexpectedly with FDC AD031001 and error_invalid_user_buffer from adiwritefile.
IC53936 FDC with probe ID RM400001 and error code rrce_bad_parameter generated upon termination of a client channel.
IC53960 Channel shortretry count will not fall after moving into retry state even though many attempts were made to restart
IC53962 Application successfully opens cluster queue object on remote queue manager despite specifying an invalid user ID as altusr
IC53967 Poor performance with large messages on Windows clients using non-blocking tcp model
IC53974 MQSeries service fails to start with error 1053. strmqm hangs. FDC with probe ID ZX005025 generated.
IC54088 Automatic startup settings for command server are lost when migrating from MQ V5.3 to MQ V6 in an MSCS configuration.
IC54095 FDC with probe ID XC368002 and error 'winnt error 5 from duplicatehandle' is generated when a queue manager is ended.
IC54121 Cluster channel in retrying state would not start after command: stop channel(<name>) mode(quiesce) status(inactive)
IC54142 Thread handle leak from MQ com+ (mts) layer
IC54182 Access denied error on an openprocess call during an mqconn by a customer application.
IC54292 WebSphere MQ queue manager in MSCS cluster ends unexpectedly
IC54459 Channel stays in binding state for a long time when it contains an invalid conname value
IC54584 PCF message write method does not set MQMD fields to default values for PCF messages
IC54608 Channel statistics messages have queue manager name padded with zeros instead of blanks
IC54678 Display conn command in runmqsc failing to find any matches whenfiltering by conname
IC54711 PCF escape command with dis lsstatus for a listener of 48 chars returns additional chars in listener name error message
IC54772 Mqjms publish subscribe applications MQ channel and tcpip resources are not freed under some circumstances
IC54888 Queue manager restart fails with HL080077 following outage when system has been under severe resource constraints
IC55154 Correction in WMQ system admin guide for availability of runmqtmc command on Windows and UNIX clients.
IC55218 Customer unable to start a channel. error message AMQ9587 found in log. may also get FDC with probe AD004001 on QM termination.
IC55327 Need to document logical name amq_ssl_dump for MQ openvms
IC55390 Sequence number on queue stats msg is always 1
IC55548 Wmqjms: JMS applications unexpectedly disconnected from message broker
IC55562 Que manager fails to start when it encounters high value for theentry in the file qmstatus.ini
IC56006 Wmqjava: incorrect put time and date is displayed when looking at messages on a queue
IC56009 Comphdr and compmsg channel attributes can't have spaces around their values when being accessed by runmqsc
IC56068 WebSphere MQ queue statistics data field browsefailcount is incorrectly incremented
IC56133 Mqrc_api_exit_not_found reason code not found when compiling WebSphere MQ V6 Java applications
IC56162 "dspmqras.exe folder" file is incorrect. should be dspmqras.exe
IC56352 Mqrc_uow_enlistment_error (2354) when using extended transactional client
IC56408 AMQ9245 message generated without authority event message being put onto the system.admin.qmgr.event queue
IC56432 Misleading statements in WMQ V6 info-center regarding support formessage grouping & segmentation when using pub/sub
IC56662 Hang in AMQZMUC0 process following the 'disk not ready' error
IC56709 Maximum logfilepages displayed in WebSphere MQ explorer GUI is 16384 instead of the V6 maximum of 65535
IC57153 WMQ install fails with AMQ4757 files in use whereas the real issue is shortage of disk space
IC57176 Large application unable to connect because of resource errors
IC57273 Runmqchl.exe process crash with sigbus error when socket is assigned to a file descriptor.
IC57902 An exception can occur if a client mqconn/mqconnx fails.
IC57903 WebSphere MQ JMS messages are not backed to the backout queue, in case an error occurs during message header parsing
IC57918 Delay in delivering large messages to message-driven beans when using WebSphere MQ with WebSphere application server
IC58590 A non-mqm user with +ctrl authority is unable to stop the listener
IC58617 Openvms existing WMQ V5.3 queue managers cannot be used after migration to WMQ V6.0
IC58751 Queue manager terminates unexpectedly. FFST generated in checkpoint thread with probe ID AD020002 and rc 203.
IC58897 Jmsbytesmessage.getbodylength() does not return the correct value for WebSphere MQ JMS messages
IC58970 Redundant dns lookup calls, even though connection name is specified in numeric format.
IC59146 Cannot display svstatus of service with more than 32 characters
IC59232 Messages destined for a cluster queue manager alias are not reallocated from the sctq when a channel is not running.
IC59341 Agent does not close the queue file handle after processing the query inquire queue status.
IC59375 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC59701 WebSphere MQ JMS clients fail to parse rfh headers if the jmstype field of the incoming message contains a namespace.
IC59803 Extraneous AMQ7216 message with apiexit on mqrc_q_mgr_quiescing
IC59999 Uncommitted messages show up incorrectly on qstatus when viewed from MQ explorer
IC60061 AMQ9209 and AMQ9492 messages from network pinger
IC60063 Potential MQ data integrity issue following an unexpected machine outage, such as an operating system crash or power loss.
