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Error ACN0262E reported for the Exchange database VSS backup failure



The local VSS backup of the Exchange database fails with ACN0262E when running with Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange,


The log file for Data Protection for Exchange includes messages like the following sample:

    04/24/2015 07:39:34 ACN0262E Errors occurred while processing the VSS operation. Examine the Windows Event Logs and DSMERROR.LOG for additional details.
    04/24/2015 07:39:34 VSS Backup operation completed with rc = 450
    04/24/2015 07:39:34 Files Examined : 0
    04/24/2015 07:39:34 Files Completed : 0
    04/24/2015 07:39:34 Files Failed : 1
    04/24/2015 07:39:34 Total Bytes : 0
    04/24/2015 07:39:37 ACN0519E The VSS operation failed with rc = 450.
    04/24/2015 07:39:37 ACN0262E Errors occurred while processing the VSS operation. Examine the Windows Event Logs and DSMERROR.LOG for additional details.

The error log for Tivoli Storage Manager client includes messages like the following sample:
    04/24/2015 07:39:28 ANS5250E An unexpected error was encountered.
    TSM function name : BaStartSnapshot
    TSM function : failed to start the snapshot
    TSM return code : -1
    TSM file : backsnap.cpp (5967)


The xProv HW VSS provider successfully maps the target volumes to the Data Protection for Exchange system during the backup. However, Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) fails to import the snapshots and times out with the above errors. This problem can be caused by too many orphan volume devices under windows registry keys:


Diagnosing The Problem

xProv HW VSS Provider log displays the target volume is mapped during backup:

(Note: The xProv HW VSS Provider log is in GMT time stamp.)

    23 Apr 23:37:18 INFO xProvDotNet.xProvImplementor - MapSnapShot (target LUN serial)

Then the VSS reports the following error in Windows application event log:
    Error,4/24/2015 7:39:27 AM,VSS,12363,None,"An expected hidden volume arrival did not complete because this LUN was not detected.
    LUN ID {target LUN ID}
    Version 1
    Device Type 0
    Device TypeModifier 0
    Command Queueing 1
    Bus Type 1
    Vendor Id IBM
    Product Id 2810XIV
    Product Revision 0000
    Serial Number <target LUN serial>
    Storage Identifiers
    Version 1
    Identifier Count 1
    Identifier 0
    CodeSet ""VDSStorageIdCodeSetAscii"" (2)
    Type ""VDSStorageIdTypeVendorSpecific"" (0)
    Byte Count 11
    37 38 30 36 36 32 32 30 37 36 35 ## ## ## ## ## 78066220765#####
    Exposing Volumes
    Locating shadow-copy LUNs
    PostSnapshot Event
    Executing Asynchronous Operation
    Execution Context: Provider
    Provider Name: IBM XIV VSS HW Provider
    Provider Version: 2.4.0
    Provider ID: {xProv HW VSS Provider ID}
    Current State: DoSnapshotSet"
After the above error occurs, the xProv HW VSS Provider deletes the snapshot and Data Protection for Exchange backup fails:
    23 Apr 23:39:27 INFO xProvDotNet.xProvImplementor - DeleteSnapshot (target LUN serial)

Resolving The Problem

Contact Microsoft VSS support to leverage "mountvol /r" and devnodeclean tool to clean up orphan volume devices registry key entries.

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