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Fix list for WebSphere MQ Version 5.3 on OpenVMS

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WebSphere MQ provides periodic fixes for release 5.3 on OpenVMS. The following is a listing of available fixes for Version 5.3 with the most recent fix at the top.


Fix Pack 15
Fix Pack 14
Fix Pack 13
Fix Pack 12
Fix Pack 11
Fix Pack 10

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Fix Pack 15 (CSD15)

IC56400Cumulative maintenance #15 (CSD15) for WebSphere MQ for HP OpenVMS Alpha V5.3.
IC60829Wmq53 on Openvms fails to establish ssl channels with wmq6.0 running on unix distributed platforms.
IC57863Inconsistency in the log control state between logger and agent processes results in agent loop.
IC57862During mqputs there was an issue with synchronizing memory access between multiple mq processes.
IC58914lseek error in vms error log on websphere mq v5.3 FP13 on HP OpenVMS.
IZ35444Quiesce shutdown is not properly detecting the abrupt abnormal end of an application in the middle of an mqconn request.
IC57273RUNMQCHL.EXE process crash with sigbus error when socket is assigned to a file descriptor.
IC60760OpenVMS: allsubpools lock problem under high load causing hang of queue manager.
IC59029WMQ 5.3 ON OpenVMS should not generate fdcs when user accounts do not have required operating system privileges.
IZ32933Exhaustion of the extent lis in single segment subpool.
IC60671Probe xc130003 with sigbus when using client connection with ssl and ca file is not available and sslcauth is optional.
IC61039Default period after which a long lock wait fdc is produced is too long.
IC61428WMQ53 client using ssl enabled communication throws a sigbus signal when tracing is enabled.
IC61313SIGBUS With NULL key repository.
IC55562QUEUE Manager fails to start when it encounters high value for the entry in the file qmstatus.ini
IC62136Channels will not work when cipherspec NULL_MD5 or NULL_SHA is used.
IC64461AMQLDMPA output does not display agent pid and tid pertaining to each queue manager connections.
IC64399WMQ process rarely experience subpool memory corruption from their private address space in a highly stressed environment.
IC64405Agent & RMPPA process thread sets owner PID & TID value -1  incase of failure to release mutex held by another process.
IC64400Starting trace with file size limit in wmq 5.3/6.0 on ovms results sigbus creating an fdc with probe id xc130003.
IC64431EC process exceeds the PGFLQUO process quota.
IC63337Queue damage due to RMS-F-EXENQLM
IC62171STRMQM command given with the -m parameter causes an accvio.
IC64073Websphere mq 5.3 & 6.0 OpenVMS - server connection svrconn channels are stuck in binding status.
IZ10800Rare command server SIGSEGV in function pcmBuildMsgParms when executing PCF command MQCMD_INQUIRE_Q_STATUS.

Fix Pack 14 (CSD14)

