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Enterprise COBOL Version 6 Release 1 Performance Tuning

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This paper identifies key performance benefits and tuning considerations when using IBM® Enterprise COBOL for z/OS® Version 6 Release 1.


First and foremost, this paper gives an overview of the major performance features and options in this latest release of the compiler followed by performance improvements for several specific COBOL statements.

The paper also provides tuning considerations for many compiler and runtime options that affect the performance of a COBOL application.

Coding techniques are examined to get the best performance with a special focus on any coding recommendations that have changed when using Version 6.

Later, this paper examines some causes of changed program object size and studies the object size impact of the various TEST suboptions as well as discussing the related issue of why PDSEs are required for programs compiled using Version 6.

The appendix provides information on how the COBOL intrinsic functions are implemented.

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Modified date:
08 August 2018