IC60304 WebSphere MQ V6 JMS publish/subscribe applications intermittently experience fatal connection errors
IC60331 Mqrc_converted_string_too_big causes runmqdlq termination
IC60345 The subpool data containing the path for the exit programs has not been initialized during qmgr startup
IC60571 Messages higher than AMQ5963 give incorrect message descriptions on non-english Windows
IC60671 Probe XC130003 with sigbus when using client connection with SSL and ca file is not available and sslcauth is optional
IC60760 Openvms: allsubpools lock problem under high load causing hang of queue manager
IC61039 Default period after which a long lock wait FDC is produced is too long.
IC61156 Users on WMQ V6 ovms who are not in the MQ group (uic 400, x ) inspite of having the mqm identifier fail to make MQ API calls.
IC61212 MQ ovms V6.0, process manager gets in to a tight cpu bound afterissuing endmqm and continues to run even after the qmgr ends.
IC61313 The amqrmppa process generates an FDC with sigbus error if the "sslkeyr" attribute of the qmanager is set to blank.
IC61428 WMQ53 client using SSL enabled communication throws a sigbus signal when tracing is enabled.
IC62136 Channels will not work when cipherspec NULL_MD5 or null_sha is used.
IC63621 Dspmqrte command with options -m -q fail with message AMQ8670: loading of server module '/mqm/lib/mqm.exe' failed
IC63800 for WebSphere MQ V6.0 ovms on hp openvms alpha V6.0
IC64399 WMQ process rarely experience subpool memory corruption from their private address space in a highly stressed environment.
IC64400 Starting trace with file size limit in WMQ 5.3/6.0 on ovms results sigbus creating an FDC with probe ID XC130003
IC64405 WMQ 5.3: agent & rmppa process thread set owner pid & tid value -1 in case of failure to release mutex held by another process
IC64431 WMQ openvms 5.3 execution controller fails when attempting to start a child process. AMQ6109 reported FDC probe ID XC037005
IC64437 MQ marks queue as damaged in case of system service(sys$get) failure due enq quota depletion in heavilty stressed system.
IC64910 Java applications connecting to WMQ V6.0 openvms queue manager encounters access violations in server bindingmode.
IY80410 MQJMS2013 error when connecting to WebSphere MQ in bindings mode
IY80806 MQ looping during startup when invalid attribute logbufferpager is located in the log stanza of the qm.ini file.
IY80952 Memory leaks in clustered channels, and (V6) PCF filtering.
IY81353 AMQ8135 mqrc_not_authorized errors when manually starting or stopping auto-defined clussdr channels.
IY81358 Changes to mcauseridentifier made by security exits not reflected in channel definitions
IY81628 MQJMS2005 reason code 2102 when 2035 mqrc_not_authorized occurred
IY81661 Channel created using auto-definition exit has incorrect fields
IY81671 XC308090 when xa_start and xa_rollback or xa_commit are issued concurrently for same xid.
IY81714 MQMD userid put in upper case by V6 rcvr channel
IY81774 WebSphere MQ as JMS provider not adhering to JMS specifications as per section "4.3.8 exceptionlistener".
IY81875 Trace improvements for 'stop channels' functionality during queue manager ending
IY81906 Migration to WMQ V6 sets new clwluseq queue attribute incorrectly
IY81941 Very frequent channel starting and ending may cause excessive cpu usage in amqrmppa (channel pooling) processes
IY81945 Hang in function kqiwakeupwaiter e.g. during quiesce endmqm
IY82078 Sigsegv in aqpcopydatabuffers during MQPut to a dynamic queue.
IY82241 If a correlid has been set as text, retrieving it as bytes returns null.
IY82297 Rcdmqimg records image of damaged object leading to subsequent rcrmqobj failure.
IY82419 Probe id's XC332070 and XC034071 from xlswaitevent.
IY82779 Rcrmqobj of syncfile can result in misleading AMQ7047 message; also, references to rcrmqmobj should be to rcrmqobj.
IY82806 Npmclass on local queue is not inherited from 'like' object.
IY82889 When using cross domain connection factory definitions in was V6 the tcpip connection is not released during the cleanup.
IY83093 Workload balancing temporarily unbalanced after a lot balancing
IY83272 Amqsstop does not work on big endian machines.
IY83321 Error messages logged by an application not in mqm group, may cause the system error log file to exceed the specified maximum
IY83372 Xcsfreequickcell reports xecs_e_block_already_free in error.
IY83535 MQ V6 can attempt to create more than logprimary + logsecondary log extents.
IY83588 Extremely long running channel exits cause channels to end due to hbint not taking the exit time into account.
IY83704 Java.lang.unsatisfiedlinkerror trying to load LIBMQJEXITSTUB01.SO for MQ client only installations.
IY83775 C++ client disconnect causes mqrc_hconn_error in non-c++ applications
IY83778 Messages do not get rolled back in point to point domain when exceptions occurs in mdb
IY84127 When QM runs out of resource and error logic is being exercised,mq calls xcsfreequickcellblock() instead of xcsfreequickcell()
IY84356 Possible loss of queue manager data area if strmqm detects a problem with files or directories during startup
IY84410 FDC with probe AT002001 is generated when atm.rmidgenerator reaches 2147483647
IY84479 Code change for function "strptr" at line 541 of AMQSAXE0.C
IY84659 Unusual sequence of requests on a thread currently associated with another transaction causes sigsegv.
