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Find option retrieves Revision 0 of the Job Plan



The Find option in Maximo lists Job Plans with Revision=0 instead of the highest and latest Revision # for these Job Plan records.


In the Job Plans application, please follow the steps below to replicate the issue:

1. Create a Job Plan record JP1.

2. Change its status to Active.

3. Create revision REV1 for JP1.

4. Change its status to Active.

5. In Find option, search for JP1.

It returns JP1 with Revision=0.

However since REV1 is the latest active revision, it should have fetched that.

Resolving The Problem


1. Go to the Application Designer application.

2. Search for the JOBPLAN application.

3. Select JOBPLAN.

4. Click the 'Export Application Definition' icon on the toolbar.

5. Save the jobplan.xml to a temporary location.

6. Open the jobplan.xml with Notepad.

7. Add an orderby="STATUS asc" in the presentation tag on top.



beanclass="psdi.webclient.beans.jobplan.JobPlanAppBean" id="jobplan"

keyattribute="jpnum" mboname="JOBPLAN" resultstableid="results_showlist"

version="" orderby="STATUS asc">

<page id="mainrec">

The modified presentation tag should look like below:

8. Save the modified XML file.

9. Go back to the Application Designer application.

10. Click on 'Import Application Definition'.

11. Select the modified jobplan.xml.

12. Go to the Job Plans application and search for JP1 in the Find Option.

The system will return revision 1 of JP1 in ACTIVE status now.

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17 June 2018