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Exporting Reports with Hyperlinks in Maximo v76

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Exporting Reports with Hyperlinks in Maximo v76


When working with Reports in Maximo v7.6, clients may need to export reports that contain hyperlinks. To accomplish this, one can go to an application, such as Work Order Tracking, or WOTRACK in short, generate a report immediately (such as Work Order List), that will generate output in dynamic html view in a web browser window, and from there user running this report can export it to various formats.

You may notice that the Work Order List report should contain hyperlinks (each work order # is a hyperlink that links to another report, the Work Order Details report), but instead these work order numbers appear as text.


In v76, a new system property was introduced to control hyperlinks in report export, (default is set to "=1", or TRUE):



Once it set it to "=0", it disables hyperlinks upon export. To enable this feature, a user will need to enable it in System Properties application (as shown above), save and run LiveRefresh. Then the hyperlinks will be enabled in the report export.


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