IY84777 A probe ZX033006 FDC with errorcode xecs_e_seg_in_use may be dumped from function zxccleanupwlmserver during endmqm
IY84934 FDC showing sigsegv in function rrxconvertchannelfromdiskver or zxcrestoreobject when migrating from WMQ V5.2 to V6.0
IY84998 Agent looping inside zlahealththread producing repeated probe XC330005
IY85203 WebSphere MQ script reset_iconv_table may cause blank file name or incorrect permissions on conversion tables
IY85541 AMQ9426 queue manager unable to rejoin cluster
IY85542 AMQ9455 reset cluster does not process deleted entry
IY85622 Sigsegv FDC with xpprundestructors on function stack.
IY85679 Unending series of xecl_w_long_lock_wait FDCs from function xllosspinlockwaitlock, e.g. probe XY086003
IY86287 Sigsegv in atxassociationcheckidle called (indirectly) from atxassociationremoveall.
IY86322 Failure in "strmqm -r" during log replay
IY86343 Connectionname passed to exit or conname displayed in runmqsc is, and channel adoption may fail
IY86361 WebSphere MQ V6.0 accounting messages display incorrect info.
IY86365 XC130003 sigsegv in WebSphere MQ conversion routine xcsconvertstring
IY86541 WebSphere MQ msg returned even though group ID does not match
IY86600 Accounting messages are not generated after exceeding account count interval.
IY86606 Cluster subscriptions made for non-cluster queues
IY86827 Queue manager is not able to write to queue manager log files.
IY86828 Delivery problem with two listeners on same-name MQ destinations
IY87162 Problems with stop channel mode(force|terminate) calls.
IY87173 Memory leak within WebSphere MQ cluster repository process amqrrmfa
IY87192 Mqrc_connection_broken and recursive imq_impl_disc_backout
IY87310 FFST by xcssimplepipecleanup with probe ID XY490002
IY87523 Corrections to ensure proper mapping between euro-enabled ccsidsand respective codesets
IY87626 Resolve chl on an auto cluster sender channel ( in indoubt state ) fails with xecl_e_invalid_param.
IY87638 Queue handle leak when using producer.send(destination, message).
IY87797 MQ runmqsc creates FDC with probe ID XC267011 showing sigpipe
IY87802 Output of the amqoamd utility may have spurious trailing characters for any 48-CHARACTER queue names
IY87804 WMQ acting as an XA resource manager calls ax_unreg in some exceptional cases disallowed by the XA spec
IY87834 A base Java application works fine on MQ 5.3, but when run on MQ6.0 the application returns mqrc_iih_error.
IY88140 MQ JMS map/stream/text messages publish with blank rfh.format
IY88151 Problem supplying the userid information via the mqenvironment when using client channel tables.
IY88246 A WMQ semaphore set with a semid of 0 may be created with wrong ownership/permissions, which can hang WMQ processes
IY88283 Channels would not start after upgrading to WMQ V6
IY88509 Channel with SSL enabled never goes to retry even when remote end is not reachable
IY88514 Connections left open when an XA create session fails
IY88551 Queue manager can fail to start without producing FFST failure report
IY88873 Memory leak in queue session when creating message consumers.
IY88948 WMQ channel fails to start with AMQ9202 on Windows
IY88954 Poolscavenger is never started and so connections are not closed in a running jvm.
IY89259 Nullpointerexception in getconnectionccsid() or spiget()
IY89374 JMS clients should not assume the default persistence (defpsist)on the is yes.
IY89484 ZL000128 zlamain during endmqm after probe XC037008 xcsexecprogram from AMQZMGR0 AMQ6026
IY89548 Java / JMS client native user supplied send/receive exits core dump on close channel, and also fail when resizing buffer.
IY89674 Mqrc_dbcs_error returned to client when clustering used.
IY89729 Passing a blank as a selector causes the listener to fail reporting invalid parameter.
IY89755 Very small timing window whereby pipelined channels ("dual unit of work", duow) can fail with probe CO000002 FDCs
IY90046 Messageconsumer.close() may block indefinitely if there are many messages on the queue that do not meet selection criteria.
IY90227 Client channel definition file created from WMQ 5.3 gives error when read from a WMQ V6.0 Java client when CRL is configured
IY90244 Heap corruption can cause MQ exception handler to hang.
IY90460 Amqrmppa process will not release threads causing high resource utilization.
IY90548 Not being able to modify the 5000MS timeout period used while retrieving messages (internal chunktime value)
IY90566 Cluster workload algorithm excludes local instances of cluster queues when putting via alias queues
IY90707 Get(disabled) on an alias queue does not wake up "waiting" gets
IY90712 Sigsegv in function rfxaddclqmgr during queue manager startup when migrating to WebSphere MQ V6.0
IY90873 FFST with probeid KN111000 continually generated reports mqrc_stopped_by_cluster_exit
IY90995 An FDC reporting a sigsegv occurs if the queue manager attempts to obtain the group entry for a group ID that is undefined
IY91269 FFST with probe XC006001 when using channel exits
IY91348 Reset non-existent channel in runmqsc results in memory fault and sigsegv
IY91510 WebSphere MQ V6 JMS clients get a MQJMS2002 error when using multiple consumers with selectors on a transacted session
IY91959 If the clusrcvr channel is stopped, when it is re-started the repository cache is not properly updated causing workload issues
IY92011 Runmqsc "dis q(*)" doesn't display all queues if one or more of the queues are damaged.
