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Errors in logs attributed to a snapshot view update



This technote outlines the related errors found in the IBM® Rational® ClearCase® logs on Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX® or Linux® concerning a failed snapshot update attempt along with instructions to resolve the issue.


Attempts to update a snapshot view results in the following error:

cleartool: Error: Unable to load "<filename>".
cleartool: Error: Unable to load "<filename>": unknown error in VOB.
cleartool: Error: Additional information may be available in the view log on host "<host-name>".
cleartool: Error: Unable to load "<filename>".
cleartool: Error: Unable to load "<filename>".
Processing dir "<directory-to-file>".
End dir "<directory-to-file>".

The view log will report:

view_server(3355): Error: vobrpc server operation "vob_ver_construct_cltxt_prep_suf" failed for VOB "<path to vob-storage-dir>":  error detected by ClearCase subsystem.

Additional information may be available in the vobrpc_server_log on host "<host-name>".

view_server(3355): Error: Unable to construct cleartext for object "0x114" in VOB "<path to vob-storage-dir>": error detected by ClearCase subsystem

view_server(3355): Error: Unable to get cleartext for vob: <OID of object>.

The vobrpc_server_log will report:

vobrpc_server(7412): Error: Unable to create directory "<path-to-vob-storage-/c/cdft/":
No such file or directory.

vobrpc_server(7412): Error: Vob server operation "Create Container" failed.
Additional information may be available in the vob_log on host "<host-name>"

The vob_log will report:

vob_server(1251): Error: Unable to create container <path-to-vob-storage>/c/cdft/: No such file or directory

vob_server(1251): Error: unable to create directory c/cdft/40: No such file or directory

You may also see errors like the following in the logs:

db_VISTA -919 error  (errno == "No space left on device")


  1. These errors usually are symptoms that relate to a missing cleartext storage container in the VOB storage directory.

    The key to the errors are the lines:

    Error: unable to create directory c/cdft/40: No such file or directory
  2. This issue can also be caused by running out of space in the system if you are seeing the "No space left on device" error in the logs as noted above

Diagnosing The Problem

At the root of the VOBs storage directory structure (.vbs tree), navigate to the c\cdft directory and check for its existence.

Each VOB storage pool directory is created with a subdirectory c\cdft which is the default cleartext storage pool.

This pool is used for temporary storage of the cleartext versions currently in use (for example, constructed versions of text_file elements).

Refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase Administrators Guide under the topic of VOB Storage Pools for further details about the VOB storage directories.

Resolving The Problem

Solution 1

From the root of the VOB storage directory .vbs tree, navigate to the c\cdft subdirectory.

  • If one or both of these directories (c or cdft) is missing, create them using standard operating system mkdir commands,


  • If both of these directories (c or cdft) exist, copy them out of the VOB storage directory to some location on the local file system, such as /temp and create new directories (c and or cdft) using standard operating system mkdir commands.

On the VOB server traverse to the VOB storage location and change directory (cd) into the .vbs directory, for example C:\ClearCase_Storage\vobs\testvob.vbs.

Attempt the snapshot view update again.

If the snapshot update still fails, revert the cleartext pools back to the original configuration before the fix applied and check your Samba, TAS or NAS settings (if in use) as these tools which interoperate with ClearCase can cause cleartext errors as well.

Solution 2

Free up or create additional disk space.

Internal Use Only

The following is Web feedback we received. Keeping here for reference. -denise May 8, 2009
Changing the (only) group of a VOB (protectvob -add_group; vob_sidwalk; protectvob -delete) I run into the same problem with very similar error messages in all the mentioned logs but "Operation not permitted" instead of "No such file or directory".Resolved the problem by killing the vob and vobrpc servers

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