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File descriptor limitation and workaround for Rational ClearQuest Web running on Solaris 10 or later



On Solaris Version 10 and later, 32-bit applications are limited to using a total of 256 file descriptors (0-255). This limitation is inadequate for many IBM Rational ClearQuest operations and features, including the full-text search feature and integrations.


ClearQuest Web services crash, or various ClearQuest Web server or client services or integrations report errors or fail. For example, the full-text search index in ClearQuest Web locks (PM62993), or the ClearQuest Web CQIntSvr process reports errors or crashes


There is a limitation of 256 file descriptors (0-255) for Solaris 32-bit applications, including ClearQuest.


Solaris 10

Diagnosing The Problem

Check the file limit of a process by using the pfiles command. Any ClearQuest process that is running with an rlimit (resource limit) of 256 file descriptors will likely have issues related to the limitation described in this technote.

Resolving The Problem

Resolution 1

If you are running Solaris 10 or later, try deploying the workaround described in Solaris OS Solutions to 32-Bit stdios 256 File-Descriptors Limitation. The article describes how to extend the file-descriptor limit and how to load the supporting system library.

For example, if you have ClearQuest applications (like the ClearQuest Web full-text search feature) or integrations running in separate WebSphere Application Server profiles, then you must add the following commands to the script associated with each application or integration. The script is located in the bin directory of the associated WebSphere Application Server profile:

ulimit -n 8192
export LD_PRELOAD_32

If your deployment includes the integration between ClearQuest and IBM Rational ClearCase, or if you are running the ClearQuest Client (based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform), then you must update the clearquest script, which is located in the ClearQuest-Home/bin directory, to include the just-mentioned commands. The clearquest script is responsible for starting various processes related to ClearQuest.

Resolution 2

If Resolution 1 does not fix the problem, then you must upgrade to one of the following ClearQuest versions: or later, or or later.

Then follow the procedure outlined in Resolution 1.

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16 June 2018