IY92016 PCF inquirequeuenames command does not handle damaged objects gracefully.
IY92051 Amqoamd command generates an erroneous attribute for setmqaut
IY92141 Load exit fails with error 'cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory'
IY92194 Dis chs fails on clusrcvr channels when using conname limiter
IY92196 Xstdisconnectextent causes FFST for applications using fork without exec
IY92377 Destseqfactor incremented for clusrcvr on remote queue manager causes unexpected results in workload balancing
IY92390 The malformed or unexpected message handling fails with 2098 error in asynchronous message delivery scenario.
IY92441 Bothresh ignored in JMS applications when using alias queues.
IY92447 Userid and pw not passed across channel.
IY92929 Logger process amqhasmx (AMQZMUC0 in V6) could eventually run out of file descriptors some time after a disk full condition
IY92963 Sigsegv in preparedumpareas during crtmqm and resulting core file
IY93095 Performance hit when user generated msgids are used rather than MQ generated msgids.
IY93129 MQ is not honoring the value specified for errorlogsize in the qm.ini file.
IY93155 Channel triggering fails due to object_already_exists error
IY93324 MQJMS2003 gets generated with a nullpointerexception.
IY93408 Mqbegin fails with sigsegv or sigbus when an Oracle session is killed. FDC file contains probe ZM008001 and XC130003
IY93506 Sigbus from dmpmqlog commands
IY93655 Performance problems related to resolving high lock contention
IY94013 Poor performance loading deep queues containing both persistent and non-persistent messages.
IY94250 Setting a zero interval via the mq_channel_suppress_interval environment variable causes sigfpe FDCs in channel processes.
IY94369 A sigsegv can occur in function xtrestablishtracestatus when an application makes MQ c API calls using jni
IY94451 Queue manager alias definitions with alteration date more than 1 month old not successfully deleted from a cluster
IY94625 Amqfcxba suffering a sigsegv in function fkirestoresubscription or in function fkxderegistersubscriber
IY94674 Client applications continuously cycling thread connections may re-read mqs.ini many times.
IY94700 Hang in channel processes such as runmqlsr, amqrmppa, runmqchl.
IY94811 Nullpointer exception occurs if WebSphere application server trace is disabled.
IY94832 Duplicate subscriptions with different subname's cause sigsegv in amqfcxba process.
IY94876 UNIX file descriptors being left open while generating FDC for asynchronous signals.
IY94977 Queue manager fails to start throwing log not available error following an abrupt failure.
IY95078 Long delays in multi-threaded puts in WMQ c++ client
IY95181 JMS null valued causes exception in MQ JMS application
IY95255 Probe: XC130004, sigsegv: address not mapped, function: aqhaddmsg. problem writing temporary dynamic queue object.
IY95370 Synchronization issue with the jmsconnection hangs shutdown of application server
IY95485 Queue manager is ignoring requests for more than 253 secondary log files on UNIX.
IY95508 Channel statistics getting collected at the end of the configured statint after having turned off the statchl attribute
IY95513 Probe XC130004 FDC (sigbus or sigsegv) in xcsendgrent function.
IY95538 2080 is issued when MCA agent is trying to get messages from system.cluster.transmit.queue. no messages are written to the log.
IY95544 SSL enabled channel will not run because MQ code is not able to access the channel status table.
IY95555 WebSphere MQ authority event message incorrectly shows mqm as the user ID
IY95566 Runmqsc ctrl/ctrlx auth not honoured for non-mqm users
IY95706 Sigsegv immediately following return from zfudoesobjectexist XC130004 from AMQZLAA0, amqrmppa, or amqfcxba.
IY96055 Messages due to expire do not expire after a queue manager crash/restart or an ha failover.
IY96066 MQ JMS publish/subscribe clean up does not process all applicable messages.
IY96150 AMQ9509 and RC=2009 errors during endmqm -i, causing channels to fail abnormally.
IY96282 Two threads have been concurrently allocated the same semaphore
IY96442 Message expiry report not resolved to cluster queue.
IY96630 A deleted damaged object prevents advancement of WMQ logs. it further causes dltmqm to loop consuming log space.
IY96879 Messages can arrive in incorrect order via cluster channel
IY96924 JMS applications hang when multiple threads try to connect to a queue manager which is not running
IY96959 Exitbuffer parameters not passed to mqxr_sec_parms
IY97159 Repository manager process tries to access the cache while restoring the cache, resulting in a hang.
IY97558 Agent process does not return from a MQGet call for a period of time significantly larger than the time-out specified
IY97580 FFST probe XC130003 in ccxsend on server side of SSL channel
IY97736 Channel fails to start with error AMQ9519 (rrce_channel_not_found)
IY97755 Sigsegv in function rfxaddclqmgr during queue manager startup
IY98258 Not setting user name in mqenvironment gives 2035 error for WMQ V6.
IY98550 Custom user exit gives security exception when Java 2 security is enabled.
IY98585 Lower case userid being passed to z/OS V1.6 with WebSphere MQ 6
IY98620 Queue manager hang during define object when an API exit is installed.
