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Error 'Could not login to TM1 ... The TM1 Server ... is neither in BASIC or CAM mode' when publishing Controller data to TM1 via FAP



User launches FAP Client (e.g. "IBM Cognos 8 FAP" or '"IBM Cognos FAP") from the start menu. The Controller "Financial Analytics Publisher" (FAP) Window appears. User starts a publish. User clicks the 'logs' tab. After a few seconds, an error appears.


Object: FAP Service
Severity: CRITICAL
Description: Could not login to TM1, host: SERVERNAME, server name: TM1 SERVER NAME, user name: admin

If hover the mouse over the error, a new message appears:

The TM1Server <TM1 server name> is neither in BASIC or CAM mode


User has configured FAP to use a TM1 database user (for example "admin"), but has not configured the TM1 server to accept TM1 database user logins:


Customer is integrating TM1 with Controller, via the FAP functionality.

Resolving The Problem

There are several solutions. Choose the one most appropriate for your needs/environment:

(1) Reconfigure the TM1 service to allow TM1 database users.

Modify the parameter "IntegratedSecurityMode" (for example to 1 or 2) inside "Tm1s.cfg"

  • See separate IBM Technote #1449693 for more details.

(2) Use a different user (for example a Cognos CAM / Cognos BI user) in the connection details.

Modify the value for "Client" for your data mart (inside the tab 'Data Marts') to a Cognos 8 BI namespace user (for example NAMESPACEID\Administrator).

(3) Modify the TM1 server to use authentication mode (IntegratedSecurityMode) 1 ('secure mode').

In some environments/scenarios, it is not possible to use mode 2 ('mixed mode'). Instead, some environments/configurations will only allow the use of mode 1.

  • For instructions on how to change the mode (IntegratedSecurityMode), see separate IBM Technote #1449693.

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