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Fix list for IBM Connections 4.0 CR3

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This document lists the fixed APARs included in IBM Connections 4.0 CR3 cumulative fix.


Cumulative Refreshes (CRs) consists of a set of cumulative fixes for each of IBM Connections applications. For additional information on CRs, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections 4.0 document.

CR3 is a set of 19 cumulative fixes; each will update the entire application. It also includes an update to the TDI solution (TDISOL) and an new version of the Update Installer. In all, the complete package is 21 files. Please use this link to download all 21 files from Fix Central.

CR3 includes all fixes included in CR1 and CR2. It is not necessary to apply these previous fixes if you are installing CR3.

CR3 fixes are listed in this table:

ApplicationCR Level
Mobile Administration3

CR3 is applied as a complete set. The complete set includes the fixes listed in this table:

APAR#ComponentProblem Description
LO72921ActivitiesImprovements to publish events on transaction commit.

ActivitiesOptimizations to the thumbnail creation code.

ActivitiesFix for an issue where a notification is not sent from an entry when a file attachment field is left empty.
LO73448 ActivitiesChanges to tags processing to use correct IDs.
LO73448 ActivitiesChanges to lower the frequency upon which the followed list pruning function runs.
LO73448 ActivitiesChange the tag type ahead query and the tag cloud query when the public=yes parameter is set.

ActivitiesFix to remove old activities that remained in the trash past the maximum retention period.

AdministrationImprovements to Notes and Connections Integration configuration options for administrators

BlogsFix for an issue in the Community Blogs settings where a change to Members access and Comments privilege were not getting saved.

BlogsFix for a problem in Blogs API were bracket patterns were not properly escaped.
LO73550BlogsFix to prevent scenario where blogs URL is changed after creation if blog entry is edited.
LO73475BlogsFix to the page theme to be consistent with other homepage themes.
LO74182BookmarksChanges to handled certain patterns in URLs more efficiently.

Business CardFix for an issue that causes text to shrink when adding the business card to certain 3rd party applications.

Business CardAddress issue where Business Card will not load strings with non-xd dojo version 1.7+.
LO73421Business CardFix to have order of service links from configuration data action object be consistent with Business Card.
LO73419Business CardFix to resolve issue where the Community Card Business Card was disappearing on 3rd party apps on hover.
LO73434Business CardFix to allow Business Card data to load when proxy configured locally.
LO73946Business CardImprovements to Sametime Proxy and Connections Business Card integration.

Business CardFix to the business card logic to render in certain containers.

CatalogFix to provide consistent search results when non-English locale is set in browser.
LO72798 CommunitiesFix to "Find a Member" option when group support is disabled in Communities.
LO73420CommunitiesFix to an issue with the "Save this" function where it did not work with events from private communities.
LO73485 CommunitiesFix for issues with the wsadmin command for clearQueuedEventsByRemoteAppDefId method.

Community EventsFix an issue where events created prior to daylight savings time ending show up 1 hour early.
LO73681Community EventsFix to address problem where events widget on Homepage did not display the events that user attends or follows.

Community EventsFix to allow event content that start with numbered lists to export as ical feed.

CoreResolve compatibility issue with Notes client that requires actions to use a specific value for the view target.
LO73190CoreUpdates to Activity Stream gadget to provide scrolling in Notes.

CoreFix to resolve possible token refresh loop.
LO73620CoreFix problem preventing posting status in Status Updates gadget in environments with TAM.
LO74465CoreFix issue with OAuth that may affect Notes 9 Social Edition clients.
LO73591CoreFix to Activity Stream gadget integration with Notes clients.

CoreFix to allow display of Sharebox and Connections Mail inbox on the same page.

CoreFix possible processing error when double-byte characters are posted in status update or comments.

CoreImprovements to handle scenarios under poor network conditions to consistently display errors.

CoreFix to cursor focus logic on comment field in EE in Notes.
LO73219Discussion ForumsFix an issue where the "Back" button did not navigate to the previous page from other locations.

Discussion ForumsFix to allow Activities Stream in related community widget to be loaded consistently.
LO73647DogearFix issue that can prevent saving URLs containing certain characters.
LO72365EditorFix an issue where the "More Help Topics" link on the Help dialog in the editor was not displaying.
LO73402Embedded Experience Changes to enable dynamic EE popup resizing via configuration parameter.
LO73770Embedded Experience Fix to allow proper dynamic resizing of EE popup in Sharebox.

Embedded Experience Improvement to diagnostics by enabling logging of network request errors in EE gadgets.
LO73855FilesChange to reduce memory allocation size for certain operations.
LO73576FilesFix to prevent synchronization failure during login when there is a large number of communities.

FilesFix to issues affecting files with filenames in Thai language.

FilesFix to allow thumbnail image to display in Recent Updates or Status Updates widget inside a community, if file comes from Files application.

FilesFix to correct Files service pre-and post-moderation values for migrated communities.

FilesOptimizations to memory allocation.

