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Error SQL30082N Reason Code 15, 19, 24, or 36



When trying to connect to a database or run any Db2 commands, I'm receiving one or both of the following errors:


SQL30082N Security processing failed with Reason Code 15
"Security processing at the server failed"
SQL30082N Security processing failed with Reason Code "19"
SQL30082N Security processing failed with Reason Code 24
SQL30082N Security processing failed with reason "36" ("UNEXPECTED

Resolving The Problem

  1. Use an authentication testing utility to determine whether there is a configuration issue outside of Db2. Testing utilities for Linux, AIX, and Windows are available from the following document. If the user ID is locked, contact your system administrator.
  2. Ensure the user ID used to connect to Db2 follows the naming rules. Reference the following documentation pages:
    User, user ID and group naming rules
    General naming rules
  3. If an SQL1639N error is returned, ensure the permissions on the db2ckpw and db2chpw files are correct. Reference the following document for more information:
    Database connection fails with authentication error SQL1639N
  4. When local authentication is used, Db2 releases before 9.5 FP4 only support a limited number of password encryption algorithms. Refer to the following document for more information:
    SQL30082 RC=24 or RC=15 returned when connecting to database on Server when pwd_algorithm is Crypt, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, Blowfish
  5. On Windows systems, ensure that the user has been granted the Access this computer from network privilege.
    1. Click run from the start menu, or press the Windows key + R to open the run menu
    2. Type secpol.msc to open the group policy editor
    3. Navigate to Local policies -> User rights assignments
    4. Double-click Access this computer from network

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08 September 2022