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Execute the data collection executable to gather the logs under Rational Performance Tester

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How do you execute the data collection executable to gather the logs under IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT)?


These logs are required for proceeding with the initial investigation for the reported problem


  1. Place the batch file any accessible location.

  2. Once the file is started, the command prompt window pops up asking for the workspace location. This is the location where the RPT projects are located.

  3. After specifying the relevant workspace location, press the Enter key.

  4. Provide the location of the Java Eclipse folder. This is the place where all the relevant RPT eclipse related files are present. By default, the location is “C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\SDP”. However, this location might vary based on choices made during the installation process.

  5. Press the Enter key to complete the running of the batch file. All the relevant information is gathered.

  6. A folder is created containing all the relevant log files. These logs are labelled based on the current date, time and "RPT_data _collection". There is four folders and one text file present in the folder.

Eclipse Folder: Contains the eclipse .ini file which is essential in the configuration of RPT memory and other components

Deployment root folder: In the deployment root folder, these files are required for analyzing the reported problem:
  • Parselog.cmd
  • kernelio.dat
  • CommonBaseEvent

Files older than 3 days are not copied.

Installation Manager Folder: Contains the installation files and RPT version info file.

Metadata Folder: Contains the .log that is required to monitor any error outputs during test execution.

System info test file: Contains all the information regarding the system and environment setup.


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