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Enabling UNLIMITED parameter requests for large Workflow mappings

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Large Workflow mappings may exceed the maximum parameters allowed by default in WebSphere and newer releases. How can this be fixed for WAS Liberty Profile opposed to a used WAS Full profile?


SYMPTOM: Will show up when:
When adding a new Smart Section
Adding an equivalent section to the form
Creating a new workflow to map data into this Smart Section
Editing map section
After clicking "Clear All" and mapping the required data
Then clicking "OK"

The edit map window does not close but just refreshes with a 'null' message at the top. The defined mapping is not saved.

COM.IBM.WS.WEBCONTAINER.MAXPARAMPERREQUEST property for WebSphere Liberty Profile may be required to be set to UNLIMITED on IBM TRIRIGA servers for handling large Workflow mapping

Starting with WebSphere, a new Web Container property was introduced called:

This setting defaults to 10000. See the WebSphere Web container custom properties technote for more details.

The default setting may prevent large workflow mappings from saving due to the restriction on the parameters. Whereas this applied mainly to a FULL WebSphere profile, from WAS 8.5.x you can now also use a different WAS profile, namely WAS Liberty Profile.


For WAS Liberty profile you can use the following solution to get around this problem:

In your server.xml (<TRIRIGA install>/wlp/usr/server/tririgaServer dir) add the following part:

<webContainer deferServletLoad="false" maxParamPerRequest="-1"/>

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17 June 2018