IC55509Channel fails when cypherspec value TRIPLE_DES_SHA_US is used on both OpenVMS WMQ53/Sender and Solaris WMQ-V6.0/Receiver.
IZ01272A potential security exposure has been discovered which allows access through a client channel to a queue manager, even if the channel is protected with a security exit or
IY94451Queue Manager alias definitions with alteration date more than one month old not successfully deleted from a cluster.
IY94625The subscription user data is dereferenced incorrectly in the routine that restores a subscription change.
IY94832Duplicate subscriptions with different SubName's cause SIGSEGV in amqfcxba process.
IY95078A multi-threaded C++ application experienced a very long delay on an ImqQueue::put() call. The application had more than one thread, where each thread was connected to a different queue manager.
IY95706SIGSEGV immediately following return from ZFUDOESOBJECTEXIST() and probe id XC130004 from amqzlaa0, amqrmppa, or amqfcxba.
IY96629If an NPMCLASS(HIGH) queue that contains messages is not accessed during a queue manager run, then the next time the queue manager is restarted the NPM messages will have been lost, or the queue will be damaged.
IY99051Queue Manager unable to RE-ESTABLISH cluster membership.
IY99200If the Execution Controller fails to create a new agent process, it will SIGSEGV (from WMQ 5.3 CSD13 or
IY99912MQ adds too many log extents to the log file header at MQ shutdown resulting in subsequent QMgr restart failure.
SE25940MQM400-MSGMCH3601 AND RC3029 resource busy when MQPUT fails.
SE27700MQM400 STRMQM fails to start Queue Manager with probe id: ZF089070.
SE28955Record MQ Object Image" reports object (queue) damaged.
FDC that was fired reporting damaged queues is as follows:
Probe Id :- AQ195227
Component :- aqhValidateQueue
Major Errorcode :- arcE_OBJECT_DAMAGED.
IC51589The RUNMQDLQ program throws an exception of Memory Access Violation while processing the NULL messages.
IC51952MQRC_TRUNCATED_MSG_FAILED error from MQGET call even though enough buffer is supplied.
IC52223The MQ pub/sub engine will trap if passed a register for a subscription where the subscription name is provided but a zero length string.
IC52817Error 'AMQ9503: Channel negotiation failed' is reported if the channel could not be started due to any bind failure or protocol failure in the initial FAP flows on the receiving MCA. The
explanation text for the error message AMQ9503 did not display the name of the channel.
IY87802Output of the amqoamd utility may have spurious trailing characters for any 48-character queue names.
IY88509Channel with SSL enabled never goes to retry state even when remote end is not reachable.
IY88909When a WebSphere MQ 5.3 application uses ObjectRecOffset to index the MQOR object record on a MQPUT1 call, it fails with reason codes: 2085 (MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME) or 2086 (MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_Q_MGR)
IY90524The queue managers common services layer manages a cache of loaded programs. Initially the cache has room for details of up to 50 exits. If more than 50 exits are loaded then the cache needs to be expanded, but the code that expanded the cache was not initializing the expanded cache correctly.
IY91269FFST with probe XC006001 when using channel exits.
IY91357The values of MSGEXIT, MSGDATA, SENDEXIT, SENDDATA and related attributes were overwriting the field where SSLPEER information was stored.
IY92929Logger process amqhasmx (amqzmuc0 in V6) could eventually run out of file descriptors some time after a disk full condition
IC50453'amqstrg0' converts the trigger message from an MQTM (binary) structure to an MQTMC2 (character) structure before invoking an application but fails to change the version field on the resultant structure.
IC51322Code changes for optimization of default conversion.
IC51451Access violation occurs when printing out the object descriptor and assiciated object records in trace of MQOPEN.

Fix Pack 13 (CSD13)

IC54090In a VMS Cluster environment,The ALLSUBPOOLS Resourse has been made local to each members where MQ is running.
IC54091The threads from AMQRMPPA process is allowed to terminate in 90 seconds along with the release of the allSubpools locks.
IC54199During SSL handshake the purpose field embedded in the V3 extension of the certificate is ignored for both SERVER and CLIENT.
IC54204The subpool memory corruption cause the generation of fdc with probe ID ZC002010 and component "ZCPATTACHPIPE".
IC54352On a stressed system, The pthread time out of 30 seconds is not long enough to allow MQ to recover from long lock wait condition.
SE15657MQM400 Websphere MQ Queue Manager ends when damaged object is encountered.
IY82297rcdmqimg records image of damaged object leading to subsequent rcrmqobj failure.
IY99050rcdmqimg fails with AMQ7084 for a Queue containing segmented messages.
IY71335Channel remains in stopping status after stop channel mode(Terminate) command has been issued.
IY60448Spurious AMQ9546 error output on starting channel from RUNMQSC.
IY71943Channel agent thread accumulation.
IC47289Deadlock on object catalog caused by performance events on SYSTEM.AUTH.DATA.QUEUE.
IC48680Stopping the first instance of a receiver channel which is connected to multiple sender channel throws AMQ9533 error.
IC49167Data conversion error causes segmented messages to be dead letter queued (or return MQRC_FORMAT_ERROR from mqget).
IC49409CLUSRCVR disappearing at queue manager startup time.
IY78438Clustering: large numbers of subscriptions cause slowdown of repository cache creation (during STRMQM); or recreation.
IY78788SIGSEGV in aqsReleaseBcList during queue manager shutdown.
IY79915Write FFST if deleting a cluster object with a live subscription.
IY80247Subscription to full repository manager object is deleted if there is a problem when the subscription is renewed.
SE24271MQM400 Abnormal end of MQ application program may hang queue manager.
IY79906After FDC with PROBE ID AD031001, component ADIWRITEFILE with comment RC=0 from write, the queue manager can fail to restart.
IY84127When QM runs out of resource and error logic is being exercised, MQ calls XCSFREEQUICKCELLBLOCK() instead of XCSFREEQUICKCELL().
IY59833Channel goes to initializing when started from script.
SE16730MQM400 Queue Manager agent job (amqzlaa0) consumes high cpu in rfialloccache/rfxlink when mqopen fails continually.
IY72844Queue manager cannot restart: FDC with probe ID HL083114.
IY73548MQ may write a XC130003 fdc under zcpQueryTerminus when using XA
IY73907FDC with probe XC006001 from XCSFREEMEM from the Repository manager process.
IY85802WebSphere MQ queue manager restart failure referencing log records outside active log after disk space shortage.

