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Error resource is out of sync with the file system at Rational Team Concert SCM check in



This technote explains how to resolve an Error resource is out of sync with the file system, that can occur when checking in filescusing IBM Rational Team Concert.


When checking in code changes to a repository in Rational Team Concert, you are getting an unexpected error at the front end that prevent you from completing the check-in process. The Rational Team Concert Eclipse client log shows the following error:

    Error resource is out of sync with the file system


Files are modified with external editor out side of Rational Team Concert eclipse client.

Resolving The Problem

Refreshed the Eclipse project, then refreshed the Rational Team Concert sandbox or if you edit outside of Eclipse a lot, you can enable auto-refresh by going to the Window -> Preferences menu, then in the Preferences dialog box, select General -> Workspace. Check the "Refresh automatically" box.

Leverage the Jazz Community
Jazz and Rational Team Concert have an active community that can provide you with additional resources. Browse and contribute to the User forums, contribute to the Team Blog and review the Team wiki.
Refer to technote 1319600 for details and links.

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16 June 2018