IY98777 WebSphere MQ hangs after rc=stop from a call to xlllistenselectacceptandclose
IY98973 Memory deallocation failure due to thread mismatch when pipelining is used
IY99050 Rcdmqimg fails with AMQ7084 for a queue containing segmented messages
IY99051 Queue manager unable to re-establish cluster membership
IY99057 MQ error handling in XA protocol violations where xa_end() called for transaction not associated with current thread
IY99181 Amqrfdm at WMQ 6.0 does not work when using isolated bindings
IY99200 If the execution controller fails to create a new agent process, it will sigsegv (from WMQ 5.3 CSD13 or
IY99415 Extra validation for data received from tcp/ip to handle case where tsh header overwritten during transit
IY99598 An extremely intermittent probe ZI032002 FDC from function ziistophealththread is reported.
IY99683 Corrupted message header in dead letter messages produced by jmsclient
IY99912 MQ adds too many log extents to the log file header at MQ shutdown resulting in subsequent qmgr restart failure.
IZ00349 Locking problem where we try to write an accounting record whilst already holding a lock on a non-queue object.
IZ00380 Correct parsing of MQ exception handler override commands.
IZ00609 XC034071 in xcswaiteventsem with error code einval (22)
IZ00896 WebSphere MQ messages occasionally delivered out of sequence under stress on MQ V6
IZ01058 XC130004 sigsegv when restoring cluster objects during queue manager start up
IZ01151 Probe XC015010 raised by checkpoint task during endmqm processing
IZ01272 Potential security exposure in MQ client channels
IZ01402 Broker fails to start or publish or subscribe.
IZ01512 A failure to start a timer thread when waiting for a critical mutex causes queue manager failure.
IZ01580 A timing window results in two threads using the same semaphore to suspend/resume leading to hangs and unpredictable results.
IZ01599 Sigsegv in kqiwakeupwaiter when waiter state reset during stop channel command
IZ01794 WebSphere MQ queue manager fails to start when transaction's first lsn is not in active log after disk space issue.
IZ01835 WebSphere MQ performance is poor when querying xqmsgsa at a time when system.cluster.transmit.queue is deep.
IZ02442 Child broker fails to rejoin broker topology and crashes after incorrect use of clrmqbrk
IZ02497 Receive() with unified factories fails to find messages
IZ02512 Migration to WMQ 6.0 may corrupt clustering information
IZ02777 Queue manager fails to start. FDC with probe AT013011
IZ02915 XC130004 FFST in apiunlockexclusive, when attempting to record a media image of a damaged queue.
IZ03090 Dis qs does not show userid after appltype(system)
IZ03678 Mqcmit for a long running transaction generating an mqrc_unexpected_error return code.
IZ04163 WMQ channel connection fails with AMQ9213 error 22 over IPV6
IZ04394 Queue file corrupted crossing 4MB boundary and no space avail.
IZ04523 Amqiclen does not clear trace control shared memory
IZ04683 JMS client connections not closed in asynchronous mode when queue is manager stopped.
IZ04767 Tcf_last with no tcf_first should be detected by WebSphere MQ
IZ04971 Missing attributes in the queue manager log stanza causes queue manager restart to fail.
IZ05005 AT004018 possible when simultaneous activity from separate threads attempt to complete an XA transaction concurrently
IZ05013 Using data compression on a channel, channel ends with FDC with probe ID CO052100 generated on receiving side qmgr
IZ05045 FDC generated with probeid ZC004063 when using single threaded agent
IZ05057 Qdphiev event messages sent to system.admin.perfm.event queue incorrectly
IZ05307 Dspmqtrn formats XA xids incorrectly
IZ05527 When browsing a queue with mqgmo_browse_next the first message ever put to the queue can be skipped.
IZ05653 AMQZMUR0 fails with XC006001 and xecs_i_private_memory_error
IZ05792 Mqrc_no_context_available returned from attempted MQPut to dead letter queue after queue backout threshold reached.
IZ05857 WebSphere MQ responds with incorrect XA error code in a global XA transaction.
IZ05950 Generating non-unique groupid's when using message segmentation,can cause a queue manager to crash.
IZ06097 Mqconnx fails with reason code 2409 when version 1 mqsco is usedwith WMQ 6
IZ06131 Setmqaut fails when authority records are not yet created or are missing
IZ06614 No authority event generated after mqrc_not_authorized returned to mqconn, despite enabling authority events.
IZ06672 WMQ queue manager error log locking can be briefly compromised, but with typically no impact.
IZ07198 Queue manager unresponsive, with a probe XY441020 FDC from function xstaddconnectedthreads.
IZ07206 An application connect during queue manager startup may cause startup failure with likely FDCs ZF095010 and RM185002
IZ07210 Abstract 2035 if client user name > 12 chars and valid mcauser
IZ07297 Improved error handling during refresh cluster command when clusnl() attribute points to a namelist that doesn't exist.
IZ07778 The runmqsc changes to may not be inserted in the correct ascii-order. also, will never shrink.
IZ07794 Defbind not honoured when alias queue resolves to a cluster queue
IZ07905 Delays in getting messages when using the WebSphere MQ JMS client in bindings mode.
