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Earliest Next Due Date Calculation Explained

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What is the formula used to calculate the Earliest Next Due Date (PM.ERLSTWOGENDATE) for PMs?


The formula for the Earliest Next Due Date is:

If the Target Start = Y then it is PM.LASTSTARTDATE + PM.FREQUENCY

else (Target Start = N) it is PM.LASTCOMPDATE + PM.FREQUENCY

For Meter based PMs:

Units to go = Life to Date next meter reading (not shown in the UI,PMMETER.LTDREADATNEXTWO) - life to date current meter reading (ASSETMETER.LIFETODATE) - Generate wo ahead by (PMMETER.TOLERANCE)

Estimated Next Due Date = Todays date +( Units to go/ASSETMETER.AVERAGE) The estimated due date in PM tab is the earliest of date based and meter based dates.

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17 June 2018