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End of Support Announcement (EOS) for Maximo 7.6.1



End of Support (EOS) Announced for IBM® Maximo® Asset Management 7.6.1.x, Industry Solutions & Add-ons


On 12 April 2022, end of support for all IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1.x and compatible versions of products, including industry solutions and add-ons, was announced with IBM Announcement Letter 922-024.

Effective 30 September 2025, fixes, patches, and telephone support are no longer provided for Maximo 7.6.1.x and its corresponding components and add-ons of the same version. From now until that date, additional fix packs maybe delivered to address critical defects, security vulnerabilities, and currency updates.

The path forward for all Maximo EAM customers is to trade-up to the IBM Maximo Application Suite. Maximo 7.6.1 is the last release of Maximo Asset Management 7.6.x. Extended notification has been given from the time of this announcement to the effective end of support date to give sufficient time to plan and migrate to the suite. There are also options for on-premise customers to move to a managed service or SaaS alternative. 

There are many resources available to find more information on the Maximo Application Suite including:

For customers currently on a Flexible Contract Terms (FCT) contract, End of Support requires moving to Passport Advantage (PA). 

To connect with IBM for more information, Book a Consultation on the Maximo Application Suite Overview page.

Your IBM sales representative is the best resource for assisting with the migration of current entitlement to the Application Suite. For North America customers, to find out who your current sales contact is, reach out to Valerie Gooch at and she will assist you.

Details on EOS versions:


IBM Maximo Asset Management


IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler

7.6.7.x, 7.6.8.x

IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler Plus


IBM Maximo Linear Asset Manager


IBM Maximo Asset Management for Managed Service Providers


IBM Maximo Asset Management for Internal Service Providers


IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager

7.6.1.x, 7.6.2.x

IBM Maximo Anywhere


IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power

7.6.1.x, 7.6.2.x


IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas

7.6.1.x, 7.6.2.x


IBM Maximo for Transportation

7.6.1.x, 7.6.2.x


IBM Maximo for Life Sciences



IBM Maximo for Utilities



IBM Maximo Asset Configuration Manager



IBM Maximo Calibration



IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management


The following products are also included in the announcement and have an End of Market date of 22 August 2022.
  • 5725-P73 – Maximo EAM SaaS Flex
  • 5725-Z55 - IBM Maximo EAM Anywhere SaaS Flex

The following Solution is being withdrawn from market as of 22 August 2022 and will end of support 19 April 2024. After this date, IBM will not offer a bundled InfoSphere Optim solution for Maximo. Customers who need an archiving solution can purchase InfoSphere Optim licenses directly, which then can be used with the Maximo Application Suite.


IBM Maximo Archiving with InfoSphere Optim Data Growth Solution


Later this year there will be an announcement for Aviation, Civil Infrastructure, and the SAP and Oracle adapters.

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Maximo deployment options are available to streamline the upgrade process
Once your environments are upgraded, alternatives are available that provide an excellent way to eliminate capital hardware expenditures and the burden on your local IT infrastructure. Maximo SaaS/Managed Service provides flexibility and scalability, help maximize long-term ROI, and can enhance performance, availability, and security.

Extended Maintenance is available if you are unable currently to upgrade
If you are current on IBM Subscription and Support and are on the latest version ( or later), but are unable to upgrade before 30 September 2025, you can purchase an annual Extended Service Contract. To be eligible, clients must show that they are preparing an IBM Maximo upgrade roadmap. Extended service is priced at a premium and only available for three years. For more details, visit the IBM Extended Support page.

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For a full list of part numbers see the official announcement here: Maximo 7.6.1.x EOS Announcement

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