IZ08014 Illegalstateexception calling createconsumer
IZ08180 Qmgr not reporting the appropriate warning if amqrsyna.dat file is corrupted.
IZ08596 XC034002 in xcswaiteventsem shortly after zlaperformhealthcheck returns xecp_e_invalid_pid.
IZ08748 Deleting queues while PCF inquirequeuenames command is executing, causes an FDC with probe PC024010
IZ08754 Failing publish not retried correctly, stream repeatedly restarts without republishing.
IZ08783 Probe AD028004 FDC from adiopenfile (RC=24 from open) in AMQZXMA0, when migrating to V6. this is a file descriptor leak.
IZ08829 Pcf: mqcmd_inquire_channel_names fails if more than 628 channels. can cause probe XC006001 FDC or hang command server.
IZ09338 In the case of queue manager recycled infrequently, the number of accumulated channel stats records becomes very large.
IZ09339 Averagequeuetime (mqiamo_avg_q_time) displays negative values
IZ09383 Occasional fdc's with probe KN072085 when applications specify mqgmo_msg_under_cursor with mqgmo_wait.
IZ09419 Improve AMQ9565 error message
IZ09519 Improving queue manager's robustness when application is using non-unique groupid/msgseqnumber/offset/report-type combinations
IZ09591 Endmqlsr fails with 'no WebSphere MQ listeners for queue manager' if listener launched using runmqlsr
IZ09658 AMQZMGR0 does not clean up shared memory in a timely fashion when it is the last process to reference that memory
IZ10060 Inconsistent treatment of cluster qmgr alias 2087 mqrc_unknown_remote_q_mgr
IZ10294 Incorrect authorization check when putting directly to an MQ transmit queue.
IZ10757 Amqrrmfa terminates with error rrci_clus_no_clusrcvr_defined
IZ10800 Rare command server sigsegv in function pcmbuildmsgparms when executing PCF command mqcmd_inquire_q_status.
IZ10869 Occasional deadlock when issuing stop conn runmqsc command (or PCF equivalent).
IZ11153 WebSphere MQ V6 may not always consider the mqmaxerrorlogsize environment variable when writing error log messages
IZ11458 Dis qs uncom is not a boolean value
IZ12149 Cleanup code mistakes socket files as directories and does not delete them appropriately.
IZ12159 Receiver channel might not decompress message when message is sent in multiple segments
IZ12208 MQOpen fails with 2042, if the MQ application had previously failed with unexpected error, holding the object handle open.
IZ12274 Unable to determine the exit status of internal processes started as queue manager services.
IZ12283 Command server returning 2017 ( mqrc_handle_not_available )
IZ12497 Probe KN272002 FDC reported from function kqiputaccountingqueue when a connection has a large number of open objects
IZ12536 Incorrect output can be given by PCF mqcmd_inquire_auth_recs command. bad output can also be given by dmpmqaut and amqoamd.
IZ12700 Very large FDC produced including an extremely large dump area entitled "active shared memory heap".
IZ12795 Inquirechannel PCF command with channeltype parameter does not return complete channel details, only the channel description.
IZ12796 Jms: a non thread safe JDK class is declared as a static
IZ12827 FDC written by WebSphere MQ explorer if mqs.ini file has stanzasthat refer to unavailable locations in filesystem.
IZ13135 The JMS message.setjmsreplyto() method does not work correctly when using WebSphere MQ resource adapter (ra).
IZ13144 Cluster workload is affected due to change in netprty behaviour
IZ13247 Imqqueuemanager::connect() fails when mqcsp authentication is used even when IY92447 is applied.
IZ13512 WebSphere MQ loops when queue manager ini file is corrupted
IZ14005 Probe XC130003 FDC (sigsegv) in runmqlsr process with function rppconnectpool on the mqm stack.
IZ14279 Queue manager time calculations must use thread-safe system calls
IZ14399 Queue managers rejoining clusters with IY99051 have incorrect sequence numbers, changes may not be published in the clusters
IZ14812 Sigsegv in xcsreleasemutexsem called from rrxreporterror when using mq_channel_suppress_msgs.
IZ14977 Missing cluster information when namelists are used to add and remove queue managers from multiple clusters at once.
IZ15456 Very slow initial access to deep queues holding large numbers of grouped messages.
IZ15677 Jms: application thread hangs when exception thrown by mqthread.
IZ16645 Probe RM554010 rrce_file_corrupt. client program mqconn fails, reason code 2058. clntconn defns missing from runmqsc output.
IZ17062 Jvm userid is not passed while creating an xaconnection if no userid is specified by the JMS application
IZ17156 Strmqm incorrectly displays error code during failure
IZ17158 Setting errorlogsize does not take effect for queue managers whose name contain a "." and/or "/"
IZ17303 Cluster channel ping fails with segmentation violation and core dump
IZ17313 System.cluster.repository.queue damaged, strmqm failed with an exception in AMQZXMA0 from rfxqueryclqmgr.
IZ17341 WMQ may start a user-defined service with all signals blocked, so a stop service that sends e.g. sigterm would be ineffective
IZ18103 Problem during the truncation of a "ghost" queue file which is marked for reuse.