Fix to suppress security warning message on Files and Wikis pages.

Global SearchFix to address issue where File content from files uploaded rather than shared with a community are not searchable.

Global SearchResolve problems with single quotes in Search Results.
LO73598Global SearchFix for issue with API get token method not returning correct results.

HomepageChanges to prevent attempts to insert duplicate records onto tables during login process for Homepage.
LO73254HomepageFix for a rendering issue in IE when the Homepage loads the text from the comment section.
LO73602HomepageFix to add configuration to enable moving the "Getting Started" link and removing Updates page links from the side navigation in Homepage.

HomepageChanges to allow "unfollow" option in Homepage "I'm Following" view.

HomepageAdd the ability to set image picture in events posted through Activity Stream APIs.
Fix to allow Homepage and News to update out of sync users.

InstallFilter rules are now updated only if entry does not already exist.
part of LO73736MetricsFix for an issue that would cause the Metrics UI to become unresponsive if the Connection server's timezone is set to GMT.
LO73023MetricsResolve Duplicate Key Exception on Metrics database table.
LO73346MetricsPerformance improvements in Metrics.

MetricsFix to suppress error messages generated when Metrics is installed without a Cognos server.
LO73632MetricsChange Metrics URL patterns to resolve compatibility issues with Siteminder.
LO73736MetricsFix to suppress incorrect error messages when using HTTPS.
LO73366MobileFix to allow the Mobile web application to recognizing Sametime plugin activity attachments.

MobileFix to allow long activity entries to be shown.

MobileFix to issue where the Mobile web application can fail to initialize.

MobileFix to properly interpreted HTML code added into Blog comment fields.

MobileFix for scenarios causing the error "Unable to access the Connections server" when loading Connections components via the Mobile application.

MobileFix to report the correct version in the Mobile configuration feed.
LO73510NewsFix to correct an issue where following notifications are not received from events generated by a profile you are following within a community.

NewsFix to correct an issue where following notifications are not generated when following a blog directly.
LO72970NewsResolve issues with trending widget's handling of items with apostrophes and other special characters.

NewsResolved issue where data was removed from the database before the News event processing is complete.
LO73354NewsFix to allow e-mail address to passed in microblogging events.

NewsFix to various 404 errors when loading Homepage or a Profile.
LO73437NewsFix to allow template strings that are specific to particular views of the Activity Stream to be customized.

NewsFix to included Embedded Experience MIME parts in notifications for Status Updates.

NewsFix to correctly interpret accented characters in the Mobile application.
LO73621NewsFix to correct title in network acceptance notifications from people you follow.

NewsFix to prevent duplicate daily and weekly digest mails sent being sent and incorrect date range for stories.

NewsChanges to administrator role view access to private Activity Stream feeds.
LO73856NewsFix to normalize internal form to plain text for the certain API end-points.

NewsUpdates to Activity Stream mapping of legacy News APIs.

NewsFix to check actor ID when posting to a community.
LO72115NewsFix to correct a problem where followers of a community are not notified about comments or updates to Files and Wikis.

ProfilesRemoved forcing a Profile image to be displayed at 155 x 155 resolution even if photo is smaller dimensions.
LO73646ProfilesFix to the Profiles Directory page so that anchors are properly located within a landmark.
LO73034ProfilesFix for an issue where the Profiles advanced search does not find extension attributes.

ProfilesFix issue where custom style for tabs on profile page were not rendering correctly.
LO73638ProfilesChanges to store photo upload of a 155 x 155 or smaller image without modifications.
LO73422ProfilesFix for an issue where a Profile photo is not saved.
LO73529 ProfilesFix to multiple TDI profile synchronization issues.

ProfilesFix to remove an anchor outside the context of landmarks in Profiles Directory page.
LO73664ProfilesFix to 500 error in Profiles APIs.

ProfilesFix to allow edit profile icon image to consistently respond to click events.

ProfilesFix to prevent failure in advanced search for names with '-' and '+' characters.
LO74364ProfilesFix to resolve an issue where the Photo tab in the Edit My Profile page does not show correct browse button string for non-IE supported browsers.

ProfilesFix to resolve scenario where a user is nor able to update or add photo in edit profile photo.
LO73070 LO73307User interfaceImproved loading performance when opening EE gadgets.
LO73212User InterfaceFix to various issues affecting functions in the Common components.

User InterfaceAdd ability to specify proxy URL to be used by confg.base in net.jazz.ajax.xdloader.js.

User InterfaceImprovements to Connections JavaScript handlers for external container loader.

User InterfaceImprovements to handle scenario where the requested theme stylesheet is not found.

User InterfaceFix to remove case sensitive restriction during comparison of domains for a URI.
LO72369WikisFix for an issue in the Wikis AP where the add to wiki method did not enforce character limitations.

WikisAdded consistency to events from Wikis to prepend a slash on relative links.
LO73577WikisFix to prevent links to a Wiki page to be displayed on public wikis.

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