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IBM WebSphere Application Server provides periodic fixes for the base and Network Deployment editions of release V8.0. The following is a complete listing of fixes for V8.0 with the most recent fix at the top.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: is the last fixpack of WebSphere V8.0. For more information, please review the announcement at: Start with the WebSphere Migration Knowledge Collection for migration assistance.

Release Date
Total number of APARs
Total number of Security APARs
30 April 2018
30 October 2017
20 February 2017
01 February 2016

15 August 2015

16 February 2015

23 June 2014

13 January 2014

19 August 2013

29 April 2013

12 November 2012

06 August 2012

16 April 2012

16 January 2012

26 September 2011

Fix release date: 30 Apr, 2018
Last modified: 30 Apr, 2018
Status: Recommended

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Security APAR
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)
PI37945Null message in Admin Console caused by NullPointerException when modifying SSL configuration due to missing trustStore

PI84457Incorrect handling of invalid parameters in the admin console

PI87791Websphere Admin Console error message invalid format
PI89498Privilege escalation in WebSphere Application Server Admin Console (CVE-2017-1731)
PI90042Information disclosure in WebSphere Application Server Admin Console (CVE-2017-1741)

PI91052Set X-Content-Type-Options "nosniff" on Administrative Console

PI91328Update struts.jar for latest fixes file in ISCLite does not get updated correctly with fix pack upgrade

PI92600Unescaped html text in SIB admin error panels
Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI)
PI82284ConcurrentModificationException on sync session

PI90637Avoid concurrent modification of maps creating issues with timeouts
Default Messaging Component
PI86830CWSIS1530E: the data type, 2, was found instead of the expected type, 3, for column
Dynamic Cache
PI85747Create a EntryInfo.Shared_Default setting for the DynaCache sharing policy
Federated Repositories
PI82997Extra information may be in trace when configuring a RACF LDAP repository

PI83149File registry xml file not synchronized to nodes

PI85881Custom property handling for federated stand-alone LDAP registries needs updating

PI88438When defining a root Base DN for a federated repository, display and login problems occur

PI90846Exception occurs when a mapping exists for PersonAccount or Group, but not both

PI91971Poor performance using file-based registry under load

PI92274Server fails to start when Domino Ldap server is not reachable

PI93225A request to WAS federated repositories api, causes an "unbalanced parenthesis error"
PI89274IndexOutOfBoundsException when setting a list on dataobject

PI78935Transactions become corrupted after CWSIC8007E, CWSIC2029E and CWSIK0016E error-messages in the JFapChannel

PI80020NullPointerException occurs while starting dmgr in policyset trace

PI81891DMZ SIP Proxy parsing via header incorrectly

PI82529HTTP transport encoding CP943C will be used for JSTL params

PI85138CDI leaks a classlodaer into threads running a java Timer

PI85490Deadlock caused by WsLogManager and SIB trace code

PI87069When running with Java8, EBCDIC strings data conversion shows wrong behavior

PI89389JSF loses content of multi-page forms
PI90804Security Vulnerability in Apache Commons used by WebSphere Application Server (CVE-2016-1000031)

PI93477CWSIP0001E: An internal messaging error occurred in
Fix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)
PI14746Memory leak in J2C PoolManager due to reaper alarms not being cancelled
Java Message Service (JMS)
PI81124Closing websocket session will throw NullPointerException

PI81572Parsing errors when the connection is reused and there is unread data on the wire after the response is read

PI87580NullPointerExceptions from webcontainer code

PI89128NullPointerException when connecting from Websphere V7.0 to ActiveMQ
Java Persistence API (JPA)
PI84428ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException from OpenJPA for @EmbeddedId
Java SDK
PI86494Messages returned from JSF APIs are in the incorrect order
PI87299Information disclosure in Apache MyFaces affects WebSphere Application Server (CVE-2011-4343)
PI87300Information Disclosure in WebSphere Application Server in JSF (CVE-2017-1583)

PI88850High cpu issues from org/apache/myfaces/

PI90509Fix for MyFaces-3752
JavaServer MyFaces (JSF) Apache MyFaces implementation
PI87954Hung thread issue in MyFaces getPropertyDescriptor
PI82193ClassCastException with TransformerFactoryImpl when running JSPBatchCompiler
Messaging Providers
PI37409Possible abend EC3 timeout in Websphere Application Server for z/OS servant region when running as client with WebServices and JMS (SIBus) in the same servant region

PI93628Diagnostics for "CWSOM0005W: The ObjectManager found that the logFile was too full..."
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) script may not be updated with new maintenence under certain condition

PI87581Trace output in runtime tab will show memory buffer as trace output instead of none

PI92935WAS 8.5 stopserver script intermittently results in hang, fails to stop server
PI82314Application response without a reason phrase causes plug-in to return 500 error

PI86414400 is thrown when plugin ESI caching is enabled and the client terminates during response processing

PI91879ConnectionTTL="0" in transport statements in the plugin-cfg.xml
PMI/Performance Tools
PI90503Cannot start logging in Tivoli Performance Viewer (TPV)
PI85714PCT command line - wctcmd - with response file fails to configure IHS Admin
PI83677Monitor role not showing FIPS information

PI85356Unable to delete keyStores when deleted.p12 file does not exist or is corrupted

PI86143dynamic outbound ssl configuration incorrectly matching outbound request
Servlet Engine/Web Container
PI88642Information disclosure in WebSphere Application Server (CVE-2017-1681)

PI91920Improve the SRVE0080E error message
System Management/Repository
PI89521AdminTask.extractConfigProperties is too slow
Transaction Service
PI53320WS-RM internal error caused sequence containing application messages to be deleted

PI53384WS-RM sequence reallocation processing may delete application messages from the persistent store

PI89405App server controller terminates with c9c21a44 followed by c9c21a30
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)
PI80913WASAxis2ConfigurationBuilder loads the jax-ws-catalog.xml file using a call to getResource instead of getResources

PI80922Issues with ResponseWrapper after PI60666

PI84649Web services SOAP response message may get truncated.

PI86063SAMLResponse XMLOutputFactory does not recognize the property "reuse-instance"
Web Services Security
PI86752OIDC RP is requiring optional iat claim in introspected access token

PI87354OpenID connect (OIDC) Relying Party (RP) does not logout user if OIDC session cookie is not present

PI88253OIDC RP secure flag not set on the OIDCREQURL cookie

PI88896OIDC RP refreshed access_token is not put into subject

PI90373OIDC RP authorizationEndPointURL does not handle query parameters correctly

PI92210OIDC RP configuration of location of sign verify certificate is not customizable
WebSphere Common Configuration Model (WCCM)
PI89385Incorrect MSK time in

PI92105Allow empty main-class attribute in for application client module

Fix release date: 30 Oct, 2017
Last modified: 30 Oct, 2017
Status: Superseded

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Security APAR
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)
PI72154Bind password is "pre-populated" incorrectly in VMM panel and authentication error comes up
PI73367Potential cross-site scripting in ADMIN console (CVE-2017-1121)

PI76088web.xml contains extraneous info

PI78745Update the custom property values for Virtual Member Manager for a custom property table

PI80683Admin Console Resource Environment custom property name in all capital letters may not be handled properly
PI80889Web Services Potential weak Client security bindings (CVE-2017-1501)
PI82078Potential Cross-site scripting in WebSphere Application Server Admin Console (CVE-2017-1380)

PI83138Clicking the LDAP test query link causes NoSuchElementException which also leads to an NPE

PI83563Update the BATIK library in isclite.ear to 1.9 property value not displayed correctly in Admin Console
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)
PI74657AdminServerManagement.stopAllServers() throws error when the servers are already stopped
Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI)
PI31136Methods of conversation should throw ContextNotActiveException when scope not active

PI70323Principal Injection does not inject unauthenticated subject when there is not an authenticated subject in the context

PI74201Collections.synchronizedMap does not perform as well as it could under high load

PI74454Infinite loop restoring session context from failover

PI76412NullPointerException generated on sessionDestroy

PI76509Hang on org/apache/webbeans/context/sessionContext.addChildRequest

PI81536NPE in interceptorData.createNewInstance

PI82777Modify OpenWebBeansConfiguration class to avoid thread locks

PI83251NullPointerException during load test at org.apache.webbeans.context.SessionContext.isAnyRequestActive
Default Messaging Component
PI75834MDB application startup failed due to CWSIP0211E

PI81815Messaging engine takes unusually long time to start after failover and throws CWSID0032W warning messages
Dynamic Cache
PI73339Unable to define an alternate cache provider to replace the default DynaCache cache provider

PI78148SRVE0014E from DynaCache component after upgrading

PI78552DYNA1064E while calling "getIdsSizeDisk()" by commerce when XS is used as cache provider

PI81162DynaCache does not replicate alias entries

PI84946TimeToLive is not updated when cache entry is updated
Enterprise Edition (EE)
PI80477JAXB fails to unmarshal arrays with custom type inside @XMLElement annotation
Federated Repositories
PI65681SPECJ0363E errors with illegalargument exceptions from sdoutil.createdataobject

PI67955LDAP connection timeout leads to NullPointerException

PI69071WSADMIN changeMyPassword command on file repository user command fails with 'Caller is not in the required role'

PI72152Update the trace information for federated respositories.

PI75159A base entry of "root" defined on a microsoft active directory LDAP server is not supported

PI75642It's slow to open "manage groups" page in WebSphere administrative console

PI75684User and group DNS contain extra escaped spaces for RDNS with multiple trailing spaces

PI76481LocalServiceProvider initialization fails with NullPointerException

PI79440NullPointerException in urbridgexpathhelper.getexpression()

PI79452NullPointerException in ldapconfigmanager.getsupportedproperties()

PI79781Federated repositories fails to search repository when overlapping base dn's exist

PI81497When one base DN is the subset of another in a federated repository, LDAP failures occur

PI81722Federated repositories throws AccessControlException when Java SecurityManager is enabled and an SSL connection is attempted

PI82111Federated repositories fails to change password when JRE is Java 8

PI82306Federated repositories uses wrong security domain
PI63058Add timeout to OAuth cache

PI65688MergeException at application start up

PI68375Local EJB references created from annotations incorrectly resolved as remote references

PI71380Allow SAML Web inbound to retrieve SAML assertion from an request parameter

PI72848Provide mechanism to retrieve WS-RM messages via SIB message store dump

PI73403ManageSDK help for -enableProfileAll task is missing -user and -password

PI74491WOLA CICS messages: message and documentation updates messages prefixed with BBOA

PI75485Issue message explaining from where session timeout is picked up

PI75573Destroy session and conversation contexts before application context

PI75583Link session to current request on session spawn
PI77770Potential cross-site request forgery with WebSphere Application Server enabled with OAuth (CVE-2017-1194)

PI80467Update how cells are obtained from the ORB cell pool

PI81591WASService does not recognize running process

PI82298WAS controller region abends with AB/S0DC3 PRCS/03080002 after modify resumeListeners

PI82689NPE is thrown from interceptOrHandler.resolveDecoratorDelegateHandler
Fix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server
PI75153Process detection is running when IM is invoked with -record and -skipinstall arguments

PI78601The -installFixes option does not correctly handle superceding ifixes
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)
PI77612J2CA0045E ConnectionTimeOut happens too often after upgrading to

PI82761Runtime performance advisor has hung thread with
Java Message Service (JMS)
PI72434NullPointerException is thrown when using a JMS object which has already been destroyed

PI76539AdminTask.republishedMessages fails due to insufficient or empty credentials

PI77306Deadlock may occur when stopping listener port

PI78975Increase the configurable limit of the maximum header field size

PI80222Change default of enableBuildBackupList to be true

PI81864ConcurrentLinkedList tailSequenceNumberLock garbage collected
Java SDK
PI80895MyFaces-3415 - [ui:repeat] field value disappears if validation error exists on current site

PI85250Hung thread issue in MyFaces _getMetadataTarget
JavaServer MyFaces (JSF) Apache MyFaces implementation
PI82893JAVAX.FACES.INTERPRET_EMPTY_STRING_SUBMITTED_VALUES_AS_NULL value affects display behaviour for required fields
JavaServer Pages (JSP)
PI85892ClassCastExceptions while doing a naming lookup for beanManger
PI60053Unable to disable name server cache for Corba object URLs
PI73022JSP comments containing "%>" might throw a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.
Messaging Providers
PI76990Mediation points stuck in waiting for status
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)
PI71530WsLogManager deadlock

PI80995Asynchronous log records does not show up in SystemOut.log
Plug-in fails to install

PI74689Sun ONE Web Server uses ConnectTimeout for Handshake and 100-continue

PI74882Plugin should always present the ConnectionTTL property

PI76515Fix for genPluginCfg to account for Admin Console's command assist

PI77124Plugin does not persist custom serverioTimeOut value to existing stream

PI81951Client failure may occur when the Web Server plug-in connection is reused and previous connection timed out waiting for response
PMI/Performance Tools
PI82624PerfServlet application returns empty version information
Portlet Container Environment
PI74986NullPointerException in portlet container method StringUtils .convertMapToString if tracing is enabled
Proxy Server
PI82630Potential Information Disclosure with WebSphere Application Server Proxy Server or On-demand-router (ODR) (CVE-2017-1381)
Runtime (zSeries®)
PI81698ABEND00C and ABEND0C4 in WAS after stop was issued
Runtime and Classloader
PI82621Handle NPE and emit servicable failure message when parsing server endpoint metadata
PI69664Data in DynaCache may be overwritten when LTPA tokens of multiple requests expire at the same time

PI73938Dynamic outbound endpoint SSL configuration does not pick up correct hostname and SSLConfig

PI78326Websphere sub-domain servers with SPNEGO web authentication getting error SECJ6236E

PI80962Creation of remote keystore fails when existing keystore is specified

PI82509The value of property mapping.targetRealmName is not passed to DB2/RACF via the data source
System Management/Repository
PI64685ProviderType is null or missing in configuration when JDBCProvider is created using properties file
PI73519Potential denial of service with SOAP connectors (CVE-2016-8919)

PI75986Incorrect java library path set when a server SDK is different from the node/profile SDK

PI77601WSAdmin extractConfigProperties command triggers invalidAttributeNameException
PI79343WebSphere Application Server may have insecure file permissions with custom startup script (CVE-2017-1382)
Transaction Service
PI53380WS-ReliableMessaging Sequence may be misidentified as not existing

PI66462Transaction log column is too short and reports a SqlDataException

PI72191Control region abend after BBOT0004E: RRS service ATRAFGT failed with return code 730

PI74356java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: logger passed as argument to setAttributes must be a named logger

PI74468Update IBM websphere MQ JCA Resource Adapter to version

PI75181Stackoverflow is caused by repeated calls to: ibm.wsdl.DefinitionImpl.getAllServices

PI75985ClassCastException processing JAX-RPC request containing whitespace in WS-Coordination context
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)
PI31777Dynamic outbound endpoint SSL configuration is not picked up by JAX-WS when proxy is used

PI44781Dynamic outbound endpoint SSL configuration is not picked up by JAX-RPC when proxy is used

PI72518Web services call failed with 500 (internal server error) response and content-length 0

PI79863Different prefixes are used for the same namespace URL
Web Services Security
PI61915More diagnostics required when the SAML Web SSO redirect URL is null

PI69720CWWSS7542E error in web services security SAML can be misleading

PI73318Unique Cookie Names in WebSphere Application Server Traditional OIDC RP can accumulate on the browser
PI74857Privilege escalation in full profile OIDC RP (CVE-2017-1151)

PI75095OIDC ClassCastException java.util.ArrayList

PI76017JAX-WS WS-Security Error CWWSS5634E with relative URI

PI78336Websphere Application Server openID connect relying party JNDICacheName property does not work

PI80317OpenID connect (OIDC) relying party(RP) may store incorrect data in DynaCache

PI80543OIDC TAI cannot dynamically build callback URL

PI80549OpenID connect (OIDC) relying party (RP) does not support post introspection endpoints

PI82308OpenID connect (OIDC) relying party (RP) loses URL fragments during the login process

PI84244OIDC RP does not restore single-quote characters in post data
WebSphere Common Configuration Model (WCCM)
PI64475Incomplete metadata obtained for JavaEE modules when multiple resources are used

PI76439Application client module created when empty "main-class:" found in of jar

Fix release date: 20 Feb, 2017
Last modified: 20 Feb, 2017
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 13
Security APAR
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)
PI49497CreateWebserver issued thru administrative console is not mapping all existing deployed applications.

PI51214Swedish characters are not displayed correctly in the administrative console.

PI51327Need warnining message when uninstalling running enterprise applications

PI52255Change the administrative console error message displays

PI54150Add functionality to perform LDAP Search function from the administrative console

PI54236When stopping an application the administrative console shows extraneous error about a web server.
PI56917Information Disclosure in WebSphere Application Server Admin Console (CVE-2016-0377)

PI58615Web services client security bindings configuration not saving changes

PI58743Administrative console login page picture overlapping on username and password fields

PI60292The admin script offered after creating a MailSession via the administrative console is incomplete

PI60805Update the flags on the CSRF token cookie

PI60992Unable to change maximum headers value in templates from administrative console.
PI64303Vulnerabilities in Apache Struts affects WebSphere Application Server (CVE-2016-1181, CVE-2016-1182)
PI65218WebSphere application server is affected by Apache Struts vulnerability (CVE-2016-3092)

PI65602SRVE0278E - Missing ibm-web-ext.xmi in iehs.war

PI65760Map users/groups not showing available users on the first time the page loads.

PI65924Pipe "|" symbol cannot be used for external provider URL when configuring a 3rd party JMS provider.

PI67851Console show items at the following authorization group level does not show drop down
PI70627Potential cross-site scripting in WebSphere Application Server Admin Console (CVE-2016-8934)

PI71198Console getting blank page when clicking on rollout update.

PI72154Bind password is "pre-populated" incorrectly in VMM panel and authentication error comes up
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)
PI59228Unable to map web module with multi-line display name to server.
Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI)
PI38270NullPointerException in InvocationContextImpl.configureTarget when destroying an already destroyed bean

PI40062NullPointerException from CommonLifeCycle.getParentBDAContextsService during application

PI42311EJB interceptors not called intermittently

PI45811@AroundInvoke interceptors must declare throws exception

PI47334CDI interceptor not triggered for MDB (onmessage)

PI48614NullPointerExceptions from CDI code

PI51134NullPointerException if all interceptors are on methods that are overriden, defined at class level or defined in a different method

PI51508Reduce contention in AbstractOwbBean.equals use

PI51620NullPointerException when doing injection with set to true

PI52428UnsupportedOperationException thrown when trying to inject an InjectionPoint

PI55406An IllegalAccessException is emitted from InvocationContextImpl

PI55910Logging in InvocationContextImpl outputs array IDs instead of array contents

PI58561WebBeans referencing classloader causing memory leak.

PI58669CDI javax.decorator.decorator annotation not working as expected

PI59487OutOfMemory error due to view scoped beans not being garbage collected

PI60228CDI injection not working after application restart

PI61034Classloader leak in ScannerServiceImpl

PI61397Ensure application scoped context is initalized properly and active during bean preDestroy

PI62583IllegalArgumentException in CreationalContextImpl only when trace is enabled

PI63475NullPointerException in CDI

PI64231Classloader leak in JCDIComponentImpl

PI64374Race condition with session scoped contexts

PI68889Startup bean initialization failure is ignored when CDI is active

PI69193Move info about sesion and request contexts into context objects

PI70218Stale ApplicationContext in WebContextsService

PI72275Injection does not work during concurrent initialization
Default Messaging Component
PI45426Unable to stop or reset MQLink sender channel in mixed topology with v8.5 deployment manager and v7.0 nodes

PI56146When the message load is heavy, some of the messages move to exception destination with the CWSIK0035E exception
Dynamic Cache
PI49336OutOfMemory issues in DRUS due to large DRSQueueMessage collection caused by looping.

PI62769Disk off-load is turned off if app invokes the clearMemory API

PI68741HTTP status code 200 is returned to a client when the servlet or JSP throws an exception
Enterprise Edition (EE)
PI50673JAXB unmarshalling not tolerating whitespace around token enumerations

PI57463OutOfMemory generated with 64k "" objects

PI67707Inherited methods are ignored in the XLXP2 unmarshaller when scanning jaxb class for before/after events
Federated Repositories
PI47826VMM does not clear the cache if clearEntity mode is used.

PI54592getIdMgrLDAPServer CLI shows bind password in encrypted format

PM75956VMM fails to retrieve members of a group when the group contains thousands of members
PI12834Servant region fails to reconnect to the adjunct region, only the first try

PI13616OpenJPA-2286 ArgumentException: Attempt to compare incompatible types.

PI43215Compilation error when multiple XQuery files import one common file

PI45557Remote EJB call to clustered WebSphere z/OS server fails due to missing security context

PI46156ICH408E as the servant userid attempts to create and delete the OAuth20 directory.

PI46318WOLA serviceability enhancements

PI46801Ampersand character within a character entity reference is escaped unnecessarily in XML Cursor Interface (XCI)

PI47454NullPointerException is logged on console when DEBUG_PHASE_LISTENER set to true and validation fails

PI49306z/OS: Batch job using WOLA service hung after server recycle due to wait in BBOCLSCC in Local Comm Connect()

PI49486MyFaces leaking file descriptors when reading stylesheet files

PI50137The session management database uses the long varchar attribute which is not supported in DB2

PI50714Program error in the annotation merge code

PI50765NullPointerException in OpenID when key not in cache

PI52434In a clustered environment with M2M session replication, non-serialized session access can cause NullPointerException

PI52932JPA2 error after migration from V7

PI53085A message flow control mechanism in ME-to-ME communications in pub/sub environments to prevent message pile ups in the target me


PI54212Update one class in Apache commons

PI54362Session manager error messages SESN0202E and SESN0201E need more details

PI54621If the JMS resource adapter is used for JBoss for subscribtion to a topic in WSAS, the messages are not consumed in JBoss

PI54702Null renderer-type tag causes custom TagLib xml parse error

PI55413CICS BBO (WebSphere) link server abends with WRITEQ TSQ BBO* error eibresp: 16 eibresp2: 0
PI56811Potential security vulnerability in IBM WebSphere Application Server (CVE-2015-0254)

PI59157Using @ReportAsSingleViolation with custom constraint results in errors.

PI59543V8.0 Centralized Installation Manager SSH connection failure

PI59912Add ability to move messages from exception destination to the original destination via wsadmin

PI60355OAuth2 provider expired tokens are not removed when database is incompatible with its SQL queries

PI60462The XQuery function fn:current-dateTime() returns a value with less accuracy than required by the standard

PI61450Apache Wink code does not remove quotes from the boundary value.content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary="simple boundary"

PI62976WebSphere controller region abends with 0C4-11.

PI63633Thread-safety issue in the underlying (Apache) JSF 2.0 code causes webcontainer threads to hang

PI64809XCIUnsupportedOperationException occurs during copy process for simple type elements
PI65853Websphere Application Server Web container affected by Apache Struts vulnerability (CVE-2016-3092)

PI66463Error on otma_open call, rc = 8, rsn codes = 100 : 8 : 24 : 2

PI68743NullPointerException may occur in async bean code

PI68911NullPointerException in using trace in thin client

PI69192Remove unneeded information from FFDC log file

PI69325OAuth emits NullPointerException when no state parameter in request

PI69332The "serialize session access" option may not work correctly

PI69922Javadoc AppConstants.APPDEPL_* fields are incorrect

PI70001Controller abends with 0C4-3B in cf_tcp_connection::init_as_client

PI71044IllegalArgumentException: Illegal decimaltype. From commonData.GetExternalBytecounts

PI71240SIB message deadlock after servant is restared due to ABENDEC3
High Availability (HA)
PI53806HMGR0005I message does not state that the high availability manager has been disabled

PI67571HMGR0130I message needs more information about JVM termination
Fix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)
PI54850Unable to remove the default search query for connections validation properties on the console.

PI56000Exception logged with EJBQuery 2.0

PI56277Some "advanced connection pool properties" are not honored at runtime

PI61989Optimize connection pool behavior when the free pool distribution table size is set to one

PI69122J2C pretest being used despite FailingConnectionOnly option

PM72423minConnections not honored when thread local storage is used
Java Message Service (JMS)
PI51122Webcontainer intermittently generates a 500 error with StringIndexOutOfBoundsException

PI51523HTTP channel getCookieValue throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when cookie is only one-digit doublequote "

PI52845SSL handshake fails due to a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException.

PI57228The HTTP Channel will consume additional memory, in specific circumstances, when processing inbound data.

PI58883"%{r}w" in accessLogFormat is printing string "%{r}w" instead of the time value
PI58918Response Splitting Vulnerability using a specific API CVE-2016-0359

PI59158NullPointerException in InboundProtocolLink.close causes control region abend with reason=C9C21236

PI63365JMS thin clients hang after IllegalArgumentException is thrown
Java Persistence API (JPA)
PI58114ClassCastException when an equals comparison query is run on an entity with a composite @EmbeddedId
JavaServer MyFaces (JSF) Apache MyFaces implementation
PI45044JSF problem in a portlet environment: Form inputs inside a data table lose their values if validation fails
PI52135File descriptor leak when using wsadmin to deploy and precompile applications with jar files at ear level

PI61073Deploying an application "Precompile JavaServer Pages files" box checked might fail with a java.lang.NullPointerException

PI63554HTTP error code: 500 after requesting a JSP page that statically imports more than one file from the same web fragment.

PI66271When using c:import to import a file that does not exist, an error 500 is received

PI69870IllegalAccessException on EL expression that processes isLast() of object referencing varStatus in JSTL for-each tag
PI56559Change in the order of login modules in security.xml after running the migration scripts.
Object Request Broker (ORB)
PI50098High CPU and delays in app server controller caused by high number of worker threads created.

PI51932SMF type 120 Subtype 9 records may report the completion minor code (smf1209cj) in little-endian format

PI59076S0C4-38 abend from out of a JVM method getOriginalROMMethod+4A
PI54961Extra information in trace file
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)
PI53378Undeprecate collector.bat/.sh failing on z/OS, 37: FSUM7351 not found

PI57134Files in the <was_install>/properties folder are being overwritten when fix packs are installed

PI60302Startup scripts need to be included in collector output

PI69131VMDUMP039I Processing dump event "GPF", please wait. During WebSphere servant region abnormal termination

PI69845Deadlock when the Java logging framework logs a warning in
PI70169Potential cross-site scripting in WebSphere Application Server Admin Console (CVE-2016-8934)
Performance Monitoring Tools
PI65021Rollback Batik library to 1.6.1 because it breaks Intelligent Management charting
PI50823Improve plugin messages for file related errors

PI52490Improve the web server plugin logging to show ephemeral port on existing connections.

PI53803iPlanet static contents returned 503 status code when it has plug-in configured.

PI54086ESI caching errors

PI55092Plugin generation for a mixed environment can not generate newer properties

PI56253plug-in not handling ServerIOTimeout correcty to mark down a server when ESI caching is enabled.

PI56584Unable to select SSL protocol TLSv 1.0, TLS 1.1, or TLS 1.2 for the web server plugin

PI58275Error: Error accessing safkeyring:///keyring a component of path does not name an existing file or path is empty string

PI60793Plugin writes Version information to the ihs error_log in hex on z/OS.

PI63576Crash on Microsoft Internet Information services web server plugin module

PI66812Plugin for IIS does not initialize correctly

PI67061IBM Websphere Application Server web server plugin fails to load on HP IA64
PMI/Performance Tools
PI62283NullPointerException in PMI class ModuleItem

PI67607Tivoli Performance Viewer does not sum the ConcurrentHungThreadCoun
PI56924Non-posix causing problems on Ubuntu

PI56928The manageprofiles -profilePath related error messages need additional information to help debug profile path errors

PI58226If a response file used for a command-line mode is encoded in UTF-8, the configuration may fail
Programming Model Extensions (PME)
PI65037java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Threadpool name already defined
Runtime (zSeries®)
PI63822Abend SEC3,RSN=0406002C does not terminate a WebSphere node agent

PI65437Servant region abends with abend430/abends430 and reason 02390815 during process signal handling
Runtime and Classloader
PI52661Stopping an application while using a single shared class loader causes an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

PI54461Application server process uses wrong hostname to communicate status to node agent

PI61762Script execution can fail when property osgi.embedded.cleanupOnOpen is enabled
PI50599SSL CSR being sent to SSL clients after restarting Application Server instead of expected certificate

PI52179Add SAML web inbound TAI support

PI53397Outbound SSL with two-way SSL handshake fails because app server does not send client certificate to SSL server

PI53493Local OS registry can not get members in group which contains a lot of members

PI54477Add ability to disable logging of SECJ0371W Expired LTPA token messages

PI54809The "" property is not displayed correctly in the administrative console.

PI54960Provide property to set Java security algorithm related properties

PI55440Extra information is in the FFDC log files.

PI56086HMGR0149E Exception: The received token starts with null.
PI56190Potential security vulnerability in WebSphere Application Server if FIPS140-2 is enabled CVE-2016-0306

PI57641Memory leak was detected when stopping an application.

PI58717Unexpected GPF exception BOSSNAP

PI60049Error WSVR0100W is not providing enough information about why the server fails to start.

PI60058Trim white space from ssl.client.props property values to prevent errors.

PI60398Message CWPKI0045E is not displaying properly.

PI61077AdminTask.exportSAMLSpMetadata may fail when exporting SAML service provider metadata

PI61695NullPointerException for wasadmin AdminTask.mapUsersToNamingRole
PI62375Potential code execution vulnerablity in WebSphere Application Server (CVE-2016-5983)

PI62619SAML web SSO admintask command importSAMLidpmetadata fails

PI63989Security auditing enabled log in calls via wsadmin are not being logged when using security_authn.

PI68115Remove 3DES ciphers from default cipher list

PI69815NullPointerException when printing error in WSX509TrustManager

PI70737Unnecessary setCookie header might be set after applying interim fixes for PI62375.
Servlet Engine/Web Container
PI54235A redirect using an URI relative to the current request URL redirects to the wrong URL

PI57516A NullPointerException may occur during application deployment with the precompile JSP option selected.

PI61628A 404 error might be generated when using redirectToWelcomeFile

PI62068Remove Struts from WebSphere Application Server
PI67093Information disclosure in IBM WebSphere Application Server CVE-2016-5986

PI70493Unhelpful message:, logged when exception thrown during servlet initialization
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Container
PI61548Potential Denial of Service in WebSphere Application Server if using SIP services (CVE-2016-2960)
Sessions and Session Management
PI60026Bypass security restrictions in WebSphere Application Server (CVE-2016-0385)
System Management/Repository
PI51061Corruption in administrative console. Application will not start, can not access console.

PI53399Not able to delete a server or cluster

PI56357Error message ADMR0104E updated to include full path name

PI64069Application upload fails with Invalid argument

PI67746AdminApp.isAppReady() can not retrieve the correct application distribution status in an adminagent environment

PI69590MetadataCompleteForModules section is missing from the output of AdminTask.extractConfigProperties

PI71926Bind DN not saved correctly when editing security configuration
Transaction Service
PI45254Collect more serviceability data for transaction log service

PI53996Memory leak can occur in a static hashmap in class

PI54552WOLA BBOA1INV Abend RC8 reason 44

PI61057WTRN0112E errors when running standalone application using the embeddable EJB container

PI65127Deadlock issue when transaction service logs stored in a database and transactional high availability is configured

PI68664Recovery log service may miscalculate free space needed for keypoint resulting in LogFullException

PI69183APAR PI18414 may result in the recovery log service using incorrect sequence numbers.

PI72136Server startup fails with CWRLS0009E error due to failure in the transaction manager's recovery log service.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)
PI54081AdminApp.isAppReady and AdminApp.getDeployStatus show incorrect result after app expansion failure

PI54925Extra information in FFDC log files when customer has defined strings

PI56058JAX-WS throws XMLStreamException upon an XML-SOAP message write attempt

PI56581Signature in propagated SAML token may not be valid due to added namespace declarations

PI58461WSWS1002E when no matched value returned from servletImplName object from the servletClassMapping hashmap

PI60284Accept header for SOAPOverHttps is not compatible with all web service implementations

PI60370During an installation of a web service application, ADMA0078W might happen.

PI60666@XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation failed to work

PI60791AxisDescription objects might consume excessive memory
PI66557Information disclosure with malformed SOAP requests (CVE-2016-9736)
Web Services Security
PI46546Not enough information provided when a custom class is not found in SAML Web SSO

PI48360More diagnostics required when RelayState is invalid in SAMLResponse

PI52244SAML response information might display in browser.

PI52604OpenID Connect SSO with active directory fails with 403 forbidden

PI52613SAML SP-initiated Web SSO requires dynacache or frontend affinity

PI55697OpenID Connect Relying Party: No entry in cache for stateid

PI56331User may not be able to access web page protected with OpenID Connect after initial login

PI56377Signature in propagated SAML token may not be valid due to added namespace declarations

PI56669The JAX-RPC UsernameToken consumer cannot be forced to login

PI57465OIDC: Remove session cookie after logout

PI57565WS-Security does not emit TokenType on reference to SAML token

PI58160Add new client and provider general bindings with SHA256

PI58900CWSML7011E exception occurs when a SAML assertion contains a SAML2:advice element.

