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Can the language settings for currency be set in Impromptu (on the application level) similar to the Regional Settings in the operating system? Example of different formats: English: $123,456.89 French: 123 456,89$ The language settings could then be applied as English for an English report or French for a French report. These settings would be saved in each individual report.

Resolving The Problem

Impromptu does not have have a "Regional Setting" on the application level.

Changing the language edition of Impromptu will not apply the proper currency format.

To obtain the proper formats, do the following:

1. Create a calculation in the report or the catalog:
Call = Currency *100
** The multiplication by 100 is important, since Impromptu implicitly places the decimal after the last pound sign, rounding $1.86 (currency format) to 2 $ (custom format).

2. Edit the Format of the results as followings:

Regional Setting Convert to (currency) Format
English (US) French ### ### ###","## $
French (Standard) English $ ###","###","###"."##

** The quotes around the decimal separator are very important.
Without them, Impromptu will use the default separator character set in the system Regional Settings. Using the quotes overrides this tendency.
** There must be enough pound signs to hold the largest number. If there are not, Impromptu reverts to using default separator character set in the system Regional Settings.

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