IZ18142 Endmqm can take many minutes to end the queue manager if there are active svrconn channels
IZ18598 Client mqconn can cause program to end if already connected or in a variety of error conditions
IZ18716 Errors may not be propagated from early stanzas during processing of qm.ini and mqs.ini files.
IZ18954 Delay in sending messages when pipelining is used with SSL
IZ19009 Arce_object_damaged and probe ID AQ143011 after migrating from MQ 5.3 to MQ 6
IZ19340 Mqjms: deadlock condition may occur when an application thread attempts to close session used by asynchronous messageconsumer.
IZ19555 Probes XY179010 and XY180010 from AMQZMGR0.
IZ20546 High cpu usage in the amqrrmfa process on an hourly basis for several minutes. applications unable to issue MQ API calls.
IZ20758 XC034002 AMQZLAA0 unexpected response to a pthread_cond_timedwait() request causes waiter chain corruption
IZ21318 WebSphere MQ failure to reserve log space in a queue manager restart scenario.
IZ21977 MQRC_OBJECT_CHANGED(2041), AMQ9511 SYSTEM.CLUSTER.TRANSMIT.QUEUE,AMQ9448, repository manager ends
IZ22019 Data conversion performance problems after multiple unsupported or invalid conversions have been requested
IZ22272 AMQ9526 and 'scratchpad in use' errors are seen when two identically named qmgrs are connecting to same receiving QM
IZ22725 Incorrect statement in manual: queue manager configuration maxchannels attribute
IZ22727 Correct reason code when cluster alias sub is not acknowledged
IZ23058 Workload balancing does not round robin the messages as expected in a clustered environment.
IZ23230 Mqjava: unable to use WebSphere MQ Java client to connect to a tpf queue manager with gmo matching options.
IZ23438 Cluster cache look ups are taking too long causing clustered object resolution errors.
IZ23780 Channel status stopped not migrated to V6
IZ23789 Queue manager terminated abruptly and an FDC with probe ID AT004007 is generated.
IZ23839 Address alignment exception with the log formatter when formatting an MQGet log record
IZ23943 Hang in duow (pipelined) channel process following forced termination of a channel xppthreadmutex
IZ24069 PCF mqcmd_inquire_auth_recs response messages all have msgseqnumber 1 in the mqcfh
IZ24186 Cluster workload exit sample amqswlm does not load in MQ6.0.
IZ24944 Wmqjms: JMS pub/sub cleanup thread (pub/sub) fails to utilize the username/password specified by the application.
IZ25171 During channel termination, an FDC with probe ID RM409000 followed by many with probe ID RM409001 is produced.
IZ25614 WebSphere MQ channels terminate with AMQ9604 and AMQ9208 and get FDCs with XC130003 and RM031101
IZ25622 Error 2185 putting group msgs to cluster queue with persistence as queue definition
IZ25889 Stop channel mode(inactive) can be ineffective with triggered channels.
IZ26009 WMQ script reset_iconv_table causes owner and group of the iconv configuration files to change
IZ26191 Probe XC130003 FDC (sigsegv) in function rricompress.
IZ26339 Only check indoubt on sender channels at delete
IZ26894 Sender channel or broker MQGet +mqgmo_wait state corruption
IZ27491 Amqoamd is reporting "message not valid" for some objects
IZ28253 MQ is not dlpar aware, but is handling sigreconfig
IZ28473 Problems sending compressed messages, such as RM503003 or CO007001 FDCs, or using unusual compression/decompression method
IZ30207 Passing invalid arguments to mqi calls inside API exits leads to sigsegv in agent
IZ30247 The words classname and methodname are hard coded in the waslogger class.
IZ30457 FFST with probe ID XC076012 and major error code xecx_e_conv_not_sup from xcsgetmessage
IZ30565 WebSphere MQ JMS applications get a nullpointerexception thrown when calling queuereceiver.close
IZ30995 Object_damaged return code not being handled correctly by rcdmqimg.
IZ31185 Message is not rolled back when runtime exception is thrown fromonmessage() when using the WebSphere MQ V6 resource adapter
IZ31193 Exception thrown from WebSphere MQ resource adapter during initialisation when extended transaction client not present.
IZ31348 Jmssession.recover() method does not cause redelivery of non-persistent messages in a non-transacted session
IZ31897 Segv occurs in pcmcheckcommandaut() function when xcsgetpwnam() returns -1 (no entry found).
IZ32305 WebSphere MQ JMS queuebrowser performance issue when using either a jmsmessageid or jmscorrelationid selector
IZ32933 Probe ID XY432030 with xecp_e_no_resource under high concurrent connections and/or large concurrent message traffic
IZ33281 Incorrect security event output. rc 2035 against namelist and event written was mqca_process_name instead mqca_namelist_name.
IZ33489 Queue manager hangs as a result of an invalid deletion of in- use log extents.
IZ33796 Queue manager error logs not recreated after deletion
IZ33798 Deadlock if multiple threads are accessing WebSphere MQ base Java methods concurrently and a communications failure occurs
IZ34125 MQ fails to construct and send an availability msg, when refreshcluster repos (yes) is issued on QM with more then 1 clusrcvr.
IZ34130 Workload balancing in a cluster leads to unexpected results.
IZ35444 Quiesce shutdown is not properly detecting the abrupt abnormal end of an application in the middle of an mqconn request.
