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Error Code 500 - Internal Server Error while accessing the Monitor and Control Web UI on WebSphere 7



The IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) 1.2.1 Web Services installed on WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 7 responds with "500 Server Error".


An error Code 500 “Internal Server Error” is shown while accessing the Monitor and Control Web UI on WAS 7.

Opening the WAS logs shows class loading conflicts like the one below.

[9/2/13 18:07:47:138 IST] 00000013 servlet       E service SRVE0068E: Uncaught exception created in one of the service methods of the servlet RPEMonitor in application rpews_war. Exception created : java.lang.ClassCastException: incompatible with


The JRE used by WAS 7 ships with an XML stack that conflicts with the stack bundled in the RPE Web Services.


IBM WebSphere 7

Resolving The Problem

Before attempting the solution highlighted below, ensure the IBM WebSphere deployment is correct and RPE is deployed properly: class loading settings, security settings and user roles mappings are all correct.

If all settings are correct than you need to do the following:

  1. Stop WAS

  2. Change the RPE class loading options (as indicated the following image)

  3. Locate the RPE Web Service installation folder in WAS

  4. Delete xerces-impl*.jar and xml-apis*.jar from the web-inf/lib folder

  5. Restart WebSphere

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