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External contents Widget does not load content in dashboard for IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management



"External Content" widget on dashboards to implement HTML pages from other websites doesn't load into the dashboard.


  1. Switch on Developer Tools in Browser
  2. Move to console tab
  3. Reload the widget
  4. Following error is noticed in the console tab:
    Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at <URL> (“default-src”).

Resolving The Problem

  1. Open Application Advanced Properties ( https://<hostname>/jts/
  2. Go Under 'Jazz Web UI (Ajax Services)'
  3. Set the Content Security Policy or Add a list of URLs.
    1. Set Content Security Policy:
      Search for "Only allow trusted sources for all content (Content-Security-Policy)" property and set it to 'false'
      (Before release this property was set true by default. It was changed to false for After, release it is set to true as default.)
      (Note: A server restart is required when you change this property.)
    2. Add a list of URLs:
      Add the URL as a comma-separated list in "ClickJacking allowlist" property
  4. Click Save.

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20 January 2022