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Error when launching Scan task from Datacap Desktop.



Receiving the following error message when attempting to launch up Scan task from Datacap Desktop: "This batch has no data to process. Aborting." Then followed by this error: "Unable to run queue."

Diagnosing The Problem

The panel for TravelDocs contained a value with all upper-case letter [eg. TRAVELDOCS], which caused the error to occur when attempting to launch the Scan task from Datacap Desktop

Resolving The Problem

The "Bind DCO type to panel" for Datacap Desktop is case-sensitive. Be sure the DCO name matches as it appears in Datacap Studio (both the spelling and case-sensitivity).

Logon to TMWeb client.

Go to Administrator tab

Select the VScan task from the Workflow.

Click Setup under Program.

Then change the value of the Panel to match what is in Datacap Studio. For example "TRAVELDOCS" to "TravelDocs"

Click Save

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Modified date:
17 June 2018