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Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) - Send data (HTTPS)

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ECuRep HTTPS data upload

Note: Using the ECuRep web Upload widget supports file uploads of any size to and to The web browser limitation of 2 gigabytes does not apply to the widget.


HTTPS upload sites (secure)

Note: IBM is trying to support secure encryption algorithms only on HTTPS upload sites. Support for weak ciphers is removed without notice from the secure upload server. Because we must support automated uploads by old devices as well, some upload servers still offer old encryption methods. Use current browser versions for your manual uploads and select the secure server closest to your location.

Note: An IBMid is required to use the ECuRep web interface. Make sure that you own such an ID.

Asia Pacific

Note: If the upload to one of the servers is failing, try uploading to another server.

Information about the encryption and certificate use can be found in the "Encryption" tab.

Call Home processes are using as upload target. This cluster is used as proxy to limit the number of firewall changes required.

Step-by-step instructions for ECuRep

The following steps are general guidance for Browser with JavaScript enabled. Using JavaScript also allows uploading files larger than 2 GB.

  1. Enter the 'My Support Case, PMR number.branch code, RCMS ticket number or CROSS ticket number' (provided by support).
  2. Select the platform or software product you are working with (only required for PMR).
  3. If you want to get a notification after the upload is completed, select your email address (optional).
  4. Click "Continue" to proceed to the file upload page.
  5. Drop your files into the drop zone or press "Click to Select Files" and select one or several files. Press "Upload" to start the file upload. No file naming convention is required for HTTPS upload because the case information was provided in the first step.
  6. Click "Upload" or "Submit" to upload the files. A page is displayed during the data upload process providing information on the progress of the upload such as total upload size, current position, time elapsed, estimated time remaining and estimated upload speed.
All data from failed uploads is deleted.
The ECuRep web interface is tested by using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser.

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