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Fix list for IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway, Enterprise and Advanced Editions, V6.2.0.1

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IBM® WebSphere® Partner Gateway, Advanced Edition, V6.2 FixPack 1
IBM® WebSphere® Partner Gateway, Enterprise Edition, V6.2 FixPack 1

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JR32128The "" was getting logged for some of the AS2 messages. This FixPack avoids the duplicate attempts for logging the same header data.
AS Viewer / AS JR32993 AS Viewer screens showed the AS2 transactions as processed, even though the processing of the properly received MDN (with appropriate disposition text) failed in WebSphere Partner Gateway. For example, the failure can be due to non-repudiation. This behavior is now rectified and a new MDN state of MDN Processing Error is marked for such AS2 transactions.
Certificate ManagementJR32296 The “No valid signing certificate found” error was seen for 1 of 400 messages in a transaction. This error does not occur frequently and the transaction having this error was processed successfully on resend. The fix was provided in the database processing to avoid any timing issues in getting the certificate from the database.

JR31656 Creation of custom receivers and editing of custom destinations using WebSphere Partner Gateway console was failing with NullPointerException in the logs. This is corrected in this FixPack.

JR31958 Earlier, the deletion of Transformation maps from the WebSphere Partner Gateway console was failing. This is corrected in this FixPack.

JR32141 The PIP Code for Rosettanet PIP messages was not displayed in the document details screen of the document viewer. This is corrected in this FixPack.

JR32510 Using the Update icon, when validation or transformation maps were updated from the WebSphere Partner Gateway console, update did not happen and a message was displayed that the file already exists in the system. In this FixPack, using update icon, maps can be updated directly from the console, without having to first delete the map and then upload the updated map.

JR32590 In the Archiver report, click of second page and subsequent pages displayed an error page.

JR32607 The console HTTP requests were trapped and injected with the SQL code, leading potentially to a security hole. This APAR will resolve the SQL injection threat.

JR32981 In this FixPack, FA Overdue report is enhanced to support pagination.

JR32984 On the WebSphere Partner Gateway Console > ebMS CPA list screen, after the CPA was downloaded, the Search link popped up the dialogue for CPA download again.

JR32989 In case of invalid user name and password in the LDAP configuration page of the console, the login page did not display the "Login Failed" error page. You had to close and reopen the browser for the login page.

JR32990 In this FixPack, WebSphere Partner Gateway Viewers are enhanced to support systems with Russian locale.

JR32994The event description for BCG210013 - 'Connection not fully configured' displayed incorrect values for the event. This is corrected in this FixPack.

JR33002              On Oracle database, downloading a CPA from WebSphere Partner Gateway console after it was updated resulted in a file with 0 KB.

JR33003            RosettaNet viewer did not display the PIP code in the process details screen, but displayed the Operation Mode instead. Also, in the RosettaNetviewer search result screen, Operation Mode was shown twice.

JR33005  In this FixPack, a user can be created with the same name as that of a deleted partner's user name.

JR33176   Whenever WebSphere Partner Gateway installation used a cell name other than default cell name, the installation of JR32607 caused erroneous behavior.

When a web browser with tab facility was used for accessing WebSphere Partner Gateway console, a wrong sorting key for fetching search results was generated for report viewers such as AS Viewer, Event Viewer, and Document Viewer.
Console/Rosettanet SimulatorJR33736 Rosettanet simulator was not able to route a PIP message which was XSD based and which did not carry the DOCTYPE element in it. This is fixed now.
Console/FTP Scripting GatewayJR33914 When the FTP Scripting gateway configuration screen was edited and saved using a Mozilla browser, it was observed that it added some stray bytes to the password field. This led to the corruption of the password field, which in turn led to failures in runtime while using the updated FTP Scripting Gateway configuration to connect to the FTP server. This is corrected.
Custom XML / ConsoleJR32009 In the Create XML page on WebSphere Partner Gateway Console, the values in document type drop down list had sorted and unique values along with the code.

JR32001 There was an issue related to the import or update of guideline maps that were greater than 1 MB.

JR32371             The problem of mirroring LOB DB2 data for certificates is now fixed so as to enable DB2 HADR usage. Now, all the LOB columns are logged and can be mirrored.

JR32610 In this FixPack, performance of AS viewer has been considerably improved by improving the performance of DB2 stored procedure.

