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Dragging and dropping across hierarchies is not working in Firefox



When using Firefox dragging and dropping between hierarchies does not work. The user attempts a drag between trees, holding down the ctrl key. When dragging an avatar of the dragged node appears, however target nodes do not change color to indicate a location the node may be dragged onto. Also when a node is dropped, it is not added into the target hierarchy.


A node dragged from one tree to another is not added into the target tree.


Issue occurs on FF and greater

Resolving The Problem

Nodes may be moved between trees using the keyboard shortcuts. Tab onto the tree, and navigate nodes using the arrow keys. When a node to be moved is navigated to it, press space to select it. Then press Ctrl + M to start a move.
Tab into the new hierarchy, and navigate to the new parent node using arrow keys. When this node is navigated to, press Ctrl + M to finish the move.

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Modified date:
27 April 2022