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The Java utility IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility (IBM SDDUU) helps customers transfer support data to IBM faster, securely, and more conveniently. SDUU is a command-line client that runs on many operating system platforms.

The Java utility IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility (IBM SDDUU): key features include:

File names must use standard ASCII characters (no double byte characters).

The Java utility is tested on the AIX, Linux, Windows, IBM i and z/OS platforms. Only HTTPS protocol is supported.

SDDUU v2 does not use log4j!

For z/OS, the z/OS utility is the first choice.


Upload server

Three server clusters are supported as upload targets. To upload to Testcase, SDDUU version 2.2 or later is required.  

Note: use the server closest to your physical location.

Asia Pacific
Europe (default)

Example of command-line usage:

 java -cp ibmsdduu_http.jar ibmsdduu/httpupload -email=<email> -id=<TSnnnnnnnnn> -userid=<transfer_id> -password=<password> <file_name>
Where <email>, <transfer_id>, <password>, and <file_name> are replaced with appropriate information and <TSnnnnnnnnn> is replaced with the case number.

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15 March 2023