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Export to relational database fails with SQL error: SQLCODE=-286, SQLSTATE=42727



When you export crawled, analyzed, or searched documents to a relational database, the export fails and “SQL error: SQLCODE=-286, SQLSTATE=42727” is written to the system log in the ES_NODE_ROOT/logs directory.


Your database mapping file defines a table with more columns than can be contained in the current database table that you created.

Resolving The Problem

Delete the database that you created and recreate it with a larger page size. For example, enter the command CREATE DB database_name PAGESIZE size.

To determine the page size to specify, check the value of the SQLERRMC parameter in the error message that appears in the export audit log in the ES_NODE_ROOT/logs/audit directory. For example, if the following message appears in the audit log, create a database with a page size of 8192 or higher: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-286, SQLSTATE=42727, SQLERRMC=8192 ;DB2ADMIN, DRIVER=3.50.152

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23 June 2018