PI59201NullPointerException error when decrypting a SOAP message in JAX-WS

PI59831Support for using local x509 public certificate for signature verification in OIDC

PI60064Support customized error page in SAML TAI

PI60820CWWSS5634E when using relative URI

PI62148Expose APIs to retrieve tokens from runAs subject

PI63906WebTrustASSOciationFailedException thrown by the OpenID Connect Relying Party during authorization

PI64573A 403 error may occur when using the OIDC RP

PI64924OpenID Connect RP cannot locate key in JWK set

PI65466OpenID Connect ear and py files and the openid py file are missing from IBM Embedded WebSphere Application Server

PI65751The interceptedPathFilte OIDC custom property should not be required

PI66128SAML Web SSO may reject requests when proxy is in use

PI70402SAML Seb SSO OutOfMemory in KeyStoreManager
WebSphere Common Configuration Model (WCCM)
PI59279Infinite loop during application startup while accessing program model extension metadata

PI65464High CPU utilitization may occur when copying business objects.

PI70110EJB jar metadata TransactionAttribute may be incorrect
PI53321Using WOLA with CICS version 5.3 causes BBOX abend

PI53538WOLA IMS multi-segment message support is not working when trying to increase segment or message size.

PI55853OutOfMemoryError in the control region output after a failed WOLA reqeust.

Fix release date: 01 Feb, 2016
Last modified: 01 Feb, 2016
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 12

Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PI42083NullPointerException when opening memory-to-memory replication page in administrative console.
PI48976No console identity is displayed on the administrative console login screen
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)PI43440WASX7015E: Exception running command: "AdminUtilities.getScriptLibraryFiles()"
PI49833Leading space when adding custom properties to resource environment providers via wsadmin - AdminConfig.create
Data Replication ServicesPI45227Session data is returned after a full 5 second DRS timeout
Federated RepositoriesPI37525Concurrent update/create failing on shared Oracle LA/DB in VMM
PI44152Use entity type search filter in get group membership call.
PI44899NullPointerException while searching for DB repository users
PI48613Group search filter not applied while dynamic groups search
GeneralPI31579IllegalStateException when accessing BeanManager in JSF SystemEventListener for PreDestroyApplicationEvent
PI33449Full profile OpenID Connect RP does not work with Google OP
PI34375Exception not caught in the Decorator as it is surrounded by a try and catch clause as it is done by the Interceptor.
PI35453OpenJPA transforms JPQL to SQL incorrectly
PI35887CDI method getName() can result in null
PI37230Potential security vulnerability with the Administrative console CVE-2015-1936
PI37710WebSphere Application Server Servant Region receives an OC4 ABEND.
PI38626z/OS servant hangs during initialization
PI38899java.lang.NullPointerException might occur when the deployed J2EE application with CDI annotations is stopped.
PI40002Update the system SSL cipher list
PI40088Producer-field for EntityManager leads to exception
PI40549UnproxyableResolutionException when injecting a bean with non-private final methods
PI40596MalformedParameterizedTypeException thrown during deployment of webbeans doesn't give enough information to debug
PI41545java.lang.NullPointerException from CDI code. Check for null instance of the credential context is introduced.
PI41557Change default certificate to be SHA26withRSA certificates
PI41707Data corruption in copied tree because when materializing, the child is being linked to the wrong parent
PI41965SAML TAI restores post parameters from original request prematurely
PI42523Root not injected on URL containing query but omitted path
PI42967ContextNotActiveException encountered when accessing a RequestScoped CDI bean inside a @PostConstruct method
PI43036JspTranslationException when using a JSP tag containing another tag with deferred-attributes
PI43096Missing serverindex.xml throws NullPointerException
PI43144Extra information in Mail Trace
PI43347Overlapping context roots may result in an HTTP 404 error message.
PI43678Application Server fails to start if old pid file exists and being used by other process
PI43749Data corruption in copied tree during unnecessary materializing copied nodes
PI44309Thread hang due to the "allow serial access" enabled in session manager
PI44337The error messages displayed when trying to manage an unmanageable server in a standalone environment are not helpful.
PI44494Message BBOA7102E is seen when variable ola_rrs_context_propagate_otma=1
PI44496Many threads generically named thread-xx, like "thread-23"
PI44534Provide Windows debugging information for the was.process native-code DLL
PI44611JSP engine throwing an IllegalStateException when PageContext.findAttribute(string attributename) is called
PI44859Error when trying to force an eager fetch on a query
PI45266HTTP response splitting vulnerability CVE-2015-2017
PI45287APAR PI9074 might cause unexpected issues with web services applications
PI45900Portlet API Version 2.1.0 update
PI46605Small performance improvement to CDI
PI46614NullPointerException at NamedDeclaration when XML has duplicate XSTypeDefinitions
PI46640Uncorrect URL appears in WCT command
PI46964WOLA gets error on otma_open call, RC = 8, RSN codes = 0 : 0 : 0 : 2
PI47144Merging an unmanaged entity multiple (3) times leads to an exception.
PI47460Add multi-provider support to OpenID Connect relying party in the full profile.
PI47551A security exception is thrown when CDI qualifiers are in use and Java2 security is enabled
PI47842When doing IdP-initiated SSO, if a RelayState is not in the SAMLResponse, the authentication will fail.
PI47885h:selectManyCheckbox and h:selectOneRadio components do not support f:ajax tags.
PI47898Bean property initialization fails with a org.apache.commons.logging.LogConfigurationException.
PI48116Incorrect default path for WebSphere plugin, when creating an IHS webserver from the administrative console.
PI48986An FFDC is created if a request containing a Content-Encoding header does not have a body
PI49066Use of OpenID TAI may cause ClassCastException error in cluster environment
PI49174Namespace missing in the nodes with default namespace when moved
PI49272Cross site scripting in WebSphere Application Server OAUTH Service Provider CVE-2015-7417
PI49437Need to ship batik.jar that correctly displays with Tivoli Performance Viewer.
PI49705NullPointerExceptions in binding listener code, causes the invalidation to fail.
PI50291Beans searched for through instance interface not found
PI50694ClassCastExcetpion is thrown in JPA when QueryCache is enabled.
PI51301SecurityDomain credential is not honored when WebSphereOAuth20sp.ear is installed
PI51486FileNotFoundException during profile creation
PI51950Over 4x increase in 50 cluster creation in large topology
PI52103Vulnerability in Apache CommonsCollections (CVE-2015-7450)
PI53152Update EJBDeploy with new Commons Library
High Availability (HA)PI40412DCSV8030 message explanation should include a link to appropriate technical document
PI41276Server fails to start when HA coregroup "transport memory size" is set more than 256 Mb
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPI41455WAS_HOME/properties/postinstall/actions/os400PropertiesSetup.ant corrected
PI49801Installation Manager errors when moving symbolic links during update
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PI42046Datasource TestConnection through wsadmin can result in a failure after a client reroute warning
Java Message Service (JMS)PI37454BBOJ0099E: MDB problem: Internal stop issued for MDB listener
PI40241A web service request using secure sockets fails
PI46480NullPointerException thrown after input stream closed.
PI48725Initial TLSV1.0 application data packet read into the wrong buffer by SSL Channel
PI48759The TCP Channel's Host Name Include and Exclude lists are case sensitive
PI50816Update IBM WebSphere MQ JCA resource adapter to version
Object Request Broker (ORB)PI43141WebSphere z/OS MODIFY commands, PAUSELISTENERS and RESUMELISTENERS, do not include Activation Spec listeners.
PI49424Dump occurs during stop of job scheduler control region.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PI37108Unexpected commit when WebSphere is cancelled
PI43063Collector tool does not collect files in temp directory
PI44459improper loglevel of trace string won't generate trace
Plug-inPI39126Modify plugin to automatically validate security based on current standards
PI42490Second connect fails when using same socket
PI46569Plugin may crash if connect calls are interrupted
PI49893Allow certificate validation to be disabled
PI50205Apache LogFormat not working for %{WAS}e
PI50473Error starting web server plugin on HP
PMI/Performance ToolsPI48619Excessive appendCustomSetString calls cause high CPU when using VE and PMI.
RuntimePI38330library.policy is not applied to non-isolated shared library but is applied to isolated shared library may see SECJ0314W
PI40095Emit messages recommending WebContainer thread pool adjustment
PI42112WSVR0322W emitted for empty classpath definition
Runtime (zSeries®)PI44159Activation specs not started in all servers in a cluster during server initialization.
PI44409Server takes a long time to start through the administrative console
SecurityPI38492The did not work properly when running from command line.
PI42153Retrieve signers from port does not honor the enabled cipher suites setting.
PI42628Local OS registry initialization error
PI43170Display a better message when keystore file does not exist.
PI43727Expiration monitor stopped working if the certificate is not generated by WebSphere Application Server
PI43768Remove SSL_RSA_FIPS_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA from the strong cipher list.
PI44539CWWDR0012E: java.lang.StackOverflowError error between WebSphere security and DRS for auth cache invalidation.
PI44880Improve serviceability for form-logout processing.
PI46800Renew of certificate fails
PI47190Add simple ldapSearch function to help configure user registry.
PI48386Extra information in Trace
PI48460Failure to convert certificates when CMS keystore is present
Services Component ArchitecturePI48565SCA implementation.jee application may not start
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPI41941Improve error messages SRVE9002E and SRVE8011E
PI48485Duplicate registration of SimpleFileServlet when PMI is enabled
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) ContainerPI42867Exception in SIP container caused by many disconnections from the failovered server in very short period of time
PI52153SipSessions are invalidated incorrectly in scenarios when INVITE request expired before response received on it
System Management/RepositoryPI43161Partial application update fails due to case sensitivity on Microsoft Windows operating systems
PI43788Auto-deploy not setting session manager attributes
Transaction ServicePI43413Deadlock in controller due to timing window in the recovery log service; servant times out
PI43890Add additional information to CWRLS0030 message to aid startup trouble-shooting.
PI45319NullPointerException appears during partner log recovery processing
PI47909Migration fails when one node name is a substring of another
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PI25423Incorrect ports are used for HTTPS and HTTP webservices aync calls.
PI42135Extra information is displayed in browser window
PI45126In JMS messages, special characters are not correctly encoded.
PI50993Hide the HTTPClient API in JAX-RS engine
Web Services SecurityPI38151Throw exception if receive unsupported keyinfo in SAML
PI45840Allow PasswordDigest on UsernameToken in JAX-WS WS-Security with custom login module
PI48578CWWSS8014E error in SAML Web SSO can be misleading
PI50119More error info required on WSEC7074E when KeyInfo missing from SAML assertion
Workload Management (WLM)PI37801Thread sleep in WLM RuleEtiquette.registerNotificationType causes thread hangs when cluster member descriptions not avail
Fix release date: 17 Aug, 2015
Last modified: 17 Aug, 2015
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 11
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PI25136Attempting to update an application from the administrative console returns Error 500 and NumberFormatException
PI28879"Generic Servers" might remain as "defunct" processes in the system after being stopped.
PI29631Referenceables parameter is missing in the command generated by command assistance
PI32917The console does not indicate when a new user is being created when adding a primary admin user.
PI35762Administrator role unable to see the CORBA naming service users permissions
PI37045Renewing a personal certificate in RSA token keystore does not update a certificate alias name in security.xml.
PI41076JMX client fails to connect with ClassNotFoundException:
PM72624Server running dpmanager won't shut down on z/OS
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)PI25880$AdminApp edit fails with java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException
Data Replication ServicesPI33639Message CWWDR0008E runtime exception occured : Unable to locate replication domain does not include the name of the domain.
Default Messaging ComponentPI31775JMS messages build up on the destination when topicspace mapping is used across multiple buses
PI32705Large number of TickRange instances under GuaranteedTargetStream consumes more memory and may create High CPU
PI33341Service integration bus messaging engine fails to start with NullPointerException when PMI is enabled
Dynamic CachePI34631DYNA0044E: XML parsing warning: Document is invalid: no grammar found., while parsing file xxxxxx.xsd
Enterprise Edition (EE)PI37349Content in XML elements sometimes lost when using JAX-RPC web services
Federated RepositoriesPI24537ClassNotFoundException after running command
PI28542NullPointerException while initializing the policy handler for OpenLdap
PI30252getUsersForGroup does not return members of subgroups when baseEntries and nameInRepository differs
PI35743Race condition may cause excessive number of SQL calls to property extension database
PI36794VMM database schema missing city property definition
PI37682Retrieving users/groups on manage users and groups panel by default
PI38918VMM API not returning value if attribute name contains semicolon ;
PI40830Set default of value of supportChangeLog to none from CLI
GeneralPI16718java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs when starting OSGi application
PI20674NullPointerException in Equinox prevents OSGi applications Blueprint from working correctly
PI24001The JspWriterImpl is not properly cleaning up resources in memory after a request completes.
PI25499NullPointerException thrown when a session in memory was invalidated before the scheduled invalidation occured.
PI25626Spurious WASX7486W warning message produced when command assistance output is used
PI25749Include partition table information in logging.
PI26023Property file encoding error causing monitored directory deployment failure
PI26770NullPointerException when application uses CDI @Produces method with InjectionPoint
PI26845AdminTask.importSAMLIdPMetadata command generates invalid SAML Web SSO TAI properties
PI27526The @Produces annotation method on class results in a non-null injectionpoint instance on first invocation.
PI28021Integrating liquibase to application server through CDI causes a ClassCastException
PI28074WebSphere plug-in for the IBM HTTP Server will issue MVS console message if initialization fails.
PI28233Updating a datasource property value of type #Boolean causes a new datasource to be added as type #String when using wsadmin
PI28413Some SIP container packages were unnecessarily exported.
PI29184Changes to AnnotatedType are not reflected in ProcessBean.getAnnotated
PI29412When using a fetch group with a JPQL query, only the fields in the fetch group are returned.
PI29421CDI getInjectableReference() is not working as expected
PI29634WebSphere OAuth TAI template cache has a synchronized lock and can block many threads.
PI29666Remove system property
PI29885While using the async threads inside the main thread, session manager code throws IndexOutOfBoundsException.
PI30212CWWSS8031E error when a request matches the acsUrl and filter definitions for the SAML Web SSO ACSTrustAssociationInterceptor
PI30385Domino web server crashes when plugin Edge Side Include (ESI) enabled and ChunkedResponse set to True
PI30400Update the XML processing for portlet.xml during portlet application installation.
PI30467Incorrect locking behaviour of OpenJPA
PI30609Nillable attribute in schema is not considered when evaluating nilled elements
PI31024Data corruption in copied tree due to original tree not being built.
PI31323JPA cache.contains(...) returns wrong value
PI31557Message bean instances injected with the CDI @New annotations are not @@PostConstructed
PI31734HTTP response might have multiple Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID headers
PI31826Enabling version 8 server for performance data collection services causes abort
PI31899Server may get stuck in marked down state
PI31922New JSF applications may fail after deployment if another JSF application is deployed in the server using its own EL parser
PI31945CDI UnsatisfiedResolutionException from MDBs and startup beans
PI32026The message "BBOA8090E an error occurred during true enablement with reason code 63" is not clear for client self-assist.
PI32125NullPointerException in Portlet Container CacheHelper
PI32250NullPointerException in PortletFilterRegistry method getFilters
PI32293SAML Web SSO TAI is not working when IDP certificate renewed
PI32374JAX-RPC application with large attachment may consume large memory for calculating the size of the attachment.
PI32632Duplicate error page will be shown when 413 return code received
PI32647With Java2 security on, the SECJ0314W is thrown.
PI32689OpenJPA fails to recompute the JPQL when a null field of an embedded primary key is now correctly filled failed with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
PI33012CVE-2014-8917 - XSS in dojox
PI33182The plug-in connection to the application server can fail if it is interrupted during the initial connect.
PI33193Enabling the same interceptor in different beans.xml fails with interceptor class is already defined error
PI33328javax.faces.application.FacesMessage is not serializable
PI33453Chunked request might fail to receive all response caused by delayed last CRLF.
PI33795Override session management settings on application fails to work when application state is changed from inactive to valid
PI34033WSAS for z/OS local communication client may hang in termination.
PI34044Improve the debug information for messaging engine to messaging engine communication problems
PI34088Error in SAML Web SSO TAI with custom SP-initiated SSO
PI34326Frequent WSOpaqueToken W SECJ5003W: errors in systemout.log when using OAuth TAI
PI34330NullPointerException while providing internationalization service
PI34548URL fragments may be removed when requests are processed by the SAML Web SSO TAI
PI35174WebSphere plugin Apache 24 loads wrong GSKit on Intel 64bit
PI35178Plugin to return req_aborted with RC=500 for Solaris
PI35265ECSA storage growth when resource managers (resmgr) are not deleted
PI35667Poor transaction performance when storing transaction logs in a database
PI35866Crash in LE module vsnprintf +x 000027fc
PI36097queryWASinstalls fails to run from product installation directory. Message java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError
PI36134NullPointerException when operating hashmap in DestroyRequestContext
PI36177PostConstruct method is not called if there is a second method of the same name
PI36211Potential privilege escalation with OAUTH2
PI36566Groupby element of current-group()[n] does not return a singleton value for xml that use stripspace elements
PI37124Wrong query is generated when using JPA 2.2 with criteria builder and sub query occurs when serializing an HTTPSession used by the UDDI gui application.
PI37304Incorrect JSP translation for the expression
PI37485Comparison between encodings should be case-insensitive. JSPG0088E
PI37687IBM embedded WebSphere Application Server is missing the jar files for OpenID and OpenID Connect
PI38043Avoid repetitive loading of JSF component classes while restoring view in JSF 2.0 portlet bridge.
PI38066Request to Prefix mapping of Faces servlet may return a 500 Error.
PI38265ws-notification broker may fail to deliver notifications due to illegalstateexception issued by the ibm stax parser.
PI38788Hung thread caused by MyFaces -backupProfile runs even if there are clusters or managed webservers up and running.
PI39768Vulnerability in Apache Batik used by WebSphere Application Server CVE-2015-0250
PI40544CDI decorator for an interface must directly implement can not inherit from a super class
PI41209ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with fast access array
PI41325Improve logging in wctcmd command
PI41367Plugin doesn t honor IBM HTTP Server server-status request.
PI41369Using @Inject @Any causes errors
PI41525CWWIM4564I reworded to include that the host was pinged.
PI41728An inherited qualifier with a value is overridden but the more distant value's ancestor is applied to a bean.
PI42231Exception retrieving the value of a nilled element in order to pass to a java extension function.
PI42673Extra information in logs with datasource custom properties
High Availability (HA)PI35249DCSV0001E: DCS stack: Internal error occurred in DCS. The exception is java.lang.NullPointerException
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPI33001Pluggable application client installation does not accept Java 1.7 or Java 1.8 during IM installation
PI33506Update notices.txt file
PI34928Installation warnings when rolling back offerings that include a Java JRE.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PI27154Gracefully handle the SQLFeatureNotSupportedException
PI33656Enhance statement cache multi-thread access detection
PI34641Deadlock in J2C code during application server startup or shutdown
PI39786NullPointerException caused incorrect connection pool status when trace enabled
PM97050javax.transaction.TransactionRolledbackException is thrown due to java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Java Message Service (JMS)PI26313Jobs run with launch client intermittently fail with WSCL0912E component failed to initialize
PI31292getPathInfo returns a semi-colon for the ";xxxx" appended after the request URI
PI31447The server adds a /(slash) to response URI if the inbound request URI has a ;(semi-colon)
PI35402java.lang.NumberFormatException is thrown when expiry is set to "specified" for a V5 default messaging topic or queue
PI36010Channel framework NCSA access log service time
JNDI/NamingPI29849Naming exception cause is unclear
LibertyPI17457Javacore file is packaged into the server dump in an incorrect encoding.
MigrationPI27459Migration failing in the WASPostUpgrade stage with ADMA0251E
PI28359Migration change to wcinbound transport name causes synch error
PI28415WASPostUpgrade on the deployment manager shows MIGR0440W... SaveFailureException
PI30728-portBlock -replacePorts options do not work properly for WASPostUpgrade command
PI30817Migration changes core group IDs to the default core group ID
PI34638Migration job BBOWDPRE, step PREUPGRD takes a very long time to complete
PI35237Processing of the sib-engines.xml file during migration causes a NullPointerException on WASPreUpgrade
Object Request Broker (ORB)PI31117SSD blocks in ESQA associated with WebSphere control not freed
PI38104Server took an abend EC3 reason code 0406002E when a CG thread attempts to get a cell from an expanded or BR cell pool.
PI40209Message BBOO0327I can be improved by having it include: transaction class, service class, and report class if available
OtherPI30745When webcontainer begins disallowing ServeServletsByClassname, console no longer redirects from /admin to /ibm/console
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PI28814Deadlock can occur when one thread is trying to rotate log file and another is setting a new trace specification
PI28937java.util.logging.Logger objects do not inherit logging level from parent logger objects
PI370950C2 abend 00C2 reason code: 00000002 during recovery from an 0C4 abend
PI41129Increase MaxNumberOfHistoricalFiles for trace.log to 5 from 1 as default
Plug-inPI29182Consolidate Domino choice within PCT
PI30202Ant script does not provide a proper failure message when wrong XML location is provided.
PI32029Unnecessary annotation scans for ejb-in-war content in a module.
PMI/Performance ToolsPI28801Memory leak is not being countered properly with Gencon GC policy
PI35028CWPMI0010W message should be warning instead of error message.
Programming Model Extensions (PME)PI32169Asyncbeans logs error ASYN0066E and can lead to a slow memory leak due to timing issues related to work completion
Proxy ServerPI38403Potential Information Disclosure in On Demand Router CVE-2015-1932
RuntimePI23974DeployedObjectHandlers should be stopped in reverse order from which they were started
PI27028Server startup fails and does not any log any error message when RunAs user set
PI27505Generic server creation with no executable name or start command resulted in WSVR0634E error
PI29771An ABEND DC3 reason 000C0009 surfaces after attempting to start a control region after an IPL. Subsequent start is successful.
Runtime (zSeries®)PI27262z/OS WebSphere public variable needed to disable FFDC logging of buffer overflow events.
PI27374CreateFailureException when application is re-deployed
PI36264No message indicating classification level tracing is enabled
SecurityPI13790Client certificate authentication failed to use registry configured in a security domain.
PI23823Native storage leak in subpool 249 key 2 of size 1000 on call to BBOSSNAP SAF service IRRSIA00 resulting in ABEND 878.
PI28207SECJ0395E: Could not locate the security server host and port
PI28513Server fails to start during initializing federated repository with
PI29000High CPU utilization may be seen when security configuration change is made for a cell with many application servers
PI29397An unrelated LTPAToken cookie might be removed upon logout
PI31689NullPointerException in ContextImpl.handleSyncToOSThread using EJBTimer after migration from from v6.0
PI32113During Initialization of the WebSphere Application Server, there is a delay of 5 minutes or more.
PI32242Missing file causes errors during profile creation in BBOWWPFA job.
PI33215ASYN9999E messages may fill logs if security attribute propagation is disabled
PI35289Remove the RC4 ciphers from the high list of ciphers that are generated by default CVE-2015-2808
PI35729Issue different message if host and port number are not available.
PI36563Remove the RSA_EXPORT ciphers from the medium list of ciphers
PI37396Potential spoofing vulnerability in WebSphere Application Server CVE-2015-4938
PI37497Application runtime failed with 405 HTTP method PUT is not supported by this URL
PI38596Hang in findNonNullKeyEntry() of
PI39369NullPointerException error may occur when security is enabled and provisioning is disabled.
PI39396Same value is set for LTPAToken and LTPAToken2 cookie in HTTP response
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPI27835Incorrect validation of MultipartConfig annotation
PI28910Web container call to AsynContext.dispatch() causes all subsequent calls of request.isAsyncStarted()) to return false
PI31339Potential information disclosure with servlets
PI31622Privilege escalation with serveservlets CVE-2015-1927
PI35394Incorrect validation of WebServlet annotation can result in ValidationException
PI42281Suppress SRVE0255E error message in systemout trace
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) ContainerPI35141NullPointerException issue for linked_uas_1 in B2B
System Management/RepositoryPI24847Nodeagent might not start application server after system reboot because of wrong PID info in monitor.state
PI28200Extracted properties of type double, byte and short are shown as type #String using AdminTask.extractConfigProperties
PI30878Shared library at cluster scope is overwritten by PFBC when user creates a shared library at cell scope with the same name
PI37248A property file based configuration (PFBC) file might fail to apply.
PI38302CVE-2015-1920 Security vulnerability in IBM WebSphere Application Server
Transaction ServicePI18414Transaction or recovery log file may become corrupt if process dies
PI28635WS-RM 1.0 synchronous application requests are constantly resent despite having been acknowledged
PI38387When storing transaction service logs in a non-HA database data may be lost and the transaction service may fail
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PI26735WSDL4J consumes excessive amounts of memory in the heap
PI29521Allow users to control where attachment files are cached to disk
PI29784Public method in super class of web services annoted class is incorrectly exposed as web service
PI30166Outgoing web service request is missing the closing MIMEBoundary tag.
PI32411BPM receives NullPointerException due to jaxwsNoWSDLProviderOperation
PI34919WSDL4J does not tolerate schemaLocation=""
PI35285WSWS7027E and WSWS7054E errors (WSDL file could not be generated) may occur during web service deployment or startup
PI35741JAX-WS service provider application does not use temp files for large attachments
PI37671Missing JSON response data from JAX-RS client appliction.
PI37874A web service thread holding a synchronization lock may hang during application deployment
Web Services SecurityPI24503A SAML token cannot be sent in a response message.
PI31799A NullPointerException error may occur when a WS-Security Kerberos token generator is mis-configured and trace is enabled
PI32262AuthenticationCache entries with SAML tokens getting large and causing OutOfMemory
PI32373CredentialConfiguration class is missing from was_public.jar
PI32579allow the OnBehalfOf or ActAs elements in an STS request to contain a SAML token
PI33760SHA-2 signature algorithm cannot be specified for SAML token in or WS-Security bindings

Fix release date: 16 Feb, 2015
Last modified: 16 Feb, 2015
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 10

Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PI14045Un-registering deployment manager from job manager causes trust.p12 to become an empty file
PI14218Not able to modify or select activation spec custom property
PI16095Port assignment issues
PI17532Admin page being cached locally
PI19347WMQ activation specification showing wrong infromation in the administrative console.
PI20136Exception thrown when trying to display an error for invalid provider type for a JDBC provider.
PI20602Can not remove TAI from security domain
PI20805Administrative console reports status of a running application as partial start after server restart.
PI20983Update information returned from SOAP port
PI21680Unable to enable interoperability mode under single sign on settings from administrative console
PI26128From the console if you select everything under policy attachments it generates multiple entries in bindings.xml
PI26930Mail validation is too strict for security notification emails
PI27152WebSphere Application Server console clickjacking vulnerability
Data Replication ServicesPI23397Delay in replication message delivery
PI26233The members of the replication domain contains excessive members
Default Messaging ComponentPI09219Some messages in service integration bus destinations are not displayed in the administrative console.
PI13118On either side of the MQLink, if the target destination is not found, messages are not put in the exception destination
PI17533JMS message producer and consumer applications fail to produce and consume messages from service integration bus destination
PI17537Deadlock detected between service integration bus threads
PI18320NullPointerException when service integration bus messaging engine is disabled and enabled, resulting in CWSIP0785W
PI18511When MQ Server is a bus member and correllationID of the message is used, queue is browsed against all messages.
PI19322Restrict long running locks warning messages logged even though the feature is not enabled
PI20317IllegalMonitorStateException leads to corrupt destination in WebSphere Application Server service integration bus
PI21325JVM panic followed by IllegalStateException due to timing issue when mutilple threads attempt to persist large messages
PI22569MQ RFH2 header is propagated even though it is disabled at the destination.
PM97695RippleStart of WebSphere Application Server causes currently running transactions to fail
Dynamic CachePI28016NumberFormatException in Extended Cache Monitor
PI28515DynaCache CWWDY1064E or DYNA1064E is written for containsKeyDisk() operation
Enterprise Edition (EE)PI19114ClassGenException - Branch target offset exception - is thrown during code generation process in the JAXB Marshalling process.
Federated RepositoriesPI15231Add group search filter for LDAP user in login process
PI16765Potential bypass security vulnerability in virtual member manager (VMM)
PI17239Principal name for the users in local OS and domain returned in the format machineid\userid or domain\userid
PI17504VMM throws NullPointerException during login if contextPool is disabled
PI18109getGroups not returning propertyForOutput if uniqueName is provided
PI18910Exception in loading JDBC driver class when skipDBCreation set to true while running setupIdMgrPropertyExtensionRepositoryTables
PI19315Context pool checkbox is disabled by default for custom LDAP repository type but traces shows that it is enabled.
PI20696Iterator is not handled correctly while generating hashed password
PI20941Server startup has SECJ0363E and SECJ0369E errors
PI21458Support for login policy to change password after first login in federated repository with LDAP repository configured.
PI23979Server fails to restart after enabling servlet caching
PI24253Duplicate predicates in LDAP query is causing performance issues for client.
PI30945CWWIM4538E message improved to include repository IDs.
GeneralPI06904Issue with JSF and WSRP
PI09596NoClassDefFoundErrors for a particular JSP servlet. Causes permanent failure of loads
PI10769Ajax form update with PrimeFaces 4.0 not rendering correctly
PI10792OpenJPA FetchJoin does not always get the correct result.
PI11176The HTTP channel could cause the operating system to send an RST packet when the connection is closed
PI11628OptimisticLockException may occur when JPA application uses Timestamp in @Version field
PI11642CWWJP9992E: openjpa.Enhance: Error
PI11745manageProfile -backupProfile repeats multiple times before completing
PI12666IllegalStateException: component with duplicate id message when using the shipped MyFaces 2.0
PI12737OpenJPA runs superfluous SELECT statement when calling EntityManager.persist(..)
PI12923NoClassDefFoundError may occur if resources file are invoked in WSFP bundle.
PI13445Change mapWebserverToApplications to mapWebServerToApplications in pct_responsefile.txt
PI13763Applciation server stuck in markdown
PI13914java.sql.SQLException when performing a JPA query
PI13987400 bad request error from channel component while parsing the headers.
PI14470Add OpenID and OpenID Connect relying party TAIs
PI14491Leverage database HA to implement recovery log HA
PI14567Plug-in configuration tool (PCT) creates a response file with back-slashes in the directory path, instead of forward-slashes
PI14770Add a timeout option on the service creation
PI15310StackOverflow error or NullPointerException occurs under heavy load
PI15385EJB container locks and does not unlock an object.
PI15518Notifications not sent to service integration bus clients when a messaging engine instance is stopped forcefully.
PI15549Invoking isClosed() on native JDBC connection results in NullPointerException
PI15638Follow-up to apar PM74190 for web services component
PI15835Server took a dump for an abend S0DC3 RC 0A120002
PI16073An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException may be thrown from the parser's data buffer helper class
PI16829WMQ connection factory test connection button fails with 2278 when using a CCDTURL containing a WebSphere variable.
PI16932Close naming context before creating context wrapper
PI16935javax.naming.NameNotFoundException for EJB 3.1 EJB in servant regions started after the first servant region comes up.
PI17082getClasses.dll does not ship Microsoft Windows PDBs
PI17577PMT freeze after entering a domain user for WASService panel
PI17598Complex type definition gets removed from grammar
PI17652Conversation id (cid) is propagated in links (h:link)
PI17768Security vulnerability in portlet container
PI17987The portlet container markup fragment caching feature incorrectly handles null values of URL parameters.
PI18016JSF MyFaces incorrectly prefixing external namespace to IDs
PI18177Add additional check in session manager to remove incorrect cloneIds if HttpSessionCloneId property is set.
PI18259Out of memory error for match pattern with many steps and predicates
PI18604Uncaught application exceptions thrown during a JSF Ajax request instead of error element in the Ajax response
PI18687Fatal error files continue to be generated
PI18737createSetupGSKitLibPath script sets incorrect gskit path for generated setupGSKitLibPath script
PI19074WebBeans context with scope type annotation @RequestScoped does not exist within current thread
PI19266SAML Seb Single-Sign on (sso) may corrupt HTTPRequestParameter bytes
PI19344Profile OSGi bundle cache is obsolete after WebSphere Application Server product updates.
PI19558Incorrect element order when using multiple threads
PI19688Outbound service from WSAS to CICS via WOLA hangs
PI19698SAML Web Single Sign-on (SSO) may redirect client to the wrong URL
PI19830Provide stack trace in FFDC when response already committed (SESN0066E) scenario occurs.
PI20299Cache control header was updated by channel framework but updated incorrectly with quotes
PI20433JPA pagination is not working
PI20817The application-scoped managed beans are not instantiated/initialized when the web app is
PI20835NumberFormatException returns to Administrative Console if server running with '-Dfile.encoding=Cp943'.
PI20909SAML Web Single Sign-on (SSO) is corrupting NL characters on various actions/logins
PI21276%U NCSA access logging directive does not record the url path
PI21332Abend301 during WOLA unregister force
PI21552Provide required support to remove symlink dependencies to authorized modules when starting servers via scripting.
PI22281Application startup failed while initializing MyFaces with commons-logging
PI22641Server JVM locks nodeagent's native_stderr.log
PI22912NullPointerException thrown from session manager code even though the application server is up and running.
PI23055Administrative Console may be vulnerable to cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery
PI23059The not honored in client programs
PI23157When running with PRIMEPSA enabled plugin transportSetServerAddress overlaid heap headers, causing abend
PI23430Remote attacker may be able to spoof OpenID and OpenID connect cookies
PI23547When REU=Y some request to override a link succeed when all should fail
PI23717Deadlock in com/ibm/ejs/util/cache/Cache.findAndFault and com/ibm/ejs/container/HomeRecord.getHomeAndInitialize
PI23817NoSuchMethodError when initializing OLA 14/09/02 ptf pechange
PI23819Potential XSS vulnerability on session identifier handling when using URL rewriting
PI23826List items from the copied-tree are missing after mutating the original.
PI23836NullPointerException with XML tracing enabled
PI24192Duplicated first element within a list for simple elements
PI24246HttpSessionBindingEvent.getValue() returns null
PI24358Abend 0D6 happens when a WOLA unregister call is made when the application server is down
PI24420pmijvmtiprofiler.dll does not ship Microsoft Windows PDBs
PI24421systemdata.dll does not ship Microsoft Windows PDBs
PI24444WebSphere WOLA API calls failing with Abend BBOX in CICS for CICS TS 5.2
PI25221A potential performance issue with ODR/Proxy on Microsoft Windows
PI25298OpenID Connect relying party on full profile can't authenticate with Liberty profile OpenID Connect provider using access token
PI25302Plug-in race condition can occur when multiple threads are trying to retrieve the partition table at the same time.
PI25310CEA Service could allow information disclosure
PI25329Add include options for annotation filtering.
PI25429Nilled elements contained within a list are not deleted by remove operation
PI25467Missing elements in scenarios with an original node and its copy both being in the same tree
PI25681Remove export packages of the org.apache.commons.codec from the
PI25730An InitializationException (CWWIM5045E) is thrown by copyIdMgrFilesForDomain command but no traces are logged
PI25740Abend 0C4 with SMF enabled on native call to Z_GETSTRINGUTFCHARS
PI26201UnsupportedOperationException when using application scope JSF bean with dependency injection via @ManagedProperty& eager=true
PI26271An unwanted FFDC incident is created for exceptions defined by the EJB specification
PI26666Property file based configuration updates to web module environment entries might not take effect.
PI27022Print the levels of CICS modules to allow customer verification
PI27202During WOLA request processing across regions minor code C9C24C30 and C9C24C15 appear
PI27204Connection count may be incorrect when using embedded ESI caching
PI27232Track hung threads with thread dumps
PI27275Issues with portlet fragment caching
PI27290Multi-window usage with server-side state saving throws a javax.faces.application.ViewExpiredException
PI27606Crash in lib_htrequest when using Intelligent Management.
PI28144Provide information about client write failures in the WebSphere web server plugin log
PI28257JPQL query using openjpa.hint.useLiteralInSQL=true does not handle boolean constants (<parameter> =true) correctly
PI28447WebServer plugin configuration tool (PCT) updated to change response file saving
PI28590CDI Conversation scope is not working for JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 portlet project in non-AJAX use case.
PI28751Enhance the performance search for resources in /meta-inf/resources
PI28788PortletSessionWrapper of JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 portlet bridge returns attribute names as null if session is null
PI29073Receiving out of memory error using
PI29446Misleading message when server lookup in coregroup fails when using AdminTask.modifyPolicy
PI29537The wctcmd command accepts values demand and auto
PI29878OutOfMemoryError from session scoped managed bean
PI30067Application server not starting because of WIMException
PI30108Message ESI: esiMonitorCreate: unable to unset $WSRH header
PI30538Handle NullPointerException to catch the real exception
PI30579Security Vulnerability with FacesPortlet
PM86697Followup to PM73096. Handle additional cases of archive memory leaks.
PM94648The Session Manager may not able to access the session data due to 'Stream Closed' error
High Availability (HA)PI15356PYT tables compatible with CICS TS 5.1 are missing
PI18362BBOA8782E during OLA processing of transactions with char containers.
PI22073DCSV9421W (general network problem) messages should contain the node and server name member failing to connect.
PI31401Add additional information for DCSV1115W
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPI23802English block message shows only when concurrently install WSAS and a JDK interim fix whose bit levels do not match
PI29328Add support for RedHat 7 and SLES 12
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PI12769Exceptions can occur when using a database URL with an equal (=)sign.
PI12978DB2 insert is rolled back for unknown reason
PI13428Threads hang due to deadlock when stopping an application that includes a resource adapter
PI13707Resource adapter version information is not updated in deployment manager.
PI15051showPoolContents shows other datasource pool content information
PI16660ClassCastException during invocation of method "findByPrimaryKey" on a CMP 2.1 EJB
PI17324AdminControl.invoke fails for PurgePoolContents immediate
PI20126Password on a connection factory is not decoded when used to establish a connection
PI22672JCA connection is not freed after an exception is encountered
PI28237Error messages during testConnection need to include JNDI name of the datasource
PI28913DSRA0304E and DSRA0302E messages with cause and exception as null creates confusion.
PI30814FFDC dumped with J2C exception does not contain the name of the datasource
PI30968J2CA0112W message could occur due to duplicate JNDI names
PI30983Print datasource name when printing JDBC driver info
Java Message Service (JMS)PI16990Remote EJB lookup or method invoke might hang if remote system cannot decrypt data
PI27662Update the administrative console fly-over for the TCP channel access lists
MigrationPI09274WASPreUpgrade tool reports success when there are no valid profiles to migrate.
Object Request Broker (ORB)PI08712Under certain circumstances, SSL communications with the ORB would stop responding
PI18081WebSphere control region adjunct (cra) address space fails to start during server startup
PI23528BBOO0327E MDB request timeout message contains a bad origin string in field 11
PI24231IX90122 fails to work properly when security is not enabled.
PI24328Same file names when using redirect_server_output_dir function on JES3 system
PI25047Change the unit of measure to milliseconds in messages BBOJ0123I, BBOJ0124I, BBOJ0125I
PI27448Thread hang recovery not terminating a thread in DB2 type 2 driver env with WebSphere for z/OS
PI28764WebSphere control region hung after JVM error
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PI13142The FFDC files grows . No control on the size when exception happens.
PI21768Deadlock when using java logging framework
PI27063Need to add new operation in TraceService MBean , so that user can get the output after setting trace specification
Plug-inPI12695ConfigureWebserver scripts are always set to map applications
PI15488Plugin synchronization not working
PI17737Suppress transport port values from virtual host groups
PI19303Plugin configuration tool needs to support a choice for the Apache 2.4 plugin
PI23057Unknown property UseInsecure
PI26971Plug-in generation ignores cell custom property ignoreInternalApplicationsList
Programming Model Extensions (PME)PI20194OutOfMemoryError due to leak in com/ibm/ws/asynchbeans/am/_Alarm
PI24943Asyncbeans logs the error ASYN0066E upon WorkTimeout
RuntimePI06713Incorrect or indeterminate state for WSAS reported by RAD when WSAS is stopped with unsupported system.exit.
PI13643Linkage error publishing an ear
PI15819LinkageError due to class loader trying to define a class the second time.
PI18212WSVR0120E in getClassBytes causes class loader deadlock
PI20712Update resource filtering to handle getResources
PI20803Thread pool fails to detect interrupted tasks
PI23501NoClassDefFoundError when loading the StudioPervasiveServlet
Runtime (zSeries®)PI14978An admin thread was running very late in server stop processing caused abendDC3 RC000C000B in deployment manager
PI16062SR abend U4087 when WOLA message received in LLZZ format and with adapter flag format LLLLZZ
PI17345Requests with gzip content-encoding may be truncated
PI19701Errors with modify commands 'display,servers', 'display,work,ola', and 'display,work,asyncservlet'
PI19751Update exception jfap.NotValidInCurrentStateException: server is not configured with a CRA
PI20907Administrative console ports do not open after maintenance upgrade
PI20914Native storage leak when SMF120 sub-type9 recording turned on.
PI22382Exception in thread 'ChannelFramework Threadpool : 0' java.lang.NullPointerException
SchedulerPI16842Scheduler misses first time with cron string specification
SecurityPI07671Server subject LTPAToken decryption error on EJB request.
PI08268Information Disclosure in WebSphere Application Server
PI13266Node startup may fail when using custom registry
PI14178Certificate monitor did not renew chained certificate ( not IBM default chained certificate)
PI16641Add a warning message if the realm name in the wimconfig.xml file does not match the global realm name in security.xml.
PI17147From administrative console unable to view the certificates on remotely-managed keystore
PI17564can t enable sp800-131a and FIPS concurrently.
PI18305Extra information in FFDC logs
PI20238GSSEncodeDecodeException when connecting from a thin client to WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
PI20492The did not work properly when running from command line.
PI21620NullPointerException occurred during the first server startup after LTPA keys were regenerated.
PI21667Security domain custom properties overwritten when changing RMI/IIOP security settings.
PI21904After SDK upgrade, IBM CMSProvider may create CMS keystores by default that can not be used by native code on z/OS
PI22490The application login page is repeatedly displayed after supplying userid and password.
PI23190In WebSphere Process Server environment, LTPA token expiration error is thrown intermittently.
PI23764After removing the server which is mapped to the scope of dynamic SSL, server fails to start with NullPointerException
PI26151CWPKI0036E enabling certificate expiration monitor
PI26983java.lang.ClassNotFoundException using getSSOCookieFromSSOToken method
PI30137Emit warning messsage only when realms differ between security.xml and wimconfig.xml.
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPI14494Incorrect version numbers are logged during WebContainer initialization. Servlet 2.5 vs 3.0
PI22830404 not found error generated for a request without a trailing slash
PI23529ServletConfig returns null on empty mappings list
PI25144Enhance HTTPOnly to support wild card in cookie name
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) ContainerPI10457Allow configuring response code when a non-confirmed session is invalidated
PI14132SIP container does not handle error case where a UA uses the same to-tags in different responses.
PI17680SipApplicationSession accumulate after BYE transaction if ReInvite transaction not responded to
PI18727The SIP container throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException on incoming SIP requests when WSAS is configured to work with IPv6
PI20350Unable to add Require: precondition to reliable 18x response
PI20505Negative PMI counter
PI21665WebSphere can use the same From tag and Via branch in two different requests even if call-id is different.
PI22650SIP container sends error responses even after ACK received
PI24850Inbound 412 response not counted in PMI
PI26645Exception when 408 received with different tag
PI32326ArrayOutOfBoundsException is thrown during failover
PI32544Exception during invalidation of SipSession which acts as UAC if message was created but not sent.
System Management/RepositoryPI14351Deploying oversized ear file fails to transfer to node configuration through FileTransfer service.
PI18902Some scripts generate a new .tmp file under <profile_root>\configuration\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.manager
PI21163Unable to delete a jvm custom property using property file based configuration
PI21260Deployment manager log shows automatic synchronization in some nodes was disabled without being re-enabled
PI21377Cluster status remains 'partial start' even if all cluster members are started
PI21951Job Manager or PFBC Update of an application files with CWWSY0300E: Problem while processing updateApplication
PI27378AdminTask updateAppOnCluster is not pausing application server during rollout updates
PM86124Client FFDC files are being created relative to the directory where 4 scripts are invoked.
PM97550NullPointerException in ArchiveDeploymentInfo when changing deployed application scope.
Systems Management FunctionsPI23311METHOD_OK written continuously to the SystemOut.log file
PI24134Add switch to disable Job Manager Remote Host Jobs capability
Transaction ServicePI12449Server fails to start due to transaction recovery failure
PI12571WorkCompletedException occurs when importing transaction via JCA
PI13683Partner log full error CWRLS0008E: Recovery log is being marked as failed
PI13992Deadlock between transaction and activity services when remote request times out
PI16613NullPointerException in FFDC coming from RecoveryManager.preShutdown
PI23532Control region hang waiting for transaction resolution
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PI09785Exported WS-Security policy bindings with encrypted passwords may be unusable
PI13740A JAX-WS client may encounter a WSDLException with FileNotFoundExcepiton while trying to obtain the proxy
PI18036MapsId class packaged with the Feature Pack for JPA is not located automatically by wsgen
PI20931Synctimeout in web services client binding file not overrirding server timeout setting.
PI23342Deploying application with JSP precompile option issues error "getZipFile File not found".
PI23552WSDL definition could not be generated for the implementation class
PI24188Remove abandoned connections from JAX-WS connection pool after a specified time
PI25397Intermittent connection leak when handling MTOM attachment responses with extra characters at the end
PI28055AdminTask setBinding fails to find installed application
Web Services SecurityPI18059A self-issued SAML token that includes an x.500 LDAP attribute cannot be created
PI20105Cloning a SAMLToken object using SAMLTokenFactory.newSAMLToken(token) returns null.
WebSphere Common Configuration Model (WCCM)PI10197DOMException showing HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR during an application update.
PI11849org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.FeatureNotFoundException: Feature 'xmlns' not found.
PI15837Problem mapping resource references to resources
PI20040Unset deployment descriptor attributes become set during deployment.
Workload Management (WLM)PI16846An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is occurring in the nodeagent when it is processing bulletin board updates
PI20776WSVR0605W hung thread in UnavailableManagerImpl
PI21685OutOfMemoryError java.util.concurrent.LinkedBlockingQueue owned by BBDescriptionManager$UpdateThread

Fix release date: 23 Jun, 2014
Last modified: 23 Jun, 2014
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 9

100% CPU UsagePI06015NullPointerException thrown from compensation service
PI06988org.omg.CORBA.INTERNAL in Activity Service
PI07168Compensation scope log grows steadily until LogFullException following XAER_RMERR from CScope XAResource
PI08306Application server abends S0C4-0004 after segmentation error with dump event "GPF" during the server startup.
PI11879JAX-RPC request fails with SOAPFault with faultcode MustUnderstand
PM98522Exception while importing activity may leave activity on thread
PM99381WSAT transaction failed when using JDBC and JPA together
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PI04777Cross-site scripting issues in the administrative console
PI04835404 error should not display information
PI05216BLA scoped resource not removed from authorization group after J2EE application or BLA is uninstalled
PI06916The server port assignment during an application server creation was not based the server template provided.
PI08037NullPointerException while trying to access datasource via administrative console
PI08082Monitor users have access to test connection
PI09388DSRA3602E error when argument Duser.language set in administrative console when creating JDBC datasource
PI09758Application deployment fails with "Websphere FileBrowser MBean not found. Node agent may not be running."
PI10741#ERROR# is prefixed to IBM HTTP Server's ServerName directive when updated in the administrative console under global directives
PI11434Information Disclosure in WebSphere Application Server
PI11950Right to Left Bi-Di does not work for Contents and Filtering section of Logs and Traces.
PI12639Conflicting DCS_UNICAST_ADDRESS port generated by wsadmin command when creating cluster members concurrently
PI12648Administrative console affected by Apache commons fileupload vulnerability
PI12744Connection timeout property of SOAP client ineffective in some cases
PI13887Several console panels do not display correctly with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
PI14501List of servers to map application modules to is an unsorted list and hard to navigate.
PM83863CWMSR0070E occurs when adding SSL configuration to the WMQ activation spec created using the wizard to specify a CCDT
PM96561Updating ear on cluster with configurator role user can see, but not run, rollout update option
Data Replication ServicesPI08991High CPU using data replication
Default Messaging ComponentPI07806JMFSchemaViolationException: schemaId=null when messages are sent over service integration bus link
PM76557Defer messaging engine (ME) startup until after the server start up message is issued
PM89729FFDC shows ClassNotFoundException while loading
PM96694java.lang.NoSuchMethodException when attempting to access V7.0 queues from V8.5 deployment manager console.
Dynamic CachePI09492500 error occurs if serializing a cache object to persist to disk fails.
PI10209ConcurrentModificationException by dynamic cache while multiple threads are creating the cache instances at the same time.
PI13004Serviceability apar to enhance dynacache tracing.
PM98732The "required" attribute of a web services cache policy component is dynamically changed to "true".
EJB ContainerPI05554EJB timeout method runs in a separate transaction from the scheduler task
PI10351LocalTransaction.RolledbackException occurs when EJB method is called in transaction started by TransactionManager interface
PI11816ClassCastException, EJB stub cannot be cast.
PI13514Unnecessary FFDC when interceptors are used for asynchronous EJB methods
Embedded/ExpressPM85443Install of interim fix on 32 bit embedded WebSphere Application Server on 64 bit machine fails
PM97575Provide resource filtering in protection class loading
Enterprise Edition (EE)PI05427Web services XML parser may lose data returned from single byte reads
PI08415OutOfMemoryError may occur in XML parser symbol map
PI10924The JAXB Unmarshaller may throw a RuntimeException in the code generation process when handling a XMLJavaTypeAdapter.
PI14400XMLStreamException may be thrown for a well-formed UTF-16 or UTF-32 encoded XML document
Federated RepositoriesPI05723Handle long data type from VMM for extended properties
PI13001Federated repository does not allow logins for users with referred group memberships when referrals=ignore
PI13172getUniqueUserId not returning user when userSecurityName contains single quote
PM95697LDAP contexts getting leaked after first connection exception
PM98882Unable to search users end groups with security domain configuration in place.
PM98916NullPointerException in isRDNProperty API call
PM99486getUsersForGroup does not return members of subgroups when searchBases set for entityTypes
GeneralPI04875Help on manage users/groups not visible with cell profile
PI04945Trace for multiple containers is generated even when tracing is disabled
PI05371Connection leak in WebSphere SIP proxy causes TCPC0004W error
PI05405The JSR 303 implementation of BeanValidation cannot be configured as expected.
PI05455EMF IllegalValueException does not display feature information.
PI05673OpenJPA persistence.xml parameter RoundTimeToMillisec causes cut-off of milliseconds in dates
PI05778Reduce LOGREC entries when CICS WOLA runs but WebSphere is down
PI06080CDI application fails to start with "WebBeansConfigurationException" when a decorator bean class has more than one superclass
PI06236Native storage leak collecting SMF 120-9 records with IIOP work caused abend 0C1 rsn=01
PI06393SIP container fails to parse a request if a UTF8 string spans a 2048 byte boundary
PI06431Portlet container URL addressability feature performs invalid URL encoding
PI06958Servant process is terminated after a WLM Queue percent timer expired.
PI06967OutOfMemoryError while multi-product PTF post-installer is running
PI07313PM90923 interim fix (only) invalid, causes NoClassdefFoundError. Fix packs containing PM90923 have no error
PI08230Application start fails with out of memory exception when a class inheritance loop is present
PI08245Fail to configure plugin in PCT on Linux if user chooses not to setup IHS admin server.
PI08385Display cluster members in application target status
PI08563Faultstring is "unknown" instead of a detailed message in JDK 7 or non-IBM JDK 6.
PI08670Count incoming proxy messages
PI08864ABEND 378 RC 0000000C in CBSERIES
PI08900Applications containing EJBs in web modules fail to deploy in a mixed cell
PI08923Application installation fails with NullPointerException when an ear file contains nested jar files
PI09368The protocol_bboc_log_response_failure code treats "0" response as error. Should only treat negative return code as error.
PI09680Circular type dependency in Type/ObjectType classes in BCEL could cause threads to hang
PI09754SIP container DNS APIs do not allow the application to configure the timeout value.
PI09781Data corruption in object model after copy
PI09799Server JVM locks nodeagent's native_stderr.log
PI09878Add support for GUID syntax in federated repositories
PI10094NullPointerException In Eclipse Modeling Framework during server startup
PI10275java.lang.NoClassdefFoundError while running retrieveSigners command on the application client
PI10344Badly formed SIP request causes failure to send
PI10424unable to specifiy IP:port on JVM debugging service argument through console.
PI10713SIP container sends 404 responses after application is started but before virtual host is bound
PI11393Issues with UIComponent.findComponent . It ignores overridden method findComponent of a NamingContainer.
PI11425ConcurrentModificationException in CreationalContextImpl under load
PI11569NullPointerException from a JSF MyFaces implementation
PI12245Inserting facets causes IllegalStateException
PI12496EmptyStackException when accessing an Instance that is created by a producer method that has an InjectionPoint as parameter.
PI12816Bit level mismatch is not blocked during interim fix install.
PI12915NameID missing from subject in SAML WSSO needs better diagnostics
PI12926CVE-2014-0050 For Web Container
PI13041Portlet container spurious log statement to the SystemOut.log
PI13292Intermittent NullPointerException prevents SCA BLA startup
PI13465Issues after adding many servlet mappings in JSF 2.0 Portlets.
PI14034Problem handling CDI interceptors
PI14329When project stage is development, multiple validation messages don't display in a JSF 2.0 Portlet project
PI14479Issue with CDI when using @ApplicationScoped and creating a custom extension.
PI14513Parent naming-container not reflected in client-id
PI14816PortletRequest.getProperties() does not treat property names as case insensitive
PI15317Hung thread in CacheNodeSequence due to frequent array expansion
PI16061SIP proxy - uneven load balancing - sending appservers to overload
PI16825One RuntimeException is thrown from the JAX-RS client side with Java 7 in some scenarios.
PM78682Specifying xsi:nil="true" for the TerminationTime attribute of a WS-Notification renew operation fails
PM84513The first SAML web SSO error page served to any client on a server remains the only error page ever served to subsequent requests
PM90876NMSV0609W messages on
PM94033Incorrect locking behavior with JPA PESSIMISTIC_LOCK mode
PM94548Default thread pool Mbean is not created
PM96357OpenJPA: Version field returns null when explicitly projected from a JOIN in SELECT clause
PM96613Calling jsf.getViewState() with a direct reference to a element throws an exception
PM96644Refer-To header - compact form parsing problem
PM96963org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException, type "class com.???" was not extended
PM96969High CPU problem caused by ras.lite code
PM97191Applications containing Java EE 6 annotations fail to deploy in a mixed cell environment
PM97426Provide support for startup behavior setting launch application before server completes startup
PM97510Stackoverflow in OpenJPA due to endless recursive calls in isLoaded
PM97812FacesMessages created in the processEvent method are not rendered in a JSF 2.0 portlet project.
PM98141Marshall library transformation methods were modified to use JDK7 intrinsic methods, when appropriate, to improve performance
PM98297Monitored directory starts application before it is expanded on node
PM98318OLASample2 application fails with bboa8600e while trying to go from AppServer to CICS with security enabled.
PM98381Remote MRF(ALU) can not parse SIP header with lowercase percent %3ua instead of %3UA in route header URI
PM98633Incorrectly generated SQL when querying on a version field that is in a MappedSuperclass.
PM98786createEJBStubs fails with CNTR9258E error after upgrading
PM99067Reading BLA composition unit fails due to lack of authority
PM99127SIP Container dos not pass the incoming Reason header on a Cancel to the outgoing Cancel while proxying
PM99139Poor performance doing lookup of object in JNDI particularly when using DSMLCtxFactory and DSMLCtx.
PM99218CWSAL0015E error reported when making concurrent .eba deployments
PM99374JPA version field in a projection always returned as an integer
High Availability (HA)PI16110HMGR0152W messages are thrown with a delay of less than 20 seconds.
PI16117Accumulation of subscriptions in the core group bridge subscription router causes out of memory errors.
PM86507Admin command getNamedTCPEndPoint requires a -bridgeInterface parameter that is not needed.
PM95267DCSV9415 messages are often caused by a port conflict. An update is needed to list a port conflict as a possible cause.
PM98719Server fails to start DCSV9416E with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPI12277Upgrading the AppClient overwrites property files including the ssl.client.props file.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PI05175Incorrect listing of connection factories after RAR update
PI07077Format the FFDC data from J2C
PI11713Dump connection pool data when J2CA0045E occurs
PM99805Failed to create RA configuration in a mixed cell environment with V5.1.1 node
Java Message Service (JMS)PI06627Update IBM WebSphere MQ JCA resource adapter to version
PI07320Connection information set in the trust manager is not quite right,it is showing proxy info instead of actual host/port.
PI07526FFDC error when running Tivoli Integrated Portal (TIP) on Embedded WebSphere (eWAS). Invalid call toWsByteBuffer method
PI08466NullPointerException at after PM92408
PI15453AIO TCP channel could hang on Microsoft Windows operating systems
PM92677The cookie does not get set in the browser
PM94455Request fails when renegotiation is triggered
PM96804Transaction log directory with trailing blank fails allocation on Microsoft Windows
PM98412Messge WMSG0902E issued when starting WebSphere Application Server z/OS in recovery mode.
PM98489WebSphere Application Server starts open for e-business yet WMSG1623E was issued by MQ series
Java SDKPI05324Potential Security vulnerability with JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0
PI07608JSF MyFaces NavigationHandler throws a NullPointerException if current ViewId is null
PM96532Setting converterId breaks converter selection by type.
JNDI/NamingPI07476ConcurrentModificationException in naming class when enabling trace.
PI14602Null returned for EJB reference after server restart.
JSPPI05359Tag attribute creates unnecessary string objects
PI10294JSP compile errors due to regular expressions after upgrading to
PI12939JSP gets re-compiled redundantly if the owner of the JSP class is different than server id that runs the server.
PM06023Problem when commons-el and java stand tag library are used in conjunction
LibertyPI05661Potential Cross-site scripting vulnerability on OAuth
MigrationPI05153WASPostUpgrade fails when migrating a node in place
PI07544Generated application migration script does not account for certain characters in application edition names.
PI08948Migrating a library which points to the profile's config directory causes WASpost to fail.
PI09910The install_all_apps.jy script fails with WASX7017E
PM98954when migrating AppClient WASPreUpgrade command will fail with FileNotFoundException
Object Request Broker (ORB)PM99141Controller hangs while processing stop command
OtherPI07808Potential security vulnerability using administrative console
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PI05410Race condition on threads when pznLikemindsWorkManager requests LogManager on server start up
PI08137Deadlock occurs at SIBJMSRAThreadPool thread
PI09736FFDC entries written to application log when using java.util.logging.Logger.log() method
PI13635startServer failed
PM99024java.lang.RuntimeException not being caught by HPEL on z/OS application server
Plug-inPI06036Support apache 2.4 plugin
PI07047The and files contain incorrect shell on the first line of the scripts
PI08892Potential Denial of service with web server plug-in
PI10256Cache Monitor displays incorrect IP address
PI10757Allow plug-in custom property "UseInsecure"in a V7 Dmgr, for generating plugin-cfg.xml intended for a V8.5 runtime.
PI11711Message may not be displayed with results of a plugin generation or propagation.
PI12049Microsoft Windows IBM HTTP Server service name not within cross platform scripts
PI12391Plug-in incorrectly handled a request header with value ""
PI12590Poor performance parsing multiple hostname qualified vhosts in the webserver plugin
PI13031ap_log_error writes unreadable chars on IBM i
PMI/Performance ToolsPI10905On Linux (PPC64) machine,after install, logging into the dmgr admin console causes the 2 PPC64 nodeagents to GPF
PM78504ARM – Remove the restriction of running request metrics for servlet in debug mode only
PM92568The wsadmin script that turns on PMI custom settings for SIB service not updating pmi-config.xml
PM99345GPF in SystemData.getCpuUtilization occurs on z/OS nodeagent
Programming Model Extensions (PME)PI05902Work manager work.release() method is being called, even after the work item has exited the run() method.
Proxy ServerPI06024Enabling the proxy virtual host is not immediately recognized.
PI09786Proxy server incorrectly caching response content
PM99658Proxy server ConcurrentModificationException
Runtime (zSeries®)PI05442websphere compute grid v80 job stops logging.
PI06031java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid call to WsByteBuffer method. Buffer has already been released.
PI06323Feceived C9C2128F when queueing with affinity during or just after startup
PI13281Call name server locally in clustered environment in order to prefer local EJB call.
PM84850f daemon_jobname,javacore brings down daemon
SecurityPI06317Custom trust manager does not have extended information
PI06951When a keystore file is not placed under the node name directory, the deleteKeyStore command failed.
PI07503Server identity is used to create the J2C connections while the user identity is expected.
PI08493Duplicate entries in security audit log file when security auditing is enabled.
PI09298The HttpServletRequest.authenticate does not behave as expected when TAI is enabled.
PI09437the value of is wrong when using security domain.
PI09544The SAML TAI decoded the original URL before sending the redirect.
PI09741Seeing many failed logins in security audit log after turning on the audit logging.
PI10357Incorrect realm name was set when configuring standalone custom registry via Security Configuration Wizard.
PI10766Users are unable to disable daemon SSL
PI10840Redundant customer TAI objects when one should only be created.
PI11330Audit log size might not set propery, if value is greater than 2047Mb.
PI12077Session clean up code does not work when multiple security domain is enabled
PM85829WebSphere Application Server will try to validate a null provider token.
PM91782Incorrect message for CSIv2 configuration mismatch error
PM95825security.xml goes to 0 MB when configuring standalone LDAP
PM97506Javadoc for WSCredential.getGroupIDs does not indicate the type of objects in the returned ArrayList
PM98011org.omg.CORBA.NO_PERMISSION error when EJB calls are made from one server to another in the same security domain
PM98395The ACS application and scripts are missing from the embedded WebSphere Application Server package.
PM98406Issues with JaasLoginModule in the same name.
PM99397Provide TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 protocol support for daemon system SSL
PM99608AdminTask.importSAMLIdpMetadata throws NullPointerException
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPI08569404 happens intermittently in Portal/WCM
PI09474Default webapp error page is not provided
PI09594Potential Information Disclosure with Exception handling
PI12194WriteBeyondContentLengthException thrown after static file updated.
PM94199Servlet <error page> processing incorrect for <error-code> <exception-type>
PM99163A tag file is not found when an application is deployed with the option "Run server with resources within the workspace"
Sessions and Session ManagementPI04871If there is a database problem, session manager will attempt to call getConnection() up to 3 times.
PI07361Need an option to ignore the $WSFO flag if the replication is down
System Management/RepositoryPI05217BLA resource not removed from authorization groups with an application uninstall
PI06653After extracting properties, the custom property section of a connection pool configuration object is missing
PI07581HTTP auth config not changed when updating module using administrative console
PI11304AdminAgent issues out of memory error after many application installs
PI12822Missing application MetadataCompleteForModules task data with AdminTask.extractConfigProperties() command
PI12908Trailing blank in userid value in soap.client.props file causes stopServer fails with ADMN0022E
PI13983Properties file based configuration (PFBC) does not update the session pool section of a JMS Connection Factory
PM98927Using monitored directory deployment fails with ADMA0014E
PM99497AdminTask.applyConfigProperties takes a long time
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PI04891Web service URL information is missing during generating webserver plugin-cfg.xml.
PI05685Bottom-up web services fails to generate the WSDL on a Mac using Java 1.7 hotspot 64-bit
PI05855Performance improvement on deploying/updating web service ear file
PI05895SOAPMessageBodyBasedDispatcher fails to get operation from SOAP message when there is white space between tags
PI06541No synchronized lock in clearCache() method when starting the application.
PI06869Invoker for wsadmin command failed to handle spaces in the application path.
PI07385Performance issue on JAX-WS client when security is enabled
PI08043SOAPBinding.ParameterStyle is being ignored and wrapped is always selected
PI08274Unable to set WS-Policy binding over admin agent on second application server profile.
PI09929Unexpected directory is created and not deleted when deploying web service application.
PI10403Setting the SCA endpoint address of a URL using the administration console fails.
PI11600Web Services engine finds a method in super class of implementation SEI class
PI11939Wrong <xs:import> elements were generated when accessing WSDL
PI12167Remove recursive exception in the web services trace when useing EJB module invoked by web services.
PI12856Memory leak with
PI14101Under heavy load JAX-WS web service outbound pool may leak connections.
PI15581NullPointerException when starting multiple applications at the same time setting customized http header at client side doesn't support "Cache-Control"
PM94858Start component as needed generates an exception when calling web services using a JAX-WSs client packaged as a utility jar.
PM95851OutOfMemory in
Web Services SecurityPI07407ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException using SAMLIDAssertionCallbackHandler having 3 issuers
PI07877Add SAML APIs to add attributes and re-sign the token
PI09988LoginException error may occur in wssTokenPropagationInboundLoginModule
PI11135JAX-WS UsernameToken consumer may still check the registry when disableUserRegistryCheck=true
PI16497WS-Security SAML token generator may emit expired SAML 2.0 tokens
PM99786Poor diagnostics when SAML token validation fails
Workload Management (WLM)PI05798ConcurrentRequestCount PMI statistic shows negative value
PI08016KeyRepositoryImpl contains HashMaps which grow over time
PM98972z/OS servant hangs during initialization after abend

Fix release date: 13 Jan, 2014
Last modified: 13 Jan 2014
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 8

