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Error: 'Server Error: This database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure' sending Notes mail



In Lotus Notes, you receive the following error message when sending mail messages:

    "Server Error: This database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure".

The mail still sends successfully.

Resolving The Problem

This issue can occur if the user has "Always keep a copy" selected for the "Save mail that you sent" option under File > Preferences > User Preferences > Mail. If changing this setting to not keep a copy allows the user to successfully send the message, this would indicate a problem with the Sent folder being corrupt. Running fixup, compact and updall on the mail database should resolve the problem in this case.

In one case, running these utilities did not resolve the issue and resulted in additional errors such as "Database is corrupt -- cannot allocate space." Further, when this database was opened in a browser, the error "HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Special database object cannot be located" displayed. Finally, an attempt to recompile all of the LotusScript code in the database resulted in 'Invalid syntax' errors.

The solution in this case was to create a new database for the user and copy/paste all existing documents into the new mail database (as in technote #1110903).

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Contributor(s): Amy Knox

You receive the error "Server Error: This database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure." when sending Lotus Notes mail messages. The mail still sends successfully.

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16 June 2018