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Downloading IBM MQ (LTS CSU)



This document describes how to download IBM MQ, which is an LTS CSU.

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For updates to IBM MQ 9.1, you choose between Long Term Support (LTS) and Continuous Delivery (CD) releases. LTS is for systems that demand the highest levels of stability. LTS maintenance releases contain fixes to identified problems and vulnerabilities, and do not add new function. For more information, see the IBM MQ FAQ for Long Term Support and Continuous Delivery Releases.

LTS maintenance releases are delivered concurrently on Multiplatforms and z/OS. For IBM MQ 9.1 LTS, Multiplatforms refers to AIX, IBM i, Linux, Solaris, and Windows. From IBM MQ 9.2.0, Solaris is no longer a supported platform.

From 1Q 2023, there are two types of LTS maintenance release; Fix packs and Cumulative security updates (CSUs):

  • Fix packs contain roll-ups of all defects fixed since the previous maintenance release or GA. 
  • CSUs contain security patches released since the previous maintenance release or GA.
  • Both types of maintenance update the F-digit of the VRMF to a higher number than any previous maintenance.
  • Both types of maintenance are mutually cumulative, from the initial release. You can apply any higher numbered fix pack or CSU of the same version/release to upgrade directly to that version level. You do not have to apply the intervening fixes.

For more information, see Changes to IBM MQ's maintenance delivery model.

For a given platform, both types of maintenance are downloaded and installed using the same mechanism: Multiplatforms use the existing fix pack delivery mechanism, and z/OS uses PTFs. For UNIX System Services features (that is, JMS and WEB UI, Connector Pack, and Managed File Transfer) the z/OS PTFs are aligned directly with the Multiplatforms fix packs and CSUs. Other PTFs are made available as and when they are produced.

Fix Pack and earlier also included fixes for the IBM MQ Appliance. However, support for the IBM MQ 9.1 Appliance firmware ended in September 2021, and subsequent fix packs do not include firmware updates for IBM MQ 9.1 on the Appliance. For the IBM MQ Appliance support schedule, see

Details of the fixes delivered in this CSU are here: Fix list for IBM MQ Version 9.1 LTS.

A trial version of the LTS release, for each of the last two IBM MQ major versions, is available for download here.

Downloading the CSU from Fix Central (IBM MQ for Multiplatforms)

To update an existing installation, apply this CSU to the installation. You are asked to register before you are presented with a set of downloadable files.


For checksum information to validate fix pack and CSU downloads, see Checksum values for MQ downloads from Fix Central.

Downloading the CSU for z/OS

Sign in to Shopz to order and install PTFs for APAR PH55126 JMS and Web UI.

Downloading the release from Passport Advantage (IBM MQ for Multiplatforms)

To create a new installation, or if new operating system support is added to IBM MQ (for example IBM MQ added RHEL 8 support to the Linux on x86 64-bit platform), download and install the release from Passport Advantage then apply this CSU to the new installation.

Provided your IBM ID is entitled, click a part number in the following table to download either the full production release eAssembly, or any of the eImages that make up the production release. Alternatively, sign in to Passport Advantage then search for the part number you need.

If you install IBM MQ eAssembly images on a UNIX or Linux-based platform, you must use GNU tar (also known as gtar) to unpack any tar images.

Part Number
IBM MQ 9.1 Long Term Support eAssembly
IBM MQ 9.1 Quick Start Guide eImage
IBM MQ for AIX Multilingual eImage
IBM MQ for IBM i Multilingual eImage
IBM MQ for Linux on LE Power Multilingual elmage
IBM MQ for Linux on IBM Z 64-bit Multilingual eImage
IBM MQ for Linux on x86 64-bit Multilingual eImage
IBM MQ for Ubuntu on LE Power Multilingual elmage
IBM MQ for Ubuntu on IBM Z 64-bit Multilingual eImage
IBM MQ for Ubuntu on x86 64-bit Multilingual eImage
IBM MQ 9.1 for Solaris on SPARC Multilingual eImage
IBM MQ 9.1 for Solaris on x86 64-bit Multilingual eImage
IBM MQ for Windows 64-bit Multilingual eImage

Other useful links

A number of IBM MQ resources are also made available on Fix Central and elsewhere.





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