JR32403 In this FixPack, we can add user exits to the SFTP Receiver and SFTP Destination.
Destinations/ConsoleJR32011 In WebSphere Partner Gateway console, the results of Destinations "Where Used" always displayed all the connections instead of providing the specific participant connections on which the destination was configured.
Destination / User ExitsJR32996While creating a custom gateway post process handler, if there were no transport headers, WebSphere Partner Gateway failed to introduce the response document into the flow.

JR31998             The default threshold for message store was increased to 1MB, which means that all documents below the size of 1 MB will be stored in the message store by default. A threshold value of 0 or 1 would override the restriction of message threshold and would store all messages into the message store.

JR32362   The value of backend header x-aux-third-party-bus-id was not getting read from property. It was earlier defined in the System Administration / Console properties of WebSphere Partner Gateway console. From this FixPack onwards, this property is available in the System Administration / Common properties of WebSphere Partner Gateway console.

JR32389 If any error was encountered during delivery of a document, then SFTP Destination did not display that exception. From this FixPack onwards, exceptions are displayed properly.

JR32808 Execution of XSLT based maps failed in WebSphere Partner Gateway 6.2. This is corrected in this FixPack.

JR33013 For a signed document, the payload content type did not contain any information about the payload encoding. This caused the UTF-8 data to be saved as ASCII, which resulted in corruption of data for partners who were using non WebSphere Partner Gateway software to receive AS Message. In this FixPack, a channel attribute is provided, which can be used to set the encoding on the channel that in turn sets it on the payload.
Document Manager

JR33018 The reprocessDbLogging script was not successful whenever the ws_runtime.jar was not found in “<WAS_HOME>\deploytool\itp\plugins\ <Version>" directory. However, while applying WebSphere Application Server FixPacks, the <version> part changed. This caused the batch file to fail. As part of this fix, if the script fails, a warning will be displayed, so that you can change the ws_runtime.jar location.
Document Manager/ASJR33000 In case of backend integration with AS Channel, if a blank value was specified for x-aux-process- instance-id, the outbound AS2 message had a blank MessageID. From this FixPack onwards, WebSphere Partner Gateway will generate a MessageID during such instances.

JR31399When a document is routed and is packaged or unpackaged as AS, some temporary intermediate files are created. Some of these files were not getting deleted after the document flow. In this FixPack, all the temporary files will be deleted.
Document Manager/BPEJR32649 Earlier only XML content-Types were excluded from canonicalization. Now, EDI-Consent, EDI-EDIFact, EDI-X12, and compressed-data are also excluded from canonicalization.

JR34149 WebSphere Partner Gateway was not placing the RefMessageID element in the packaged ebxml document whenever the backend provided the document with a backend header "X_AUX_REQUEST_ID".


WebSphere Partner Gateway was not putting the RefMessageID element in the packaged ebXML document when the backend header “X-AUX-REQUEST-ID" was present in the document from the backend. This is corrected in this FixPack.
Document manager/EBMS protocol

JR33009 If the document failed at the gateway, ebMS retries did not work at the ebMS protocol level. This is corrected in this FixPack.

JR32988 During a XML to ROD transformation, the ROD serializer used to fail whenever the definition of the output ROD document did not have the record ID.

JR32999             Map functions ROUND and TRUNCATE did not provide correct output when used in transformation maps.

JR33012Enveloper used to pick up only one completed batch in a single run. In this FixPack the enveloper is changed to pick all completed batches in a single run.

JR33019            Under moderate load, the enveloper stopped the generation of envelopes.

JR33022 The enveloper throughput was very slow that it processed only two documents per second. In this FixPack, the enveloper throughput is increased to process around thirteen documents per second.

JR33024 On AIX, the throughput steadily dropped in a 30-minute performance run from nearly 30 documents per second to less than 15 documents per second. This FixPack rectified the throughput drop on AIX for longer run.

JR33025 Unhandled exceptions caused FTP error events to be lost and not displayed.
Document Manager/EDI



JR33026             In an outbound scenario, the FA process consumed more than the normal processing power of DB2 CPU (almost 90%). Henceforth, the FA process will consume normal DB2 processing power (20%-30%).
Document Manager / FTP Scripting JR33684If the FTP Scripting Gateway is disabled and the thread for polling FTP Gateway folder is running at the same time, then the scheduler will stop. During such instances, even after the FTP Scripting was enabled, the FTP gateway did not poll for document delivery.

JR32445 The content encoding MIME header was missing in the case of outgoing RNIF documents with attachment(s). In this FixPack, the encoding header is present in the outgoing documents.