100% CPU UsagePM83253Transactions rolled back silently when coordinated by the UOWManager
PM85854Issues with messaging engine not starting up during server start
PM89173Propagate transaction timeout to XAResources
PM90220WS-AT not rolling back when an exception occurs thrown by ActivityServiceServerInterceptor.receive_request.
PM92004FFDC Exception:java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
PM92761CWPOL0040E UnsupportedNamespaceException when a WSDL file asserts a WS-Policy namespace prior to version 1.5
PM92783Compensation Service enablement of Highly Available IORs when HA enabled via System Property
PM93219WS-AT incorrectly rolledback if requester and provider resides on same JVM, due to missing header tag in response
PM94105WS-Addressing headers processed at requester on web service response when effective WS-Addressing configuration is disabled
PM95664Unexpected results of transaction recovery service in relation to HA mgr.
PM95722Timing issue between an application running under a given ActivitySession can cause IllegalStateExceptions
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PI06100InvalidCharacterError popup using Internet Explorer 10 while changing log level
PM72275Cross-site request forgery in administrative console
PM87652JSP compile errors occur if V8 attributes are referenced on V7 nodes.
PM88923NullPointerException from internationalization service I18N9002E
PM89824Nodeagent might not restart appserver if the log_root environment variable is changed
PM91281Allow i-Series webserver configuration to select SSL communications like other operating systems
PM91584J2CA0008W custom property maxPoolDepth of Activation Spec
PM92109Cannot view the J2C connection factories using the administrative console.
PM93065Thin admin client returns incorrect java version
PM93116Provide ability for MBeanFactory.findMBean() to search only the local z/OS servant process.
PM93838Create web server defintion using mapping all does not create plugin-key.kdb when mapping error occurs.
PM94323Difficulty determining root cause of java.lang.Errors on Node Agents or Deployment Managers does not contain adminAgent among the list of servers.
PM94599Persistent timeout should be moved under persistent connections in the administrative console
PM95741Need better message so user knows sync started does not mean the sync finished.
PM96405No cluster members displayed under replication domain members in the administrative console
PM96477Potential cross-site scripting in administrative console
PM96773Nodesync command might fail when hotRestartSync JVM argument is in use
PM96838Optionally disable port activity checking when a server is created.
PM97090Pipe characters are translated incorrectly when editing an httpd.conf file in the administrative console on z/OS.
PM97362After adding a new userid to a role in the administrative console, the returned list of userids contains duplicates.
PM97570Validation of certain HTML rendering in the administrative console is not passed through an output filter.
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)PM94542Nested curly braces are not working
ClassloaderPM88947Insufficient authority messages from class loading when sync to OS thread is enabled
Data Replication ServicesPM90219NullPointerException causing session not to clean up, which may result in OutOfMemory
PM92161SIP - calls lost when using application server restarting
Default Messaging ComponentPI05801SIBus to output status messages during reconstitution phase of ME startup
PM53035WebSphere Application Server hosting the service integration bus messaging engine throws CWSIT0120E errors
PM81521Messages stuck in pending acknowledgement state in WebSphere Application Server service integrations bus destination
PM84770Administrative console does not display SIB JMS resources properly when multiple targets are selected
PM84805Can not add security domain users to bus connector role
PM88997SIBus throws ClassCastException when receive exclusive, strict message order is enabled on MQServer destination
PM91338Errors IJ020013 and IJ020015 occur when deploying sib.jmsra.rar resource adapter in JBoss V7.
Dynamic CachePM89479Classloader leak when applicaiton is restarted using a metadatagenerator in a cachespec.xml
PM89992Cannot set header response already committed when using edge side include (esi) caching
PM93927Inactivity timeout is not reset using the push-pull sharing policy when a partner server obtains the CAC
PM97085Ship cachespec.xsd
EJB ContainerPM94005Startup beans do not stop in reverse (start) order.
PM94096Stubs and ties generated for EJB 3.0 are not compatible with stubs and ties generated by RMIC
PM98090Deadlock in appserver process during startup.
Enterprise Edition (EE)PM97936Unmarshalling of an XML document with the IBM JAXB runtime may result in an object with missing attribute data.
PM99450Potential denial of service with XML parser
Federated RepositoriesPM82405Attribute cache in federated repositories handles distinguished name as case insensitive.
PM86166Searching for users with the portal directory search dialog can be very slow
PM88331Concurrent update/create failing on shared LA/DB in VMM
PM89827VMM rolls back global transaction when an api call fails
PM91764Security domain login failure using VMM; InvalidArgumentException CWWIM0500E
PM91916AdminTask.updateIdMgrLDAPServer fails with NullPointerException
PM93184DB repostiory issue with UserRegistry interface.
PM94437Minimize the number of threads that wait on the LDAP context pool creation after LDAP failure.
GeneralPI00009CopyHelper.copy() method does not copy all elements
PI04920WOLA service BBOA1SRV returns with rc=8 rsn=98 when called from CICS with traniso=yes and stgprot=yes.
PI06814J2CCommandHelper throws NullPointerException while updating a J2C module when the version number is not equal to 1.0
PI06820Default application fails to start on z/OS if performance=peak (start component as needed option from administrative console) set
PI06976Heap size increases by 6 MB after PM79693
PM60691WASX7017E: caused due to wrong path without a capital S in WebSphere
PM62691Native Query with specified result class can throw NullPointerException when return data contains a null-valued column
PM73442Web messaging does not work with Dojo 1.8 org.cometd client
PM77198The WebSphere Application Server for z/OS command can write customization data into an install image.
PM85177WebSphere annotation processing fails with error CWWAM1303E - Interface does not define a valid remote business interface
PM85434Web 2.0 web messaging exceeds TCP connection limit
PM85512The JSP compilation is generating an java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
PM85765Contents of CDI applications private variable is lost
PM85886Interceptor annotation logs error unless placed on interceptor or bean class
PM85921Application start delay when bean validation attempts to validate any validation.xml even if it is not intended for bean validation
PM86089JPA query problem.
PM86470Timing window causing java.lang.IllegalStateException
PM86627Deadlock occurs when stopping a composition unit containing blueprint shortly after starting it
PM86837SIP container generates a NullPointerException when proccessing stray responses
PM87028Service integration bus message redelivery count is not incremented when message delivery fails
PM87049incorrectly reporting property file encoding error
PM87133Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) ActiveCount may be inaccurate when a session is accessed by multiple threads.
PM87302getTarget() is returning a contextual reference to the bean, rather than the contextual instance
PM87880Slashes used in OpenJPA method EntityManager.createNativeQuery will be removed in the resulting JDBC query
PM87946Application that can be installed V7.0 standalone server cannot be deployed from Deployment Manager V8.0 or higher.
PM88137NullPointerException caused by inconsistent state handling inside SDO lists
PM88209WebSphere WOLA api calls failing with abend bbox in CICS TS 5.1
PM88520Deployment fails when application upgraded by the application server
PM89175HashMap performance issue
PM89331Wrong processing of TelURI by the SIP stack when there are no brackets
PM89432Isolation level is not working properly for JPQL queries with nested sub-queries. It is generating incorrect query.
PM89476Restricting roles to COS Naming Read operation will cause the OTiS system application to generate FFDC entries or errors
PM89577User id from JAAS alias is not running for CICS on the WOLA connection
PM89914Corrections are needed to the documentation in the Information Center for IBM WebSphere Application Server version 8.0.
PM89924incorrect length in TDQUEUE definition caused the BBOA8104E message to be displayed with truncated reason code.
PM90208The EL does not handle a missing property correctly..
PM90232Deadlock during application startup
PM90290The SIP container sends 400 bad contact header if contact URI parameter name contains a / character
PM90293Session manager makes an unnecessary call to the DB to retrieve session information when multi-row session persistence.
PM90537WOLA incorrectly reports RC=C RSN=8 (hex) on OTMA_SEND_RECEIVEX service
PM90664NullPointerException when using AnnotatedType via ProcessAnnotatedType on @stateless EJB
PM90863OSGi throws an IllegalStateException when handling a URL created outside of a bundle context
PM90887Annotation filter properties not working for module versioning
PM90923NoInitialContextException calling code's BundleContext could not be determined
PM91049Check xsi:nil attributes during eager loading.
PM91301A Replaces header in a re-INVITE should be ignored by the container.
PM91330Getting SIP error response 405 or 501 on INFO on an established dialog. Unable to send future request.
PM91369Injection of datasource into CDI bean does not work correctly
PM91408Result of aggregate function max is 0 on empty table (instead of null)
PM91417Provide option for backwards compatibility for EARExpander
PM91573CDI app fails to start with AmbiguousResolutionException due to how parameterized types are detected for injection
PM91615The thread pool is not actively cleared of completed work items
PM91892Cross-site scripting vulnerability in UDDI administration console.
PM91987Redundant namespace prefixes appended from each serialization request
PM91990Deadlock caused by unnecessary lock acquisition while retrieving XSD properties
PM91991Data corruption when mutating copied elements that have been moved
PM92211SIP container does not add a to-tag to a response generated by the application after it creates proxy branches.
PM92794Java 7 not detected when installed after a configuration root is created
PM92926BBOO0049E Local comm call bboclscs() failed with RV=-1, RC=1128, RSN=00000000... errno2=0xc25f0041
PM93039Rational Asset Manager bundle repositories accessed via HTTP do not always make the latest version of a bundle available.
PM93046Fix non-English Windows WCT
PM93258profilePath canonical name is different case then actual path.
PM93312Merge of lazily fetched fields, and merge of managed entities deviates from the JPA 2.0 Specification.
PM93534@Produces should not be necessary for CDI resource injection
PM93750JPA finder cache does not account for dynamic FetchPlans
PM93949In lazy parsing mode, the matching algorithm used to choose a subtype in a union is not stringent enough.
PM94136Connection pool leak on error from CICS to WebSphere WOLA
PM94344Deployment manager fails with out of memory during deploy
PM94697Annotation scanning throws NullPointerException
PM94758High memory usage for portlet eventing
PM94792Exceptions are thrown if there is a new line after ${. The JSP will not load correctly.
PM94953Application containing a web fragment can not be deployed from V8 deployment manager to a V7 app server
PM94981Deploy of ear fails on eWAS
PM95476Provide support for next release of IBM i
PM95510Exception when calling web services from application server running in Turkish locale
PM95524Remove route header
PM95527Missing target namespace in products.xsd of support assistant
PM95882Plugin generation may produce a
PM95907NullPointerException occurs in partialviewcontextimpl.getpartialresponsewriter(
PM95990Fix pack installation may fail due to WASServiceMsg.dll in use
PM96131IndexOutOfBoundsException thrown when accessing empty nodes
PM96178Unable to extract a certificate from a SAF keyring
PM96268Rendering from h:outputLink using Ajax in ResourceServingPortlet will generate ClassCastException
PM96321Data corruption with certain service data object operations
PM96445OpenJPA externalValue mapping works incorrectly with criteriaApi multiselects
PM96469CWWMQ0087W, CWWMQ0088 and rc=2397 connecting to WMQ using SSL
PM96569JSF validation does not work in a JSF 2.0 portlet project on WebSphere Portal 8
PM96641queryManagedNodes command using -hostname=xxx or -host=xxx does not work.
PM97140Add -xcheck:dump where it is available to assist in problem determination.
PM97228An exception can occur when an LTPA token timeout occurs and the CDI WebBeansConfigurationListener accesses the session
PM97353Compilation errors when a JSP contains an auto increment variable.
PM97625Improve workspace serviceability
PM97908Possible classloader leak
PM98262registerWithJobManager command of already registered node failed with unexpected exception.
PM98325Properties may be missing from types imported from a schema with no target namespace
PM98333Incorrect type assigned to WSDL part
PM98653Queries with a sort clause returns fewer entries than the same query that does not have a sort clause.
HTTP TransportPM93217In an edge case where UDP send fails due to network issues, UDP ‚ ·Channel hangs.
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPM88188Add MEMLIMIT=NOLIMIT to the BBO1INST sample
PM91353Installation to Asianux Linux failed with operating system prerequisites check
PM93067IBMIM command does not handle the -s parameter for silent installs properly. It is ignored.
PM95876Issue a warning if install path is greater than 60 characters
PM98793Unexpected unsupported platform warning message for Solaris 11 operating system
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PM72148validateNewConnectionTimeout does not work for existing Oracle connections when the database is in a hung state
PM75728J2CA0283E error after application restart with embedded resource
PM81105LocalTransactionExceeption thrown during commit was wrapped as heuristic XAException
PM86076TestConnection operation of an Oracle UCP datasource failed with ClassNotFoundException
PM86587J2C diagnostics is starting RPA even if disabled
PM88111NullPointerException thrown during getConnection and when connection pool is full
PM89419JMS operations need to be committed last when a message is sent expecting the transaction to already be committed.
PM90582ActivationSpec pause is not issued on all servants
PM91941Threads hang in socketRead() when Oracle database is brought down while statements are running
PM92445Value of null inserted into recoveryClasspath causes WSVR0120E
PM93319Deadlock between J2C lookup and RA(resource adapter) shutdown threads
PM94970When the aged timeout is set beyond integer range a negative value is returned
PM95457CNTR0020E, AbstractMethodError exception is thrown by getJDBCMajorVersion() method
Java Message Service (JMS)PM75942Quotes are automatically added to the cookie path attribute on version 1 cookies
PM88789Commit in subordinate error when using enableInProcessConnections = true
PM91775An XAException during prepare can prevent future JMS work being included in a transaction.
PM92408Deadlock when JMS session is closed on a separate thread from which it was opened.
PM93001Durable subscription listener port MDB fails to start after PM73229
PM93728Deadlock using listener ports or multiple JMS sessions from a single JMS connection
PM93761Add the ability to persist the connection on most return codes
PM95795WebSphere AIO bad record mac
Java SDKPM89882f:convertNumber in JSP only accepts locale instance
PM90626function publishEvent is called withUIComponent.class instead of source.getClass according to spec java doc
PM91124Classloader leak when java server faces does not call shutdown() when an exception is thrown
PM92784Inconsistent resolution of the variables in f:ajax@listener MethodExpressions
PM94424Using IBM MyFaces JSF, varStatus is lost during an AJAX call
Java Transaction Service (JTS)PM91189CR abend 0c4 in module BBGBOA
JNDI/NamingPM88810Intermittent Appserver hang during startup
PM90009Concurrency issue when property naming.urlbinding.resolution set to cacheRoundRobin
MigrationPM67555createRemoteMigrJar.bat returns NoClassDefFoundError
PM89530Migration fails with java.lang.Exception: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException
PM92313Potential security vulnerability after Migration from Version 6.1 or later.
PM92991WASPostUpgrade hangs during the retrieve signers call, waiting for username and password information to be provided.
PM96556Adminhost ports added to federated appserver during migration
PM97730Libraries specified at the cluster level are not handled properly during a remote migration
PM97904During migration, PMI metrics logging is enabled to systemOut.log if traceLevel is other than none
Object Request Broker (ORB)PM85194Hang caused due to shortage of CR worker threads
PM89440MDB work queued to a servant that is terminating despite appropriate environment variable settings.
PM90822When a thread ends, a cell in the cpool with a header of WebSphere SR Ctx Cpool is leaked.
PM91773Work request can incorrectly end up on the global queue and timeout.
PM92361WebSphere control region abend at server startup with JVMJNCK038E JNI error in GetMethodID
OtherPM96495404 error displays unnecessary information
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PM78715Fatal error files being generated
PM86003ORB related traces can be blocked by logging in application server trace
PM86653After implementing SLF4J logging, general administrative messages in systemout.log are lost
PM88643Trace string optimization issue.
PM92168Wrong path used to find ffdcdb.xml
PM97799Need to include profile_home/servers folder in collector jar
Plug-inPM93040Incorrect LogLevel on NS61 plug-in when RemoveSpecialHeaders=True
PM93105Allow GenPluginCfg to accept cluster and server combination
PM93734MarkBusyDown not initialized in webserver plugin
PM94198Timeouts must be the same for every URL on a server
PM94593Entering -1 for the plugin read/write timeout value appears to disable the timeout
PMI/Performance ToolsPM85007Error 400 will be thrown when moving from configuration to runtime tab and vice versa in custom PMI panel.
PM87763Tivoli Performance Viewer showing incorrect ProcessCpuUsage (100%)
PM88479TPV logging not started using wsadmin command after server process stopped using kill command
PM89979Duplicate PMI modulate registration is possible causing CWPMI0023W message
PM90056TPV logging sometimes stopped when stopping deployment manager
PM92326ODR servers logging many TUNE0408E and TUNE0407E messages
Proxy ServerPM90533Cannot find template proxy_server_foundation_70x when creating proxy cluster if dmgr is V8 and node server is V7
PM96811Proxy server becomes unresponsive
Runtime (zSeries®)PM87430When restarting in recovery mode, server fails to bootstrap to the local hostname and terminates with ServiceUnavailableExce
PM88159When a call stack encounters ***buffer overflow*** and is truncated, generate an FFDC log to capture the full callstack
PM90303DPM function does not collect stats for MDB using ActSpec with the control region adjunct (cra)
PM90930Setting ras_message_routing_hardcopy to a message ID may cause unintended trace entries written to the operator console
PM92104Trace records in SYSPRINT on V8 are missing the Category field.
PM93967ras_message_routing_console causes WSVR0605W to disappear from SYSPRINT
SchedulerPM87549FFDCs for SQLCode=-551 at application server startup
SecurityPM85131No cache control headers were received from WebSphere Application Server OAuth.
PM85252When launching WebService client using Java Web Start, NoClassDefFoundError was thrown for URLHandlerClass
PM86382Using RSA authentication with hw crypto fails with javax.crypto.BadPaddingException
PM87134SECJ0338E UnixRegistryException: not a valid group
PM87846Standalone LDAP failover settings not used for admin authorization modifications
PM88674LDAP search might fail when base DN is blank.
PM89252Administrative console should show any explicitly chosen cert labels in the SSL repertoire even if RACF query is slow or fails
PM89441When the admin registry does not match the server domain user registry and user does not exist logon fails
PM89884RTC environment has excessive reauthentications when configured to use SPNEGO
PM90014Server cannot write to keystore file running AdminTask.exportSAMLSpMetadata request against RACF keyring
PM90665During console keystore creation, validation failed: both password and verify password were not supplied.
PM91306Provide an option to skip canonical lookup for a specific HostName during SPNEGO Single signon
PM91326Sporadic deadlock on JVM startup
PM91837CSIv2 session cache not taking GlobalSecurity and SecurityDomain into account.
PM93059JNDI connection pooling does not work for SSL connection.
PM93988The value for allowAppAuthMethodFallback is always displayed as true in security trace.
PM94606SMF auditing on z/OS no longer emits audit records out to SMF
PM95006Issues with dynamic SSL
PM95128Custom Realm changed to protocol_iiop_daemon_listenIPAddress incorrectly 13/08/30 ptf pechange
PM97338Tivoli prerequisite component to update the TAM files.
PM97340invalid signature error while verifying newly generated ltpatoken.
PM98132Potential Cross-site scripting vulnerability
PM98240Single Sign On might not work when multiple security domain is enabled.
Services Component ArchitecturePM94514SCA project validation throws NoClasDefFoundError
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPM89149Filter invoked mutliple times if filter mapped to multiple URLs
PM90698When @PostConstruct is defined on the base and overridden by the subclasses, the annotated subclass method is invoked twice.
PM90834Async servlet lost original identity after resume
PM92967Issues with download of files greater than 8Gb.
PM93323Potential Cross-site Scripting vulnerability
PM95875OutOfMemory in webcontainer RRD due incorrect method equals.
PM97401Servlet unavailable when accessing file resources
System Management/RepositoryPM86396Running AdminTask.extractConfigProperties task of was.admin.ConfigCommands does not produce the correct output
PM89309StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown while running AdminTask.valiateConfigProperties command.
PM89421Environment variables do not get updated from application resources (application.xml) during app partial update process
PM89648Admin agent or node agent might not restart application server after system reboot
PM90039Properties file based configuration fails when applying a properties file containing the security object
PM90040Extracting StringNameSpaceBindings gets InvalidConfigDataTypeException
PM90426CMSKeyStore cannot be deleted after removing unmanaged node and web server from the master configuration via the administrative console
PM90478Temp file not removed after adding an asset as a composition unit
PM92510When a target server or cluster containing blank(s) in its name is mapped to an application, the application fails to deploy.
PM92763Java library incorrect on Linux
PM92836Extra data may appear in trace.log and wsadmin.traceout
PM94003Add the ResourceEnvEntry section and attributes to the ResourceEnvironmentProvider template
PM97462In monitored directory deployment, application start is issued before ear expansion has completed fails after importAsset with metadata storage type
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PM85423Overridden endpoint url being lost whenever the JAX-RPC application is updated
PM85990Can not show service providers in Chinese environment
PM88616Wsgen fails with UnsupportedException while generating artifacts if the '-inlineSchemas' option is used.
PM90466FileNotFoundException is thrown when starting application with EJB packaged in war. no protocol: XMLSchema.dtd
PM91361Multiple set-cookie values from an HTTP transport header in a JAX-WS web service response are not retrieved correctly
PM91585CWSAD0041E: An error occurred configuring frontier_3.1.3 in the application server repository
PM91689Value configured in the Provide HTTP endpoint URL information window not populated in the URL field of the returned WSDL
PM91957SOAP provider does not dispatch the SOAP response to SOAP client under specific condition
PM92093wsdeploy throws a ClassNotFoundException error
PM92318The policy resource files of the policy binding are missing after application update.
PM92903ConnectorException: ADMC0009E getting connection reset on syncronization attempt
PM93475When using shared libraries for a JAX-WS application, isolated classloader path was not passed to JAXB for JAXBContext
PM93965java.lang.NullPointerException during a DataHandler-Implementation
PM96343The unify SOAP fault code server created by WebSphere Application Server does not meet SOAP 1.2 specification
PM96912Web services opens and closes application multiple times during deployment
Web Services SecurityPM89426WS-Security common component cannot use keyring files
PM90949Potential Vulnerability in WS-Security with XML Digital Signature
PM92878JAX-WS WS-Security with general bindings, if there are no intermediate CER files, a CRL won't be picked up
PM93768JAX-WS WS-Security UsernameToken with Nonce fails with CWWSS5514E if DynaCache is not enabled
PM95022SAML runtime does not accept assertions that use the RetrievalMethod element
PM97564Encrypted SAML token cannot contain line breaks in x509certificate
Workload Management (WLM)PM76903WLM outbound proxy connection uses wrong IP
PM88666DMZ secure proxy, when under load, may continue returning 503 even if backend target server is restored from down status.
PM94998WLM in the WebSphere Proxy ignores virtual host mapping configured for a web module by the user.
PM98613Proxy server may not release resources when an endpoint is unavailable

Fix release date: 19 Aug, 2013
Last modified: 19 Aug 2013
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 7

100% CPU UsagePM78819There is no mechanism to adjust the frequency that WS-RM sends MakeConnection requests and re-transmits application messages.
PM79030WS-ReliableMessaging failures when concurrent work is processed
PM79890WS-ReliableMessaging application causes java.lang.OutOfMemoryError due to large heap space usage
PM79994WS-ReliableMessaging may cause CWSIP0801E message to be generated during messaging engine startup due to race condition
PM80326WS-ReliableMessaging scaleability issue in a clustered environment
PM85223WS-RM is consuming memory after it has been initialized
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PM77718OK overwrites Apply in adminstrative console in J2C authentication data settings
PM78614Administrative console URLs may be vulnerable to XSS attacks against logged-in users
PM78873After enabling Identity Assertion over CSIV2 through the console, both cells are unable to determine if it is enabled
PM79292DB2 data source, automatic client reroute enabled, restart admin unsaved changes reported
PM79330Anonymous directories created by using the administrative console
PM79694In the administrative console, the map groups to security role panel, the fields are labeled user
PM79992Security vulnerability when accessing the administrative console
PM81571Potential Cross-site scripting in Administrative Console
PM83535Add filters to Login Conflict panel
PM83667Ports were not generated properly when using the port_skip.props file to specify ports to be skipped during server creation
PM83937Change values in JSPs for administrative console isclite panels
PM84519Misleading information in the administrative console ORB service panel
PM86483"500" error when adding WebSphere environment variables in the administrative consol
PM86864Mouse over help has incorrect default name for SSO TOKEN 1 and TOKEN 2
PM87240Attributes for federated repositories in the console do not display as they should and cannote be removed individually
PM88208Cross-site scripting in the administrative console
PM88239JSF selection confusing on administrative console
PM88241Console provides a link to save the application even after it informs user they must discard the workspace
PM88356Error 404 displayed upon generation of plugin-cfg.xml file for Proxy cluster from dmgr adminstrative console
PM88617In the dynamic cache service panel, checking or unchecking the enable box has no effect.
PM88746Link injection in administrative console
PM88937StartNode test fails with port conflict
PM89435On z/OS, the current heap sixe on runtime tab for the server in the adminstrative console shows the wrong information
PM91226Editing JAX-WS application specific policy set bindings results in blank screen and NullPointerException in logs
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)PM80400wsadmin may display wrong exception when terminated by an uncaught non-WSAS failure
PM82029Improve wsadmin help messages
PM83407WS_ANT sshexec target incorrectly closes output stream
PM90088Fix for CVE-2012-2098
ClassloaderPM77351Auto-started applications fail authorization tests due to missing subject
Default Messaging ComponentPM77945Negative value of active thread count for persistent dispatcher threads lead to hang
PM81457Extra JMS report message generated by SIB when message destination is WebSphere MQ and COA specified
Double Byte Charatcer Set (DBCS)PM87601I18N9002E: An unexpected exception occurred while providing Internationalization
Dynamic CachePM82643Application classloader leak when an application using servlet caching is stopped
EJB ContainerPM78360createEJBStubs.bat with a long classpath causing error
PM82578Non-EJB RMI calls fails with NullPointerException when server is configured to start components as needed
EJBDeploy (WSAD)PM89535Cumulative fixes for EJBDeploy
Embedded/ExpressPM81798IllegalStateException:ServerSessionPool closed or closing
Enterprise Edition (EE)PM82559A deadlock may occur during JAXB and XSLT processing
Federated RepositoriesPM82122OutOfMemory exception due to javax/naming/directory/SearchResult objects
PM83168Virtual member manager may throw Timestamp format error when updating property extension database
PM84207GET API uniqueName value should be in normal case at the time of login
PM85384Make DomainManagerUtils class public to use its API to set the correct domain context.
PM86055Password is not correct after migrating users to VMM registry
GeneralPM50604getVersionsForAllEFixes fails with NullPointerException
PM69109Application fails if it invalides UAS SipSession of the b2b just after sending the 200 response and before sending the outgoing BYE request.
PM70370logViewer tool does not report invalid dates
PM73816Occasionally OSGi web modules may not start
PM74682Changes in system time can affect the functionality of the Alarm Manager.
PM74800The linked session is not replicated correctly
PM74949Not all logs are printed
PM76982Poor performance during web server plugin generation when there are many JEE applications
PM77458A SaveFailureException showing a duplicate entry error occurs when an update replaces a non-module file with a module file.
PM78019NullPointerException received during annotations processing command not enforcing server long names for dmgr and nodeagent
PM79492Missing optional dependencies causes exception in AnnotatedElementFactory
PM79498ClassNonFoundException occurs in Blueprint container application code
PM79670OpenJPA Criteria API and canonical metamodel result in SQL Exceptions
PM79740Byte[] and Char[] should be treated as SingularAttributes, not lists by the MetaModel generator.
PM79777Generic decorators fail with generic delegate attribute must be same with decorated type.
PM79829Application server must tolerate both ibm-managed-bean-bnd.xml and ibm-managed-beans-bnd.xml metadata
PM80010Enable recovery logs to be held in a database
PM80038Custom property does not work properly
PM80339The server CR took an ABEND 0C4-038 IN CF_Local_Connection::uninit_CF_Local_Connection()
PM80646Oauth provider does not support reverse proxy configuration causing incorrect URL redirection
PM80786A web server definition cannot be removed using the removeOs400WebServerDefinition script.
PM80788Unexplained SIP container behavior when using TEL URI - creating an INVITE with illegal characters in tel URI.
PM80930Oracle UCP XA Datasource results in UniversalConnectionPoolException:All connections
PM80931Injection of an EJB in a field with parameterized interface fails with UnsatisfiedResolutionException
PM81173WebApp tag containing deployment descriptor HREF incorrectly added to WebAppExtensions.
PM81374Wrong reason phrase for 491 request pending
PM81480When trying to invoke TelUrl.setPhoneNumber(#4444) on the created URL throws an illegalArgumentException
PM81531JNDI lookups perform poorly when Java 2 security is in use
PM81797SIP Container does not correctly parse a Contact header with an asterisk '*' in the display name.
PM81824Unable to use transaction_class other than the default when using workload classification XML document for WMQ MDB
PM81933encodeURL not working properly when there is any cookie in the request header
PM82448Poor server startup performance of ODC when complex OSGI applications are deployed
PM82547The SIP container unescapes header parameter values that do not dictate unescaping
PM82550Deadlock in session initiation protocol (SIP) container
PM82750Slow Portal logout processing during high volume stress usage
PM82837CDI Interceptors cannot call javax.interceptor.InvocationContext#getTarget in catch block
PM82977IllegalAccessException when using @PostConstruct annotations with other than public
PM83129Maintain interoperability of V7, V8.0 & V8.5 for the API to control the redelivery count
PM83516SIP Container keeps SS/SAS around if no response to CANCEL even after it sees response to INVITE.
PM83565installedApps did not get updated after application deployment due to httpOnly attributed in the deployment.xml under mixed cell
PM83740setDisplayName method throws SipParseException, when called with an Empty String or null argument
PM83768Exceptions are thrown while calling a method on a nested component.
PM83830Cannot force SIP container to quote new contact header parameter
PM84325Negative PMI values for active SIP application sessions when an exception is thrown
PM84372The instructions generated by the Profile Management Tool for z/OS do not correctly identify the required user privileges
PM84622SIP Container sometimes associates BYE after session terminated with the wrong session.
PM84627SIP Container occasionally throws NullPointerException
PM85123WOLA using IMS OTMA does not fail over to backup connection after IMS terminates
PM85139SIP Proxy Server Retry-After Header Value does not work
PM85288FileNotFoundException from LoadStrategy during application update
PM85325Problems when changing from Java6 to Java7
PM85353Adminstrative programs fail to launch due to a class loading error
PM85359Log informational message when growable thread pool increases
PM85385MergeProcessingException for RolesAllowed on abstract class
PM85521NullPointerException logged by message filter primitive
PM8564364-bit controller CTRACE data for WebSphere will not format
PM85813BBOA8942W message issued incorrectly when security is disabled
PM85820EqualityHelper.equal() failed if XML has different comments
PM85822EqualityHelper.equal() failed if XML has different comments
PM85845Incorrect type order during WSDL Processing
PM85852Double delete of TCB object in a client
PM85865BBOO0325W timeout message displays IP address but not hostname making it harder to determine the target of failed connection
PM86085Cycle added during copy of mutated and chain-copied list
PM86219Failure to define schema for non-standard join with constant values
PM86780Security update for Apache OpenJPA issue CVE-2013-1768
PM86816Portlet Bridge modifies FacesMessage-severity from action to view
PM87114Managed beans binding interceptors are not parsed in a schema correct way
PM87199SIP container should not insert a Contact header into a 4XX response
PM87331Entities with version field set to null can be merged when extending a mapped superclass
PM87662ABEND 0C4 RSN=00000011 in BBOASDEG loading ECESPRMT from IMS resource route table DFSRRT
PM87829In JSF, when one portlet is unavailable, it also disables other portlet from rendering.
PM87961ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error is seen on certain scenarios that iterate over the characters of multi-byte valued data.
PM87963ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException caused by insufficient multi-byte character processing
PM88005SIP Container shold not insert a contact header into an UPDATE request that is proxied.
PM88131XA recovery fails on server restart
PM88133WebSphere transaction connecting to CICS via WOLA hangs
PM88201Missing some EJB mappings
PM88470Few code changes made in bridge code to improve performance
PM88477Comments published more than three years ago are not displayed by default in XML Samples' Blog Checker.
PM88865Corrections are needed to the documentation in the Information Center for IBM WebSphere Application Server version 8.0
PM88889NullPointerException on internally generated event observer
PM88945ABEND0C4 or ABEND878 using WOLA due to bad request or response message buffer
PM89189LogViewer command will now accommodate long format for date while used with startDate and stopDate
PM89276Enhancer generates invalid code if fetch-groups is activated.
PM89305MapsId in a Child entity to a Parent entity using auto-assigned identity fails with duplicte INSERT SQL.
PM89349Deadlock in SIP container
PM90581Server startup regression by 3% for an annotations enabled application.
PM90935Provide config action for clearClassCache script on z/OS
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPM82042IBM HTTP Server Microsoft Windows service fails to start if the folder has a space and another folder exists
PM86739May see ICH408I for /InstallationManager/appdata/logs or a file within this directory at server startup
PM87068File are different between fix pack update and direct install to the same level.
PM88231configureIHSPlugin.bat script displays WSVR0615W and WSVR0616W
PM89293StackOverflowError occurs when postsession bundle fails
PM90143Non-serviceable files on WCT are not serviceable through postinstall config actions because
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PM74937J2CA0206W needs to explain you should also consider availability problems with message provider along with database
PM79693Add connection pool configuration directives in client management extensions for optim configuration manager
PM81646Double quotes in description text of datasource custom property userDefinedErrorMap causes parsing error
PM82302NullPointerException thrown while trying to get a shared connection
PM83459J2EEResourceProperty for deleted methods in ResourceAdapter are not removed.
PM83813jndiContextName property in datasource properties fails XAResourceInfo comparison which leads to LogFullException
PM90548The custom property default value for disableResourceFailBack is not being honored
Java Message Service (JMS)PM80934JMS registration error message WSVR0501E caused by NullPointerException
PM81403HTTP channel NCSA combined mode does not use the correct log output
PM83306acknowledgeMode is not a default custom property of a WMQ Activation Specification
PM85208The AIO libraby does not include the PDB file
PM86708%D NCSA access logging directive does not record the correct elapsed time for a request
PM89233Update IBM WebSphere MQ JCA resource adapter to version
Java SDKPM81909JCDIWebListener PhaseListener is not added before application specified PhaseListeners
PM82121Enhancing the JavaServer Faces (JSF) MyFaces Flash scope cookies when used in a secure connection.
PM84636SystemOut.log contains many occurrences of the warning: SRVE8094W: WARNING: Cannot set header. Response already committed.
PM87826JSF 2.0 MyFaces flash cookies don't have httpOnly set
JNDI/NamingPM82633resolve_complete_info naming requests on clusters
JSPPM70967An EL Expression in a JSP file is not evaluated if the expression is preceded by two backslashes (\\).
PM90770Unable to locate the tag library due to duplicated path
LibertyPM83348Add support for a more secure way of handling user credentials for repository authentication
MigrationPM79138JAVA_HOME not set for V8.5, migration does not recognize JDK626INSTALL
PM82795Unexpected HTTP admin condition for application following migration
PM83438Function security.Filter missing, resulting in NoSuchMethodException
PM83440<enabledComponents> tag adds ALL to pmirm.xml file after migration
PM83655When the install directories aren't /QIBM/ProdData/... and /QIBM/UserData on IBM i, migration code cannot start WASPreUpgrade.
PM84703NoSuchMethodException thrown during WasPostUpgrade
PM85345Overlay ports not created during migration to V8.5
PM88108Migration of CoreGroup servers (coregroup.xml files) were not preserved in the order of the preferredServers list
PM88346Migrating from V7.0.0.17, additional trustManager is added to the trustManager in security.xml
PM90243Running WASPreUpgrade fails with NotFoundException
PM91511Business level applications do not deploy after migration.
Object Request Broker (ORB)PM83349NullPointerException in SocketTimerThread due to improper initialization
PM86478MDB messages were queued to a servant that is not ready for work yet
PM86736Node agent takes ABENDCC3 RC 040E0001
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PM78715Fatal error files being generated
PM79210Collector tool under Linux does not collect necessary network configuration as in AIX.
PM81463WebSphere daemon process hung in dump processing
PM83801Message from resource bundle was not printing in logs from FFDCJanitor class
Plug-inPM77269Web server plug-in on HP-UX is unable to connect using SSL
PM85540Incorrect output to the Apache server. Data is coming from the plug-in and instead of being in ASCII is in EBCIDIC
PM85879PCT needs to be able to configure the plugin to Microsoft IIS8
PM89372Plug-in returns 500 status code when response header is over 100 KB
PMI/Performance ToolsPM66368Incorrect PMI poolSize values shown for ORB poolSize on z/OS.
Proxy ServerPM89456WebSphere Proxy accepts new requests while shutting down
Runtime (zSeries®)PM74747Connections are not closed after an unexpected exception occurs
PM75388BBOO0037E function IEAVRLS failed with RC=4 REASON=00000000 during daemon startup
PM80059Missing output for 'F server_name,DISPLAY,WORK,CLINFO' command
PM80250Server fails to start because files are created with wrong permission bits. ICH408I Insufficient authority to open errors
PM82634WebSphere won't requeue work from an abending servant when control_region_timeout_delay > 0
PM83781Message BBOT0003W is no longer issued as a WTO
PM85637Minor code C9C212F7 generates an SVCDUMP when z/runtime detects double free of BBOOORBR control block
PM87193If there are more than 256 WebSphere controllers on 1 LPAR, random servers may fail to register with WLM - BBOO0037E
SecurityPM68495An UnauthorizedSessionRequestException can occur from an error page if the session is accessed
PM75115Re-enabling security with wsadmin does not update password if the user already exists
PM75779Security auditing throws a NullPointerException when trying to read incoming session data
PM78276Shared LTPA token always exported with realm as default
PM80349AuthCache entry leak for X509Certificates
PM81345FileNotFoundException is thrown for /favicon.ico request sent by the browser.
PM82641Security domain configuration will write a Duplicate JAAS LoginModule configured if WEB_INBOUND as alias name
PM82706Enabling the security Audit service throws a NullPointerException
PM83196OAuth TAI throwing 403 exception instead of 401 response
PM84158Console does not remove the SSL config objects of the application server scope in security.xml file
PM84259Prevent adding WASReqURL cookie when login page is protected
PM84610Invalid method interface: MessageEndpoint or Invalid method interface: Timer when runing EJB 3.1 application
PM85834OAuth could allow a remote attacker to obtain someone else's credentials
PM87071If a custom encryption class fails to load, passwords which were encrypted with this class might be lost.
PM87246SSL connection fails when encoded password is set as AdminClient property programatically.
PM87348NullPointerException when configuring security domain with standalone LDAP
Services Component ArchitecturePM90000Serialization of jsonrpc data over the SCA HTTP Binding can be relatively slow in cases using nested Java objects.
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPM76898Add class level trace points for lightest webcontainer trace
PM82876Cannot access ***..pdf file
PM83905javax.servlet.request.key_size request attribute is not available from a filter
PM84305OutOfMemoryError caused by memory leak in caching the wrapper for URIs
PM84811Encoding issues with some characters like n-tilde
PM88028Infinite loop of 302 redirects or RuntimeException RequestWrapper objects must extend ServletRequestWrapper
Sessions and Session ManagementPM85141SESN0008E is logged unnecessarily
System Management/RepositoryPM81061Properties File Based Configuration (PFBC)MapModulesToServers task fails when validate=true set
PM81558Timing issue while disabling autosync during rollout update application deployment operation
PM82872DocumentNotFoundException when checking application status to Admin Agent
PM82929Application update fails to start application in a clustered environment
PM83177BLA stoeed on all application servers when mapping is changed
PM83236PFBC extract only extracts the first WorkManagerInfo object from resources
PM84545During a rollout update of an application on a cluster the ADMA8008I is not generated correctly
PM84731SyncResultImpl.class file is missing in file
PM85024NullPointerException when accessing JMS resources in console
PM85864Symbolic link under installedApps directory does not get retained after application uninstall and re-install
PM85931Reset timeout value on alarm registration to remit alarm timeout warnings
PM86070The wsadmin AdminTask.extractConfigProperties command does not export connection pool data for a generic JMS connection factory
PM86549A new StatusCacheTimedThread instance is created in the NodeAgengStatusCache on remote node when the dmgr is restarted
PM87815Message ADMA0110E does not include the relevant J2EE version value in the message text
PM88565Enhance user action part of error message when an installed SDK cannot be found by command to switch to a different SDK
PM92206Server failed to start with Java Security enabled
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PM79959NullPointerException during JAX-RPC web service invocation
PM79963When using SOAP1.2 WS-ReliableMessaging generates SOAPFaults that are not compliant with the schema
PM80728OutOfMemoryError due to classloader leak in JAX-WS runtime
PM81230RuntimeException is thrown even when the one-way message is delivered successfully
PM81412Web service response message is missing namespace in an element
PM82220Null value returned when a JAX-WS web service retrieves the HTTP header value by header name
PM82523The SOAP engine used by System Management does not honor http.nonProxyHosts when https.nonProxyHost is not provided.
PM83299JAXB content search cache should include packages without JAXB classes
PM83648When trying to use an EJB Bean to generate a @Resources-Annotation, an ADMA7102E error message was received
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PM84431When an IP is changed for a host, SOAP code does not recognize it due to management of a static host/IP table
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PM85408java.lang.ClassCastException appears when a WSDL with an input element only is used to indicate a one-way web service
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PM87974java.lang.NullPointerException thrown in Turkish OS while handling SOAP message with attachment
Web Services SecurityPM81191Cannot retrieve all SAML attributes in a SAML with multiple AttributeStatements
PM82810Error occurs in the WS-Security OMStructureFactory.getOMStructure(String) SPI
PM84132NameIDProvider not picked up when generating SAML tokens
PM84740In JAX-WS WS-Security when there is an LTPA token in a caller configuration, a memory leak may occur
PM87608JAAS system login of the security domain not shown in adminstrative console
PM88011CWWSS6001E error may occur when JAX-WS WS-Security in full profile consumes a message from Liberty Profile
PM88992Create version class for WS-Security runtime