IZ35844 Correct the time delimiter for intervalstarttime and intervalendtime fields of the channel statistics message
IZ35884 'totalbytes' in channel statistics should only include the data bytes in the messages, not admin messages (heartbeat, etc)
IZ36469 Cluster queue disappears without issuing AMQ9456 error message
IZ36482 Changes to clusrcvr shared using a namelist not published to allclusters
IZ36500 Mqi accounting message with incorrect application name. field: applicationname
IZ36875 The FDC code is not correctly checking the addressability of allcontrol blocks requested to be included in the FDC.
IZ36924 An internal call to mqback within a channel process fails with mqrc_environment_error (but with no undue consequence).
IZ36978 Jmsreplyto always contains queue manager name after APAR IZ15279HAS been applied
IZ37511 Generation of an FDC by repository manager process causes it to terminate.
IZ38169 A trace route message with a non-native encoding specified in its message descriptor, may fail trace route processing.
IZ38484 Queue file may get damaged by queue manager after file system full on queue manager data file system.
IZ38767 AMQ9526 messages reporting message sequence errors memory leak leading to performance problem
IZ38922 Reset channel returns channel not found error when issued against an auto-defined cluster sender channel
IZ39475 Queue manager would not restart after receiving FDC stating arce_q_space_not_available.
IZ40124 Performance problems when conversion between queue manager ccsidand queue manager locale is not supported
IZ40337 The MQ exception handling environment in the process amqldmpa is not properly initialized.
IZ40677 MQ does not retry operation when user group functions fail with eintr error
IZ40708 Always check qmgr name when adopting clusrcvr
IZ40802 Repeated fdc's with probe XC308035 after MQ thread ends abruptly while waiting for a mutex.
IZ40824 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IZ41026 Timing window in checkpoint leads to MQ V5.3 queue manager crashrecovery restart failure
IZ41187 Mqrc_cluster_put_inhibited was returned when an out-dated object definition from the cluster repository was referenced.
IZ41369 Multiple FDCs with probe ID AQ200020 are continuously produced.
IZ42215 Probe AQ066030 from aqhallocatespace leads to secondary issue ofqueue manager crash
IZ42282 Dlq handler should deliver the message even if it fails to convert application data
IZ42583 Queue manager crash following runmqsc command on a stressed system: dis ql(*) where( curdepth ...)
IZ42988 Sigsegv in pthread_kill called from xcsrequestmutexsemfull
IZ43635 Delayed acks slow MQ tcp channels, especially over loopback
IZ44552 AMQ9430 error message after refresh cluster
IZ44556 WebSphere MQ V6 JMS applications get a 2195 error followed by "MQJE043: insufficient data received from queue manager"
IZ44595 Exception in MQ application code leads to FDC with probe MQ000101 and the application process then exits.
IZ44619 Queue manager hangs when it should crash following the corruption of a newly formatted recovery log extent.
IZ45122 FDC with probe ID XC076011 produced. AMQ6090 message generated when trying to run MQ applications such as runmqsc.
IZ45279 For some errors such as AMQ7027 dspmqtrc returns zero (0) instead of the expected one (1) for failure.
IZ47182 Reallocation of messages destined for a failing cluster-channel to working channel not working correctly
IZ47195 Probe XC035021 raised when system under extreme stress, possiblyfollowed by probes ZC005062, XC308062 and queue manager hang.
IZ50784 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
SE36657 Mqbegin fails with MSGMCH0601 F/STRINGHIGHUSE4K probeid XY353001
SE36964 MSGAMQ7472 when starting an active WMQ listener object
SE37006 AMQZLSA0 job does not run under user-defined subsystem

Fix Pack (FP 01)
Fix release date: 16 March 2009
Last modified: 16 March 2009
Status: Available

Download information
IC58895Cumulative maintenance #01 (Fix Pack CSD01) for WebSphere MQ for HP OpenVMS Alpha V6.0.
IC58896Cumulative maintenance #01 (Fix Pack CSD01) for WebSphere MQ for HP OpenVMS Itanium V6.0
IC58548Cleanup does not happen properly during endmqm,later causes the dltmqm command to fail.
IC58381Crtmqm failed and fdc generated. if customer changes lang from ja_jp to c, then crtmqm succeeds.
IC58380Early tracing caused crtmqm fail.
IC58525Unable to format wmq trace because dspmqtrc hangs
IC58635High cpu usage is noticed while amqzmgr0 process is monitoring its child processes: command server, channel initiator, etc
IC58637Monmq show process is throwing vms error code system-f-accvio while fetching the mq processes list.
IC59103Queue manager crashes under heavy load with probe xc307060.
IY83535MQ V6 can attempt to create more than LogPrimary + LogSecondary log extents.
IC59180Error log filling up with diagnostic info written by amqrmppa process.
IC57863Inconsistency in the log control state between logger and agent processes results in agent loop.
IC57862During mqputs there was an issue with synchronizing memory access between multiple mq processes.
IC58914Lseek error in vms error log on webphere mq v5.3 fp13 on hp openvms.
IC59029FDC not required when an OpenVMS user account which does not have SYSGBL and PRMGBL privileges tries to run an application.This has to be notified to the user that he is not privileged to use the application and the return code should be 2035.

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