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eForms support with IBM Content Navigator

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How are eForms supported in ICN?


The IBM Content Navigator Workplace XT Integration Support plug-in is designed to support the opening of Workplace XT eForm objects which include form policies, form data and form templates. The plug-in allows a user to interact directly with Workplace XT eForm objects in ICN and open them in Workplace XT using addressable URLs. An eForm object is opened by invoking the Open action from the eForm object directly.

Launching workflows with eForm policy data in IBM Content Navigator can be performed by opening the eForm workflow policy directly (which will redirect it to the Workplace XT eForm policy code using the Workplace XT Integration Support plug-in), instead of launching from an ICN workflow definition.

IBM recommends eForm users interact with eForm objects directly to utilize the functionality provided in the IBM Content Navigator Workplace XT Integration Support plug-in. If it is required to launch eForm workflow definitions directly from IBM Content Navigator, an IBM Content Navigator custom plug-in will need to be implemented.

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17 June 2018