Fix release date: 29 Apr, 2013
Last modified: 29 Apr 2013
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 6

100% CPU UsagePM68687Some entries in the XA partner log might not be eligible for recovery even though they should.
PM69734Compensation scope (Cscope) serviceability enhancements
PM71356MQ RA exception is not linked to the transaction manager exception
PM71736CSCP007e: An unexpected error occurred in method completeActivity in class CscopeRootImpl
PM72502DBCS characters are displayed in the control region joblog when using Japanese browser
PM74039WS-Reliable messaging can not delete or terminate a sequence id from the administrative console
PM75702NullPointerException can occur in FFDC formatting of custom collections that introduce a null iterator.
PM75705Deadlock encountered during server startup when attempting to process in-commit transactions
PM782821 is not interpreted as true for wsa:IsReferenceParameter attribute
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PM63796Missing message key for JVMSettings.heapSize.units on java virtual machine page in console
PM70451Scope.display.description error on variables panel on administrative console
PM71332Unable to change diagnostic trace buffer size
PM71529System property to decode all J2EEResourceProperty when accessing the property via wsadmin.
PM73349Using admin agent console to create a JMS MQ queue: No WMQQueueDefiner MBean found error occurs
PM73726The administrative console is filtering out the primary administrative user in the CORBA naming users panel
PM73919Cannot uncheck enable JCA based inbound message delivery check box once checked in administrative console
PM74096The administrative console always runs slowly whenever the node screen or log and trace screen panel is selected
PM74881Rollout update status is not shown in real time on adminstrative console
PM74910Servlet caching shoud say servlet/command caching
PM75082Console view last action incorrect and jython error message is not useful.
PM75231The execution command for a runtime task in task management is not correct.
PM75517BIDI preferences not applied to the navigation tree
PM75957Breadcrumb on security audit monitor new is incorrect
PM75962Welcome panel and user name at top of console do not correctly use the base text direction setting.
PM76257Base text direction is not enforced for titles of portlets
PM76312Long operation names do not display on the service providers policy set attachments frame in administrative console
PM76683Ear deployment failed with IWAE0015E
PM76691Administrative console select all checkbox does not always work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
PM76830Login to the administrative console using j_security_script
PM77288Creating cluster members result in duplicate ports.
PM77444Administrative console does not accept valid thread pool field changes after editing server.xml
PM77771Corrupted Hungarian character (o tilde) in administrative console application install status
PM77976Administrative console guided activities links point to V7 Information Center
PM78956The test page on was:9080/ibm/console/test.js should be removed
PM79535Clicking the question mark ? on the administrative console welcome screen does not display in the correct language
PM80264Increase in field selection size in "share library mappings".
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)PM70159Insufficient message "WASX7116E: Cannot copy file" is issued if deploy fails while copying ear to temp directory
PM70934AdminApplication.updateEntireAppToAnAppWithUpdateCommand fails due to incorrect mapping of default application to VH1.
PM71125Enhance wsadmin StartServer and StopServer commands on node agent queries
PM73437Wsadmin running in connected mode accesses local repository not the connected to server's profile_root/config/temp/download/
PM74726createJDBCProvider fails if scope name has double quotes
PM74727AdminConfig.list() can generate NullPointerException for valid config types
ClassloaderPM69926Directory entries in manifest classpaths produce warning messages
Default Messaging ComponentPM60436Messages are not distributed to load balanced service integration bus message engines
PM64875ME failover may not succeed if connection to DB2 is determined bad.
PM68797Deadlock in JSMessageData.lazyCopy()
PM69045When a SIB message engine is deleted, the proxy queues related to the deleted messaging engine are not cleaned up.
PM71430PubSub messages stuck on WebSphere Application Server service integration bus publication point
PM71953JMS application receives CWSIT0019E error though the service integration bus messaging engine is up and running
PM72835OOM SIB MDB failure to establish a connection to messaging engine could result in a leak of channel framework chains.
PM74709Deadlock detected in WebSphere Application Server service integration bus messaging engine
Dynamic CachePM71965The entrySet method from DistributeMap returns a set of keys instead of key/value pairs which causes ClassCastException
PM71992Custom properties for the baseCache must be defined as JVM custom properties.
PM74847Problem when cache tracing is enabled
PM75050Missing content from parent servlet with edge side include (esi) enabled.
PM76589Unnecessary XMLReader objects population, leads to heap & CPU overhead
EJB ContainerPM73223FFDC logs may be generated for EJB timer functions even though they are performing normally.
PM73674DSRA9110E: Statement is closed
PM79779ConcurrentModificationException when starting applications if server started with start components as needed
EJBDeploy (WSAD)PM82232Update EJBdeploy
Enterprise Edition (EE)PM78861XML lock contention may reduce Web Services performance
PM80428BigDecimal values with leading whitespace might be skipped when using JAXB
Federated RepositoriesPM60212Concurrent update/create failing on shared LA/DB in VMM
PM66963Federated repositories do not allow a user login with Turkish characters.
PM68735VMM does not allow login for entries in child domain when parent domain controller is configured with SSL enabled.
PM69810VMM gives exception when adding user to application group
PM69910VMM fetches groups when called for getUsersForGroup
PM72158Federated repositories not returning domain\userName as principalName while login.
PM73727The ibm-primaryEmail property not defined exception on addIdMgrLDAPAttr CLI
PM74175Unable to login with a userid that has a = sign in the name
PM74431User creation in custom adapters in VMM fails due to special tags in it.
PM75085The AdminTask.addIdMgrLDAPAttrNotSupported CLI returns NullPointerException for VMM custom repository
PM76997VMM certificate authentication fails when DN contains non-default x509 certificate attributes.
PM78026Virtual member manager (vmm) unable search for user or group with single quote in search expression
PM78452LDAP context pool timeout does not work to release expired connection in federated repository
GeneralPM03448High memory use during application deployment due to large EJB metadata
PM62252HPEL0114E and HPEL0115E errors may appear in TextLog when using HPEL logging
PM62615Messages build up on service integration bus topicspace
PM63269Server startup process (configuration manager) sets incorrect permissions
PM63475Early start-up of session invalidation can cause deadlock with application start-up thread in very rare situations
PM63580SIBus links remain in delete_pending state along with CWSIP0065I message in the systemout.log
PM65130Warning message regarding "openjpa.Id"
PM65693java.lang.ClassCastException after an application restart
PM66255ConcurrentModificationException while starting a business level application.
PM66350WsObjectInputStream uses incorrect class loader.
PM66889PMI ActiveCount inaccurate when a session is accessed, invalidated, and created on the same request
PM67046Application deployment fails with ADMA0207E error message
PM67069JPA SQL query cache is disabled when code intends to enable it: PersistenceProperty openjpa.jdbc.QuerySQLCache = true
PM67193Applyptf.out contents should also be written to sysout part of the joblog output
PM67377Excessive warning messages can appear in the log during session invalidation when a server is under load.
PM67588java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError is thrown while accessing org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.identifier.DBIdentifier class
PM67856CDI is caching EL expressions on the thread
PM67897JPA SQL query cache generates incorrect SQL
PM68247When starting the WebSphere Application Server x/OS in recovery mode the adjunct region does not start.
PM68387Inconsistent date formats used in logViewer
PM68466The content of temp folders on the dmgr server isn't cleaned automatically, causing disk space problems, out of disk space
PM69099NoSuchMethodError with OpenJPA 2.0
PM69541New PMI counter for retrieving threadPool percentage
PM70002WOLA CICS link server ADPL abends during DP link call
PM70238Enhance the monitored deployment parsing code to check for encoding of property file
PM70271NullPointerException received when using WS-Notification renew operation.
PM70342SIP unable to cancel request after re-invite
PM70350Multiple application resource reference binding property elements are not saved
PM70469EJBDeploy run time may increase
PM70517EBA PMI statistics have a significant impact on performance
PM70566Default join-column is not being overridden by the @JoinColumn annotation's name property
PM70768SIP container does not get out of overload due to exception.
PM70822Reliable provisional response on reInvite not working
PM70911{"integer type 0" != } returns true when it should return false
PM70995Big messages are not replicated correctly when set as SipApplicationSession attributes
PM71036Container generated record-route is for TCP when SIPs with transport=TCP is in the request-uri
PM71224An invalid UTF-8 middle byte error might occur for JAX-RS application
PM71277Criteria API generated queries do not handle parameter casting for SQL function calls
PM71282Allow "throttling" hung alarm thread messages (UTLS0008), after the first n complete stack traces have been shown.
PM71600SIP container returns null when invoke session.getCallid() method after failover
PM71710READ_UNCOMMITTED setting for the fetch plan isolation level is ignored in DB2Dictionary
PM71789Getting tag from to header in response
PM71804Portlet metrics not being displayed in Tivoli Performance Viewer after server restart
PM71822Unable to deploy WebSphere Extreme Scale client application with adminTask command.
PM71890In the TelURI header, the delimiter was missing between the parameters.
PM71919Extra data in trace.log and wsadmin.traceout
PM71935NullPointerException during server startup when using context and dependency injection (cdi)
PM72328CWSIK0022E errors after failback of WebSphere Application Server service integration bus messaging engine
PM72357Session manager incorrectly appends null to session affinity context key.
PM72437OLA script DFHPLTOL.jclsamp ends in return code 4.
PM72533Error using EL method expression for methods with parameters.
PM72616SOAPFaultException processing valid Notification due to ignorable whitespace in the NotificationMessage element
PM72780Application start is slower than v6.1 when many ejb-refs are present
PM72839Calling party rejects reINVITE before it receives ACK from prior INVITE.
PM72841A call of EntityManager.getProperties() can lead to NullPointerException
PM73038SIP container allows the application to create an un-subscribe request.
PM73068Modify WSJPA so that logging is routed to System Out insteadof System Err
PM73096Connector installation failing with out of memory error showing archive and class loader instances
PM73211org.xml.sax.SAXParseException error messages generated during migration of nodes with applications containing portlet.xml
PM73255Errors occur when using wsdbgen or wsdb2gen commands for JPA applications
PM73299Portlet container throwing NotSerializableException.
PM73312The nested classpath elements inside the mappingtool ant task are ignored when loading the persistent configuration file.
PM73497SIP container rejects ACK when a CSeq is lower than the last sent.
PM73513CDI may not intercept methods defined using generics
PM73537Updates route set from response to notify, causing subsequent requests to fail.
PM73623OSGi bundle cache entries can be lost
PM73629Enabling the trace "" string produces too much log output, interfering with problem diagnosis
PM73895NullPointerException in JSF code.
PM74151JSESSIONIDs shorter than the expected length should be processed by session manager
PM74155IllegalStateException in SIP stack.
PM74190Application update failure with SaveFailureException and error IWAE0017E
PM74234Experiencing 5 to 10 min delay till Open for e-Business.
PM74270OpenJPA=all tracing causes OpenJPA class transform/enhancement to fail
PM74335SIB needs to print a warning message to the system out log when the HA manager is not available
PM74368org.apache.commons.el.expressionEvaluatorImpl cache control missing
PM74387Myfaces UnsupportedOperationsException
PM74418BBOCHFSA job ends with RC 2048
PM74568Calling Response.encodeURL(myurl)after HttpSession is invalidated generates java.lang.NullPointerException
PM74639EBA module update is as slow as deploying a new EBA
PM746460D6/AKEB abend happens in in CICS startup from WebSphere BBOC transaction
PM74655Read timeouts can cause a ClassCastException when using IPC as the local connector.
PM74658CICS has 0C4 AKEA abend in task related user exit BBOATRUE
PM74725Monitor component initializations, report "hung threads"
PM74752SIP container is not updating the routing set when sending the 183 response. Only updated when 200 response is sent.
PM74829In some cases the SIP container opens a connection to the WebSphere SIP proxy server to send a response message.
PM74923Servant output redirected to Unix systems services file system could collide when servants start at the same time.
PM74932An AccessControlException can occur when using the JSTL c:import tag library.
PM75089Java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Failed to load class
PM75102Threads unexpectedly exhaust the thread pool leading to permanent hang
PM75194OutOfMemory errors for applications using many annotations in application clients
PM75316WOLA's workload distribution support fails does not filter web module jar files.
PM75463Portlet aggregation tag library does not work with remote request dispatcher
PM75621SIP issue: "+" sign omitted after invoking TelURL.setParameter()
PM75860Attribute xsi:nil is ignored in certain SDO scenarios
PM75886OpenJPA class collision with previous app lifecycle
PM75937Detection of changed files for reload failed due to deployment manager and node clocks being out of synch
PM76100Final response to INVITE with no to-tag puts SIP container in bad state
PM76121Make PMT users aware of migration implication
PM76175Deserialization from session fail over
PM76225CR abend 0C4 rsn=00000011, incorrectly responding via XmemProxy
PM76236Issues with the SIP container going out of view
PM76291Extra data in the profile creation logs
PM76292Additional SQL alias generated for query with subquery causes incorrect # of rows returned Oracle only
PM76584Portlet container plugin.xml contains invalid characters
PM76674SIP container cannot generate a second notify terminated to a dialog where multiple subscriptions are shared .
PM76768Application class path values are recomputed too often.
PM76822Old ServiceMessageObject artifacts come back after cloning
PM76868Problems related to GatewayBundleContextProxy during lookup
PM77261User with monitor role received null message when accessing bundle cache on the administrative console
PM77512Out of memory condition occurs when a user attempts to logout from administrative console
PM77581Prevent application from reproxying when it gets 6xx response.
PM77734Cancel sent with contact header. SIP RFC 3261 says cancel request should not contain contact header.
PM77840NoClassDefFoundError caused by a ConcurrentModificationException
PM77854Broken Information Center link in client sample welcome page.
PM78101Add SolidDB support on session database
PM78132Application classloader is not removed even after the application has been undeployed.
PM78322Fail to parse startup and keep-alive messages when comma.separated.headers custom property is enabled.
PM78427Deadlock in SIP container code.
PM78648Classloader contention on ExpressionFactoryImpl objects
PM78745Deployment fails with out of memory exception when a class inheritance loop is present
PM78820Injection of builtin beans throws NullPointerException
PM79055OpenJPA throws exception when orm.xml contains <cascade-persist/>.
PM79156WebSphere Application Server optimized local adapter (wola) drops registration with CICS after servant recycle.
PM79171ADMA5060E error occurs when installing application containing an EJB module configured with environment variables.
PM79320Add Microsoft Windows 2012 and Microsoft Windows 8 support to the offerings
PM79327Thread deadlock in CriteriaBuilder
PM79460NotSerializableException thrown during validation for JSF 2.0 portlet
PM79462Required stylehseets or javascript are not added in portlet facelet
PM79477Accept header is showing as "c" and not "a".
PM79499Garbled value for hostname in the BBOO0325W message.
PM79511Methods not being recognized as business methods
PM79995Incorrect matching of argument types for methods with multiple arguments
PM80253A thread deadlock occurs in OpenJPA logging factory
PM80276CreationalContext not created for custom scope stateful EJB
PM80302Deployment fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when corrupted class encountered.
PM80312SipServerTransacrtion remains in memory when an unmatched CANCEL is received.
PM80320Corrupt serialization caused by incorrect handling of mutated elements.
PM80372Add 64 bit Installation Manager support properties with Linux and Microsoft Windows 64bit parameters in the offering file
PM80554Plug-in Configuration Tool tries to open the non-existant index_roadmap_ja.html in Japanese locale
PM80667Allow limits to the amount of logs produced by post installer
PM81058Slow EJB 3.0 performance when an SQL query contains a parameter marker (?)
PM81225SIP sessions PMI counter shows incorrect value.
PM81627IBM Support Assistant Data Collector tool for WebSphere Application Server
PM81653After WASService detects that the service has already started it sets the state incorrectly to server_stopped
PM83723Administrative commands that prompt for a userid and password thru a pop-up will hang
PM83744Fix defects in launchWsadminListener on Linux and Microsoft Windows
PM84279Add Norwegian Bokmal to the list of languages for administrative console helps
PM84881URBridge fails on RACF BBOO0222I, WTRN0006W Transaction timed out
PM80162IMCL command allows properties from IBM HTTP Server V7 install to be used in V8
PM85662AdminConfig.list() generates a NullPointerException with security enabled
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPM64358CIM failed to update remote node using a domain account with UAC enabled on a Microsoft Windows target machine
PM70935Installation Manager does not overwrite files previously laid down by running JTZU before installing fix pack
PM73780Chutils shows error: "There is no WebSphere version 8 offering in the installation location." if Java 7 SDK is installed. script displays user.install.root warning message
PM76012Installation Manager can not recognize domain userName
PM76423Installing WCT fix pack on Microsoft Windows fails intermittently.
PM76516Need to block SDK feature change in silent modify, update or rollback
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PM67129JMX notification listener for J2CMessageEndpoint is not called when activation specification changes status.
PM69245Java.lang.NumberFormatException when using a data source defined under user-defined JDBC provider with queryTimeout property
PM71365The default value for useJDBC4ColumnNameAndLabelSemantics is boolean and not interger.
PM73123RRA should provide information about JDBC spec level
PM75183purgePoolContents may take down the database
PM78182MCWrapper is holding onto ref called withinReserveTransactionID causing a memory leak
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PM69154Improve performance for Mbean query.
Java Message Service (JMS)PM64807WebSphere Application Server sends the 100 Continue response as soon as the request arrives.
PM69206MDB message is not backed out to backout requeue when using bean managed transaction (bmt) demarcation
PM69423Host header not set in HTTP request
PM72763Error when converting a listener port to an activation specification
PM72936MQ RRS ConnectionFactory: Support for additional MQ properties, including TQP.
PM73229Threads bottleneck in WMQJMSRAManagedConnectionFactory
PM74872Using msgRetention with createWMQConnectionFactory does not take yes/no and true/false
PM75371A response header displays unnecessary information
PM75429NullPointerException is thrown when attempting to invoke the MigrateWMQMLP command.
PM75743The access/error logging service for the http channel does not properly roll over
PM76165A web service request whose content is compressed with gzip fails on z/OS
PM76316JMSExceptions not related to connection errors cause rollback and connection cleanup
PM79328Second defined activation specification will pause when the first activation specification sends a poison message
PM79660MQ work with a selector defined as part of its classification fails to be classified by WLM on z/OS
PM80318Message delay when running with multiple MQ listeners.
Java SDKPM71195NullPointerException when using @NamedEvent with MyFaces
PM71832Need to catch an exception from the getAnnotation method when processing a ServletContainerInitializer.
PM73173MyFaces sends the oam.Flash.RENDERMAP.TOKEN cookie even when there is no data in the Flash Scope
PM75665MyFaces 2.0 CDATA sections wrapping JavaScript code cut off on the server when generating partial ajax responses
PM80148NoClassDefFoundError when Apache MyFaces moves ViewState objects
JNDI/NamingPM76486Name server code needs to be optimized when a config change is made
JSPPM70267Issue with JSP tag file compiled into invalid package/class name
PM70967EL expressions are not evaluated when preceded by two backslashes
PM76825ZipException occurs when a tag library file is in a BLA.
PM80935JSP fails to compile when useJDKCompiler is set to true
PM81406Performance issue in dynamic attributes in a JSP tag
MigrationPM72607Webserver plugin file location is changed after migration
PM72746Migration on i5/OS resulting in wsadmin failure to run due to incorrect path left in the file
PM75338Application fails to install during WASPostUpgrade.
PM78103Migration during WASPostUpgrade fails to process two -javaoption parameters, results in JVM initialization failure.
PM78768Datasource is missing the "relationalResourceAdapter" in migration from V6.1
PM81231Hit unresolved KeySet reference on WasPostUpgrade
Object Request Broker (ORB)PM60417ORB requests on a J2EE client fail when using HTTPs tunneling
OtherPM73048TIP 2.x. does not have an off autocomplete attribute for some fields
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PM75203WebSphere collector output for VMO and IOO lacks restricted tunable parameters list.
PM76045WebSphere Application Server is not setting VRA correctly
Plug-inPM72629IHS 390 web server (31-bit) plug-in uses the wrong GSK library name
PM72833Plug-in generation should not add internal application URIs
PM72899Plug-in caching does not respond properly when entity headers are used
PM74603The plug-in can not connect to an Application Server if it uses TLSv1.2 and is configured for strict sp800-131 compliance.
PM74660Plugin random generator not checking all available server members when making loadbalance decisions
PM74721Enhance plugin logging to show ephemeral port
PM74741Configure_???_webserver.log doesn't provide a message to know that the ant script ran successfully
PM75801Plug-in deadlock between trying to read/load a new plugin configuration and starting an ESI monitor thread to a server
PM76057IHS error document should handle "400" error from plug-in.
PM76364Modify webserver plugin logging to show millisecond time
PM76420Plugin may use stale sockets when sending a request to the Application Server
PM79346Ioctl32 errors in Linux system log
PM80348Plugin's build version information reported in the log has "version 6.0"
PMI/Performance ToolsPM66744SIB PMI counter config level changes not saving
PM68159Warning messages seen when TPV player view module is used and no CRSF attack has been made script is failing when server name specified contains dashes
PM76641Connection pool basic PMI counters not enabled when PMI level is set to "custom" at runtime.
PM78263TPV help message cannot be shown in Firefox
Proxy ServerPM70771Requests larger than 32k can get truncated if AutoDecompression is enabled.
PM71406Proxy is not routing HTTP request properly when it contains SIP encoded URI.
PM73628Roll the proxy, cache, and local logs over with any newer log files created.
PM76405WebSphere HTTP Proxy strips trailing "/" on request
PM76931Two proxy servers with identical routing rule names causes the most recent rule to overlap the older rule.
PM77285On demand router / proxy setting $WSSP header to incorrect value.
PM80713Response Server: header sent by default
Runtime (zSeries®)PM71846There is no way to set the size of the internal work thread pool.
PM73621java/lang/OutOfMemoryError due to huge allocation request of around 2GB of char[]
PM74563Recovery mode start causes minimum servants to be started
PM75048Ten second default connection timeout not honored.
PM76935BBOO0323I maximum configured number of connections message
PM78121The MVS command f <server>,display,threads,age=xx to display the status of dispatch threads provides incorrect result.
PM78403Enclave propagated even if protocol_iiop_local_propagate_wlm_enclave property is false
PM79340Storage leak of x 48 bytes in single servant environment
SchedulerPM73139Scheduler findTasksByName Mbean operation does not return all tasks
SecurityPM47054Monitor role cannot view security repository settings.
PM65468Adding a secure WSDL url to the Web Services wizard might result in a “the service definition selected is invalid” message
PM68454Memory leak in
PM68780Some of properties for certificate revocation checking might not set properly.
PM69851Trailing blank in certificate distinguished name cause certificate chaining error
PM70063Abend S078 rsn=00000010 while running WebSphere caused by double release of storage.
PM71062Audit not seen for the user with an incorrect password.
PM71385Deploying applications has performance issue in a multiple security domain environment
PM71985Empty string of keystore system property causing SSL initialzation fail with keystore "" does not exist
PM72659WSMappingCallbackhandlerFactory not initialized' exception is thrown
PM73533Unable to map security role to the user for service registry
PM74235Login failure due to SECJ0056E error
PM74445Security audit encryption - problem creating a self signed encryption
PM74544Claims properties are not being read from the sas.client.props file
PM75352Message improvement for SECJ0371W: LTPA token expiration warning
PM75782Unable to set the custom properties of a JAAS Login Module when using a Jython list.
PM76425Custom cipher suite lists for daemon not represented in administrative console QoP panel
PM76462APPLDATA is being used even though the realm class is not active
PM76816Exceptions while running binaryAuditLogReader command. AuditReader failed to parse the date and causes the issue.
PM76920NullPointerException in the trust association manager causes a connnection refused problem with application.
PM77213RMI/IIOP requests fail with JSAS1477W: Security client/server config mismatch: in an Extreme Scale environment.
PM77718Ok overwrites apply in administrative console on J2C authentication data settings
PM77892Serviceability improvement to explain SSL handshake failure
PM78339Console panel "Federated repositories property names to ldap attributes mapping" fails with multi-valued attributes
PM78572PM68915 does not work after upgrading Sun JVM, it throws SSLC0008E
PM78603Heap exhaustion in security code due to NullPointerExceptions
PM78686Retrieve from port should retrieve leaf certificate instead of the root certificate.
PM78931SSL properties are not read from sas.client.props file when set using initialContext() environment
PM79076SSL certificate monitor fails to renew a certificate when a keystore is missing
PM79708NullPointerException in getCurrentNodeGroupScopeNames preventing server startup when SSL initializes
PM79792Java client does not retry a RMI call upon CORBA.NO_PERMISSION Minor Code:306
PM81264createSelfSignedCertificate fails with IllegalArgumentException
PM83482Half second delay is experienced with system management operations.
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPM71654The getPathInfo() returns a null value when the request to context root is being handled by the cached wrapper
PM71901The getPathInfo() gets overridden by HttpServletRequestWrapper which causes a custom error page to not work properly
PM71991SetAttribute will add the attribute in the map even if null
PM74090Suppress the logging of runtime exception during service of servlet.
PM78898javax.naming.ConfigurationException while trying to invoke remote metaservice with command smiu.checkCredentials.
PM81334All the selected files and headers are not available or displayed for multiple file uploads.
System Management/RepositoryPM66830Empty <message-destination-link> in ejb-jar.xml causes application failures after deploy
PM68330Propogation of httpd.conf failes due to path truncation
PM69268AdminTask.extractConfigProperties not able to extract the configuration of JVM PMI custom monitoring level
PM69957An update to an application through the UpdateClusterTask API causes the cluster members to be setUnavailable
PM70282Install via properties file does not handle default binding option properly
PM72171WebSphere variables in the -Xdump option are not understood correctly
PM72347Update SOAP response header to remove version
PM72506AdminTask.validateConfigProperties NullPointerException
PM72888AdminTask changeHostName fails to regen certs on deployment manager
PM73233Enabling the "" setting throws an OpExecutionException after edit of an application.
PM74551Cluster state shows websphere.cluster.stopped while it is being started.
PM75313Java.endorsed.dirs path grows everytime the server is restarted.
PM75591A shared library with blank in its name will be displayed with additional quotes after being mapped with an application
PM75877During migration the EventService application is not expanded to the installedApps directory
PM75926Allow EJB 3.0 JNDIs and JNDI names for EJB references to be set through a custom default bindings strategy file
PM76048An application is not stopped when uninstalled ADMN0006W
PM76692Renaming a node is causing was_server_only_default_jvm_option in variables.xml to be set to "" or be corrupted.
PM79233Run wsadmin to map to two web servers but the wsadmin only maps to one of the two web servers
PM79257addNode -asExistingNode displays exceptions
PM80137Warning when deploying an application: ADMA0114W: Resource assignment with JNDI name not found
PM80151Log application deployment completion message to systemout.log
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PM66000Differently named URI path template variables in JAX-RS subresource methods might not be recognized.
PM68534Wsdeploy always returns zero even when an exception is thrown from
PM69495WSWS0046E error was logged after migrating SOAP/JMS Web Services application from v6.0
PM70361jaxws.ignore.extraWSDLOps JVM property does not work in versions 8 and above
PM70899JAX-RPC webservice application deploys slower on V8 than V6.1
PM72381The bindingDefinition.xml and provider.txt files are missing after application update.
PM72514EJB thread context data (EJSDeployedSupport) memory leak error may occur.
PM72860Optionally allow webservices annotation scanning to occur if metadata-complete is set to true
PM72955XmlSchemaException may occur when adding node to a deployment manager profile
PM73091Slow memory leak with WLM object when using JAX-RPC Web Services
PM73771NullPointerException in PolicySetBindingCommandUtil.getBindingFile()
PM73799NullPointerException during JAX-WS web service invocation
PM74259A java.lang.LinkageError will occur when trying to create a friend server
PM75938Threads hanging in Web Services OutboundConnectionCache class due to NullPointerException when processing SOAP over HTTP
PM76124JVM property to set timeout for SOAP apache call during socket creation
PM78926An object of type cannot be converted into the destination type of byte
PM79293Invoking web service hosted in CICS results in exception UnsupportedEncodingException: UTF-8
PM79691Option required for soapAction header HTTP header field-value to be quoted to increase interoperability
PM81212WSWS3163E: Error: The Web Services engine could not find a target service to invoke
Web Services SecurityPM30921JAX-WS WS-Security clients without a BindingProvider cannot use SAMLl caching
PM65435The WS-Security JAX-WS X509 token consumer is not accepting tokens through the sharedState.
PM70805The WS-Security JAX-WS LTPA token generator does not allow customization through the shared state
PM70831WS-Security SAMLConsumeLoginModule does not make the consumed SAML token available to downstream login modules
PM70833Some WS-Security APIs require that Base64 data be decoded, but does not provide a method to decode the data
PM70885The WS-Security JAX-WS Kerberos token generator does not allow customization through the shared state
PM70890Utilities to support PM65435 and other login module APARs
PM70894The WS-Security JAX-WS UsernameToken generator does not accept tokens through the shared state
PM71568WS-Security NonceClockSkew property is always set to -1 in the UsernameToken consumer
PM76520WS-Security does not emit EncodingType attribute on the Nonce elements
PM77076Need a WS-Security package for stack products
PM78275PKIXCertPathBuilderImpl could not build a valid CertPath when validating SAML token
Workload Management (WLM)PM71531WLM support for BBSON environments
PM73427WLM - 503 error when using the custom advisor with WebSphere Virtual Enterprise.
PM79020Work load manager encounters out of memory or memory leaks when using the service integration bus
PM79579CORBA.NO_IMPLEMENT Forward time limit reached is thrown incorrectly if a preceding request on the same thread failed
Fix release date: 12 Nov, 2012
Last modified: 4 Nov 2012
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 5