JR32550Generation of Receipt Acknowledgments for Rosettanet messages were failing with NullPointerExceptions in the logs. This is corrected in this FixPack.
Document Manager/RNIFJR33001             Routing a 4B2 PIP document using Rosetta net Participant Simulator failed with error "B2B Capability not found”. This was due to incorrect PIP version mentioned in the contents of the PIP package.
Document Manager/Security/SFTP/ConsoleJR31639 This provides the following fixes:
1. Support for SSL Authentication at Internal Partner level.
2. Support for AutoQueue functionality for SFTP Destination.
3. Support for Server Authentication with SFTP Destination.

JR32158 EDI De-enveloping failed with event error BCGEDIEV0018: Envelope Segment Not Found "The X enveloper or de-enveloper detected an error: The GS segment was not found". This problem occurred whenever "new line" characters were used as delimiters.

JR32978 When there was a double quote within the fields of ROD data, WebSphere Partner Gateway used to throw a BCGEDIUP0038 error, Missing Record Delimiter.

JR33007 Whenever a batch of acknowledgments were processed, WebSphere Partner Gateway returned an error - An unexpected exception occurred in component: EDIAckProcessor.Exception text: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unmatched  braces in the pattern. This was because the character "{" present in EDI document was treated as a special character.

JR33014 During transformation, the ALC Loop in Table3 of EDI99b dictionary was not getting detected.
Event EngineJR32977 From this FixPack onwards, the BCG250004 event alert works for both inbound and outbound documents.
InfrastructureJR32998In this FixPack, the classes that deal with Native Library are moved to server level class loader. Henceforth, when an application is restarted, it will not display UnsatisfiedLinkError error.
MASDB / InfrastructureJR33683 High volumes of document transaction caused document processing to stop abruptly in case of the following conditions:
· WebSphere Partner Gateway was installed in either Simple Distributed or Fully Distributed
· WebSphere Application Server ND(WAS ND) and above was used

The following errors were seen in the logs 00000052 JMSQueueSende E sendMessage JMS Exception occurred for queue : jms/bcg/queue/main_InboundQ javax.jms.JMSException: CWSIA0067E: An exception was received during the call to the method JmsMsgProducerImpl.sendMessage (#4): CWSIC8007E: An exception was caught from the remote server with Probe Id 3-008-0007. Exception: CWSIP0002E: An internal messaging error occurred in, 1:692:1.282, CWSIS1002E: An unexpected exception was caught during transaction completion. Exception: CWSIS1500E: The  dispatcher cannot accept work...

JR32980 In this FixPack, while importing WebSphere Partner Gateway configuration using partner migration, partner not found errors will not be seen for a particular connection.

JR32997             Imported enveloper profile name was not looked up properly while using the migration utility of WebSphere Partner Gateway.
Partner Migration          JR33017 While exporting routing objects, the partner migration utility used to fail with the exception, "Exception in getRoutingObjectListXML()".
Receiver JR32992 The DB connections were left open during receiver startup. This happened when there were a number of Receivers of different transport types. Also, most of these receivers had custom handlers defined for them.
Receivers / ConsoleJR32012             The "Operation Mode" for receivers was not working if the file receiver existed. There was an error generated stating that a directory cannot be created.

JR32312             In this FixPack, the original file name of a document, posted using SFTP Receiver, will be retained.
Receiver/Document ManagerJR33015The FTP Scripting Receiver that used the Lock User functionality stopped polling after a prolonged run, and it needed a server restart to get it to poll again. This occurred due to failure in the thread wait and the notify mechanism that was used to implement the locking of FTP Scripting Receiver.
Receiver/JMSJR33021 JMS receiver failed to receive a document if the "topic://" attribute was specified in the header <Destination> tags.
SecurityJR34096 In case of EBMS flows, whenever the primary certificate got expired, it was not automatically replaced by a secondary certificate.
SFTP destinationJR32944 Earlier, the existing SFTP Destination could not be updated after applying the mandatory WebSphere partner Gateway IFIX JR31639.

JR33016 While creating SFTP receiver, if MDB module creation failed, then activation specification, local event, and archive directories were created. This is rectified in this FixPack.
SFTP receiverJR33020 When SFTP receiver is deleted, the activation specification, local event, and archive directories are also deleted. If the local event and archive directories contain files, then these folders are not to be deleted and an event has to generated, which can be viewed in the event viewer.
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