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Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) - Send data (z/OS utility)

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Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) - Send data (z/OS utility)

The IBM® z/OS® Problem Documentation Upload Utility (PDUU) is a utility that sends large amounts of documentation in a more efficient manner than sending one large data set to IBM sites. This utility sections the input data set (such as stand-alone dump data set) into smaller data sets that are compressed and sent in parallel using multiple, simultaneous transfer sessions. This results in shorter transmission time for large data sets. You can also encrypt the data sets. These sessions can send diagnostic documentation to IBM using Secured Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). We recommend leveraging HTTPS for data transfers.

Link to AMAPDUPL / IBM® z/OS® Problem Documentation Upload Utility (PDUU) documentation including JCL examples

PDDU support anonymous plain FTP uploads. We recommend using authenticated encrypted transfer methods only. On 31. August 2022 we disable all anonymous upload and all plain FTP options.  Read for more information.

You must configure AT-TLS for PDUU-FTPS to function properly with TLS protocols and ciphers server requirements. Visit the Getting Started Guide to configure Application Transparent Transport Layer Security (AT-TLS) for client systems. 

IBM PDUU updates

Check for PDUU updates at IBM Support for PDUU.

Examples for important PDUU function updates:

Reference for old z/OS releases:
If the system is running z/OS 1.13, see the MVS Diagnosis: Tools and Service Aids manual (PDF,3.38MB) for directions on how to use this IBM PDUU utility, for example AMAPDUPL module (go to chapter 18). For earlier releases, see the IBM z/OS Problem Documentation Upload Utility page for directions to install and use this utility (MTFTPS module).
Download the z/OS Problem Documentation Upload Utility for z/OS releases before z/OS 1.13

Network settings

In the "Target System" parameter, these addresses must be entered manually.

Note: Use the server closest to your physical location.

Americas (HTTPS and FTPS)
Asia Pacific (FTPS)
Europe (HTTPS) (FTPS)

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