100% CPU UsagePM61079Excessive threads on sync operation waiting for one blocked thread from active sync with SocketInputStream.socketRead0
PM62977Allow for cleanup of XA partner logs
PM63754WASAnnotationHelper prevents error.xhtml population
PM64521A memory leak with leaking objects being CosActivityCoordImpl$CoordinatorProxyWrapper
PM65484Incorrect values for the location of the compensation service recovery logs may be displayed in the administrative console
PM66770NullPointerException in WS-Addressing
PM73454Print a warning message to the system out log when the HA Manager is not available
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PM50224Changing EJB Timer Service settings after migration to V8.0 results in NMSV0800W due to FeatureNotFoundException
PM62279New hover help and warning message when changing initial state of Application Server component.
PM63691Node restart state does not work correctly in admin agent environment
PM65592Check box on "Allow EJB reference targets to resolve automatically " not saved.
PM65733IBM Service Logs link for a proxy server leads to an empty page.
PM66055FileBrowser MBean not found error in console when browsing ear file on the node
PM66101Absolute URL used when building breadcrumb trail in the server panels of the administrative console.
PM66839Returning to a previous page in breadcrumb list using ok or cancel button may cause ServletException.
PM67333Logged in user shows not active on administrative console
PM67911Namespace binding config objects containing special characters fail with ADMG0012E
PM68332Plugin file location should be \programfile\ibm\WebSphere\plugins
PM68334Link on console welcome page goes to V7.0 information center
PM68521Shared library mapping fails when mapping to non-shared library composition unit
PM71074Thead pool summary graph is not displaying
PM71332Unable to change diagnostic trace buffer size
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)PM66468AdminConfig.list() can generate NullPointerException for valid types
PM67494Application deploy process does not clean up the application from c:\documents and settings\user\local settings\temp.
Data Replication ServicesPM65887DRS does not provide indication replication is not working when the high availablility manager is not enabled.
Default Messaging ComponentPM61615Memory leak when V8.0 service integration bus messaging engine is configured to use a filestore as its messagestore
PM67338No proper description available for the adminTask command createSIBWSEndpointListener
Dynamic CachePM64800NullPointerException in ObjectSizer.getSize() with cache replication.
PM65984Dynacache classes that are used internally are not marked correctly
EJB ContainerPM65053A DuplicateHomeNameException error can occur during application restart if a failure occurs during application stop
PM68561EJB container fails to restore context classloader after unsuccessful deferred bean initialization
PM68782IndexOutOfBoundsException processing MQ message under load
PM70141WebSphere Application Server hangs in injection engine while "getInjectionTargets"
EJBDeploy (WSAD)PM69370Several fixes for EJBDeploy
Enterprise Edition (EE)PM67535JAXB unmarshaller may write null values to the wrong field
Federated RepositoriesPM54864VMM throws java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "20080222152928.122-0000z" for dates in custom LDAP.
PM61881Unable to login if database repository is down.
PM62855VMM fails with AuthSystemException when classloader is set to PARENT_LAST
PM64723Can not add custom registry user as run as role
PM64830NullPointerException while retrieving dynamic groups by membership.
PM65075VMM reads incorrect domain name
PM65240VMM throws PropertyNotDefinedException in complex search expression
PM69036VMM changes packages for XML XSD parsing
GeneralPM02219Sensitive information displayed in configcei.and.wsadmincmd.log
PM51309If the length is less than 0, input parameter length exception occurs.
PM59544Incorrect SQL generated when an @@VersionStrategy of RowChangeTimestampStrategy is used.
PM59948NullPointerException occurs when trying to install an application with .ear extension.
PM60051Traversal of a OneToMany relationship returns an empty list when InheritanceType.JOINED or SINGLE_TABLE is used.
PM60166Servant abend0c4 in BBOOSMF+0972
PM60915EarExpander breaks the signature of signed jar files
PM61789Saving XML config data can create lines over 2048 characters
PM61861Local Comm does not honor the connection timeout value
PM61907NullPointerException from validation when no node agents are defined
PM62043SIP Via header parsing exception.
PM62659org.apache.openjpa.persistence.PersistenceException: Descriptor index not valid.
PM62998Unhandled exception thrown from within an externalizer method causes incorrect/incomplete SQL to be generated/run
PM63189Scans of application classes fail with an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds without displaying information about the non-valid class.
PM63832ClassNotFoundException when validating dynamic clusters
PM64286Stylesheet is not rendered for a portlet facelet. Since a portlet is a fragment, it requires special handling
PM64309NullPointerException on console when a command button is clicked and the portlet is disabled
PM64313When project stage is set to development , functionality works fine with an exception reported on console
PM64335JPA error during persisting collection with cascade persist after flush
PM64433Runtime tab for logs in console show incorrect information when using cluster level variables.
PM64489EntityManagerFactories can be leaked if they are created with the JSE bootstrap Persistence class and are never closed
PM64501Export application fails with FileNotFoundException
PM64710Add the missing SIP PMI events.
PM64809Division by zero error with JPA 2
PM64810Updating a JPA entity containing an elementCollection fails
PM64825Multiple subquery in @OneToMany leads to StackOverflowError in JPA 2.0
PM64885Orphan removal causes DB constraint violation.
PM65265Recreation failure messages in native_stderr.log
PM65273Some of the URI was missing in plugin-cfg.xml generated during deployment of enterprise application
PM65293ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when uninstalling WS-Notification application.
PM65486Pre-requirment for Lotus Connections 4.0
PM65545EJBs to be injected were not found
PM65629Exception occurred while validating lifecycle annotation PostConstruct
PM65693Java.lang.ClassCastException after an application restart
PM65796The command "deployEventServiceMdb" fails with ADMA5026E: No valid target is specified in ObjectName
PM65905SipApplicationSession leak occurs when a new HTTP session is created
PM65960Enable shutoff of RAS notifications via java property
PM66085Enable large file support for IBM HTTP Server
PM66241Java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in PoolManager
PM66452Error when creating a elliptical curve cert on the administrative console
PM66458WOLA incorrectly removing waiters from the waiter list, causes CICS abend reporting bboatrue abend 12/08/28 ptf pechange
PM66518Custom configuration parameter sso_<id>.sp.acsurl does not support wildcards
PM66572XCIDynamicErrorException parsing error for large XML input
PM66603Improvement to XML hashing algorithms
PM66727Issues when adding ws handler to notification service
PM66740EJB 3.0 ClassCastException with code table when using an orm.xml
PM66749Unexpected errors reported when using configuration validation
PM66763Mapping of whole data types in mediation module does not honour the xsi:nil="true" type
PM66803AbendD22 RC08 in node agent when stopping a WebServer using administrative console
PM66858Some JAX-RS classes are not in the accessible list when using restricted mode and cause KB005 error
PM67578The SIP proxy may create unnecessary connections. Operation not implemented
PM67656Parse specific headers as address headers.
PM67661J2CConfigPropertiesAndStatAccess not found in Solaris Appclient
PM67797Error when installing fix packs with 64-bit Installation Manager
PM67875Use of AbstractValuehandler map() causes exception on find()
PM68387Inconsistent date formats used in logViewer
PM68717Container thread gets stuck during overload
PM69072Missing java docs on DomainResolver
PM69131JCA 1.6 resource adapters without deployment descriptors do not use the @connector{version} attribute.
PM69202It is not possible to use @inject annotation for class constructors when the same class has @interceptor annotation. was inadvertently removed
PM69377OpenJPA is unable to load custom SequenceGenerators in the JEE environment
PM69438Can not find resource for bundle
PM69543Updates needed to trace for*=all
PM69594Logging level is set to severe instead of info
PM70521ValidationException incorrectly thrown during deployment of EJB modules with message driven beans
PM70544The JSF third party libraries were not loaded in CreateComponent method in bridge code.
PM70578Resource adapter archives recognized as EJB jar modules when deployed from Rational Application Developer
PM70605NullPointerException when running lazy parsing module.
PM70745EXSLT date:date-time() incorrect for 30 min offset timezones
PM70761Add support for additional languages in the console for stack products.
PM70847Update IBM WebSphere MQ JCA Resource Adapter WebSphere MQ fix pack
PM70889Extending applications with CBA is failing in Rational Application Developer
PM71036Container generated record-route is for TCP when SIPs with transport=TCP is in the request-uri
PM71054A JPA query generated by the Criteria API fails when it is run.
PM71314WOLA support for Application Server to IMS global transactions with IMS RRS=YES
PM71475Correct NoClassDefFoundError in J2SE environment
PM71619Proxied SIP cancel request causes session invalidation problems
PM71633Out of memory problems during post-install config action step of a fix pack install
PM71658Optimize Topic security checks during message processing
PM71665OSGi Application Blueprint Service registration code modified to avoid JVMVRFY041 invokespecial of wrong initializer;
PM71701ClassCastException when JPA persistence units are republished with loose configuration
PM71728WOLA applications cannot send multiple containers to CICS using the WOLA link server.
PM71799SIP sessions PMI counter not working properly in case of a failover.
PM73062Insufficient information regarding which down stream server is related to a certain condition
PM73746Cannot start the server with non-English characters in the profile's path.
High Availability (HA)PM73515High availability manager to log HMGR0010 when HAManager is disabled.
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPM64450Installation Manager hangs if java process is running. is not run after service is applied
PM67013IBM HTTP Server feature selection panel error message has no space between 2 messages.
PM67038Uninstallation fails due to chmod failure in group mode
PM68355Installation Manager install of plug-in receives 11: FSUM7351 not found
PM71118Uninstall has intermittent delete problem
PM71607Warning message shown in the log when another user installs a fix pack in group mode.
PM72964Administrative console cannot be loaded when umask is set such that global read access is disabled.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PM58090When cancelling a scheduled task which has corrupted/empty taskinfo blob entries, ByteSerializeException may occur
PM58610WebSphere scheduler poll daemon active in all servants for a server on z/OS
PM60456ASYN0080W logged during JVM startup
PM62594The server emits 'J2CA0061W' warning message continuously on recovery thread that engages Generic JMS Provider "
PM63372AdminTask.applyConfigProperties command failed because it was not able to create J2CConnectionFactory config object
PM64516JCA not setting thread identity correctly in a multiple security domain environment
PM66602WebSphere server identity picked up for authentication instead of thread identity
PM68323Temporary delay lasting the configured connection wait timeout value in getting connections from the connection pool.
PM71017FFDC: undefined variable PUREQUERY_PATH
Java Message Service (JMS)PM65206JMS activation spec panel does not filter out activation specs that are not either WMQ or SIB JMS activation specs
PM65308WebSphere Application Server hosting a messaging engine hangs during shutdown
PM66933In non-ASF mode, any exception received by the listener port causes it to stop and rollback any other in flight transactions
PM67225Service integration bus messaging engine fails to start with CWSOM1011E
PM67444MDB message is not backed out to backout requeue (when using client connection).
PM71042Increase AIX native queue size for better performance
Java SDKPM61337Injection of EJB in ViewScoped Managed Bean, NotSerializableException.
PM62254Application that uses MyFaces throws NullPointerException at the time of startup.
PM63322MyFaces hangs in DefaultRestoreViewSupport
PM65092AccessControlException occurs in MyFaces
JSPPK65936OutOfMemory leak BeanInfoManager instance is not being removed from the hashmap
PM21395WebSphere fix for not to set " to the value attribute of the custom tag
PM58513JSPs compiled with keepgenerated=true throw invalid unicode exceptions
PM63184Fix issues in handling of request when the requested JSP resource is missing, with or without filter
PM65454Issue with duplicate JSP attributes
MigrationPM64581BBOWMPOS fails with /java/lib/ext/jzosekm.jar edc5141i read-onlyfile system MIGR0215W
PM65899Incorrect link to Information Center on z/OS migration management tool welcome panel.
PM66197eWAS migration from v7 to v8 fails with NullPointerException
PM66716WAS50Datasources have invalid relationalResourceAdapter attribute added to it after migration.
PM68142RetrieveSigners fails on remote federated node migration due to invalid ssl.client.props password.
PM70762WASPostUpgrade hangs due to large number of files collected by WASPreUpgrade.
PM71001NoSuchMethodException during PostUpgrade
PM72952Migrations may fail for various reasons if the ulimit open files setting is too low
Object Request Broker (ORB)PM69213Stop hangs, no other indications of stop processing
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PM60457Administrative console allows trace specification with hex control characters like carriage return and line feed
PM63229FFDC files are not purged as expected
PM64393During record logging exceptions from thread stack conversion need better handling
PM69564Collect logs in profile_home/properties/service direct
PM71196Selecting retain filter criteria on logs and trace panel causes benign exception in systemerr.log
PM72415Invoking the isLoggable method of a logger with off level and passing in a null value results in a NullPointerException.
Plug-inPM64184Provide custom property for the ClusterAddress directive
PM64374IIS 7.5 will not send small chunked data from WebSphere plugin
PM64476Enhance error message when SSL fails to intialize
PM64667PluginCfgMerge incorrectly handles two URI groups that contain the same context root.
PM65026Multi-line headers are removed from responses by web server plug-in on HPUX and Solaris
PM65108Plugin not correctly encoding request
PM67658Plugin should stop an IHS start if there is a DNS failure and ignoreDNSFailures is set to false.
PM69593The plug-in does not connect to the Application Server if the Application Server is set to use TLS 1.1 or 1.2.
PM70559Limit number of retries when timeout occurs at the webserver plugin
PM70640WebSphere webserver plugin might retry request to the same server
PMI/Performance ToolsPM58584WorkManager threadpool values incorrect when viewing from administrative console and ITCAM
PM60540PMI statistics of SIB service not retrieved by performance servlet.
PM62590ClassCastException after clicking "view logs" on the administrative console
Programming Model Extensions (PME)PM62306High CPU issue at HashSet.add in TimerManagerImpl
PM71107App fails to start with CScope and @Startup EJB.
Proxy ServerPM54872ODC needs to be hardened to ensure stale membership and ODC data is not incorporated into the live ODC tree
PM62328Incorrect proxy server local content can be returned
PM64028Status code 500 is returned from the proxy server when compression is enabled
PM66595When using custom remote error page handling in the proxy server you cannot disable "handle errors gernated by the proxy"
PM69244WebSphere Proxy server does not start on Solaris.
Runtime (zSeries®) on z/OS not extracting CBE-XML formatted entries from logstream.
PM68651WebSphere Application Server for z/OS stops accepting new TCP/IP connection
SecurityPM58106Propagation login not working properly when Kerberos token is present
PM61452Provide custom property to ignore committed response in WSServletResponseCallback
PM62154Multipe NullPointerExceptions may be thrown when client code uses component
PM64474Escape character was not handled correctly when using racfid search filter
PM64941Although the authentication is successful, 401 status code is set on the HTTP response.
PM66036EJB lookups between different servers in a domain fails
PM66060Admin connection to managed node fails after a certificate for RSAToken is updated.
PM66092Not able to login with a userid that starts with "server"
PM66457Kerberos service principal name (spn) might be composed improperly.
PM66503Web security not compliant with servlet 2.5 specification
PM66752Cannot enable FIPS 140-2, fails to validate valid SSL certificate.
PM66913After restarting the LDAP server. application became inaccessible from the application server and logs with error SECJ0129E
PM67045Server can not start with Kerberos enabled
PM67160Application update operation fails when using the deploy option "" ADMA0014e Failed validating application.xml
PM67412Invalid signature error due to a cached data in LtpaDigSignature.
PM67608Renew certificate fails when it is signed by a chained signer certificate
PM68467reinitializeClientSSL method does not reload keystores.
PM68915SSL connection failure due to Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) suites
PM69170Provide a way to disable creating LTPAToken cookie when a target web resource is not protected
PM69401Logout servlet fails to redirect a request to a url which is specified by logoutExitPage parameter.
PM69691Add Secure and HttpOnly flag to cookies
PM73095getFirstCaller method may return incorrect caller information.
PM73750User id which contains escaped character might fail to login.
Service Data Objects (SDO)PM67711ClassCastException may occur with JDBC mediator when a request contains objects with the same primary key value
Services Component ArchitecturePM71456Function in support of stack products
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPM62909Load-on-startup servlet is initialized before filter
PM70296If mapping was not provided for the servlet its destroy fails.
PM71080During servlet wrapper creation handle NoClassDefFoundError
System Management/RepositoryPM59546Metadata files are not extracted after partial update
PM61995PFBC: JavaProcessDef should use processType as key.
PM65874Updating application metadata using properties file loops multiple times.
PM66051Corruption in Japanese native_stdout.log
PM69332Failed to update an application
PM69569Use of AppConstants.APPEDIT_TASKS_CHANGED might result in ClassCastException.
PM72963Getting BLA status for a specified target cluster member takes an excessive amount of time.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PM56339Settings in EJB-link element from webservices.xml deployment descriptor not working causing an incorrect endpoint to be used
PM59231EJB postInvoke not being called during NotifyException
PM59793SOAP message updates made in a JAX-WS handler might be lost.
PM60239The enableTransaction=true option is not honored when present in the URL for JMS requests.
PM60752JVM properties for JAX-RPC Web Services time-out are not honored.
PM62568NullPointerException error may occur at application startup.
PM62581Timing issue may lead to NullPointerException reported in the SOAPRequestMonitorServiceContext class.
PM62927JAX-RPC is not honoring the HTTP connection header
PM64173NullPointerException may occur in ConfigSSL.put() method
PM64614Native OutOfMemory caused by CCL leak involving com/ibm/ws/webservices/engine/client/ClientEngineFactory.engines
PM64832Cached JAXBContexts cleared during soft reference cleanup
PM64874Add disk cache for lists of JAXB classes
PM64894Plugin generation slow due to unnecessary lookups of portlet.xml
PM65270A WSWS7254E ClassCastException may occur while starting a JAX-WS application.
PM65333The ibmasyncrsp application may not start when provisioning is enabled
PM67808JAX-WS SOAPHandler response processing might be slow
PM69940IllegalArgumentException might be thrown by SOAPElement.addTextNode(String text)
Web Services SecurityPM59472Support for use of the jaxb.index file during JAXBContext creation.
PM62535WS-Security GenericIssuedTokenConsumeLoginModule cannot consume a token without validating it
PM64086A SAML holder of key token cannot be consumed if the key is not encrypted.
PM66441The WS-Security timestamp related properties do not work with general bindings
PM68042A SAML token cannot be created using a SAMLAttribute that was created using an XMLStructure
PM69064SAML web SSO does not recognize updates to centralized keystores
PM69070newSAMLToken cannot create a SAML token that has an issuer with a Format attribute
PM69334WS-Security Kerberos token generator is not picking up Kerberos token from Microsoft Windows native ticket cache
PM69342Cannot self-issue SAML token with subject in AuthenticationStatement using callback handler
PM69969Cannot self-issue a SAML token without an AudienceRestrictionCondition using a callback handler
Workload Management (WLM)PM63622WLM thread deadlock in nodeagent on startup
Fix release date: 6 Aug, 2012
Last modified: 2 Aug 2012
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 4

