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This list features the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in helping answer your questions related to IBM Maximo Asset Management. The list will be updated periodically to reflect new trends and issues.


List of featured documents for IBM Maximo Asset Management:

Parameters to improve performance using WebSphere (1261874)
Maximo and WebSphere recommendations for performance improvements relating to memory use.

LDAP Troubleshooting Multipart Document - Master Document (1303950)
This document describes an overview of the login process associated with Maximo.

Using debug properties to monitor and troubleshoot Maximo performance (1291250)
There are five helpful properties that can be used to troubleshoot and monitor Maximo performance. The implementation of these properties has changed over different versions of Maximo and all of the implementations are covered here.

Product Configuration Matrix (70144190)
See the current configuration matrix for supported configuration information.

Maximo Upgrade Resources (1266217)
This document contains information to aid in the Maximo upgrade process

Maximo Performance on SQL Server - Turning off Page Locking (1268567)
Slow transactions or apparent hanging during multi-user operations in Maximo applications with a SQL Server database can result if page locking has not been turned off on the tables and indexes.

Use CURSOR_SHARING=FORCE or SIMILAR for best performance (1262959)
Maximo does not use bind variables for user specified where clauses, which are used in most queries. You should set the database parameter CURSOR_SHARING to FORCE or SIMILAR to improve performance.

Maximo Support Landing Page (1418666)
This is your first stop when looking for help on Maximo.

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