Fix Pack 12 (CSD12)

IY76799Failed call to getpeername leaks file descriptor in amqrmppa
IC45414AMQZLAA0 Uses 100% CPU while loading a queue with persistent and non-persistent messages
IY94250Setting a zero interval via the MQ_CHANNEL_SUPPRESS_INTERVAL environment variable causes SIGFPE FDCs in channel processes
IC52915SSL connection between OpenVMS and Z/OS fails during handshake due TLS protocol mismatch between VMS and Z/OS, with Z/OS following the older TLS 1.0 protocol
IC46407Incorrect truncation of queue file during log full caused a damaged queue
IY65599Incorrect truncation of a queue greater than 2gb in size, causing read beyond end of file and leading to a damaged object
IY71004MQ logs fill up and the queue manager will not restart after many AO084010 FDCs
IY77233Object catalog corruption during resource exhaustion
SE22035FFST in component AOTADDENTRY with probe ID AO124001 causing queue manager to end
IY73014Build up of AMQRMPPA processes
IY59854Heap memory leak with each thread created when tracing is on
IY66826CLUSSDR does not start, Queue Manager cache status STARTING
IY67891MQ cluster repository process fails with probe id RM220005
IY74339SIGBUS/SIGSEGV in kqiInquireQueueHandleStatus
IY73941Queue manager restart failure (loop) after syncq/channel definition file become out of sync

Fix Pack 11 (CSD11)

IC39601Getting many AMQ9456 errors in clustered configuration
IY71204Damaged temporary dynamic queue inadvertently added to pool of reusable queues at startup
IY82834When one or more /tmp/MQSeries.[pid] files are deleted then endmqm can hang
IC51233Attempt to access queue manager objects by MQM users can sometimes results in MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED error
IC50169Warning message displayed by the MQPROC command will be removed
SE21231MQM400 agent jobs are not being ended after fdc probe ZL000028 has been logged
IC51473Queue manager hangs during shut down

Fix Pack 10 (CSD10)

IC49041Errors AMQ8041 and AMQ7018 were received when a queue manager was abruptly ended
IC49609Long Lock Wait FDC'S produced when qmgr is under load
IC49610Some of the internal logical name translation calls have been removed to help to achieve performance improvements
IC48913 Performance problem getting message from a large queue
IC49561Probe Id XC032004 with comment '1 - NOT OWNER' from pthread_mutex_tryfor. As the result of a EABANDONED RC
IC49593RUNMQDLQ fails when MQRC_CLUSTER_PUT_INHIBITED used in the rulesscript
IC49704Large messages cannot be sent over a channel that has SSL enabled

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