100% CPU UsagePM56187EJB requests fail with transaction rollbacks when sent from a z/OS client to a distributed cluster with peer recovery enabled
PM56600NotOriginator exception occurs when accessing a WorkArea following a CORBA timeout.
PM59955ClassCastException thrown attempting to read servlet request with servlet caching enabled.
PM60030NullPointerException occurs when peer recovery fails
PM61067WebSphere job manager query does not return the correct output for "!=RUNNING, STARTED" specific query
PM62438Port changing of jobmanager does not work correctly on V8
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PM47857Administrative console should throw a warning or error message during application start, if the application fails to expand.
PM50498User should not be allowed to create was_install_root variable on administrative console
PM55296Plugin gets 0 size on first connect from propagation via admin
PM55394Cannot specify an environment variable that contains a dollar sign in the value string
PM55922Nodeagent status and performance issue when stopping a group of Application Servers.
PM57256The administrative console panel displays the incorrect policy set binding information
PM58062Administrative console updates config file incorrectly when attempting to change SSL config for daemon
PM60251| symbol cannot used for external provider URL when configuring a 3rd party JMS provider.
PM60306SECJ0283E exception is thrown in the SystemOut.log file while stopping the Administrative Agent Server.
PM60801Unable to view logs in runtime tab in basic mode under JVM logs in v8 administrative console
PM61524After using administrative agent to create new base server and install an application, the application status is unknown
PM62280Add description for alias when registering a deployment manager with a job manager.
PM63597Receiving error SRVE0260E when editing proxy rule expressions for virtual host
PM65238Administrative console help fails for registered node in admin agent
PM65508Update data written to command assistance log
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)PM55176AdminApplication.configureWebModulesOfAnApplication unexpectedly creates SessionManager
PM56286AdminApplication.startApplicationOnAllDeployedTargets command fails
PM57669AdminApplication.getAppDeployedNodes issues Exceptions.NameError node
PM59262Connection to query appservers MBean from nodeagent is taking a long time when other times it returns in less than a second
PM59405Wsadmin invoked from ws_ant is missing java.endorsed.dirs from classpath
PM60746Multiple concurrent wsadmin sessions may incorrectly use the same workspace.
PM61998Application deploy getting ...ScriptingException: WASX7116E: Cannot copy file
Data Replication ServicesPM55377Hang in during Application Server restart
PM56317DRS unnecessarily maintains WLM cluster information for the dynacache DRS instances.
PM56886Determining if an object exists in replication can be slow
PM63949Log a message to indicate the internal DRS incoming message queue is growing.
Default Messaging ComponentPM52869JMS applications which use connection pooling to a remote SIB messaging engine can leak network connections over time
PM55934InvalidArgumentException when flush method is invoked on WebSphere service integration bus SIBPublicationPoint Mbean
PM56596Messages build up on publication point and do not flow to subscriber messaging engine
PM61145InvalidDestinationException when a JMS application attempts to connect to a service integration bus using Spring.
PM63327Provide an SPI for event sequencing logic to control when SIBus destination delivery count is incremented
Dynamic CachePM51209Deadlock condition exists in dynacache
PM55534Class changes for objects stored within a WXS dynacache grid can result in deserialization exceptions.
PM56267Invalidating a dependency id does not invalidate associated cache entries.
PM57280Dynacache does not invoke PreInvalidationListener shouldInvalidate method for LRU invaliations
PM59222NullPointerException in dynacache when putting or getting items from the cache.
PM59223Servlet content is missing when ESI caching is enabled.
PM60033Cache policy is not reloaded when an application is restarted.
PM60129Performance improvement for disk cache id lookup
EJB ContainerPM56181PMI for singleton method response times is nonsensical
PM56800NullPointerException occurs from WASSchedular Mbean
PM57099WSVR0068E:EJB start failed with DeploymentDescriptorLoadException and nested EmptyResourceExceptionon meta-inf/EJB-jar.xml
PM63544Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Task id not registered when using EJB timer service
PM63801Transaction timeout occurs in an EJB method, the transaction is rolled back but no EJBTransactionRolledbackException
PM63933Java.sql.SQLException, cannot disable the default EJB timer database Derby
EJBDeploy (WSAD)PM64120Update EJBDeploy
Enterprise Edition (EE)PM53130Org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end of file. in a JAX-WS 2.2 MTOM client
PM58439NullPointerException occurs in JAXB runtime when calling a custom adapter
PM58708Web Services XML parser may throw a java.lang.NullPointerException.
PM62827DOM element nodes returned from JAXB may not have a parent document node
Federated RepositoriesPM45321VMM changing package being used for xml,xsd parsing
PM45354VMM gives wrong results when search expression and properties from LDAP and LA
PM47250LDAP with SDBM does not work in federated repositories
PM48799VMM not allowing monitor to view configuration settings
PM50128VMM does not ignore timestamp attributes while getting group members
PM50390Login fails when VMM has multiple realm configurations
PM51460AdminTask addIdMgrLDAPServer does not work in IPV6 environment
PM55588Add a custom property to allow DN to be treated as literal
PM55970Property values from active directory application mode not mapping correctly
PM56642During authentication not all characters are taken as literals
PM59885Returning DN with spaces in getMembers for a group call
PM59935Console error when updating transientidp repository
PM61742VMM reads the roles for non-default domain incorrectly.
PM61954ClassCastException while propagating policies : CWRGS5020E an error creating an instance of the class
PM62313Login failed with more than one single or double quote in users name
PM63012getUsersForGroup does not return members of subgroups
PM63093Local OS users with Cyrillic password can not login
PM63124Fix to deliver multiple ifixes together.
PM65396Improved message from VMM for protocol mismatch
PM66670When login attribute value has "=" sign in it, InvalidUniqueNameException is thrown.
GeneralPM06623Applications take longer to start up running on V7 or V8 than V6.
PM19152Archive classloading does not fully traverse dependent archives
PM36733SAXException "FWK005 parse may not be called while parsing" during SCA composition unit startup
PM46561WS-Reliable messaging does not handle 2PC transactions
PM49316Web.xml text values with embedded comments are corrupted
PM49349SIP proxy does not work properly in a "floating ip" deployment configuration.
PM51121Common Event Infrastructure (CEI) migration fails when empty node is present in topology
PM51216SIB JFapChannel code calling getSegmentName is affecting performance.
PM51310In service integration bus, publish/subscribe messages remain in"pending acknowledgment mode" state on remote publication points
PM51802InjectionPoint is null when using @Produces
PM51856SIP proxy must respond with an error when sessions become unreachable
PM52696SIP container does not create a new SipSession after parallel forked INVITE
PM53083WebSphere Application Server SIBMQLinkSenderChannel and SIBMQLinkReceiverChannel Mbeans do not emit notifications
PM53452ReopenException during application update
PM53640High CPU and hung on HashMap
PM54006Received Error: Failed to extract binaries to temporary location during application update
PM54094Application Server calling getBlob() function which is not supported by Sybase
PM54129No space left message is seen when backing up non-serviceable files.
PM54923Check for valid module before getting deployment descriptor
PM54932Failed to load webapp when using CDI
PM55240WOLA resource adapter enterprise metadata (EMD) enhancements
PM55244To support "IP forwarding" load balancers, the SIP proxy needs to communicate the LB IP address properly to the SIP container.
PM55271RichFaces component FileUpload do not work with MyFaces.
PM55338Throw JspPropertyNotFoundException instead of JspPropertyNotWritableException
PM55510Insufficient diagnostic information for blueprint.xml InvalidSyntaxExceptions.
PM55570CDI ApplicationScope stops when individual module stops
PM55881Managesdk -enableProfile does not synchronize federated node config
PM56209Feature enhancement allowing configuration data to be stored outside default of was_home to accommodate Microsoft Windows Vista/7/2008
PM56230Untranslated warning message printed to system.out on duplicate function binding
PM56327Managesdk gives inaccurate messages on admin exception
PM56543The proxy is routing HTTP requests to the wrong application server
PM56632SESN0182E: Unable to start local transaction. DatabaseHashMap suspendTransaction
PM56786Org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException you have supplied columns...but... mapping cant have columns...
PM56913Service integration bus throws EntityNotFound exception when UserName specified is in uppercase
PM56963GetDeploymentDescriptor uses incorrect application path
PM56984MDB on remote servant cannot consume any best effort non persistent messages in z/OS
PM57136In a double record route scenario described in RFC 5658 subsequent requests do not get their second route header removed.
PM57384QueryCache cached object id wrapper is not serializable
PM57407SIP proxy routing SIP message to wrong application server.
PM57511Managesdk -debug fails to provide admintask trace data
PM57523EJB application fails to start during server startup when CPU usage is high.
PM57590request.isRequestedSessionIdValid() returns false even after previous thread successfully created session.
PM57610Sending PRACK fails after a 407 challenge.
PM57724JAX-WS handler unable to remove SOAP attachments
PM57790Wrong Cancel message receives two 481 responses
PM57954IPV6: can t handle IPV6 address with [ ]
PM58009Contact address is not being updated on 200 OK response.
PM58349Memory leak in SIP code
PM58366Server startup hangs in shell utility /bin/chmod -R a+rx,u+w,g+w <WAS_HOME>/profiles/default/properties/service/productDir
PM58368Classloader issue due to
PM58660OpenJPA does not find custom mappings with an applicable class loader.
PM58666Exceptions thrown from EJB via @inject are wrapped in InvocationTargetException
PM58762Proxied reinvite is affecting dialog state, when it should not have
PM58856Container does not reject reInvite with 491 while other Invite is in progress script fails to transfer the generated CNTL and DATA members of PDS.
PM59109When a merge is done on a new object with an id that contains an entity, InvalidStateException occurs
PM59180EventService application is migrated with the old binaries
PM59224Redundant UDP record-route header added to messages.
PM59349SipServlet.doResponse() should always be invoked only once for a best final response
PM59352Abend S0C4 when running high workloads with WOLA; LSCB leak
PM59365BeanManager.resolve throws java.util.NoSuchElementException with an empty set parameter
PM59541Support and handle certificate login in fileAdapter based on user configuration
PM59583Appservers fail to start after applying maintenance when the install path uses the symbol $syssyma and a system symbol
PM59844SIP contact header transport changed on re-Invite
PM59853The Information Center link for the developer version of profile management tool(pmt) does not respond.
PM60016Wrong session resolved for response in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) application composition
PM60112TimeoutException BlueprintContainer when there is a resource reference for the Destination.
PM60403ConcurrentModificationException during server start
PM60476Filter order not maintained in non-metadata-complete web metadata.
PM60884DoBranchResponse() method is not called if a final response is not regarded as better then the previous one.
PM60900OpenJPA @temporal annotation causes rounding issues,
PM60908Stack error received when launching wasservicehelper.bat tool in a Microsoft Windows environment
PM60942SqlSyntaxErrorException is thrown when enableSeamlessFailover property set to 1 for the datasource
PM60948Errors when processing module classpath jars cause classpath processing to abort
PM61160CDI beans disabled via @Specializes report passivation errors.
PM61414ICU4J throws MissingResourceException when using WebSphere Application Server with the Hebrew locale
PM61510WebAdmin GUI can not stop the WebSphere Portal V8 profiles
PM61525NullPointerException occurs when session persistence store returns null
PM61617ConnectionResponseTimeout set from 3420 - 3597 seconds causes the requests in servant to timeout early.
PM61787Loading SLF4J classes using -wsadmin_classpath parameter is not working in v8 with tool.
PM61816SIP container processing % in to tag as escape character
PM61939Use custom property to hide IP addresses in the call-id header of SIP messages.
PM61980NullPointerException during application start
PM62049Vague error message WCTCommandCLI.fileReadError
PM62128Incorrect error messages may occur that a function is already declared.
PM62181Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) container adding its own contact to incoming responses.
PM62273Loading WSDL documents results in excess schema resolution activity which may impact performance
PM62286Data corruption during mutative query operation
PM62316IBM extensions schema for java enterprise edition applications missing shareable attribute for LocalTransaction objects
PM62352Excessive invocation of SchemaResolver during schema loading
PM62359A "java.lang.VerifyError: Stack shape inconsistent" error may occur when using the processor in compiled mode.
PM62434JAX-WS-catalog.xml is not used and a parseCatalog exception is seen in the trace.
PM62555Cannot persist & failover CDI beans that contain EJBs
PM62582ConcurrentModificationException processing classes implementing annotated interfaces.
PM62772AbstractOwbBean hashCode performance improvement
PM62774CDI constructor injection does not work in @startup EJBs
PM62842Web Services security runtime update to support SHA-2 signature algorithms.
PM63049WsadminListener needs to be started with a bigger MaxPermSize on Solaris
PM63082Monitoring HPEL repository with logViewer can fail to show either log or trace records when -instance option is used
PM63169Using HPEL API to read remote repository with thread ID filtering can produce incorrect result.
PM63203Profile creation fails for WebSphere Extreme Scale installation
PM63238ClassNotFoundException due to the value of url_pkg_prefixes fails to update was.env file for job manager on z/OS
PM63474Modify expired default keystore so that it isn't expired
PM63514Ack for non 2xx dialog should not be forwarded to the application.
PM63620Container sending out 2 cancels for a single cancel that comes in.
PM63661OpenJPA StateManager may throw exception with an embeddable in some graph configurations
PM63708SIP session data replication does not appear to be working
PM63787Cumulative apar for PM59180 and PM63203 apars
PM63808Issues with SIP container
PM63906Memory leak in SIP container TU table
PM63912WOLA support for IMS to WebSphere Application Server global transactions with IMS RRS=yes
PM63943Default namespace conflicts need to be resolved
PM63962Excessive memory usage when loading XML schemas with large number of global element declarations
PM63963OutOfMemoryException during profile creation in BPM
PM64068Mashup plugins fail to stop during server shutdown due to IllegalstateException
PM64145Ship XML and SDO apar fixes for IBM WebSphere Application Server v8.0.0.3
PM64147Performance regression during dataObject.set operation
PM64284Failed to add WCT features after removing all WCT features.
PM64317SIP contanier allows using "comma.seperated.headers" for all headers.
PM64352Incorrect reuse of message code CHKW2236E for process definition validation.
PM64363Breadcrumb link diagnostic providers is not clickable.
PM64368Suppress logging of FileNotFoundException stack in SystemOut
PM64375ConcurrentModificationException during WebSphere Portal install
PM64545Occasional bye timeouts on uac during simple proxy failover test
PM64566When setting empty string as a URI display name, the SIP container adds commas around the empty sting
PM64636Final error response should invalidate all derived sessions.
PM64831200 OK retransmission after ACK received - dialog when previous re-Invite ended with error
PM64927A response for PRACK could cause an inappropriate invalidation of session
PM65022Migration trace settings fail when the new 8.0 format is used
PM65464Missing translation for CWSAL0126E
PM65507OLA sample application fails due to missing authdata alias
PM65557Add time stamp to native_stderr and native_stdout.
PM65650Negative hashCode resulted in bad array index
PM65985Contexts and dependency injection (cdi) built-in principal bean may be null when injected into an EJB.
PM66054SIP request that exceeds the MTU value might not switch from UDP to TCP.
PM66329getParameterableHeader throws NullPointerException when a header passed as a parameter does not exist in the SIP message
PM66361422 response is generated with wrong phrase.
PM66717Remote contact is not saved and is replaced by the local contact on sending a reliable response.
PM66859Bridge code is unable to load the MyFaces component classes and application class
PM67361Leak in SIP container for subscribe scenario
PM68675Failover is not working when traces are enabled
PM68679Automatic cancel is not working when Sip session is invalidated in early state
High Availability (HA)PM56082Thread race results in out-of-order isAlive callback and JVM stopped with panicJVM in HAManager.
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPM55023NullPointerException should be avoided while using CIM to view installation history due to corrupted work record files
PM57486osgiCfgInit need to be run manually after fix pack update using Installation Manager
PM58105Cannot remove feature IBM 64-bit SDK for Java version 6 error seen in logs
PM60293Value of centralized_install_repository_root may be overwritten after installation of a fix pack.
PM63555Get not found exception in config log when installing NDDMZ offering
PM64176WCT web link shortcuts do not work on Linux
PM64294Install pluggable client silently without offering property (user.plugclient.sunjdkhome) throws NullPointerException
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PM52527Threads hang when trying to log an FFDC after connection pool maxes out.
PM53583Activation spec leaves HA group but does not stop working
PM54323With errorDetectionModel set to ExceptionMapping connection pool does not get purged.
PM59702Getting "DSRA9110E: Statement is closed exception"
PM61488NullPointerException thrown by RALifeCycleManagerImpl.stop during server shutdown.
PM61902Can not edit application with embedded rar
PM63139Endpoint not activated after recovery for resource adapters
PM63369Fix to deliver multiple ifixes together
PM65982FFDC statement is logged when a variable referenced by a cell scope resource definition is missing at the cell scope.
Java Message Service (JMS)PM48806HTTP 4xx errors changed to 5xx errors on z/OS
PM55680High number of ExceptionDelivery### threads in WebSphere Application Server servant region
PM55985Tivoli Performance Viewer output displaying connection factory name as null when using generic JMS provider
PM56238NullPointerException in objectManager Btree can cause different problems
PM57400HTTP 202 response is issued when first chunk is queued to WLM
PM59178After terminate downloading via TCPchannel, IoException occurs after TCP write timeout
PM60733Deadlock happens when two seperate threads attempting to clean up the managed connections
PM60994IllegalArgumentException: Logger passed as argument to setAttribute must be a named logger
PM61321Multiple servers detected is displayed on an administrative console
PM62575NullPointerException in
PM63098An UnsupportedOperationException is thrown from the servlet filter when setting a header on an HTTP response.
Java SDKPM61934JSF Portlets fail to render after Portal action
PM63243ClassNotFoundException when using JSF sunri
JNDI/NamingPM53514Namestore.xml corruption may occur when deployment manager is stopped, preventing subsequent Application Server startup
PM56328Indirect JNDI lookups make redundant attempts to connect to an unavailable endpoint.
PM57139Define a custom property or a namespace binding with value "p@$$w0rd" and if we retrieve this value code it gives p@$w0rd
PM61339JNDI lookups on java:module names fail from async bean
PM61375JVM processes cannot start (WSVR0244E and WSVR0100W) due to an undefined variable in namebindings.xml
JSPPM58513JSPs compiled with keepgenerated=true throw invalid unicode exceptions
PM63184Fix issues in handling of request when the requested JSP resource is missing, with or without filter
PM63318JSP precompilation fails with ClassNotFoundException through
MigrationPM50672Migration of non-default servers misses was_server_name on target servers
PM53390WASPostMigrate utility throws DocumentNotFound exception while attepmting to migrate a node with no servers defined in it
PM54559Migration convertScriptCompatibilty tool generates keystores without name attribute; leads to issues such as addNode failure
PM57567Unable to access the administrative console after migration
PM57747WASPostUpgrade process (migration from V6.1) fails with NoSuchMethodException
PM57859Add instructions to zMMT on using environment variable _BPXK_SETIBMOPT_TRANSPORT in a multiple TCPIP stack environment
PM60134Default attributes are being incorrectly added to XML configuration files during migration of WebSphere Application Server.
PM61307Application migration with web module of version 2.5 or later result in errors during migration
PM62143Migration fails for non-existant shared libraries
PM62173Application migration with ear application.xml of version 5 result in errors during migration from WebSphere app server v6.1
PM63735Adminagent resoucres.xml file missing xmi: tag
PM64491Allow backup directory to match beginning of the Application Server install directory name
PM64722DefaultApplication is installed when "deploy the default application" is not selected in the migration panels
Object Request Broker (ORB)PM51393System ENQ created for each HTTP session even when only one servant can exist.
PM61309Abend 0cc rsn=040e0001 in daemon when doing shutdown.
OtherPM59777Logout and help buttons in the administrative console use absolute URL links.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PM53278Collector did not gather the was, debug and os directories on Microsoft Windows2008 "r2" only
PM53759ClassNotFoundException on XMemConnectionContext when FFDC is invoked.
PM58769Small performance degredation with java.util.logging.Logger.isLoggable method
PM60457Administrative console allows trace specification with hex control characters like carriage return and line feed
PM60557Reported thread name is incorrect when ring buffer is dumped.
PM60795Stderr log is rolled on server startup even though size and date based roll is disabled
PM60913Introduce ability to use java thread id in logs instead of LogRecord thread id.
PM62402Textlog.log getting created with same timestamp which results in overwriting of trace
PM63264Abend233-10 issued due to BBORFRR using a bad parm list for Sdump
PM65329Collect Linux distribution version
Plug-inPM54584WebSphere plugin on AIX won't start if armEnabled is true.
PM55375File.serving.patterns.allow are ignored if disAllowAllFileServing is set
PM56122Can not open PDF with SBCS plugin
PM56259Plug-in fails to convert all data to EBCDIC when header size is greater than 8k
PM56331Plug-in requests a sync node on a managed web server node when file synchronization is disabled
PM56923Do not route to servers removed from PrimaryServers set but continue to route if server in BackupServers set
PM57804Requests are retried to server during a rolling restart of the appservers
PM58510The read/write timeout checkbox does not work correctly.
PM58737IIS config script does not properly set "Enable 32-bit applications"
PM59476Threads hang in SSL connections
PM59542Losing session affinity when plugin is using over 2048 file descriptors
PM5975116k header size is truncated by the plug-in and results in a missing message body
PM63690Webserver plugin propagation may fail
PMI/Performance ToolsPM60156Tivoli Performance Viewer PercentMax of HAManager.thread.pool displays incorrect values.
PM62690The push and pop methods were not initialized in RepositoryCache.initializePushAndPopMethods
Programming Model Extensions (PME)PM49195ASYN0067I in log when using @resource to inject workmanager
Proxy ServerPM52964PMI counter value for proxy goes negative
PM57278Proxy does not check for invalid cache entry.
PM57810Enable Web Services support should be set to false for DMZ proxy
PM57966Cache.internal.varient is returned by the WebSphere Proxy as a value to the vary header
PM59183302 responses are not being logged by the ODR / Proxy when the redirect is done in the ODR / Proxy
PM62331The DWLM Client does not select the local cluster hosting the target web service when enableInProcessConnections set to true.
Runtime (zSeries®)PM54414OutOfMemory caused by CCL leak in ORB z/OS because of residual references in com/ibm/ejs/container/util/byteArray
PM58572NullPointerException when portable interceptor tries get_slot or set_slot
SecurityPM49222Security custom property addHttpOnlyAttributeToCookies set at the security domain level is not being honored.
PM49615Choosing "Never" for CSIv2 outbound message layer authentication results in IllegalStateException for supportedAuthMechList
PM55047While processing the ORB request "Security context holder is null in receive_request vmcid: 0x 49421000 minor code: B4" error occurred
PM55131Add a custom property to provide a way to enable and disable DRS bootstrap function.
PM55526Attributes in wimconfig.xml might be overwritten when LDAP setting is updated.
PM55700Administrative console does not show RACF certificate labels for certs owned by userids other than the dmgr userid.
PM56143Administrative console users/groups mapping points to the incorrect user registry.
PM56485Management scope of webserver in security.xml is unexpectedly changed by AdminTask.importWasprofile command
PM57368SSL endpoint topology hierarchy might be showing blank on administrative console
PM57383Some SMF120.9 records might be missing a user name in the SM1209ES field
PM57568User registry object is constructed multiple times while configuring a security domain.
PM57696Increase limitation of handling large number of local OS security user registry groups.
PM57803Wrong custom registry properties in security configuration.
PM58885WASReqURL cookie might be overwritten if multiple login processes are performed.
PM59359migrateEAR fails when suffix has @realm defined
PM60005Getting org.omg.CORBA.INV_OBJREF when using non-IBM ORB client
PM60022User authentication by LDAP might fail if DN string contains an escaped number sign.
PM60579Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in GetSslSocketFactory(). CWPKI0024E: Certificate alias "foo" not in specified keystore
PM60670JSAS0802E error might be logged under stressed environment
PM60729Java.lang.ClassCastException incompatible with [
PM61418Add new API for creation of the web SSO cookie based on the SSO token of the current subject.
PM61743NullPointerException while trying to renew an LTPA token
PM61909Security constraints do not get picked up when using spaces in virtual host name for application.
PM61985SECJ0352E error when search string contains equal character
PM62110PasswordCheckFailedException might be caught while retrying an error of CORBA.NO_PERMISSION MC:308 session_does_not_exist.
PM62877Java2 security exception is reported when accessing security message bundles.
PM63235Extensive stacktraces are written for a failed login
PM63273Excessive number of FFDC data is logged.
PM63582CORBA NO_PERMISSION 0x49424308 error is not handled properly on server resulting a failure of performing retry
PM65136MBeanException in RequiredModelMBean while trying to invoke invokeRemoteKeyStoreCommand when defining a KeyStore
Services Component ArchitecturePM57616SCA composite fails to start with NullPointerException
PM62057Updating or restarting SCA application causes CORBA.OBJECT_NOT_EXIST error on invoke
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPM57418Translate SRVE0325E and SRVE0326E messages.
PM58495The server needs to respond faster when unexpected input is sent as form parameters.
PM58908JSCookMenu does not render
PM59297A request to a default servlet with ;jsessionID in URL might not work correctly
PM65175A runtime exception can occur while starting an application when a large number of applications have already been started.
System Management/RepositoryPM49129Unable to use properties based cofiguration to create an application scoped datasource
PM50719Node federation for v6.1 node to v7.0 deployment manager with -includeApps option does not create BLAs/CUs directory
PM51301Message destination references only lists J2C resources
PM54890No error shown for corrupted partial application archive update
PM55601AdminTask.extractConfigProperties() task with JavaVirtualMachine configData results in WASX7015E with CommandValidationException
PM55903Federating a node that contains a generic server results in NullPointerException.
PM55982Application deploy takes longer than expected to to list BLAs
PM56484Filter out notification registrations from JSR160 client
PM57437Repeated restarts of an Application Server cause java.library.path to duplicate entries
PM57869NullPointerException when trying to load console pages after changing job manager's settings
PM58553AdminTask validateConfigProperties does not handle {} correctly
PM58599Deletion of an unmanaged node leaves the web server target mappings in the application deployment.xml file
PM59054War file update through job manager failed.
PM60393ADMA0078W: The file:/WebSphere_Home/Profiles/profile_namewstemp/appmgmt/mbean/AppManagement_<numeric_value> cannot be deleted.
PM61221MapModulesToServers should not cause application restart
PM61523Application management should not allow a version 2.5 web module to be targetted in a 6.1 node Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext exceptions are thrown while restarting the nodeagents.
PM62192Not able to view or edit a module with java.lang.AssertionError
PM62326Delete an old node resulted in the node's migrated version deleted from cell config
PM62866Misleading attribute name while creating mail session using properties file based configuration.
PM63160Missing mailTransportProtocol attribute while creating MailSession using property file base configuration
PM63650Exception when setting task data for CxtRootForWebMod
PM64146Improve the error message when syncNode fails after FIPs update.
PM66533Administrative agent and application server get out of sync, preventing any administrative tasks from being performed and terminating automation.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PM47212JAX-WS async clients can spawn an umlimited number of threads
PM49800Application deployment fails with a "IWAE0017E Unable to replace or archive" error.
PM51630Wsimport.bat fails if no profile present
PM53027JAX-RPC read and socket timeouts cannot be set below 300 seconds
PM54235Delays caused by searching for cached objects in a synchronized block
PM54474Inherited web service methods cannot be invoked
PM55781Request timeout is set to the same value as timeToLive property for a SOAP/JMS web service client
PM57220NullPointerException error may occur at application startup.
PM58128Manually created XML elements in XML-Soap can cause Namespace inconsistencies.
PM58524Unified SOAP fault may not be sent back to client.
PM58544Attachment part may be missing in outbound SOAP request.
PM58710SoapFaultException written to systemout.log for JAX-WS applications.
PM58980Plugin generation slowed by web service annotation scanning
PM59793SOAP message updates made in a JAX-WS handler might be lost.
PM60401Wrong web service could be invoked when multiple Web Services with similar names are deployed
PM60529Socket leak on the SOAP port
PM61016Wsgen tool may generate incorrect WSDL when invoked with Java 7
PM63427Deployment of application may fail if attached policy set is imported in same session without saving the configuration first
PM63658SOAPElement.addTextNode throws NullPointerException when passed a null parameter value
Web Services SecurityPM46406A digest value mismatch error may occur when using the enveloped-signature transform
PM51727The SAML token should not be defined within a CustomToken element using an IBM proprietary namespace
PM51996Add SAML 2.0 web browser SSO profile support
PM56009NullPointerException in DocLitWrappedMethodMarshaller.demarshalResponse
PM56170Improve performance of JAXBContext creation when a package list cannot be used.
PM60910Base64binary data in SOAP body although MTOM is enabled
PM62194Caller config added to WS-Security bindings with wsadmin won't work with blind trust
Workload Management (WLM)PM55286WLM messaging engine start and stop delays on z/OS
PM59129WLM start cluster may be slow when many Application Servers are involved
PM59731WLM backup cluster support fails

Fix release date: 16 Apr, 2012
Last modified: 10 Apr 2012
Status: Superseded

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100% CPU UsagePM45080ClassCastException in LoadAvailableSequences following restart of a WS-Reliable messaging application.
PM47065Remote server fails to be enlisted in transaction after ORB retry
PM48489WS-Reliable messaging fails with SOAP message is requested
PM50360Transaction alarms not cancelled during rollback of JCA transaction
PM50450Server hang with web container threads waiting on com/ibm/ws/http/HttpTransport.reinitialize(
PM50829Recovery cannot be done and is being re-tried every 1 minute because not all applications are started.
PM51383WS-RM stops forwarding requests after error
PM59694An exception is thrown when the message part of a SOAP message is null, rather than returning a null object.
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PM46827A memory leak is possible when using diagnostic providers due to providers not being de-registered.
PM47677Unable to see some connection factory settings as monitor role
PM47959Configuration error message CHKW2517E after displaying deployment manager web container transport chains
PM49471In the administrative console, the HTTP Server config file (httpd.conf) is shown as a blank page.
PM49506Client policy set import fails on admin console when authorization groups are defined
PM49844Server_log_root variable in the updated cluster server template not honoring the user defined value.
PM49995Binaries location field displayed incorrectly in the administrative console in some situations.
PM50224Changing EJB timer service settings after migration to V8.0 results in NMSV0800W due to FeatureNotFoundException
PM50970Administrative console issued JavaScript error when using Internet Explorer
PM51096After making changes to JAAS login modules, disappeared
PM51658Memory-to-memory replication without any config changes, console will prompt you to save changes to master repository.
PM51902Extraneous property written to the security.xml when updating SSL JSSE entry
PM51930Exporting application policy sets and system policy sets fails on administrative console
PM52144When using the deployer role, the check boxes for each web server are not displayed.
PM53088Administative console large heap size display error: java.lang.NumberFormatException
PM53565NullPointerException is thrown when running createApplicationServer to create an Application Server
PM55402Update LDAP SSL in domain show blank page
PM56021Application Deployment does not display intermediate status messages
PM58928Console loginProprties overwrite baseDirectory and fileName in federated repository InternalFileRepository
PM59094Problem caused one of the SCA panel in BPM administrative console
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)PM50941Wsadmin initialization slow to connect to server
ClassloaderPM47528Incorrect validation of an unset class loader mode
DB Connections/ Connection PoolingPM47486A suspended global transaction is never resumed after an exception is thrown, thus exhausting the data source pool
Default Messaging ComponentPM49608In a cluster environment with two adjunct regions when shutting one adjunct down, the second adjunct hangs.
PM49953SIB messaging engine receives a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when inserting large messages into a DB2 data source on z/OS
Dynamic CachePM47896NullPointerException intermittetly occurs when invoking CacheableCommandImpl executeFromCache() command.
PM54521FilteredStatusCode is not filtering servlet output with the specified response status code.
EJB ContainerPM50398ZipException when running "createEJBStubs"
PM51230Duplicate EJB bindings cause MDB to not process messages
PM51808EJBs configured to initialize when the application starts may intermitently fail to start with CNTR0169E
PM53989Support of AroundInvoke business method interceptors
PM54417OutOfMemory caused by EJB container CCL leak
PM56181PMI for singleton method response times is nonsensical
PM56268NullPointerException while initializing BPM EJB when the activity session service is enabled
Embedded/ExpressPM45970MdbListener needs to declare dependency on StartUpService
Enterprise Edition (EE)PM50217Enumeration values might be skipped when using JAXB
PM51928StAX XMLStreamWriter writes malformed Windows-1251 encoded documents
Federated RepositoriesPM40631VMM does not log messages while switching LDAP server
PM44124Problem with cache growing without bounds
PM47892VMM ignores changeSummary passed to update entries in DB
PM49205CustomRegistryException is thrown if displayName is null
PM50634In rangeRetrieval VMM only queries for initial set of attribute values.
PM51981VMM get () api does not return UID property of the user
PM52362Add a custom property to support PrincipalName for LDAP authentication
PM52939Allow mapping of single attribute to multiple properties in VMM using CLI.
PM53961PersonAccount missed it's link with EmployeeType,city property.
PM54080VMM does not handle overlapping searchbases sent in client for search() api call.
PM56192VMM sort fails on attributes not in base attribute list
GeneralPM38854Potential deadlock in OpenJPA with object relational mapping (ORM) processing
PM42643Web module (war) file processing scans archives outside of web-inf/lib
PM42847The LiveCount counter for Servlet Session manager displays negative value in TPV
PM43864OutOfMemory under heavy load with servlet caching enabled and FRCA disabled
PM43978When using JSF 2.0 custom component date values are not converted correctly
PM44368Invalid cases of multiple process definitions in server.xml are not detected by "$AdminConfig validate" or via administrative console
PM44700Customer requested a value to be masked in the wsadmin command.
PM45446Deadlock threads during invalidation with session tracing enabled.
PM46948NullPointerException occurs after message SESN0196W
PM47143Call to GetAddressHeader fails when there are multiple values on a custom header.
PM47418Outbound SIP message fails
PM47941Customer is noticing EJPSD0024E java.lang.IllegalStateException in the logs.
PM48503Module update generates "Could not create temp file" warnings and runs slowly
PM48622Error retrieving PMI data. java.lang.NullPointerException
PM48637Include JIRA OpenJPA-2051 in WebSphere Application Server v8
PM48818Problem in setting SIP contact parameters.
PM48829SIP proxy needs to remove rport parameter from VIA header for TCP/TLS connections
PM48842JSON-RPC over SCA HTTP binding does not return a JSON object after an exception.
PM48884Race condition in the container code is causing the container to stop sending UDP messages with SIP proxy.
PM48958A service integration bus messaging engine hangs under high load
PM49214SIP container does not route a request if the topmost route header contains an FQDN that is not resolvable by DNS.
PM49232SIP container throws a NullPointerException and does not forward 302 response back to the caller generates error no customization jobs exist does not contain web-app_2.2.DTD
PM49421Missing message for key "" error while using create publishers utility
PM49633Deadlock on SIB JS-ReceiveListenerDispatcherthreads
PM49790Wsadmin got 0C4 in STRSTR with PRIMEPSA (IGVDGNPP)
PM50156The API will not consider a Re-INVITE with replaces header as initial.
PM50232SIP proxy is not re-using TCP/TLS connections for outbound SIP requests
PM50260SIP container includes record-route header in 100 trying response
PM50904wrd-config fails to give proper warning if feature is not installed
PM50932In certain excution sequences, the audit message ADMN0007I may show up which may be interpreted as an error
PM51007Modification to From header in initial request lost when creating branch request.
PM51087SIP container forwards 100 response.
PM51162Excess warnings when updating web module archives.
PM51411Data corruption when using cloned service message object trees.
PM51452Data corruption when cloned native data holder element is mutated.
PM51454Argument type mismatch using lazy parsing mode
PM51577Dmgr should not have to be started for ManageSDK to change SDK
PM51619Application with @startup annotation and CDI fails with NullPointerException during application start
PM51677ClassCastException may occur after removing items from a list
PM51682SIP requests can be improperly initialized by supplying a parameter which is linked with another request/session
PM51698SDO DataObject may return stale ChangeSummary if xsi:type attribute required during move
PM51699Native memory leak caused by ExtJarClassLoader leak during transaction recovery
PM51705SIP flag parameters appears as <parametername>="" in SIP message
PM51851<_was.SIP.container_> getExpirationTime() returns incorrect value
PM51889Decrease cluster startup time.
PM51908The education assistant for WebSphere Software link in the first steps console is broken.
PM51915SIP proxy should use default port numbers rather than ephemeral ports for reconnect scenarios
PM51944StringIndexOutOfBounds exception from XMLTypeUtil
PM51952StartServer fails because of permission errors
PM52005NullPointerException when create.sessions.when.listeners.exist is enabled
PM52094WLM NoClusterDefinedException
PM52096Org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException is seen when running a JPA query due to spaces in the appplication name.
PM52295When creating a foreign bus, leaving the inbound user id blank results in access denied errors
PM52303Unable to build JWS sample on Solaris
PM52359SIP container discards the CANCEL in race condition
PM52489SIP proxy needs to use maddr parameter in Via header
PM52505200 ok response retransmissions for a RE_INVITE are dropped by the SIP container
PM52508503 received to INVITE that was proxied
PM52653Common Event Infrastructure - incorrect package version reported
PM52655getPerformanceOptimizationDescriptionLabelText() needs to be in protected routine
PM52689Tab key is taken as input in certain input fields, creating a keyboard trap
PM52696SIP container does not create a new SipSession after parallel forked INVITE
PM52762A special filtering settings in HPEL log viewer in administrative console results in an error message
PM52822SIP container generates a final response with no to-tag.
PM52841After applying PM48786, the SIP container puts display names in double quotes.
PM52892CWSJN5009E error thrown by WebSphere Application Server service integration bus when parsing a SOAP message
PM52997Uninstalling an application does not free the instantiated servlet reference
PM53101Error reported on change log detail levels runtime tab when accessing V7 server configured into a V8 cell.
PM53124WOLA ASRA abend in CICS w/STGPROT=YES and BBOACLNK in userkey
PM53156SCA target inner service not found at invoke time
PM53202CWLLG0594E due to a NullPointerException when running an AIS with a 1-way BPEL microflow
PM53226JAXB might generate incorrect package names
PM53270Run command job in centralized installation manager (cim) can't support single quotation for os400 targets
PM53342Domino v7 references left behind
PM53348Certificate expiration missing data
PM53434Manageprofiles with -isDeveloperServer option causes invalid genericJVMArgument in server.xml
PM53493Job management console links to incorrect Information Center page
PM53657Unable to set "day of week" for certificate expiration
PM53690Org.xml.sax.SAXParseException is received when dumping a business object
PM53695Non-serviceable files are being overwritten when IBM WebSphere Application Server - Express v8.0 is updated by fix pack
PM53703Apache conf file path defaults to http.conf.
PM53706On z/OS, the process definition jvm runtime tab current heap size is empty and an exception is in the logs
PM53716Exporting HPEL repository generated on z/OS does not include servants instances.
PM53744SipApplicationSession for dialog created by SUBSCRIBE not invalidated after application invalidates SipSession.
PM53745UserRegistry.getGroups(string, int) triggers an IllegalStateException that is logged to FFDC
PM53761Deployment performance reduced for applications without managed beans or JCDI beans
PM53778Unset SDO data objects in change summaries lose type on cross-scope copy
PM53787Update IBM WebSphere MQ JCA resource adapter to version
PM53798IllegalStateException when calling setDisplayName()
PM53819OSGi EBA fails to install with list service-property entry in BP
PM53825Timeout occurs during object tree traversal.
PM53831Generated property does not respect nullable
PM53866Missing null element due to property.getDefault() returning incorrect result.
PM53871With*=all trace enabled, CWSCA3034E will be received with lazy parsing
PM53901SIP proxy does not keep more than 1 historical sipproxy log
PM53908Error 500 when login to the console after a server restart
PM53942Workspace leak when viewing portlet descriptor
PM53964Intermittent error starting SCA applications
PM53997Business Process Choreographer 8 is unable to process JMS messages that were produced by version 7
PM54088Memory leak in compensation scope component.
PM54119Error message in was install log
PM54153Warning messages issued when running on z/OS
PM54241ElementProperty.setsDoMany() not visible in BoElementProperty
PM54254WebSphere Application Server for z/OS v8.0 warmstart is slow after configuring WebSphere Virtual Enterprise v7.0.
PM54263Marshall library performance
PM54268DatahandlerException when using anyType parts in message bodies in lazy parsing mode.
PM54350SIP container creates extra SipApplicationSessions which are never invalidated
PM54357EJBs with names containing a slash cannot be started
PM54464SIP container throws IllegalStateException when 200 OK to INVITE arrives if 2nd invocation of application reproxies a request.
PM54465Filestore log corruption can occur with small log files and single threaded message sending
PM54477Intermittent exceptions using log viewer -monitor
PM54565Update EJBDeploy to fix LogConfigurationException and code that won't compile
PM54614Issues with CDI decorators
PM54618Problem with SipApplicationSession after a restart
PM54654Asynchronous invocation notification fails with a request timeout
PM54665Provide additional diagnostic options for dealing with a jvm OutOfMemory condition on WebSphere Application Server for z/OS.
PM54673Error message WSVR0634E appears when running an HTTP Server configuration script.
PM54703Excessive amount of messages being logged
PM54785Incorrect encoding when From header in the INVITE is of type tel: and the parameters are out of <>.
PM54789408 response has wrong to-tag
PM54852SIP - sessionReadyToInvalidate() is not being called when multiple applications are deployed.
PM55166Adding TTL support for the DomainResolver API
PM55170CPU constrained dmgr + node startup 95% slower
PM55234Evaluating absolute XPath expression against top-down constructed SDO may trigger ClassCastException
PM55240WOLA resource adapter does not return proper metadata about itself
PM55326OSGi error logging is insufficient
PM55365Batch variables missing from cell profile variables.xml
PM55401WebSphere Application Server unexpectedly triggers a single javacore when detecting one or more hung threads.
PM55416Post-installer tool may take too long to run in certain rare configurations on z/OS.
PM55423Wrong records return if a WBL file deleted during reading.
PM55495App server is not restarted after issuing restartActiveNodes
PM55527Support import of jython packages in wsadmin
PM55558Java logging files created during post install processing.
PM55669SIP proxy branch timer is not working correctly
PM55726Deadlock caused by cyclic wait for locks in: ContextBasedQueue and ExpirationTimer
PM55784Message WSVR0203I: Application: isclite Application build level: WASX.WSC ?rr0823.55? appears in server logs
PM55858LogViewer -monitor is not displaying servant trace records on z/OS
PM55861BBOMPROC will not copy procs to a PDSE
PM56139Incorrect timestamp in database event
PM56162ClassCastException in FastAccessCursor.materializedCurrentContext
PM56365SimpConnectionUnavailableException when creating a connection in managed environment
PM56706A new JSF-Portlet bridge is needed for developing JSF 2.0 based Portlets script takes a NoClassDefFoundError when attempting to run an ANT action
PM56762Plug-in config summary is empty and cannot proceed.
PM57104Error messages are generated during Application Server creation related to COMMSVC application.
PM57116BPC Explorer displays a NullPointerException when working with timezone "utc"
PM57716SDO wrapper types not available via typeHelper.getType methods
PM57985WebSphere Application Server for z/OS version 8.0 stack products cannot run profile augmentation with an ascii file encoding.
PM58071Install actions have to handle IBM-1024 encoding for z/OS operating system
PM58207Degraded performance when querying namespaces on a copied object tree.
PM58333Stack product support
PM58499Cannot find BundleContext
PM58817Deployment manager migration to V8 fails during re-installation of applications with EJB jar modules versioned at 3.0.
PM59463ClassCastException is thrown during DataObject.unset() operation.
PM59819Properties may be missing from types derived from WSDL documents with no target namespace
PM59861An UnauthorizedSessionRequestException can be thrown when a filter tries to access a protected session during logout.
PM60104Get method on a list of DataObjects does not return null for a nulled DataObject
PM60707Server reverts to myFaces JSF implementation
High Availability (HA)PM31740Core group bridge problem causes servers to become unroutable
PM49926Core group bridge on proxyServer in a dmz with network address translation fails with CWRCB0207E
PM52610HMGR1019W: messages filling up the systemout.log
PM56295Coregroup bridge service partitioned after OutOfMemory condition in Application Server
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPM48423Detect running process plugin failed to run when a different user in same group installs a fix pack on appserver v8.
PM52171The validation class for centralized installation manager cannot be found.
PM52397When installing WebSphere products on IBM i the install configuration may time out after 1 hour on slower machines
PM54620Provide more information about the service levels and return codes from the PostInstaller config actions at server startup.
PM55371Switch transfer file protocol from SCP to SFTP in centralized installation manager
PM55587Field help correction for centralized installation manager in deployment manager
PM57137Error complaining file _postrollbkexit exist already. Can not update to from 8.0.0.x.
PM60206File permissions are incorrect on z/os after applying a V8 fix pack
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C)PM46393Corrupted characters in Information Center for WSCallHelper class
PM48438PMI is showing negative freepoolsize value of J2C
PM48849JVM shutdown due to HMGR0130I that J2CResourceAdapter is not activated.
PM49034Java.lang.IllegalStateException thrown after WBI FTP adapter upgrade
PM58816Resource adapters can't load classes or jars from was_home/lib directory
Java Message Service (JMS)PM47034Status code 503 is returned to the client during a SOAP request when the server is available.
PM48206WebSphere channel code double free storage causing LE heap overlaid
PM48286TLS performance
PM51664WebSphere MQ JMS Connection Factory does not use userid specified by the Application Server
Java SDKPM49956JSF 2 issue EL expressions within a Composite Component are not resolved for the <h:inputStyleSheet/> tag.
PM52177JSF problem with convertNumber
PM52695ContextNotActiveException on @ConversationScoped annotation
PM55374FlashMap was lost on the postback
JSPPM54544Issue in JSP generator code with how square brackets are handled.
MigrationPM42516Incorrect node name used in migration to WebSphere Application Server V7.0
PM48044Migration troubles on SIB bus entries to MQ servers
PM48802Migrating from V6.1, additional TrustManager is added to the TrustManager in security.xml
PM49123zMMT BBOMMINS insruction are confusing re: uid and gid
PM50326During migraiton, a variable was added at node scope and set to null even though the same varible was already set at cell scope
PM51480Permission problem migrating externally referenced libraries.
PM52134WASPostUpgrade fails with failed to find method arePrimaryKeysEqual
PM55415Syntax error message appears during migration of WebSphere Application Server on z/OS. has incorrect SOAP port on adminAgent after migration on z/OS
PM56707WasPostUpgrade thows NullPointerException when updating server level variables.xml
PM56709V8 migration failed to map modules to server properly for applications with war modules having paths
PM58328The configuration migration tool does not identify an Application Server as being managed by an administrative agent.
Object Request Broker (ORB)PM57797When the ORB is creating a new outgoing connection, a SocketException "Network is unreachable" can occur.
OtherPM55349Response filter for CSR not processing 302 redirect.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer)PM45011Application Server hang can occur if a thread logging an FFDC hangs
PM47306HPEL log viewing function needs to have the ability to pass in specific codepage information correct viewing of data
PM50564Log events are not in chronological order
PM51742Application Server hangs during startup when dynatrace is enabled.
Plug-inPM4622632bit plugin for Apache 2.2 needs large file support
PM48820ESI cacheId needs to be configurable to have hostName as part of the key
PM49236HP-UX does not honor ConnectTimeout setting.
PM49567MCH3601 produced ending IBM i HTTP Apache Server.
PM49625IIS plugin causes thread crashes when using ARM
PM49729Null StashfileLocation for z/OS displays ":": for the property instead of ""
PM51652A post is always retried by the WebSphere plug-in if the content-length is 0.
PM52654Plug-in should return 400 on incomplete requests received.
PM54367Web server plug-in connection count is decremented twice when a 503 response is received
Programming Model Extensions (PME)PM48402EJBQuery incorrectly allowed CLOB type in predicate
Runtime (zSeries®)PM55151Not all properties are displayed properly by
SchedulerPM57273The scheduler does not initialize when there is an error while altering its table.
SecurityPM43426LSD related ORB calls fail with CORBA.NO_PERMISSION when CSIv2 inbound authentication is set as required
PM48161Incorrect CWPKI0013W message indicating IBMJCEFIPS provider is not active when is used
PM48805Support new FIPS levels (nist sp 800-131, nsa suiteb)
PM49048ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExcpetion in SecurityDomain class
PM49223mergeConfigDataOnDmgr error due to migrated JKS keystores lacking default dummyServer and dummyClient values
PM49308If path for profile contains "cells" certs will not be visible from WebSphere Application Server administrative console
PM49396Unable to create dynamic outbound endpoint SSL configuration using jython script
PM49452Turkish locale causes client to report JSAS1477W messages
PM49715Users being sent to the error page instead of the login page
PM49919Login faiulre when password contains some special characters
PM50025No group is returned when direct group search is performed.
PM50214SingleSignonTokenImpl and AuthorizationTokenImpl do not honour the LTPA timeouts set in Security Domains
PM50399LDAP group search is not processed properly when search or filter string contains backslash characters
PM50815SSL configuration will not save if the keystore does not contain a personal certificate.
PM53137Weekday of next start date in key generation is not correct when auto key generation is enabled and repeat interval is > 56 weeks
PM53426Mitigation of reducing heavy DynaCache invocation upon FormLogout.
PM60027Java2 security exception is reported when accessing security message bundles.
Services Component ArchitecturePM51716TypeNotPresentException when accessing a service component architecture (SCA) application
Servlet Engine/Web ContainerPM47487ServletContext.getContextPath() returns "/" instead of ""
PM50111The response is flushed on the way out of handling the servlet but the servlet has already closed the stream.
PM50313response.setContentType(null) failed
PM51151Webcontainer memory leak is seen when application uses the asynchronous invocation API.
PM51389Wrong value set for javax.servlet.request.key_size request attribute.
System Management/RepositoryPM46855Renaming java.exe can cause server start failure
PM48631PFBC properties applyConfigProeprties failure
PM49641Federation of a "management" profile fails but does not yield a good message describing the issue of the failure.
PM49821Unstalling a process application fails and can't be started.
PM51254SyncNode command should not run on deployment manager node
PM51621Can not use<filename> unless that file name is soap.client.props.
PM51744At node agent startup, the node agent starts the webserver when it should not
PM53217Missing application in the installedApps directory during wsadmin ear update
PM55332Cleanup unused OSGi server cache folder that is sometimes left in profile home.
PM55529Error occurs when application is synchronized to node
PM56411The "java library path" is not being updated.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF)PM40936A WSWS7054E may occur due to due to invalid entries in the classpath sent to wsgen
PM45750Exception does not lead to a rollback.
PM47209Truncated error message in trace dump for JAX-WS provider application.
PM47458StopServer operation hang
PM47956Provide XOP-aware serialization of service data object to support MTOM/XOP in WPS/WESB JAX-WS binding
PM47960NoClassDefFoundError may occur when running WSDL2Java.bat or Java2WSDL.bat on Microsoft Windows.
PM48098Outbound SSL connection may fail when different SSL configs are used for Web Services connections.
PM49292Client policy sets not applied when clients span multiple jar files
PM51215When using javax.activation.DataHandler objects for SOAP attachments, incorrect attachment data could be used.
PM51464A class that is present is not known to the JAXBContext for a JAX-WS application.
PM52125SOAP message with header is corrupted when going through SCA mediation.
Web Services SecurityPM33382WS-Security configuration of a certificate revocation list is not possible for SAML tokens
PM45259NullPointerException when WS-Security attempts to generate an LTPA token from runAs subject
PM45775NotOnOrAfter attribute should be optional in a SAML token in V7
PM46863JAXBException JAX-WS client in a shared library
PM53387CWWSS5620E: Web service security signing fails with two certificates associated to x.509 token consumer.
Workload Management (WLM)PM42959WLM external client data propagation incomplete
PM46408WLM client fails to connect
PM48578WLM external client data propagation incomplete
PM50225WLM OutOfMemory/leak on proxy server

