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DPR-ERR-2082 The complete error has been logged by CAF with SecureErrorID.



Unable to run a report in Cognos Connection. Error Message: DPR-ERR-2082 An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator. The complete error has been logged by CAF with SecureErrorID: timestamp-#number RSV-DR-0002 Unable to execute this request.


This errormessage is not indicative of a Cognos Application Firewall (CAF) error but rather is a default error message which is shown instead of the detailed technical details for security reasons as the result of a deliberate configuration by a capability labelled "Detailed Errors".

The rationale is, that the detailed technical error information may leak sensible data like IP addresses, server name, user name, data base or db tables or even Java stack traces which potentially provide information to malicious users or reveal private data like in multi-tenant setups.

The CAF is enabled by default. This will enforce the "Detailed Errors" capability which is governing whether the user interface will show full technical error details. By default, only members of the Directory Administrator role will be assigned to this capability, which is why this general error message will show up for any other users not being a member of this role or assigned to it otherwise.

Note:The full technical details are however written to the IBM Cognos BI system logs for the administrators to review and address.

Diagnosing The Problem

If the user executing the report should have received the full technical detail of the error which occurs, verify the user has EXECUTE permission either directly or indirectly for the "Detailed Errors" capability.

  • In an authenticated session for that user, the user should bring up the "My preferences".
  • click on "Personal" and scroll down to the list of capabilities this user is assigned to
  • If the "Detailed Errors" capabilites does not show up, that user will only receive the default secure error.
  • To find out about the actual error though an administrator with file access to the server log (cogserver.log) will need to search that log for the SecureErrorID given in the on-screen message.

    Note: on multi-node installs, all logfiles from Application Tier installs will need to be searched.

    Example: Search for "SecureError" or the timestamp-error number combination as per the error message for example "2014-06-29-15:15:03.796-#8"

    The error message will be found under the SecureErrorID heading. For example

    "Original Error: RSV-DR-0002 Unable to execute this request.
    QE-DEF-0288 Unable to find the database 'Audit' in the content store
    QE-DEF-0288 Unable to find the database 'Audit' in the content store"

    Trouble-shooting will have to continue based on the information from the real error message now, in this example try searching on "QE-DEF-0288" in technotes.

    Resolving The Problem

    If the user executing the report shall receive the full technical detail of the error which occurs, that user must be added to the "Detailed Errors" capability in Cognos Administration. To do this

  • As an Administrator navigate to Cognos Administration
  • Click the Security tab
  • On the left, select Capabilities
  • In the Capabilities list, click on the triangle next to Detailed Errors and select Set Properties
  • Change to the permissions tab
  • give the user, a group or role the EXECUTE permission on this capability to enable the UI to show technical error details
  • Press OK to save the changes. The change will be acknowledged on the next report execution by that user/group/role.
  • Trouble-Shooting of the actual issue which is masked by this general stand-in error has to be based on the technical information available in the Cognos BI server logfiles or in the error message after the user has been granted access to the "Secure Errors" capabilities.

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