Fix release date: 16 Jan, 2012
Last modified: 12 Jan 2012
Status: Superseded

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100% CPU UsagePM39075WSAS application with embedded resource adapter cannot be uninstalled
PM39304ClassCastException using WSIF and calling getAllTypesElements()
PM40551BBOT0004E: RRS service atrend failed with return code=931 also, BBO0006E, reason=c9c2120c
PM43712NullPointerException thrown during processing of XA resource information
PM46421A NullPointerException is generated for a mail resource during server startup.
PM48594Controller region terminates with REASON=C9C21863 after a 3A3 invalid return code from a call to RRS' ATRRUSI service
PM51080FFDC exception is generated when running in client environment
Administrative Console (all non-scripting)PM39345Admin configservice does not give good diagnostic output for an object name creation with a bad formatted input
PM39794When changing the bit mode of a server the JVM options are not checked for compatibility. This can cause failure at start up.
PM41773Search order in search order tab of classloader view is incorrect.
PM42075Server names on SIBus policy assistance diagram are not readable
PM42335Anonymousxxxx directories created in wstemp when clicking foreign bus connections in administrative console
PM42575Duplicated session/workspace IDs are created during concurrent Application Server start-ups
PM42762Cannot sort or get to other pages when adding a BLA to a BLA
PM44186Datasource cannot be deleted via the administrative console
PM44284JAX-RPC stack throws exception for InternalizationContexts with name space entry
PM44341Application update from console with default options is not updating application correctly.
PM44677NullPointerExceptions when updating the WebSphere MQ messaging provider properties in mixed cells.
PM45069The Performance Tuning in help or Page help was missing.
PM45072WebSphere variables are not created on save after clicking apply if the variables.xml file does not exist for the server
PM45398Disable WebSphere MQ is not displayed on administrative console
PM45501Console tree elements not working in some browsers.
PM45592When large topology is administered with an admin agent console the console is slow to display all servers.
PM46147Removing security domain trust leaves empty entry
PM46321Can not create administrative group role in console if all special subjects assigned
PM46339Editing an assets relationships does work from the adminitrative console.
PM46370Administrative console does not show the application status correctly
PM46542There is a broken link on the core group service panel for DMZ proxy on admin agent.
PM46608NullPointerException during profile registration or/and deregistration.
PM46642Choosing job manager administrative console jobs - node resources logs NoSuchMethodException
PM46651Unable to modify was_install_root and user_install_root from the administrative console.
PM46652Description text does not wrap on AddNode panel.
PM46892BIDI file paths in console displayed in the wrong order
PM47048The monitor role is not able to see the list of modules and the servers they are mapped to with a configured security domain.
PM47062Support for adjustPort pseduo-attribute to the server type is incomplete
PM47089CWWMH0142E error due to problem in was.webui.common.application component.
PM47738Console cursor movement for file name fields containing BIDI characters is incorrect
PM48719CSRF warning messages in the administartive console
PM48918VE objects in the topology tree do not have good links.
PM49198The "next page" on the "runtime tasks" not work
PM49220The manage modules does not work when using an admin agent environment.
PM49249Default information is incorrect when creating a webserver on IBM i
PM49360Error message reporting NullPointerException appears on the Troubleshooting page for non-WebSphere Application Servers
PM50212The administrative console HPEL log viewer's export does not work and provides the wrong error message.
PM50591Wizard title too small to read in some languages
PM50649Error message is displayed on the JMS providers administrative console page.
PM50980JavaScript error on Microsoft Internet Explorer when selecting "Application binaries" in administrative console
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT)PM38888Wsadmin create shared library unexpected results when classpath directory contains multiple spaces.
PM42823Bundle not found: error on FFDC log
PM45738Unexpected separator character in Derby classpath when classpath contains ${was_install_root} env variable
PM45828AdminApp install failed with java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException
PM47064Admin script libaries for J2C has syntax errors
PM48655AdminApp.install() fails deploying an application larger than 2Gb, with a java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException
DB Connections/ Connection PoolingPM46243NamingException occurs during lookup of WebSphere version 4 data sources
Default Messaging ComponentPM38672JMS application connected to WSAS v7.0 service integration bus messaging engine terminates with CWSIC8007E exception
PM39049CWSID0029E message when WSAS service integration bus messaging engine failsover after a network outage
PM43269ExceptionDestinationHandlerImpl is not thread safe. This may cause undelivered messages moved to incorrect exception destination
PM43456CWSIK0027E: Destination becomes corrupted after upgrading
PM44028An attempt to re-enable a disabled messaging engine causes the JVM to panic
PM44165Add new options to SIBDDLGENERATOR for tablespaces
PM45423Messaging engine not starting with Informix database using IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver(IBM Informix JCC driver)
PM45538Event producers/publishers to be informed of subscribers through callback facility
PM50357Context property/custom property not getting added in SIB via administrative console
Dynamic CachePM39164Extend filterTimeoutInvalidation to filter inactivity timeouts
PM43012Dynamic cache hang in CacheEntry.setValue computing hashcode
PM47462Incorrect context root obtained when using dynamic cache to cache static files from an application.
PM48946Dynamnic cache access performance improvements.
EJB ContainerPM45328Getting using Web Services Business Activity (WS-BA)
PM46159The findEJBTimers and cancelEJBTimers commands do not work
PM46698Stubs and ties generated for EJB 3.0 are not compatible with stubs and ties generated by RMIC for EJB 3.1 MDB
PM48509Remote EJB asynchronous methods : Performance improvements that will avoid CORBA timeouts and consuming ORB threads
PM50100EJB 2.1 module with webservice-only stateless session bean fails when deployed from a RAD workspace without exporting.
EJBDeploy (WSAD)PM45802Deploy enterprise beans checkbox is checked when EJB 1.1 project is already deployed
PM48898Update EJBDeploy to fix LogConfigurationException
Embedded/ExpressPM48558ThreadPool waiting thread count not updated on thread death
Enterprise Edition (EE)PM42465Excessive memory usage by XMLStreamReader pool may lead to OutOfMemoryError.
PM43561NullPointerException occurs in JAXB runtime while marshalling a document
Federated RepositoriesPM23448Certificate authentication fails because of space in distinguished name.
PM31737Calling delete() to an entry by UniqueID and ReposId fails with a NameNotFoundExecption
PM33575When uniqueUseIid is mapped to externalName, vmm calls fail with javax.naming.NamingExceptio
PM37925Changing userDisplayNameMapping in wimconfig.xml does not work
PM38223VMM throws an EntityNotFoundException if the property extension repository contains obsolete entries
PM40214Dynamic cache and VMM race condition
PM40802VMM fetching properties from LDAP which were marked as notSupported.
PM42368VMM logging NoSuchAttributeException in the traces even though the exception was ignored.
PM42874When the ObjectClass is not defined the wimconfig file is overwritten
PM43304VMM returns a user record while searching for a group in localOS registry
PM43353Users defined in the BPM custom registry failed to show up in a search using VMM API via VMM UR bridge.
PM43657VMM ignores default boolean values while making an API call.
PM43729VMM not escaping back slash character for all data types
PM44359VMM should provide SAF mapping module with debug capability shipped with VMM classes
PM45289VMM produces different results for semantically identical search expressions
PM46133jpegPhoto is not returned while retrieving with * in property list
PM47036VMM fetching nested groups which are outside the scope of configured LDAP base entry.
PM47114VMM does not handle root base entries from LDAP properly.
PM47637InvalidPropertyValueException if the million second is 000
PM47662There is no command line interface available to manage realm default parent or retrieving data model.
PM47968VMM overrides searchBases passed by client with wimconfig searchbase
PM52049VMM is incorrectly handling password updates
GeneralPM19536PK93206 masks addition classpath in ibm-web-ext.xmi or ibm-web-ext.xml.
PM20978Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundException during servant region shutdown
PM22498EJB 3.0 annotation for JCA ConnectionFactory not recognized no resource-ref element in EJB-jar_merged.xml
PM32320Server startup exceptions with uninitialized variables used for session custom properties
PM34957Cancel is not sent out from same local port as invite
PM36035SIP re-sends cancel when receiving second provisional response
PM37821OpenJPA does not find ValueHandler and/or FieldStrategy class with an applicable class loader
PM39070WebSphere adjunct and servant regions leak memory when any XAResouce fails to recover
PM39559Errors CWSIP0003E, CWSIT0029I & CWSITt0028I appear in the systemout.log when the server hosting messaging engine restarts.
PM39613Out of memory when SIP servlet container stuck on multiple TCP connections during SIP load
PM39876SIP container fails to handle invalid cancel
PM39926WebSphere Application Server hosting a messaging engine runs out of file descriptors
PM40043Feature is not valid showing with IllegalArgumentException
PM40051Cannot insert null into primary key field when adding 2 JPA entities.
PM40175Can not update shared library with business level application. Application Server needs to be restarted.
PM40261OutOfMemoryError occurs for messaging application connecting to service integration bus messaging engine
PM40278Web applications not recognizing @PersistenceUnit or @PersistenceContext references overridden in web-inf/e
PM40769Mapping of user in the "User RunAs Roles" affects the mapping of the user in "Security role to user/group mapping"
PM40926HFS violations when sync-to-os thread is enabled, and application attempts to load native dll.
PM41056A NumberFormatException is thrown from the EL code.
PM41088JIRA OpenJPA-1376 defect backported to v7 OpenJPA 1.2.x
PM41128JIRA OpenJPA-1691 defect backported to v7 OpenJPA 1.2.x
PM41161MQLink connection test hangs with trace enabled
PM41180Passivation listener is not called when only http sessions related to the SipApplicationSession
PM41200Cannot access referenced service in destroy-method
PM41306During stress test, CWPSB1027 is output into systemout.
PM41490NullPointerException encountered during shared library update asset
PM41530Controller region abends with ab/s0dc3 prcs/03080002 after servant abend s0ec3 rsn04130007
PM41850Import Java EE applications from a configuration archive file to an Application Server or a server cluster.
PM41961NullPointer issues when working with WebSphere Extreme Scale session interfaces in administrative console/wsadmin
PM42172JPA metadata data contained in a mapping file (orm.xml) is not read prior to first run of a query.
PM42266Resources with @produces are not associated with CDI beans
PM42438JMS client connected to WebSphere Application Server service integration bus messaging engine hangs
PM42582SIP ignores valid messages that follow an invalid message
PM42583Metadata entries in a user's JPA mapping files are being incorrectly reported as duplicates.
PM43196Web module destination reference configuration missing when OSGi application is updated.
PM43260IHS admin start-up is "automatic" despite choosing "manual" in the plug-in configuration tool (PCT)
PM43364When using the Profile Management Tool (PMT) to create or augment profiles, configuration actions from other installs may incorrectly be run
PM43373Performance tuning text in PMT needs to be more clear.
PM43462When running GUI as non-root, it fails to configure IBM HTTP Server plugin properly.
PM43492The upper limit should be 1,280,000 for maximum number of TCP connections.
PM43572SCAClassLoader leaks associated with binding.EJB
PM43578SCAClassLoader leaks associated with implementation.jee
PM43582PPT entry for WebSphere z/OS daemon missing priv and allowing a daemon to sec6 rsn=xxxxfd1d
PM43617NullPointerException when calls starts to come down.
PM43700SIP route_back route modifier.
PM43714.ser files prevent use of descriptorless EJB jar files
PM43742No help description for jdbcDriverVersion parameter of configEventServiceDerbyDB task
PM43748NullPointerException occurs when running HPEL logviewer with the monitor option for a z/OS repository.
PM43779No help description for jdbcProviderType parameter of configEventServiceSQLServerDB task
PM43797Fix NullPointerException from ConfigObjectImpl.getValue due to illegal cross document link in resource.xml
PM43897NullPointerException thrown in FilteredExtensionPointProxy.getExtension() when trace is enabled
PM43945JVM tuning to speed up profile creation
PM43988OutOfMemoryError in SIP container.
PM44240Application Server crash in wasservice when stopping server
PM44272Service integration bus application hangs attempting to connect following a handshake failure
PM44430Application bindings must escape ampersand characters
PM44500Java.version property when running enableJVM command
PM44512SIP container failed to replicate SipServletRequests
PM44643The session manager sends the cookie comment to the client.
PM44750getSession(false) should not throw an UnauthorizedSessionRequestException
PM44776IndexOutOfBoundsException when using TLS with a cluster
PM44789B2BUaHelper is using the last value from the values map cannot be exported for asset that has not been saved yet
PM44859Web application bundles fail without javax.servlet imports
PM44866NullPointerException in ConfigUpdateHandler
PM44944Custom properties broken for SIP application session if there is no session attributes and no dialog
PM44958NullPointerException when converting a server, having Common Event Infrastructure (CEI) application installed, to a cluster
PM44991Console needs to be modified to allow the load balance weight of cluster members to be set up to 100 to match what wsadmin allows
PM45000URL JNDI lookups with the RMI scheme are failing.
PM45049Secured Application Server instance can not be stopped from webadmin GUI sometimes
PM45122Application update delete module from application with no deployment descriptor failed with NullPointerException
PM45193When using the Regeneration option in z/OS Migration Management Tool, migration files utilize the same timestamp location.
PM45196When migrating on z/OS, there is no ability to refine tracing levels.
PM45306SIP - when a call is terminated, cancel is delayed
PM45309SIP - sessionReadyToInvalidate() is not being called
PM45352SIP proxy issues reverse DNS lookup on new client connections
PM45373WOLA service BBOA1REG returns rc=4 rsn=4 when registering from CICS TS version 4.2
PM45437SipServletRequest setRequestURI() does not work for incoming request
PM45439Schema tool uses wrong table length when dictionary is specified.
PM45472Classloader issue with JSF2 CDI extensions
PM45487ClassNotFoundException using substitutable OSGi composite bundles (CBA)
PM45622App fails to start when using PFBC to update an app
PM45676SIP container performs reverse DNS lookups when the trusted IP list is configured
PM45693Make modification of system headers as per JSR 289.
PM45708SIP container adds the initial request to the pending list.
PM45860Resource references fail conflict detection if <res-auth> or <res-sharing-scope> are not specified in the deployment descriptor
PM46098Unspecified <mtom-threshold> definitions may cause conflict detection failures
PM46254Remove .nif dependencies from service scripts for V8
PM46270When using MVS logstreams for WebSphere app server error logs servant may connect to logstream multiple times and use high SQA
PM46324Conflict detection fails for <persistence-context-ref> elements without <persistence-context-type> elements
PM46326Incorrect type info assigned to XML elements or attributes
PM46346V8 incorrectly processes a V7 response file
PM46348SIP container does not cancel the second contact from a parallel fork.
PM46369Create button unresponsive in Plugin Configuration Tool (PCT) - WebSphere Customization Toolbox (WCT)
PM46436Memory leak in
PM46451Whitespaces not handled correctly for public render parameters in portlet.xml
PM46466NullPointerException when starting web application
PM46468Unable to map the version 7 OSGi blog sample to a version 7 server in a mixed cell.
PM46680Enabling logging closes Java EE modules
PM46699Process name in the header of a z/OS servant from logviewer output is incorrect
PM46785WebSphere Application Server for z/OS v8.0 warmstart or profile augmentation fails with multiple intermediate symbolic links.
PM46815SIP proxy may attempt an outbound TCP (or TLS) connection to a client from the wrong local network interface.
PM46839getInitialPoppedRoute is called. First call results in non-null, but the second call returns null.
PM47031Cannot build AppClient JWS sample on Unix
PM47107Java.lang.IllegalStateException is thrown when WebSphere Application Server is stopped and no SIP application is installed
PM47113Transport parameter in route header has uppercase TLS, SIP container chooses UDP (5060) vs TLS (5061)
PM47194SIP proxy error messages do not contain text in the systemout log.
PM47196Application clients recognized as EJB jar modules when deployed from Rational Application Developer
PM47199Starting a profile at a lower service level than the level at which it was created stops server from starting.
PM47224The job scheduler JDBC providers panel shows none even when providers exist. package from was unconditionally exported
PM47296SipServletMessage.removeHeader only removes the first instance of a header, not all of them.
PM47304Mapping batch app to different cluster does not create endpoint
PM47310Configuration script file ext is wrong on HP config result.
PM47315Mishandled format-number pattern with no digits before decimal
PM47339Loop in BBOCLSCR
PM47349Options or pragmas with no namespace prefix produced misleading error message
PM47370The customization instructions generated by the profile management tool for z/OS do not contain a target version number.
PM47390IllegalStateException after failover
PM47409Fix internal fatal error (ixjxe0678e [err 0614]
PM47435Invalid endpoint listed after deleting a cluster or server that was an endpoint
PM47444NullPointerException FFDC logged when creating profile with no default app
PM47446The setting of the [xsl:]default-validation attribute does not affect the primary result document of an XSLT stylesheet
PM47460NullPointerEexception when starting an OSGi application
PM47469Some OSGi applications get restarted after adding an extension
PM47506Type error for typeswitch variable used in arithmetic operation
PM47574Job scheduler drop-down menu should not display admin agents
PM47594If an extension function throws an exception, null references are passed as the message and throwable to any XMessageHandler
PM47614An error results if an extension function called from XQuery, XPath or XSLT returns an XMLGregorianCalendar value
PM47616Poor performance results from using computed comment constructors in XQuery
PM47654Poor performance results from using the key function in an XSLT stylesheet
PM47655A ClassNotFoundException might result if a context class loader or URLClassLoader is used with the Feature Pack for XML thin client
PM47656Poor performance results if the result of a path expression in XSLT or XQuery contains many nodes from temporary trees
PM47658Incorrect string value for an element constructed and validated in XSLT or XQuery, if the element contains a comment or PI
PM47688Profile ca not be removed when uninstall was on IBM i
PM47740A CORBA::NO_MEMORY exception is thrown when using the OTMA support of the optimized local adapters (OLA)
PM47761On demand router unable to route to OSGi applications
PM47786SDO change summary for detached DataObject is incorrectly cached
PM47817The @Inject annotation is not working in AMM
PM47832ConcurrentModificationException when iterating over the list of dataobjects for a many-valued property.
PM47845No error is raised when indent-amount is not a positive number
PM47846Control region of WebSphere Application Server for z/OS v8.0 ends due to time limit.
PM47856XSLT template with mode #all is not included in default mode
PM48136No source location passed to error handler for parse errors
PM48153Common Event Infrastructure - wrong bundle version in file
PM48157HPAL TextLog is configured to begin cleanup of oldest records but it did not cleanup any oldest log files
PM48458Config error: Missing message bundle (batch)
PM48581Method hasWASRegistryChanged did not check V8 registry file
PM48585Data corruption when mutating object tree
PM48785CDI PhaseListener will cause ClassCastException in Portlet environment
PM48786Control display-name quoting with a custom property
PM48791In BO compatibility mode, WSDL RPC style needs to be converted to doc/literal style
PM48817The help subsystem is unable to display text inside < >
PM48833Endpoint job logs are not being written to the correct location.
PM48837Wrong restart token after job restart for TextFileWriter or FileByteWriter
PM48838The profile management tool for z/OS should extract the version level from the appropriate product information file.
PM48842JSON-RPC over SCA HTTP binding does not return a JSON object after an exception.
PM48910Select/deselect all on MapRoles BLA panel does not work on Mozilla Firefox.
PM48922A CannotInstantiateObjectException occurs while performing a JNDI lookup of an EJB interface.
PM48945Remove "jitc_de" from the default value of the property "java.compiler" from code
PM48951NoSuchElementException in log when creating a cell profile
PM49001WOLA samples write unprintable messages to application server log
PM49011The postinstall.log for WebSphere contains information about PreConfigActions
PM49025Add support to rename application editions.
PM49033The contents of environment variable LIBPATH are not used by startserver in WebSphere Application Server 8.0
PM49170ID processing change required for top-down constructed SDO data objects
PM49300The ODR is unable to serve applications after migration to V8.0.
PM49398Backup method to determine WebSphere process id may not work if service name contains numeric values
PM49447Honouring the environment setting for JAVA.NAMING.FACTORY.OBJECT
PM49476OpenJPA's UUIDGenerator class does not support IPv6 addresses.
PM49497Job scheduler setup through an admin agent is not successful
PM49509Schema validation for war update with bad schema does not fail
PM49588No encoding for special characters in render parameters within ResourceURLs
PM49725"NoClassDefFoundError: org.eclipse.core.runtime.IExtensionRegistry" might appear in fix pack installation logs on IBM i.
PM49807Message content filtering in the HPEL logviewer of the administrative console does not work.
PM50023Portal install fails because server startup fails with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError on 64-bit RedHat Linux 5.6
PM50098HPEL message converter is not returning the correct message id
PM50105Cannot change SIP overload and statistics refresh rate defaults.
PM50147The Brazilian Portuguese text for the z/OS migration management tool is incorrect.
PM50204The osgiCfgInit script is not called after ifixes are installed
PM50554OLA unregister API never completes successfully, resulting in ABEND 0C4/AKEA
PM50565LogViewer -instance option does not work on iSeries
PM50711WASPostInstaller needs to run more visibly
PM51165Wrong SQL comment in the header of the file "ins_metadata.db2"
PM51184Server will not start if attempted before Installation Manager completes.
PM51265Java.util.ConcurrentModificationException thrown by CDI container
PM51279WASPostUpgrade for client install V8.0 fails with NullPointerException
PM51389Wrong value of javax.servlet.request.key_size is set in request attribute.
PM51508NullPointerException is thrown from CrossRealmUtil class
PM51523Login faiure due to realm mismatch when realm is set by SAML token
PM51916A java.lang.OutOfMemoryError can occur after a high volume of requests
PM52176MapRunAsRolesToUsers panel for SCA throws a NullPointerException
PM52520Node agent ends with an abend dc3 reason code 0A150001 when starting.
High Availability (HA)PM40749The heartbeat time out drops a server from the view. HA manager then tries to recover, recovery abnormal
IBM HTTP ServerFix ListDetailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
InstallPM43624Configuration errors when installing appclient as non-root on Microsoft Windows operating systems
PM43663When performing a runtime refresh the fixes for apars PM04834, PM24372, PM25637 are not enabled.
PM45095Version of WebSphere Application Server in the target resource properties might not be compared correctly in queries.
PM46831When upgrading from trial or when upgrading an edition the sdk bit selection is lost on a 64-bit platform.
PM47079Non-serviceable file list should include jython scripts.
PM47402Error messages are garbled in IBM Installation Manager log files when uninsta